Where were you when you learned of the true nature of the Aryan and his connection with his own blood forming a single link in a mighty genetic chain stretching to infinity? The blood, nay, the ICHOR of the Aryan is a divine substance which imparts many of the unique features of the Aryan into himself. This forms a preternatural neural conduit into both the past and in some cases what is to come, serving as a source of ancestral records and a method of revelation (how did the oracles work?). The genetic nexus with past and future constitutes the Akashic Records.

Those who listen to their own divine rythm can tap into the Akashic Records of their Volk. Imagine a mighty divine film-reel, though one existing since the beginning of Man. This reel holds every thought, memory, desire, feeling, interest, attribute, sight, sound, smell, event, everything that has been and will be. What is, and what is not. It is the true alpha and omega. I am slowly becoming aware of true depths of the Aryan genetic web and the deeper I delve into the Godhead the more immense my revelation has become. I implore you to do the same, spread my discoveries, once known to one and all before Mu.



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I hope you are just trolling

Why do you say that? I once said that this sort of knowledge was all a scam, A LIE, but then, one day, the key was turned, like a door flung open before me that made me realize what there is that the modern has forgotten. It manifests within us all, within the Blood of the individual man, linking him in a vast nexus far grander than anyone can nearly comprehend. My brain aches trying to grasp its scope in full, for it is truly immense on the scale of untold proportions. But; I must Assure you that the Akashic records, the true patrimony of the Aryan race, are available within your heart if you only seize the will to listen to your ancestor’s song

I'm a nigger

Yes, I know this, so you sadly can not here the harmony of the Aryan but perhaps you can listen to the cacophony of the negroid.

Aryan blood is not mere blood, but closer to ichor. Ichor why? Because it carries DNA from a non-human race. Non-human neanderthals are contributors to the blood of the Aryan, without which would be not have ascended beyond the level of Negroids and other assorted “humans”. The Aryan is not human, but a mixture of a human and neanderthal. He, in his formation, destroyed the pure neanderthals and drove them from Europa, leaving us in a half-ascended, half-degenerated state which day is the Aryan, still yet the most sublime being in modern existence which must be preserved for the qualities of its blood alone. This blood carries a power which unites us all as one in a great ancestral tree. For the Aryan the dead do not truly die but live on in spirit through the blood of the living. Research the collective Aryan consciousness potential and truth shall be revealed. This is why I said earlier that you must look into yourself for divine truth, for the blood itself is divine. Those times when you are alone in a quiet room, listen to your blood and from the silence begins a murmur…then a roar. Voices, voices of the ancestors speak in unison, offering guidance, wisdom, Völkisch truth. This innate potential is within all Aryans and I must spread this truth both far and wide, for there are those who can be saved from their existence as Jewish golems. In real life, off of the Internet, I have had great success communicating these principles in whatever way I can. Even if it appears all for naught the seed has been planted and will germinate in time.

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Enough with "muh white race" horseshit. Nobody gives a fuck you're going extinct.

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I implore you, for Reason tells me that you may perhaps be Kin, to listen to my words, words spoke with true love for those of same blood and to LOOK WITHIN — for the answer always lies within. Willingly or not, though, you will undergo the Reversion to true Aryanhood, the state of nature from which we all emerged. This is all foretold and you can witness it yourself, both what is and what is not if you listen to me in earnest. There is hope for you yet and worry not I come not from Zig Forums, but from without

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You feign disinterest but there is one thing we both know: you clicked on this thread. What is the significance? It called to you, overrode your will, COMPELLED you to explore what I have written. A coincidence? Not likely. I can only guess, for my brain is under strain from such exertion today, that the seed has been planted and will soon grow Grow GROW until your interest blooms into a beautiful flower and you realize the Truth which poured forth from my mouth like water

I realized my ancestors were reptilians, what to do?

Converse with them, your blood still flows

God you are one pretentious cunt

Why are right-wingers so susceptible to esoteric bullshit?

literally manchildren

Can you refute the Truths which I have experienced? I would have thought similarly, but this is what your Jewish brain has been tought from birth so I can sympathize with your plight. I was once a Golem as you are now, with a Jew brain in an Aryan body. Of course, the key was turned and Truth unlocked. Any difficulty you have with comprehending my mannerisms is surely due to the great gap which has developed between the modern Jewish gentile and the Aryan in contact with his genetic memory

imagine being an aryan and having to deal with this schizo all the time contacting you

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What's wrong with jews and why do you have an obsession about them? I want to see your bullshit pseudo-esoteric explanation, it's kinda funny.

The Jew and the Aryan have two different spirits, an expression of the universal duality of Existence. Of course there is a duality in all things but that between Aryan (product of primordial mixture of mere Man and Neanderthal) and the Jew is the most pronounced of all hominids. Their natures are inimical in all respects. The Jew is the material, the Aryan the Transcendent. The Jew is the greedy, the Aryan is the virtuous. Antiquity is the golden era of the gentile, where Aryans communed with Nature and their many gods, projections of their Völkisch character and the greatest blossoming of Europeanism of all time. With the fall of Rome began the ascendency of the Jew with its greatest trick – Christianity, that religion of lies, universality and that which is fully against the Volk. Man lost his way. He turned to the material, the Jewish rather than that which was of his natural expression. Cut off at the root they (WE, for we live as they lived and died) slowly lost (not in full) their communion with their genetic memory, keeping their blood clean for millenium despite the spiritual trap which they had been ensnared and opiated. Only in modern times has the purity of Aryan ichor began to be deluded. Of course, hope remains and it remains within my heart, for They tell me it will be so and so thus I trust them, for they are me and I am them.

The Reversion is upon us, where we will all Return to our natural communion

Can I suck your dick OP?

prove it exists

asexual organisms/hermaphroditic lifeforms

most ashkenazim have some neanderthal DNA as with any person with long history of ancestors in Europe but due to spooky mystical bullshit you can't prove they're "not aryans"

prove virtue exists

lel, what does this even mean

more abstract nonsense

why don't you just say "people" or even "folk" ? why do you need to use a german word and even capitalize it according to German orthographic conventions ? do you think it sounds more intelligent than if you'd used the English equivalent ?

the whole of fucking civilization since the neolithic revolution has been built on wealth and greed you fucking idiot. This "Rome" you speak of what a literal empire built on plunder and theft yet somehow "der ewige Jude" is the menace of all time. Usually children stop believing in fairy tales when they grow up. Some people (i.e. manchildren) never grow out of them and being entirely incapable of seeing the world as it is, fill their heads with pure diarrhea simply to block it all out

Oh ok, you're actually schizophrenic. That explains a lot.

I pray to HaShem that all the colors of the world mix and we become one people of one universal civilization. I know it will happen because it is happening right now unlike your delusions ;-)

You either poke it or ignore it, never engage seriously user.

I can tell from your demeanor and posting style that you are indeed some sort of agent provacateur. To further prevent your attempts and disrupting the disemmination of my revelation, I shall remove the name “OP”. Good luck finding me now.
It would be sad if anyone truly believed that one would want to destroy their genetic memory forever. So many lives LOST for eternity, destroyed for mere pleasure and spite. Screaming in the void, guidance unheard

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Saging in a schizo thread.

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I dunno why are left-wingers so susceptible to fart-sniffing atheism?

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bitch I believe in the protracted people's war.

but being schizo is awesome my nigger. excuse me: "OUR NIGGER"

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have you ever in your life thought about anything for more than 10 seconds? or indeed made a good post? what the fuck are you even doing here?
I suggest you be put on the People's Naughty Step for a few days at least, the diahorrea you're spraying all over the board is starting to stink
we do have a "don't only shitpost"-rule

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in all good nature, what IS everyone else doing here? are you actually creating revolutionary praxis or just sitting on your taint bitching back and forth in a useless dialectic, accomplishing nothing? you must answer that before I go further. I am not special, and neither is anyone else here. "look at me I'm above everyone else" nobody cares, and if this board were actually communist in theory, you'd be banned for looking out for your own individual interest above everyone else.

head mod is a YPG fag. who cares.

I mostly agree with you but if this board was communist nobody would actually be getting banned for anything, cause that would be enforcing private property. Just a minor correction

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I think the OP has been reading too much Madame Blavatsky, going by his comments about akashic records.

Madame Blavatsky was one of the sources for the invention of "traditional" yoga in the nineteenth century- along with British military calisthenics! - according to this article popmatters.com/on-evil-yogis-and-the-icy-silence-of-yogas-post-disintegration-2495484784.html?rebelltpage=1#rebelltitem1
But if you really want to go back in history, "yoga" techniques were about trying to control supernatural forces, and they weren't the sole monopoly of Aryans:

As I've written elsewhere, "both the Silk Road and ancient and medieval maritime trade routes were information superhighways, and a portion of that information was demonological. It's easy to imagine soldiers, sailors, merchants, diviners, monks, and priests swapping amulets and spells at Silk Road halting points and ports. Demons and the techniques to control them were as much a commodity in the ancient and medieval world as germs, guns, and steel." (from part two of the article)

discussing matters pertaining to political theory and current affairs from a leftist point of view, for enjoyment and learning. as well as occasionally arguing with liberals and reactionaries to learn their arguments and how to refute them.
that- and the fun and humour of engaging with this little community.
it's not about me or you, it's about the posts we make. you don't understand imageboards as a medium. like an eternal newfag on /b/
i'd ask what this is all about, but you'll just answer with more schizobabble no doubt

and there is the other head of the union of shitposters.

I suggest you two migrate to >>>/autpol/ where your noncontributions will be appreciated more

This thread is not merely a place to shitpost and hash out petty arguments. It is much beyond that, it is a sacred temple, not a public square or pig-sty of fun. Watch your words, for my Words have sanctified these grounds and paved the way for Reversion. Ad hominems, whining, accusations of ☘️Schiz☘️ophrenia, are all self-diversions from the coming event which will cause us of Aryanhood to transcend our semitic bounds. Reach in, in to yourself, and grasp your patrimony, friends.

These /x/-Zig Forums copypastas are hilarious.

FYI in Jewish mythology, the golem is a creature built from clay.
It's not an enslaved human (Aryan or otherwise.)
Or where you talking boll… "metaphorically"?

Fool that you are, I have already ascended beyond the need to respond to the arguments in this thread.

yeah you're pretty much right. because of the communal aspect. thanks.

Metaphorically of course but the content of my assertions remain profoundly true, for they are as if they were golems.

That is not knowledge, but playing at knowledge. Look within, you will realize what troves of knowledge lie within your blood. Instead of pretending to be knowledgable I would advise you to actually meditate on what I have posted in this thread. The Reversion is soon, there is time – though it will come, willingly or not

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bitch I was on bbs boards when you were a sperm in your father's nutsack, don't even give me that crap. I know how they operate and there's always a special "kids" club, which often includes the mod(s) who single out and belittle other users. like animeavatarfag pointed out, this board actually was communist, bans wouldn't exist because everyone would be equal and accountable, including the mods, that is, if there even should be any.

duly noted.

and no, were aren't going anywhere

"muh autism" "muh schizos"

404: no argument found.

I see I have a friend amongst the golems, though one who rises above their mediocrity, the tallest one around. Your posts are part of the good fight, I follow them with interest. Do not let these Golems crush your Aryan spirit, for I can feel one within you strong. “Schizo” is a word devised by Jews to crush the natural Aryan spirit


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Hilariously, this complete schizo never answered any questions in the thread. Probably too complicated for him as with real life, being so grotesque that women wouldn't touch him that he had to patch together his own little world where he was significant in some way or another and not a complete and utter reject of life.

You are not an Aryan and furthermore I have no idea what you are speaking to me about. Genetic memory is established and well-accepted science which was lost with the Library of Alexandria which has only just began to be recovered. You laugh and insult, but read the Ancients and you will see I have spoke no lies

Only 56% of their volk in your case bucko.

titofag is unironically correct, adolf stalin and incel biznabol do nothing but shitpost to the point of making checkers seem like a reasonable poster.

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No argument found

Still no argument, damn



Browsing the Pol Pot thread has caused a new revelation to enter my mind from without. Perhaps it comes from the future and this is a prophecy. Time will tell.

Firstly, it has become clear that primitivism is the best system for the Aryan and lower races. The anprim is limited though – he is a utopian anprim, just as the Jew Marx distinguished between utopian socialism and scientific socialism. My revelation is the discovery of scientific primitivism, the science of what is to come. The era that shall bring mankind to primitivsm, the best and most natural of human lifestyles, the lifestyle of an uncountable number of our ancestors. The secret to the future scientific primitivist society is through TECHNOLOGY! To achieve the most beneficial human lifestyle (i.e. that without technology) is through technology itself, technology far beyond our further capabilities. We, in the future through our ancestors, must prepare for the construction of God – a real God. God does not exist, but Reason compels us to construct him for our own means. We shall become alien to our end and it will oppose as an alien force. It is come from us, but is not us.

This man-built God shall be filled with the soul of the Chosen, raised from birth to fill his divine mission of instituting the greatest form of human existence – primitive. They are a true ghost in a machine (mind body dualism is reality). The God, through cybernetic interface with each and every man, woman and child, shall proceed to cleanse the world of technology and direct Mankind towards its ideal ends. Eden shall be reborn.

The question of transgressors against the future established order is simply answered with the assertion that if the cybernetic interface with God’s mind is somehow overcome, God shall eliminate he who attempts to innovate beyond the primitive stage to ensure Harmony of mankind with nature.

Sorry about the second one my bad.

lol, triggered

Great post and 99% agree with one minor correction, God and Jesus are separate. The God of the Hebrew Bible is dead because Jesus usurped him

Elaborate…was my revelation clouded? How will this change the future to come?

Nah I don't have emotions therefore I cannot be "triggered" pardon me, just one, mania. Most of the time I'm pretty straight faced.

God once existed. The Lord and God are two separate beings. But otherwise you're correct, that is mankind is up to the task


I have no idea what you are talking about.

I'm sure that's true, but also completely irrelevant. since you are an eternal newfag. seniority, your adopted 'identity' as some internet power user is meaningless on an imageboard.

if its an argument you want, how about this:
your posts are awful, and if your posting privileges were taken away, it would improve board quality. hence in the interests of the board it would be preferable if you were put on the People's Naughty Step until such time that you actually learn board culture, or if that proves too much, be eternally denied posting rights.

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I see… thank you, I will note this and look for more signs confirming it. I am glad to see there are others here who recognize mankind’s future duty

I do. I like white people c:

um sweaty im half reptoid half dolphin half gray alien dont tell me what to do

Its hilarious how any occult/esoteric subject matter makes almost everyone here butthurt

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It is because these cucks are cut off from their spiritual roots. The spiritually desolate will always envy those who are in touch with their blood and spirit

Because communists are materialists. Back to Zig Forums with you.

The thing is Zig Forums didn't actually have "good board quality" in its height before the BO just started banning everyone. There were tons fucking shitposters, eccentrics, and people with straight up "schizo" views passing through all the time and thats what actually made the board fun. It was really the chaos of it all that made that board, of course moderator fucks still banned people sometimes, such as Jim Profit himself(he is now forced to post here without a trip). You also don't seem to remember a lot of the bullshit rules added to Zig Forums by Body Oder were out of some desire to "increase post quality" not just secure some kind of ideological hegemony, like the character requirement for OPs. You're going to ignore all of this though because like most of this board you can't actually conceive any other reason for Body Oder being bad besides him being a tankie, as opposed to seeing him and his bullshit being the natural consequences of moderation/moderators. You'd likely be fine with that sort of faggotry if it was ideologically directed at someone else. Hell both Muke and Bat'ko were actually clamoring for Zig Forums to start banning National Bolsheviks before the spergouts actually started happening. Yeah I admit I I can see why maybe tankies may be more inclined to be tyrannical moderators but anarkiddy subreddits aren't bastions of free speech by any means, and Jim Profit used to be a Marxist Leninist back back in his "JimProfitcommunist" days. So obviously its a problem with moderation itself and not just tendency/sectarian issue, luckily Zig Forums's mods have gotten more lazy so this board has been pretty comfy even if it lacks the chaos that made the old Zig Forums fun.

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Dialectical and historical materialism don't even contradict all occult philosophy, if you read the O9a's writings you'll find that actually are quite dialectical and materialist

Historical and Dialectical materialism actually bare a lot similarities to some occult concepts, look into the o9a's "sinister dialectic"

had enough emotions to reply tho

eh, it went up and down
they were balanced out by the odd qualitypost even during the shitpostiest times
there are positives and negatives to a fast board. I was there mostly for the discussion, though with the occasional shitpost too.
not really, I'm completely okay even with reactionaries as long as they respect the board purpose and rules.
why aren't you on /b/ or masterchan or something then?

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. I searched for 09a sinister dialectic online, this is all I could find:
"Second, that the ONA has and always has had both an exoteric [causal] and an esoteric [acausal/Aeonic] purpose and nature; a dual nature [sinister/numinous; sinisterly-numinous] manifest in (α) a leaderless, a non-structured, non-hierarchical… "etc.

What does sinister/numinous mean? Historically, it would seem a banal distinction, made by followers of Religions of the Book (and Satanists.)

There's a term in Akkadian, *namrirru*, meaning "divine luminosity". It was applied to Mesopotamian gods who would certainly be considered sinister by modern standards.

Even the Old Testament describes some of the earlier punishments meted out by the god of the Hebrews as "evil"( in the King James Version.)

Maybe the o9a are just attempting
a laudable aim of backing the underdog in modern theology, metaphysically-speaking? And certainly the Devil has inspired some great art and music (Robert Johnson!).

But how do you know if you get involved in a group like o9a you won't succumb to group think, anyway?

A lot of occultists seem to operate on the Indian restaurant model. Indian restaurants are often clustered in one parade of shops in one area of town. (occultists flock to join an organisation, likewise. )

Whereas Chinese restaurants seem to be the only one for miles. They want all the custom in that area. Apart from a few places like Chinatown in London's Soho.

Groups like o9a are irrelevant because you can be a Chinese restaurant. Do a course in Sumerian or Old Norse or whatever and you'll be learning spells and prayers anyway, as part of the course.
Get a few books on psychology like Charles Brenner's *An Elementary Textbook of Psychology* or William James *Psychology: The Briefer Course*, so you understand how the mind works, and you' really not merely deluding yourself in your endeavours.
Maybe something on psychosynthesis for an overall framework, then that's all you need.

I'm Jewish and I have no idea what you're referring to here.

Then again, trust a schizophrenic incel neo-nazi to interpret things that Jews wrote.

true, it makes atheist commies squirm

The purpose of historical and dialectical materialism is to remove all the occult/spiritual/mysticism of Hegel's dialectic, to put dialectic on its "materialist feet."

Why isn't this shit thread anchored already?

Hang on, I to look up the old testament refs to Yahweh's "evil" acts for .
you've just started out on the road for the day and someone calls you out on an image board about something you've posted on it about the bible but your KJV is at home.
(need to earn and Fridays always busy, can't tell mu boss a theological question has been raised package delivery will have to wait,)

How shit are the Teamsters really?

Because the moderation of this board also possess the ability to introspect– look into Themselves and judge the truthfulness of my revelations. Where have they been wrong or will be wrong is the true question. One can test for themselves the existence of genetic memory and the possibilty of communing with your ancestors. Firstly, I am proof of it, as can anyone be if they look within and establish the proper nexus. Proved. Secondly, there is necessary outcome of our current course of development paired with the eternal ideal – once overcome but not gone – of scientific primitivism and mankind’s need for the inititiation of biomechanical apotheosis. Here begins New Eden in earnest

It is possible that the Zig Forums moderation has read my posts, realized their veracity is watching for further outpourings of knowledge. Akasha is available to them too.

Attached: DD1FC982-8F22-4161-B044-152BF9137A86.jpeg (200x219, 18.96K)

Copyright duration is life of the author plus 70 years. The Akasha records are very old, but that doesn't mean the authors are dead, even if common sense recoils at the thought. Specific practices of meditation may give you a glimpse into them, but it is not supposed to happen if you are not invited. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

OP is a criminal.

And Moses besought the LORD his God, and said, Lord, why doth thy wrath wax hot against thy people, which thou hast brought forth out of the land of Egypt with great power, and with a mighty hand?
Wherefore should the Egyptians speak, and say, For mischief did he bring them out, to slay them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth? Turn from thy fierce wrath, and repent of this *evil* against thy people.
Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy servants, to whom thou swarest by thine own self, and saidst unto them, I will multiply your seed as the stars as the stars of heaven, and all this land I have spoken of will give unto your seed, and they shall inherit it for ever.
And the LORD repented of the *evil * which he thought to do unto his people.
(Exodus 32:11-14) (my *emphasis*)

Read a (Holy) book!.

I don't know! I'm in the UK.

You know why Jews feel defensive ? Thousands of years of this shit is why. Instead of asking "hi what does this mean" to Jews who have studied these texts a lot longer than so-called Christians ever have, you go straight to translations by people who HATED Jews and then jack off at how smart you are for being able to read all the while spreading lies about Judaism and Jews and applauding when concentration camps are erected.

I'll tell you now about your shitty attempt:

נחם (``nacham``, the verb translated as "repented") has a wide sense of consolation or comforting. The English word repent is stricter in meaning with the implication that there is an admission of wrong-doing, This more general sense in Hebrew is reflected in every modern English translation which uses different words and phrases all the time to refer to the same Hebrew word because it can signify different ideas, while KJV translators only used "repent" (i.e. to turn away from sin) because their knowledge of Hebrew was from shitty books written by anti-jews.

So here it is plainly obvious that Moses is being consoled due to his belief that G-d WOULD do "evil," while G-d by all standards would not do so. G-d clearly says to Moses that he intends to "wrath wax hot" against the Israelites, but Moses "argues" with G-d and his plea leads G-d to comfort Moses that such things will not come to pass. There is deeper significance around this but evidently, you've just searched "contradictions in the Bible" like every other fedora-tipping incel on the planet so what can I say

Also is revealing that many modern Israeli guys even have the name Nacham/Nachum, and everyone translates its meaning to English as "comforter." There is just no Hebrew word that directly means "turn from sins."

Take your head out of your own ass and see a fucking doctor. Your schizophrenia needs to be medicated. Maybe you'll even touch a boob one day.

This is from the New International Version,. I've got my eyeball on it now, and it looks even worse:

But Moses sought the favour of the Lord his God. 'Lord,' he said, 'why should your anger burn against your people, whom you brought out of Egypt with great power and a mighty hand? Why should the Egyptians say, "It was with evil intent that he brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the earth"? Turn from your fierce anger; relent and do not bring disaster on your people. Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac and Israel, to whom you swore by your own self: "I will make your descendents as numerous as the stars in the sky and I will give your descendants all this land I promised them, and it will be their inheritance for ever." Then the Lord relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened. (Exodus 32:11-14, NIV)

Relented means to not do something you were going to do." To me, the English word "comforting " or "consoling" doesn't work in the context.
Suppose a serial killer kidnaps you and "comforts" you that they they're not going to murder you after all? That's not all that comforting.

cheap insults