Gays claiming to be socialist are not socialist or even leftist. Their "fight" for equal rights (and they already have equal rights) is a "fight" that appeals to the bourgeoisie. Their "struggle" is anything but class struggle. I haven't seen anything remotely socialist on gay parades. Instead, they want equal rights they have and recognition of a thousand made-up genders. And yes, same-sex marriage is gay privilege. Marriage has always been a heterosexual union for raising children and there's no reason gays need it. The parties supporting them are reformist and SJWish

The LGBT rights movement is a liberal idpolly political organization, similar to reverse-sexist feminism. Those who put communist posters alongside Pride flags are spitting in the face to those who lived under these posters

Homonormative movements existed in Engels' lifetime as well, as evidenced by his letter to Marx, which does shed some light on what gays want. Plus, as he pointed out, homosexuality is immoral and youth-defiling

Gays are polluting socialism. Kill them all

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Whether you're a falseflagging radlib or the one cisgendered twitter tankie, kill yourself.

What about gays fighting for rights in countries where they are executed? Your statement "gays already have equal rights" is not true for the entire world.

Executing gays is based. Don't let this Western disease spread

It is beyond our power to do such things. Live and let live, not because we do not recognize their degenerac.y and tolerate their destruction of all that is sacred, but rather become the current course of development will culminate in an event which will cleanse the negative from Earth and force reality to conform to the eternal ideal. Research biomechanical apotheosis, true divine truth and realize that all trends of development have one destination.

Essentially, upon the ascenscion of human technology to the level of gods, Reason will judge the elimination of homosexuals, Jews, whores, adulterers, supporters of civilization, degenerates as justice and fetters to true Aryan propserity

Mariage itself is bourgeois. Our goal shouldn't be to expand marriaga but to abolish all forms of marriaga. Marriage is only a thing because the church and state are one entity in on itself. It has nothing to do with being straight or gay.

Besided, I know a fuckton of couples that are married, yet childless. How are you gonna force them, to procreate?

Fair enough. Why should we exclude them from joining class struggle? They are also part of the working class. I couldn't care less if they are straight, gay, zoophilic, whatever. Neither should you.

None of my fucking business. Besides, most pedophiles are straight people, so your point is moot. Straights also tend to be lolicon fapping pieces of shit.

No, they're not. Liberals are. In caft, you tankes are the reason socialism is laughed at. Now fuck off back to Zig Forums.

marriage* fact* tankies*

down with the globohomo.

Sexuality is a bourgeois construct. The goal of communism is to transcend and eliminate libido, abolish the sexual act, and free humanity from the tyranny of sexual desire. Read Zizek.


this. except that sexuality is intrinsic to our being in the lesser world, not only bourgeois.

brainlet moralfag

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Homosexuality is consistent with species-essence and the state of nature. The identity politics associated with them are not.

Is pertinence to "The LGBT* Movement" a false identity that has been weaponized for counter-revolutionary causes both within an outside of "the left"?
Yes, and it's right to oppose its ideologies, like all class collaborationist ideologies should be opposed.
Is having a homosexual/non-"heteronormative" /etc… sexuality in itself wrong or anti-socialist?
No and it's counter-revolutionary to go poking around into what people do in their bedrooms. Moralfaggotry has nothing to do with communism.

just fucking kill yourself

I cast icon of protection

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its only Western because liberal capitalists pushed for its acceptance. we fucked up by having an amendable constitution.

Reminder that the DDR decriminalized this shit before the BRD did.

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I mean idc if gays exist, but pushing any idpol agenda is stupid. moderate conservatism from the state is fine by me as long as the workers are protected as a whole.

its one thing to allow it, another to push it in the faces of other people. demonstrations are illegal in Iran because of this.

WTF you talkin bout in Iran homosexual acts are punished either by death or forced SRS.

Homophobes get the gulag.

thats not who went to the gulag

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based cool hat authoritarian

t. neoliberal

This is why the proles think we sound like inept retards, because some of you guys are. People save lots of money living under the same roof, and the father and mother are necessary for raising the child that comes with procreating. This isn't a conspiracy theory, this is millions of years of evolution. People want to have families when they get older, they want a loyal sex partner (look up how oxytocin works)

genetic dead ends who will never have any lineage. They will die alone, with their minds disintegrating from old age. When people have children, they are much more driven to keep the world a good place. I will always be suspicious of leaders with no children.

You selectively use that argument in bad faith. How about not having LGBT education in schools? Convenient libertinism when you need it, but really you're just a dishonest authoritarian.

The lack of self awareness is giving me second hand cringe here. Pink hair SJW's are the goto response for normies to attack leftism. The Soviet National anthem is an organic meme and a cool song, corporate faggot gay shit isn't.
pic related, it's you

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"Eliminate all homosexuals and fascism will vanish", Maxim Gorky (article "Proletarsky gumanizm"[Proletarian humanism] in "Pravda", 5/23/1934)

Homosexuality was illegal in USSR since 1934.

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Hey OP, I'm a gay guy, I've never been to a pride parade, never brought up gay rights at my communist party meetings.
Can you tell me what you're doing to further the communist movement that I'm not doing as a gay guy?
Are you sure you're not just lashing out as a repressed faggot? Why do you care so much about gays, even gays that do far more for communism than your basement dwelling ass?


All me.

Focus on attacking capitalism. Avoid rainbow flags and transgenderism. don't be a joke to workers.

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Get punched Zig Forums.

Nah I don't care is he has a job, but it's quite obvious that OP is not a "communist" that does anything to organize IRL.
KYS basement dwelling faggot.

We have problem with gays as individuals, but with SJWs, the LGBTBBQ pride movement and all the liberal gender shit.

That was obviously not what OP was saying.
People like OP should be lured in a forest and stabbed to death tbh.

Gays are mentally ill, and must be keep at large.
Proof: you.

I'm mentally ill for wanting to kill someone who wants to kill me?
Okay buddy.

Tankies get the gulag too.

If frogs don't want to be stomped on, then why do they keep jumping under my boots?

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How do you jump under something?

who cares?

Seriously, OP, no use in opposing them. Denying them equality doesn't make the proletariat's life better. I agree about the mainstream gay rights movement is failing most gay people, and people with rainbow flags in their twitter profiles are fucking cancer, but the solution to idpol isn't diametrically opposed idpol, it's to point out that Marx answered this question (regarding Jewish emancipation, the great idpol issue of the mid-19th century) in fucking 1843, and to struggle with our gay comrades for the emancipation of all humanity.

Homosexuality is abnormal and non-traditional. It's defiling our youth, which is a criminal offense

Imagine being a communist and thinking that's an argument for anything.
Homophobia is defiling our youth and is a criminal offense.

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Nearly all 3rd world communists are traditionalists. There's nothing bad in that

So who are these traditionalists? The Naxxalites rejecting their traditional arranged marriages and the caste system? Or do you mean the NPA? Do they follow the Sharia law or something? Or do you mean the Kurds allowing women to fight in their ranks?
Communists have almost always been socially progressive, some may seem more traditionalist to a brainlet like you because they aren't pink haired and screaming about otherkin rights.

AnarCapitalists lmao

Take Communist Party of Russia and Juche, for starters

Still, North Korea is in a unique position and the Communist Party of Russia is "more progressive" than most Russians.

DPRK has no laws regarding LGBT.

Koreans have their own values. On our soil, there should be no gays

You're a slippery snake, aren't you? Smells a bit Zig Forums in here.

ok, buuuuuddy

tankies claiming to be socialists are not socialists tbh.

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At this point most people work with or are friends with a fag or a dyke, the proletariat isn't going to go berserk at the sight of some queers and go full fash after getting triggered. Red-brown niggas are dumb.

Honecker a weeb, a weeb!


Someone's finally making sense, don't let the petty bourgeois leftists get you down. People like you give me hope in the left.
Remember brothers, there is nothing oligarchs love more than minority rights!

Would be much more down to cull the roasts than kill the gays tbh

The only gays permitted are cute sissy boys who empty the load

Otherwise they should be put to work camps like women. What roasties and faggots worry about is they'll be treated like cis men. Does a life of unappreciated servitude working thankless jobs and treated terribly meanwhile sound like hell? Happens every day for men and look how many still defend women

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I find it kind of funny that leftpol will ban nazis coming and calling for the extermination of gays, but if a "communist" does it, no anchor, no ban, no deleted thread.

ironic shit post. with the flag and everything.

TBH yeah, I'm not gonna be all 'oh I'm so offended' but topics like this are shitting up the board whether they're from trolls or actual retarded ultratankists.

Leave my cuteboys alone. And furries and gamers too while I'm at it.

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OP is a big closet case

Is there a form of cancer that you do not carry?

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Well, it could be worse, I could be desperately attracted to interracial cuck porn but unable to admit it to myself that the videos aren't for "trolling".

I will give you that one.

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why are you such a massive faggot OP?

Holy shit I agree with that. Tho executing is a bit harsh, 8 years of prison will do tbh

This but unironically.

Holy fuck that video is amazing

Go to bed bkeys, stop fantasising about killing da gayz

This is all true though?

True class struggle supports the family. Traditionally modern socialist states like Cuba and the Soviet Union opposed homosexuality. It hurts societies ability to create the next generation, spreads decease, and is a product of the western values. We as protectors of the people must oppose its inclusion in our perfect society. If necessary we must exterminate them. Whatever it takes, they are enemies of the people.

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The nuclear family is a capitalist contruct.

Nice try pol transfer.

Faggotry is borgiousie
Prove me wrong- protip:you can’t

Faggotry was a thing long before the bourgeoisie even existed. You have been proven wrong, faggot.

OP is a fascist who supports the marginalization of vulnerable groups, and who supports religious authority.

You are a counterrevolutionary and a retard. Off to the gulag with you.

You are nothing more than a counter revolutionary agent who opposes the core of our classless society. Homosexuals in the old Soviet Union were sent to psychiatric facilities. I suggest that is where you belong traitor of the people!

You and your fellow faggots are the reason why people hate the left.

t. has never read Engels

You're literally a fucking anprim. Faggots are filth

Hello Zig Forums hows it going?

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