And do not forget gentiles...

And do not forget gentiles, only the white capitalist (who of course is not controlled by our Masonic lodges) is to blame for the wars, the class society, the capitalist exploitation and the inflation!

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They are. Good catch.

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Trips of truth have spoken.

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Time to read

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jew capitalists get the rope too

come to think of it on the day of revolution Zig Forums will sperg out and do it for us anyway

No they won't, they will kill leftists.

But the funny thing is that these bankers financed the Bolshevik revolution…

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I know one small time swedish banker who did, but to say that the banking institution wasn't by and large fighting against communism is retarded.

And yes, you should really read "Mein Kampf", "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and the "Talmud"!

Jews completely control the monetary system. The whole interest money system was created by Jews, stupid faggot! Read "Mein Kampf", "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and the "Talmud", instead of taking female hormones and sucking Jewish dicks!

I've read Mein Kampf and The Protocols.
Now it's time for you to back up your claim that "the bankers" funded the Bolshevik revolution.
I know you wont though, you're already balls deep in "muh trannies muh jews".

Okay I see you're having a seizure, so I'll just leave you alone.

If anything, you've read Moshe Silberberg's new newspaper "How to get rid of your white guilt" after you sucked a black cock!

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Come the fuck on leftpol. k.ike wordfilters to capitalist? This board just gets worse and worse.

its been filtered for over half a year now prob
its a little awkward but sometimes leads to hilarious results

Not him but the bankers funded a lot of stuff, both sides in WW1, Hitler, and various Bolshevik figures. If you have money it's better to dip your finger into all venue's just in case. Who knows maybe it'll pay off. Most of this is on record but is usually used as slander by everyone against one another like retards.
It's taught me that empirical evidence is gay and preference is they way to go when deciding ideology politics or philosophy.

It's been filtered since the start.

It's a good filter. Fuck off

Fix your shit, Zig Forums

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HUEHUEHUE JOOZ am i kool yet guise in da ALT RITE ????

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Go to bed, kiddo

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