North Sentinel Island

How do we get their shitty ethnostate to pay taxes?

Also, how can we introduce feminism and LGBTQ ideology to undermine their tyrannical patriarchy? Air-dropping pictograph pamphlets, maybe?

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We should join them to kill Christians

They are the ones to survive the inevitable collapse of the Leviathan and impose the anarcho-primitivist order on the world with lethal tactics of spear throwing at civcucks.

Cool idpol.

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Napalm, after that it'll be the Republic of Sentinel, fully democratic and progressive obviously after at least 15 years of rightwing dictatorship. Then they can have all the estrogen they desire.

Why are retards on the Internet so obsessed with these people now?

It highlights the left's double-standard on immigration and ethnostates.

How are they lumpen when they aren't even part of capitalist society? Retard.

You don't even need to cry "muh colonialism" to support the killing of the idiot who tried to contact them. The fact he could have introduced deadly disease to them justifies the killing on its own. The fact that American evangelists traveling abroad are obnoxious subjectively justifies the killing. The dude also ignored multiple warnings and violated laws that existed to protect him, which is peak stupidity. The incident may showcase the hypocrisy of open borders leftists, but don't try and pretend the wannabe missionary didn't deserve it.

The thing you are talking about is called imperialism, retard. Go back to reddit with your fucking LGBTBBQ ideology.

dude deserved what he got, but that doesn't mean what said was incorrect. A nation has the right to defend its culture, borders, and health. The left will support this for the islanders, but not for Canada, because Canada is white.

*Blocks Your Path*

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Wrong, but your post illustrates the nazi persecution complex nicely.

America has the right to defend its borders. People who throw rocks at border patrol and try to enter illegally will not be allowed in. Obese squatemalens are officially denied.

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Measeals and Smallpox were cured a hundred years ago. But you’d probably want the guy who would give them that killed to. We can’t just let them die of thirty for eternity. Also even the most right-wing ideologue is more progressive than primitivists. Because there is support of a society that’s further along linear history than Primitivists. This is why the initial stages of European Colonialism in tribal societies were progressive. Even if modern Imperialism is not.

The immigrants were arrested by Mexican Police not by Burger Border Patrol.

Hope you have plenty of fuel.

What exactly is the point of this shitty threads?

OP here. I don't give a shit about the missionary.

Also, technically, you can get the Sentinelese to pay taxes if the government officials contacting them use hazmat suits. You can also introduce low-dosage vaccines over several generations in order to increase their immunity.

They can be trained as fisherman with modern boats and nets, and a portion of the fish catch can be collected as a tax until they establish a monetary network.

There are tons of ways to stop them from being lumpenproles, but leftists just refuses to think about is because MUH BROWN NOBLE SAVAGE.

This is a question you need to ask yourself.

Is every single homo-sapien considered to have a duty to the "proletariat" or not?

By your logic, some libertarians can build a moon base society for themselves, then refuse to pay taxes to Earth.

Also, the Sentinelese are lumpen because they exist with the general security of the Indian state protecting them. Indian proles pay taxes to the Indian navy, so that some pirates or cartel gang can't just invade the island and use the natives as sex slaves.

What you need to understand is that these tribes are so insignificant in the grand scope of capitalism. We just simply don't care. There is nothing within these stone age tribes that would further communism, so why is this suddenly something you expect us to get all enraged about?
There is so much shit going on in our current capitalist distopia, but some niggers shooting arrows on an island half a world away is somehow our fight because 'they dont pay taxes lol' or something.

Also you reddit spacing is embarrassing.

Literally any human can further communism if you forcibly collect material or wealth from them and use it to fund leftist groups.

My point is the left is a mask for anti-white welfare-leeching. You target white countries only. Nonwhites adopt leftism because they see it as a tool for robbing whitey, not because they give a shit about white leftists.

Alright, why not rob the capitalists instead of poor fishermen?

Damn, I thought we were hiding our plan so well.

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Never got this snarky lying. Immigration is the top issue for most voters, in all countries. Working class people especially don't want mass immigration for their nation, and your solution to revolutionize them is to be smarmy? Are you going to lie to their face and expect it to work?

Fuck off, Lorax.

Lmaoing@ your impotence. Fascists will get into power not by force, but by the working class voting for them en masse. What can do you besides passive aggressive insults?

Even if true, I don't care.
You mean your dad? Most working class people are okay with imigration, so long as it is being done properly.
So you're just absolutely certain that communism is truly about being mean to whitey?
Just off yourself, you're fucking retarded.