Brit/pol/ #2718: Boomer Gamera Edition

What is ‘Accelerationism’, the belief followed by New Zealand terror attacker?

If Theresa May buckles and delays Brexit, I will do my best to tear her party limb from limb

DUP reject Theresa May's 'toxic' Brexit deal as support for the PM falls away in wake of 'misjudged' speech as she heads to Brussels in search of a withdrawal delay until June

Grand Tour host James May bulldozes two properties to build £3m London superhome to house 40 motorbikes and fleet of luxury cars

Hunt for racist construction worker filmed during shocking anti-Muslim rant about Christchurch massacres in front of passengers on London train

Four Birmingham mosques smashed up in over-night sledgehammer attack as imam pleads with police for more protection

'He shouted 49! Yes! Yes!… I was shocked': This is what it's like being a Muslim in Manchester now

Muslim mother's horror after racist vandals graffiti her car

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That spic fuentes is make about 400£ a day making videos of basic takes that anyone on here could make, fucking REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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second for mute lass

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good lid

good lad

hes older than me Im just annoyed, its all boomers donating to him

he comfy

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and I cute

The BBC is just a 5 star meal ticket for 95IQ white woman, fucking infuriating

*tries to remember notes andlook like I understand whats being said*


Didn't nigel evans have young bum boys in his cellar or something?


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Thanks lids


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Very based very redpilled

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eh? is this some kind of psyop to make out that neo nartzees in germany are scared?

whats going on here
is the guy on the bike chasing someone with a goodnight white pride jacket?


Antifa fag running away

Ah, makes more sense, idk why i jumped to that

Your nan says you need to stop eating so many lozenges love, she's coming through really clear with that message

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Australian man questioned over Facebook posts

how did you not understand that?

They'll have to build new prisons for all the people getting nicked for this shit


smh the normies got to it

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they (you) was unintentional

Your post still doesn't make sense though lad

lad the first link is the headline I was quoting

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Fruit pastilles and spaghetti laces for supper

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*strawberry laces for fucksake

>>>Zig Forums12997659
More balls than steiner

mayan home alone

Watched Drive again yesterday,have to admit it is better than apocalypto

Next time muslims kill people, muslim women should take their headscarves off in solidarity

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Kino tbh, I'll have to watch it with mute lass sometime

you'll only fly into a rage when she rejects you again lad

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If she reacts well to him slapping christina hendricks then you've got a keeper

if you dont want to get killed then stop being a racist and a bigot

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I love elvis

did you build your little house yet lad? don't give me any bullshit about the underflooring I'm getting sick of your excuses

Im still working on the stairwell as well, its taking forever since I have been busy being a wagecuck

so sick of all these unresolved plotlines

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Fucksake lads, had to quit my game to kill it

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So where the hunt for the Muslims who raped all those English girls? And the hunt for the bastards who coveted it up?

Oh right. Priorities isn’t it. Fucking scum they all deserve to hang for treating invaders better than their own.

Either based fighters or false flagging kikes, probably false flaggers given how suddenly it happens after Brenton did his thing


what do your gfs think about you browsing here?

My good friends don’t know i post here lad

mummy always calls me for spiders, she did it recently. she freaked out over a woodlouse spider smh (example picture attached). I think the spider I got just then was a wolf spider

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Based Spic Fuentes is saving the white race by playing Civ 5 on Twitch right now


For your sake I hope you’re only joking around because nobody actually gives a fuck about us here of all places.


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Guys, is it just me or is this fucking petition suddenly everywhere? Haven't there been a load of petitions on the gov website since 2016 and they've all been completely ignored up until this one? This new one is so blatantly obviously fake. It was being reported all over every news source yesterday but it couldn't possibly have happened that quickly. The news turned into an advert for that petition. There's been actual polls, and they all show so clearly what the public want. The news won't mention any of that though. After the ITV twitter poll the other morning getting raped by bots in the last 10 min, this all seems to fit together into the most obvious brexit psyop yet.
you're not fooling us cunts

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Reminder that parliamentary a rule from 1604 stipulates that Treason May cannot offer the same deal twice. However it doesn't mean she won't stab 17 million people in the back and the ones who are suffering right now are businesses and supply chains.
I still stand by my theory that a 'no deal' was never an option.

Agreed. No one wants to crash out without any trade deals in place. That's why the cunts have had three years to make trade deals, as is their job as a ruling government.
Instead they've spent it purposely painting themselves into a corner where the only escapes are no deal crash out, or burn article 50 and pretend none of this ever happened. This is why the public are in favour of no deal. We know what they've done, and we want them to suffer the consequences of their inaction on the will of the people. The psyop isn't working as well as they though it would. I'd say I'm shocked the civil disobedience as a result of all of this isn't being reported yet, but I'm not surprised of the cover up. Carpe diem lads.

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Dutch sounds like the language the Sims speak.

What are they going to do, stop brexit because of a fucking online petition?

The lefty luvvies are going on a nice comfy march tomorrow asking for a 'peoples vote' but if the opposition went on a 'no deal' march we would be met with hard resistance from above, below and foreign sides which is why I think marchs from our side are not as big. The opinion in the normiesphere is still just as strong forma no deal and wipe the slate clean, they are also aware of the media gang banging the status quo which is why terrestrial broadcasting is hemorrhaging trust with the public.

Their madness knows no limits. They have done a lot worse in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if they did embrace the honk.

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I don't think they have tbh

Mornin' lads

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Well one example was Ted Heath not giving Britain a vote to join the EU in the first place. He literally sold us down the river by signing his name on the dotted line hence our current situation and the betrayal of British people since 1940. Our govt slammed the door on the krauts noses but still accepted reading their poisonous scam mail and the Westminster spastics took the bait.


I like The Guardian's implications here: The denizens of Wigan would become leftists like us if only they weren't working class.

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Inside job tbh

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Apparently the rozzers are treating it as a terrorist incident.

hmmmmmm tbh

hullo fellow far right extremists.

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*protects your mosque*


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Fucking hell how embarrassing


what the fuck is this image honestly

I have no idea. He looks like some gay demiurge from Manchester with nothing else better to do.

humpty dumpty sat on a cock

They found her lads, /are Libby/ is dead.

keeek. eldritch beings couldn't make our society more satanic if they tried.