Brit/pol/ #2724: Petition Edition

Theresa May is a chicken who's bottled Brexit, the only way forward is to come out of the EU now

Drivers who took part in pro-Brexit 'go-slow' protest that caused motorway chaos at rush hour will be prosecuted by police for 'inconsiderate driving'

Brexit petition to revoke article 50 exceeds 5m signatures

Labour MP calls for ‘robust action’ against neo-Nazi radio station broadcasting in UK

Legal experts say censorship on gunman's manifesto went too far

New Zealand isn't just BANNING the shooter's manifesto. They're SELLING it

Identitarianism: The Inherently Dangerous Ideology that Influenced the Christchurch Killer

Newsagent worker is stabbed to death 'in a robbery at his shop' in 'safe' Pinner and six more people are knifed in yet another night of bloodshed in London

Terrorism fears as 3,000 UK children a year go to 'jihadi' schools in Pakistan, secret government report reveals

Scale of planned ISIS attacks in Europe 'revealed' in seized documents

Proof that girls and boys are born to be different: Controversial study finds that brain differences between the sexes begin in the womb

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you lads ever watched that loose women show

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Does anyone here have tattoos tbh?

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wish i had a chad scar like those mensur lads tbh

Makeup is a hell of a drug, you walk down the street and realise that 90% of the women you see don't actually look how they look, it's all just caked on makeup.

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tfw grandad had massive Jesus on the crucifix

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Have a few scars tbh, ran through a plate glass window when I was like 10 keke

Pretty chad tbh, I'd only ever consider getting a pilgrim one tbh

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Look like shit

It is written, "Ye shall not print any marks upon you."

The Crusader Cross would be a good one, kinda seems larpy though

depends why you'd get it tbh


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That's Leviticus tbf

Because i like it tbf

*Gets an Inflated Simba tattoo*

yeah I was you cheeky mug it's one of the only shooters I'm half-decent at

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He probably has 'ginnie 4 eva' tattooed on his lower back

got some on my face but they are small my finger tips have loads though my pen knife has a saw and the blunt side of the saw was really sharp and i used to mess with it and it would just slip into my finger tipsi did it on purpose a few times but stopped because I'm not a woman

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'and who is this puglad fellow?'

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u wot

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What the fuck does that even mean

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giving herself an excuse to go

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oh i read it wrong thought it was if you don't i will leave

isn't that sort of genius tho

oh the horror!

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Thats comfy though, I hate the fact that passport stamping has died out

tfw no big milker lass for my children to suckle on

have to que up anyway to get them checked and they look at them and don't stamp them which was the only good thing about passports

It's the only way it makes sense tbh, but we can just vote her out with a sledgehammer either way tbh

It's funny how every time they try to show that Brexit will be bad they only show how middle class they are.

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The only way it could make sense is if what I said is her plan, but it's fucking stupid because it looks more like 'the deal I've made is so bad I'll leave if you support it'

Good lad

She's already said she'll stand down at the next election though so this makes sense tbh,this deal is her only policy


kek 2reel4me tbh

Yeah, it's nonsense capitulation from Brexit Tories

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it looks to me like she knows everybody wants her gone and is using that to bargain to get what she wants

Exactly, but it's a pretty stupid plan tbh

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goddammit he's played them like a fiddle

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i know its a memi but this is really just code for 'give me the BWC'

deano taking no prisoners there

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Funny how they are British one moment and furrin the next ain't it.

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its pretty obvious she wants to rag him and is upset he does not like her efnicity

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why are people conflating human relationships with internet porn?

Salvini Wins Big in Regional Election: ‘Now to Change Europe’

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Fucking degenerate mongs

And as a way of getting respect? Fucking lunatics

Shit's fucked mate.

I wrote off entire races with no experience, what does that make me.

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I can genuinely see you doing that one day if mutelass goes churchlass on you tbh



my revolver is single action so I better not miss

i'd like to write a few screeds first before I did anything. have you ever read thoreau's life without principle? its a defense of being a neet and how toil is satanic



forgot the pic tbh

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Based Ryan


She just finds it offensive because she is butters and people say they dont find brown girls attractive because she is one of the ugly ones


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this get one of the high yellow ones with some wit in their skull like brittany mutt and you could see deano change his mind

god this fucking autism this video is so fucking gay. what the fuck is wrong with modern people. also those girls looks fucking hideous literally gothmog tier the age of men is over

this tbf, everything is so fucking trash and gay rn.

the lad on the left is like the saxon housecarl phenotype and the william on the right the homo breton/norman elite kek

why do these lasses think anyone owes them anything?

Because she is brown and has buck teeth so you have to find her attractive

Because the modern world tells them they are owed everything.

If she was Jasmine-tier then yeah but its a no from me

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she probably turns down poojah who loves her for who she is daily though. its all so fucked.

ywlts nigress incels

I don't find them attractive at all tbh

if your not fugging a nigress right now ur a racist incel

joke's on them I already was a racist incel

New research rubbishes perceptions of Roman Britain as a region inhabited solely by white Europeans. Roman Britain was a highly multicultural society which included locals with black African ancestry and dual heritage and people from the Middle East.
The Roman dead: new techniques are revealing just how diverse Roman Britain was

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never saw this one coming

They are pulling this out of their arses, the few slave skellies they found don't mean that there were wogs on every street


RIP Scott Walker