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So, I was browsing the Wikipedia article about Redneck Revolt and then I came across this:

Then I looked up this Ignatiev guy's article:

Is this guy for real? Literally a self-hating Jew turned into hating whites, in which 'white' means a strawman consisting of every single elite qualities in his mind. Is this something like an inferiority complex turned obverse or something? And people really take him seriously in the US? In my country he would have been fined or thrown in jail for inciting ethnic/racial hatred. Thank free speech for that.

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Ok, so you obviously haven't read Ignatiev at all and you're probably a Zig Forums frequenter as you can't even read the small amount of text that you copy/pasted properly, so let's get this straight

He does not want people with pale skin pigmentation to die.

The whole concept of race is abstract bullshit intended to divide people and distract them from the real reasons they struggle and as such what we think of as "whiteness" is remnants of colonial era imperialism and Ignatiev wants that IDEA to be destroyed. The whole idpol bullshit we see nowadays is a direct response to the idea of whiteness. It is because of whiteness that this shit exists and by dismantling the core of this IDEA we can live with one another as human beings and not in constant tension and prejudice of one another due to spooks like "race"


You really can't win with you people can you ? If they support the state of Israel, they are ZOG Occupied Government but if they don't they are PATHETIC SELF-HATING JEWS. Typical Zig Forums idiocy.

Israel =/= Jews. He's right about Israel.
He's not wrong in his central point, that the "white" and "black" communities that emerged as part of the rascism invented to justify chattel slavery need to be abolished as social relationships. The problems with Noel are that he, like many academic Marxists, has his head lodged so far up his ass that he is unable to communicate his views in a way that makes anyone not versed in burger radical lexicon recoil from him and that he is a sectarian puritan. The RR is a good example, here you have a group who named their gunclub "John Brown Gun Club" and are stridently anti-racist yet ol Noel throws a bitchfit because "Redneck" is in their name.
Unfortunately yes.

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"Always remember that you were born into a team!"
–Zig Forums and other pomos

He says after grouping everyone into their appropriate race teams.

Don't overthrow existing institutions, you problematic proles! You have to complain loudly at those institutions about how they are eurocentric, toxically masculine, racist, and transphobic tools of the patriarchy!

Academics who already believe the shit that he spouts do anyway.

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Nobody is saying that he does. Everyone is saying, rightly, that he is singling out a militant leftist organization for not being anti-racist enough.

Someone really should come up with a new term for "white/black/etc. identity" that's separate from biological skin color. Physical realities need to be semantically separated from socially constructed identity groups, especially since these identities keep becoming more fluid and divorced from the former.

They already are seperate from biological skin color.

Yes, but my point is to communicate that separation better. Call it "dominant identity" or something. That way idiots on both sides will stop thinking that an abolition of white identity means a general attack on white-skinned people.

he seems confused. that's all I can say. Redneck Revolt to me are petites and not actual backwoods types as far as I can see. mostly urban dwelling southerners, children of economic privilege.

This is pure utopianism at its finest. It's implying a perfect world. You must think that the world must big one great big happy all-inclusive family, where all the various breeds mix with one another. There can never be any real "racial unity" between whites and non-whites simply because their individual ethnic identites preclude it. And until you leftist faggots realize that, there is never going to be any peace left.

deconstructing whiteness == killing white people

leftist dog whistle

I have an idea for what we could call them.

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OP here. Jesus Christ, calm down. I have nothing to do with Zig Forums. Why do you think it's a zero-sum game where either white or nonwhite can prevail? Sounds like relativism (dominant-subaltern tumblrite argument). Every ethnicity have their own 'otherness', getting trapped into one view just because you don't want the other means you have no idea what to do in the first place to escape, in the grand scheme of things. Only a sad hysterical gesture from a dying society.

explain yourself

gulag yourself

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Well, he's wrong on that one. Only some hardliner loons think Israel should be a Nazi Germany tier Jewish supremacist, expansionist state. If anything, Israel is just a flawed liberal democratic nation-state, surrounded by a sea of people who wants nothing better than to annihilate them.
If he thinks the above constitution is Nazi tier then he really needs to question his own sensibilities for that. This doesn't mean I support their military operation, which is in itself totally different than grabbing clay like in old colonial times because it's about some national right of land. I don't support that nationalist view, either. I just want to say that they are different, and him equating it with the tired old 'muh Israel is the same as the Nutzee' argument, along with unironic fringe tier hyperbole, basically makes him a stereotypical self-hating Jew in the West (plus with his nonsensical 'everything white is white supremacy' strawmanning).

I never said anything of that sort. You're mental.

hardliner loons like mainstream right-wing zionists (Likud in their alliance with the far-right)? or actually all zionists, except the liberal ones feel bad about it/close their eyes to it? that the state structure is liberal-democratic doesn't change that. It is clearly Jewish supremacist and expansionist in practice, and increasingly so in legal terms as well. for ex.
and this makes it fundamentally different from the nazis, how? they (along with more conservative german nationalists) used 'national right of land' as casus belli in the case of Alsace and Holstein for example.
ethnonationalism is ethnonationalism and jewish exceptionalism is jewish exceptionalism, user

Please, zoomer, go kill yourself

since antifa is mostly rich white twats, it's hilarious that you hate yourselves so much as to worship this Capitalist. dumb faggots. i hope you all die.

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cute. K I K E * not capitalist

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Prove otherwise.


Fuck off, Zig Forums


Pretty much qualifies for any non Nazbol leftist on this board.

lol you're mad, you're a pretty sexy piece of fuckmeat when you're mad.

I'm going to get the prison industrial complex myth out of the way right now.


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He does, though. Read up on Gause's law. When different species who inhabit the same environment use the same resources one will triumph and the others will die out, or shift into a different niche. If his goal of a multi-species society is realized that's what will happen. He's banking on us losing do to smaller numbers.

Actually it's not. The concept of the white race dates back much further. Look that the Moorish invasion of the Iberian peninsula. Race took priority over religion. Whites were always second class citizens, even if they converted to Islam they were still forbidden from owning weapons and had to pay jizyah taxes. Many of the Moors still practiced their tradition African pagan religions and they were not subjected to extra taxes, or any oppressive laws. When the reconquista happened no Moors were spared, even the ones that converted to Christianity were massacred. Colonial European attitudes on race originated from their racial conflicts with Africans and Arabs

And muh dick took priority over both of them. Anyone who has ever been to Spain knows that no race ever got expelled from Iberia. There was no great race war, just a war between competing kingdoms in which people from both groups fucked one another whenever there was a lull in the killing. So it goes with every supposed "clash of civilizations."

Literally less reliable and factual than the average wikipedia page.

He seems based af

You seem not to realize that the entire area surrounding the Mediterranean had been colonized by waves of Greeks, Romans, Goths and Vandals from Europe…

And Africa and the Steppes and the Middle East and India. The Mediterranean was never Whitopia.

You're just spouting nonsense because you want to close down the conversation now, Zig Forums. If you want to be a Hitlerite and blame all your problems on the Eternal Cis White Male, you do so. You should at least be honest and face up to the fact you're just another strain of far-right neo-nazi and nothing to do with the left.