GETchan press release

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How big is GETchan and Bunkerchan anyways?

can't vouch for getchan but bunkerchan has been lively these past few months and we get about
1,151 clicks a month and 11.5K impressions

GetChan does have a strong presence on YouTube on their channel named GetChan
So I think quite a bit…

Sad news. I will miss GETchan.

I've never been able to respect an image board that names itself after fucking gets.

I like you guys but isn't that less than even this board?

Space_ owns Zig Forums and is now part of the owners of bunker+get (only two leftist imageboards). Because of anonimity we are unsure of the links between /left/ and /lefty/. Luckily, Space_ has told us
If a board on bunkerchan is "Zig Forums-controlled" then that means that Space_ has a good relationship with the Zig Forums mods, they didn't get control of a board on his site without his knowledge, approval and blessing.

I guess Space's friends from GETchan wanted a piece of authority over a leftist community. I like how from 2 different imageboards, and 2 different 8ch boards, we went to all 4 being controlled by the same group of people.

Isn’t that a good thing, though? It makes the possibility of a single unified leftist imageboard possible.

about time my dude.

- ur homie, laz

Space_ if you make it more similar in UI as Leftpol I swear a lot would move there, since anonymity, topics to be discussed, real more advanced leftism not bs, philosophy, etc.

besides leftpol BO is chill & doesn't cares if they all migrate to their own place. Zig Forums is fucking dying & this board was just a second refuge/home for most of us who with time get sick of the shit with leftypol & their BO.

Space_ is the Zig Forums BO.

I don't think so.


Do they still use those incredibly ugly colored themes that everyone complains about?

On the GETchan side, King is a bit of an apologist to anarchists and openly criticises MLs. Zeke isn’t even a Marxist, let alone ML, just more of a generic socialist. I believe the Bunkerchan staff only has one ML as well. That’s out of four people too. If we were to count the Zig Forums BO as well, that would make up 2 MLs out of a group of 7 people. Not sure where you’re pulling this from.

Che can only touch the Zig Forums board.
If I wanted to lord it over you I would ban your arse right now.
also HOW FUCKING NEW ARE YOU? This merger's been talked about for years.

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Sorry fam I still don't like left-themed image board sites. I happen to like jumping from Zig Forums to /vg/ to Zig Forums at any given moment. If 8ch truly crashed and burned my next stop would be endchan.

Politics aside image board owners cooperating is bad because it's quintessentially akin to a monopoly that harms the average poster.
I'm not one to usually go full critic on administration like Bizzaro Nazbol poster but I've seen enough imageboards come and go in my life to know what I'm talking about even though I only ever got into them in 2014 at the earliest. Still by this point I've browsed so many to their deaths I know how things go.
Usually a group or all imageboard owners know and speak to each other. They network in order to know what's going on, sometimes they might just want to help one another.
Unfortunately this evolves into vulture like business practices. Trading ownership of boards, giving each other mod and admin positions, and co ownership of the site. The moment one site dies it gets brought back as a zombie under a new owner. This ensuring of success regardless of board performance creates a major disconnect between users and administration.
The best instance of this I can think of is when Jim traded 2, 4, and Zig Forums between him, Hotwheels, and Hiro. The other is Milkdud constantly killing and taking over one small chan after another. This type of behavior is akin to trading stocks. They're not there to be kept and cherished they're there to be traded and made profit off of. In these deals the posters are not heard. Whatever decision they wish is not considered and they are affected by major changes, causing a feeling of homesickness and eventually anger and resentment.
While I'm not saying this is going to happen solely because of the site union, it probably won't and will happen because of some other thing I'm just warning you. Unions are potentially only good when in the hands of the proletariat, but a bourgeoisie union only leads to less pleasing for the proletariat and more rights for them.

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Yeah, nah.

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are there any leftist memes which aren't babyish ripoffs of right memes?

You're wrong on so many levels

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None of the board owners are part of the bourgeoisie. Space_ and King in particular are both working class. Space_ is an office worker and King works in a factory, ffs.

swinging those newfag credentials around eh


Pick one.

Don't say I didn't warn you all when every image board you loved goes to shit.
I can already see where this is going.
Everyone is, the man openly offers help to all site owners even in cases of them fighting each other.

Real life proles can become online bourgeoisie when given power and bad decision making.

I've gone through a good 50 or so boards now, 2/3rds of which are rarely heard, what I lack in time I make up for in experience. I know how these things go since I've seen it over and over again with smaller chans.

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What for real? The fuk.


might as well use bunkerchan if everything is admin'd by the same guy anyway.

omg man you're an interwebs nerdo but the left needs those too to have a place to crash at gonna browse bunkerchan starting tomorrow.

question tho. since you have probably interacted with them online is "Miss Piggy" (leftypol BO) too authoritarian to users sometimes in your opinion?

Well considering a bunkerchan admin got banned during the Rojava purge. Yes kinda. I'm a free speech absolutest and support the right to speech but Nazi talking points go into the trash because they're offtopic unless it's Nazbol since Nazbol IS LOOSELY tied to the left and therefor ontopic.

More posts == more users.
Btw there is a vichan theme if you click the theme selector if Bunkerchan original is too dark for yoursoul.

irl Nazbol isn't racist at all tho. It's just Strasser shits thinking they can meme brain wash dumb af white youths who never read books like they usually do.

'Nazbol' is retarded and should be banned.

Where's the electoral reform thread from GET Zig Forums?

When did Space_ get ownership transferred to him?

there's literally a stickied thread about it lol.