Self slave

Hi leftpol.
Do someone among you know a technique to create an alternate identity inside the brain? I want it that it can enjoy living being completely unaware of the shit going on, so that I could freeze myself and make her going to work and earn the money that I myself as the first personality would enjoy.
Thank you. Your help could really save my life.

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Fucking lol'd. This is what people are willing to go through to avoid being a wagie.

Fuck off, /tulpa/.

Zapffe in his essay thoroughly catalogues the methods of coping with a pointless life:
There's much to learn from it.

I know that feel
personally I'd suggest a caffeine overdose, you can get some psychosis-like symptoms if you go hard enough

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Just follow these three easy steps.

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smoke weed it's an easy to control drug if you don't over do it and you won't give a fuck about how the day goes acting only on instict.

All mcdonalds employees? they're high dude, I bet you never noticed but you're not the first one who does this.

I face my wage cuckery like a man and rarely get high at work. Idk what you mean also being a wage slave is better for me than being jobless since rn I have projects in mind need to build and for the TOOLS I need MONEY! so yeah slave to society, better have determination than just doing nothing rotting away alone tbh.

beside work is a good place to get gf tbh, it's a social area if you want to think it that way.

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i was thinking of this myself

Does caffeine overdose push you to suicide ? If so, I'll look into it

a lot of caffeine pills can give you a heart attack and no it doesn't not feel good.

coffee overall is more healthy than soda & gives you more energy. So do whatever you want but it won't make easy to ignore your environment & just act automatically, thats weed.
Now weed + coffee is a good combo.

prob not, not so far for me at least, I dunno if what I've done thus far qualifies as actual OD though. as says it feels fucking terrible, but is at least makes the grey drudgery of a zombie-tier wage work more exciting. your thoughts might also sort of detach from what you are doing and thus feel free of the pointlessness of the selling of your time (life) for a wage.

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Yeah I'm just looking for something to push me over the edge to suicide as for whatever reason I keep hesitating every time I begin to plan it. I'm unable to get mushrooms at the moment but I know they'd help with converting suicidal ideation into reality so I'm looking for other options

In that case you'll prob find shrooms to haveā€¦ unexpected results. but you should try them out anyway. take your time and try to have someone to talk to.

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Well, I'm not asking for this out of laziness. It's just that there's no reason whatsoever to live, having a job in order to sustain life therefore is pretty laughable. But if there's a person so ignorant to the level of 'life's good' and gladly go to work to give me my bucks, that would make my day.
I'll be him from 06:00 to 18:00 and be me for dinner and sleep.

Fine, a gf would make it even smoother, he would never fail me.

not a burger, never went to mcdonalds

Try to shoot yourself a bullet in your head.

Let the ruling classes tremble at a self-slaverist revolution.

Jesus Christ, the absolute state of you people, holy shit.

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any more hot takes you want to share or are you going to fuck off back to where you came from?

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Communism is friendship
read Tiqqun

Even for an idiot like Marx, this is pretty fucking stupid.

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Marx doesn't have an argument in the first place.
Every single criticism he brings up has consistently been a problem with communist countries, not capitalist ones. Under a capitalist society, you can generally determine your "life and destiny", think and believe whatever you want, etc.
Under communism, your options tend to be

grow up retard

The point is work for a communist society would benefit ourselves, the development of society would benefit us, the development of the productive forces would reduce time spent working for the entire population.
Work in capitalism does nothing for ourselves except a meager wage. Developing society just means developing bourgeois society. Development of the productive forces only gets me or some other worker fired.

capitalists on damage control because:
A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of self-slavery

Join the anti-work movement, abolish work! Why work when you can play?

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The dialectical way to deal with that is to drink until you pass out

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For a useless porky kid like you who has no feats but a built-in hatred for working class, Im afraid so.

user, it's not some kind of
(especially not if 'communism' refers to 20th century socialist states)
but a critique of the effects of capitalist relations of production
alienation at its core is not a difficult concept to understand either: when you work for a wage, you are basically selling yourself, your time, your life away in exchange for a wage you need to afford necessities of life to keep living.
what you actually do fundamentally doesn't matter, only that you follow the orders of the boss. could be designing logos for some company, could be packing meat, could be manufacturing tanks, could be watching over some guy's stuff, doesn't matter. you're just a pair of hands slaving away. maybe for a rich cunt, in the modern day more often for a million rich cunts owning a bit of your time, enriching themselves off your work.

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Your problem is that you consider this to be a bad thing. I mean, consider:

that's simply not true. your smallholder peasant wasn't alienated from his labour: apart from the work he was mandated to do on the lord's or church lands, he carried the whole of his labour on his own hands. he quite literally ate what he sowed. you on the other hand disappear 8 hours of your day so you can sustain yourself by acquiring stuff other people disappeared hours for.
nonsense. capitalism is opposed to socially productive labour, or at least prioritises that which is profitable over what is useful, even if usefulness and profitability do overlap to an extent. your idea of 'productive member of society' is 'someone who gets money for doing something'.
or maybe we don't want to wither away in meaningless drudgery, see the fruits of our work given away to some capitalist by the abstraction of absentee ownership, and see the arts and sciences gutted to serve to the profit motive. or at least want some protections from 'the tyranny of fortune', like random sickness or the like.
only complaint? really? I can think of quite a few others, such as the alienation this very thread is talking about.

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Suicide is illegal while forcing yourself to work is not.
How that works?
People stop you if you attempt the first and encourage you in the second case.
The bourgeoisie is onto something here.

The most fundamental freedom is the freedom to opt out.

most people tend to think slavery is bad, yes.
excuse you but I'm against both of those things