Retards of left twitter thread?

Retards of left twitter thread?

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Anyone care to explain what pic related is trying to say?

On its face, he's probably unfamiliar with the brainlet meme, and sincerely imagines it to be a veiled racial epithet.

"you could have just been upfront and called me a nigger you know"

"Calling me out on my bullshit is racist", that's what he's saying.

Are any left twitter accounts even good? I never see anyone there talk about anything important like anti moderator.

when you're an anti-imperialist but you're also really into interracial porn

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t. Left Twitter gang

It reminds me of certain other people who are obsessed with interracial porn.


where is the lie?


bell_shakur is the absolute worst

Twitter tanks are mostly trannies who stan anti-burger liberals and reactionaries on the internet and whose irl activities are virtually nonexistent. I apparently live in the same city as Bell Shakur

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phil hates trannies

I know, the remainder of twitter tanks are socially conservative fags who would end up fighting the trannies over the purity of Marxism-Leninism.


I know it's slightly silly to pick out one thing but how is casual sex more of a distraction than non casual sex?

How is she gonna lick my taint when she's under my feet? Dumb bint.

I think we can all empathise with the difficulty of containing our hornyposting sometimes though.

No he doesn't, he just doesn't accept that they are some kind of new gender. Seems like most people's problem with Phil is not his politics but that he hurts their feelings.

Hi Phil

Oh boy, are we in for a show.

Trannies aren’t s new gender, they’re just men that “feel” they’re women. When the depression hits you’ll see all but a handful of them disappear since they’re won’t be any social media for them to farm social status from.

Also known as left twitter.


Also known as Twits, that's why it's called Twitter, only twits use it.

I've seen some people say otherwise. For instance, among D&D players when trannies and their hangers on try to attentionwhore, various magical items/spells/etc dating back to 1st-edition (as jokes) are put forward as an argument for why there wouldn't be trannies in the game's setting.

In response, I've seen serious opinions that trannies are a snowflake so special that they would prefer being eunuchs even if they could be turned into women with the wave of a magic wand.

What a shocker

Yup. The second paragraph are the trannies and their virtue signalers making the argument, not the RPers.

Transgenderism is just a new way for dumb ass libs like you to virtue signal.
There’s more to women and men then beins and vagina and hormones.
You little dumb cliquey motherfuckers are going to get these trannies killed. All those hormones reek havoc on the body and when they start dropping like flies around 50 years of age all you assholes are going to pretend like you had nothing to do with them transitioning.
Not even hugging hermaphrodites have gender dsyphoria.
I’m going to laugh when homosexuality is proven to be bullshit too.

Imagine being a DM and telling your party members they can't roleplay except as whatever gender presentation you tell them to

I think you got lost on the way to Zig Forums retard


Lol reddit really is invading 8 Chan. Anyway I think homosexuality and transgenderism will be proven scientifically to be products of your environment and heterosexuality and two genders will be proven to be natural.
Before your spooks get their panties in a knot natural doesn’t mean good. It’s hilarious how you libs rail against alleged spooks like heterosexuality and gender, and then hypocritically try to install your own.


Retard alerttttt

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Yes, having a penis but insisting that you’re a woman is litterally a spook. Especially considering how much hormone therapy hurts your body.

Damn it, I was trying to avoid that.

It is baffling to me how most of radical left Twitter is Third-Worldist. And by that I don't mean Roo style anti-IdPol Third Worldist with dogmatic economism, but postmodern, post-colonial Third Worldist with stuff like Sakai's settler theory. I mean, this shit is basically reverse ethno-nationalism with blood-and-soil. It's also mixed in with Marcyism. People defend Deng and others, which wouldn't even be a problem if they made Marxist arguments, no, they defend Deng because he is yellow. They would literally call Maoist students in China race traitors or something if they don't support the CPCh.

And they will bully you if you don't buy their shit. Look at people like Muke or Bat'ko who basically surrendered to them.

Don't mix Phil Greaves in with these people.

I thought they stopped lobotomy as treatment decades ago
I guess there are some of you still around huh

All twitter is retard twitter

It's no coincidence. Traps are women in exactly the same way that tankies are communists.

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reminder: we're using a site run by a trumptard boomer and his adopted son who encourage schizophrenic boomers to believe in QAnon conspiracy theories.

we live in the worst possible universe.

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Phil Greaves is just as bad, that he isn't a non-passable tranny or brown ethnonationalist doesn't change the fact that his activity is stanning for reactionary and liberal states from his social media pages.

I chuckled.

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things Marxist-Leninists commonly say:
b-but i was born this way
i can't change who i am
you're just an MLERF
just because i haven't read marx doesn't make me less of a marxist than anyone else
you have no idea how ML persons suffer in modern society.
those dialectics i took really messed up my blood pressure

i hope the above doesn't offend ML-user. the ML-user who posts on leftpol is pretty cool.

The transitional state just got a whole new meaning.

Legit send natives to their house to seize it for fun. It's what John Safran (Australian left wing satirist) did.

Another funny one he did was because he's jewish, he went to Israel to donate sperm, then had his Camera man come in with him, and actually got his Camera man, who was Palestinian to donate sperm and then Safran claimed it was his.

That is funny as fuck, considering Israelian paranoia about being outbred.

Phil Greaves posts like an old ML screaming at the sky but he is more principled or coherent with his stances then any of the above. But when it comes to Phil Greaves or Red Kahina, I do think Red Kahina is a bit better with the opinions.

How can any sane person read a single word from these mouthbreathing Weird Twatter goon clique-ites without the overwhelming urge to gouge out your own eyes?

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Judaism is matrilineal so it doesn't really matter though.

What the fuck is that comic about?

I really doubt Phil Greaves was ever associated with SA goons. Can't comment on Red Kahina though.

I'm a celebrity get me out of here. No idea why they're in an office though.

Man, what ever happened to VGcats anyway. They should have scaled back the videogames shit and just switched to a straight up character drama like we all wanted. Well, like furries wanted but who else would read it as time went on.

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People so thoroughly and regularly submerged in a culture of madness that they fail to realize its perversity It's the bottom half of a comic parodying a gameshow called The Tester, another gameshow called Fear Factor, the general tryhard "hey fellow kids!!1!" cringe of 2000s-era "reality" TV, and the universally acknowledged fact that Sony Computer Entertainment is obviously run by space aliens badly failing to pretend they are human.

The Weird Twatter clique that produced the "dirtbag/'irony'bro 'left'" literally emerged from LF via rhizone along with every other strain of SJW parasite. If they weren't goons themselves, they are still unquestionably submerged in post-SJW goon culture.

Yeah I am saying Phil Greaves doesn't have anything to do with that crowd and he explicitly hates the "irony bro left", he's not a SJW either, he has more of an old man mentality than anything. I don't even like him he's just not the kind of guy you seem to think he is.

As far as I know, "Red Kahina" is the brain-damaged daughter of a 90s porno king and millionaire.

Fuck off to reddit