The social principles of Christianity justified the slavery of antiquity...

Was Marx the first fedora-tipper?

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likely that's why Blanqui was better

Nice try, porky.

Blanqui was utter garbage but then again, so are your posts

Actually, that was literally Islam. Capitalism is an Islamic construct.

If you are not an atheist you have serious mental issues and should be locked up in a mental asylum so you can't hurt the rest of us.

Fedora tippers hate christanity for being unscientific, most of Marx’s criticism here is accurate, particularly the part about its life denying apathy to social ills, and promotion of weakness as a virtue.

This. Socialism is incompatible with christianity. Christianity is the ideology of the bourgeoisie.

A lot of christfags today are just doing it because it's part of their culture and there's not a lot of drawbacks to it compared to not being religious and getting looked down on by their community.

why would anyone want to follow a depressing religion like atheism

hot take

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Were the anarchists that burned churches in catalonia fedora tippers?

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feudalism is not capitalism, nor is it hypercapitalism. its actually better than capitalism. capitalism is rubbish.

ok fag, you're a jewish construct.

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yes, the only female ones that existed. also they were whores.

Why were they whores?

Neither religion is responsible for capitalism.


Actually Protestantism is.
t. weber

Give hoes technology

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Capitalism emerged out of the catalyst of enlightenment thinking (humanist, post-christianity, etc.)

It was literally spawned by 16th/17th century fedoras

Actually kill yourself.

No it wasn't. From the cradle of banking cartels in the 14th century Italian city-states capitalism exploded across the world after Vasco de Gama and Christopher Colombus opened huge and spectacularly lucrative classical empires to private exploitation. Sailing ships with big cannons and holds full of musket-wielding marines spawned capitalism.

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yes it was you faggot

'Fraid not, Mr No-books.