Brit/pol/ #2720: United Against Globalism Edition

UK statement on the Golan Heights

Brexit: Departure date pushed back by at least two weeks

I'd shoot her point blank': Former college lecturer behind cancel Brexit petition threatened to shoot Theresa May as series of her shocking posts are unearthed

Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson's accusers were 'thrilled to be there' and his 'sexual needs were his sexual needs'

Carl of Swindon may stand in EU elections if Brexit is cancelled

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For them

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When someone who is famous for ruining cutlery claims he can telepathically stop the will of the British majority then you know that this war is going to be the most bizarre thing in history.

mornin' lads

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alri la

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Tiny Armadillo Is Obsessed With Taking Baths

that tranny is actually really creepy and I am unsettled every time I look at him.

we have to stop him lads

I need to install blinds throughout my house. Any tips?

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*cheekily walks into the thread*

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my sides are on the moon

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Despise the new generation of leftist youtubers that arose since 2016. Contrapoints, Shaun, Hbomberguy, ThreeArrows, PhilosophyTube, I could go on. They took the smug self righteousness of pre-2016 liberals, added the edginess of the alt-right and applied it all to extreme Marxism to create an unholy concoction of cancer.

I can't wait, the wogs suffered the European man's mercy, now they'll benefit from the Chinese man's evil.

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I hate them man, they love being hall monitors for the elite power structure.

I'm glad I only recognise one of those names, I could do without another brain tumour.

Envious tbh.

yeah I doubt that he is. only the most fickle half-chan magalings could be converted, and only then because of the exposure that media outlets like vice give him.

He will follow the usual e-celeb trajectory:

What's really funny is why the fuck would the speaker need to insist that the MPs aren't traitors unless they were betraying the public.

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I genuinely had not heard of him until I saw that twatter post pop up on my TL, I've not seen the stupid cunt anywhere.

I only know of hbomberguy from his Fallout video and a clip of him spastically applauding a comment about trannies.

Eastenders used to be so quaint

I can't wait for their do-over.
What a doozy of a redpill to smack in the face of every normie still watching that shite.

really ticks the tocker

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ye couldn' make this stuff up could'ye

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jej, these people really do live in another fucking reality

only one response to scooby magic tbh
Titus age iterum

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Bet it's the Aryans bruders

wrong tbh

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The only people I've seen it working on were trend followers to begin with. Being an edgy internet nazi stopped being cool so they became an edgy internet socialist.

wew I completely fucking missed that

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I wish that 99% of the population were dead tbh

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cucks confirmed

funny that the call Brexiteers "gammon" when they are just as old and wrinkly.

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I wish Zig Forums was dead tbh

If you're that good then why can't you telepathically solve our knife crime epidemic? Answer that fucker then.

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hullo intern, how's your first day on the job?

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lad don't mock a little girl that's a bit crass.

You're sitting right next to me. In fact, you showed me where the files are kept on Zig Forums tripfags.

I respect a man for defending his family, but fucking hell his glasses must be an inch thick if he's that blind.


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yeah and it won't be long 'til you get what I'm on about when I'm ranting at lunch

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we're all dead

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You're right, he should be bending the knives

Typical gammon comment

All these treacherous bastards

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They seem to mistakenly believe that 4 million is a larger number than 17 million.

For the people screaming "Russian bots" it's funny how they'll support them when they support them.

I read somewhere that to make a difference the petition needs to be over 20m

Don't be surprised if they bot it to higher lads

4 million bots were deployed in the making of this picture. None were harmed
fires up gmail, creates four new email accounts and signs the petition

For her.

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Could you start a petition to immediately place a moratorium on all further immigration?

Who is she?

Found it

For whom? You didn't even post an image.

It will be removed for being racist.


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who's that?

wew, who'd've guessed it was the press fuelling this stupidity

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It would get at least 5 mil signings

you could just buy a hatchet from homebase for a tenner

reminds me of that TDAG vid

Today will be a good day

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Crowds are gathering

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Wine is the perfect image for these wankers if it didn't insult Christ tbh

Middle class revolution

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that old fuck is definitely of foreign extraction
they are everywhere

donate to my patreon and I'll go down there to dab on them for the rest of the day

Remainers should be put in camps and used as slave labour in minecraft tbh

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You had your fucking chance in the referendum, you cunt. But you were too conceited and arrogant to believe that Leave could have ever won. Maybe you shouldn't have been so dismissive and done something about it then, instead of whining like a loser now.

who is she and why should we remember her?

Remainers should be killed tbh

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careful there, lad.

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That's at least 100,000 right there

I'd floor that fag tbh

take a ball-peen hammer and a shield


I'll take my George and a pole and stab them with it


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Fresh hag

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of course Slough would be pro-europe. Most of them are from Poland.

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