Time to Seperate the LARP from the True Socialists

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Is there a single state that is more lied about than Democratic Kampuchea in the years between 1975 and 1979? Once I discovered that the “Cambodian Genocide” was a hoax, or at least severely overblown, I began to see the entire regime in a much different light. I began to think, who wants me to believe that three million died? Who indeed but the bourgeoisie and imperialists? Marxists everywhere disavow him for his admittedly un-Marxist and ultra-leftist tendancies, instead falling for every piece of imperialist propaganda and excepting without critical thought that THREE MILLION PEOPLE were slaughtered merely because Pol Pot was just an evil man.
If the PRK (Vietnamese puppet government) claimed three million people died, which was nearly HALF of the 1975 population of when Pol Pot came to power, how did post-DK estimates by both the Cambodian government and various international agencies show 7.2 million people in Cambodia after 1979, not to mention those who had fled abroad into Thailand (a half million or more). You can’t have it both ways. The puppet government claimed three million dead and 7 million still alive from the 7 million before 1975….


These are Vickery’s claims in the book from the Marxist Regimes series (1986). Even the World Bank’s population data from Cambodia refutes the “genocide” narrative and largely supports Vickery’s data. There was NO genocide, there may have been overreaches by the DK government in some places but remember the war and turbulence at the time. Also, it would be retarded to claim that all 750,000 people who died during the time Cambodia was DK were deaths directly caused by Pol Pot alone because he was just evil or crazy. As I’ve said, DK was at war with social-imperialist Vietnam, being bombed by America, you name it.

Also, I must counter the retarded memes before they infect my thread:
This is propaganda at its finest and can be explained by the fact that semi-westernized urban dwellers would be the only ones to own glasses.
If you don’t want to seem like a brainlet it would be better to compare Pol Pot to utopian socialists such as the Narodniks
I’ve literally NEVER been provided proof for this claim, ever. I challenge you to do the same.
Justified. Read what Pol Pot predicted and 99% of it came true (Black Paper).

I am unironically a Pol Pot-ist from studying the facts of history and realize his many achievements. I have seen beyond the bourgeois fabrications for which you have fallen hook, line and sinker. Pol Pot-ism is the way forward, a party is needed in America

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It was real, the dead prove it, we know why they did it, and the government publicly claimed it was for the "purification" of the people. Kill yourself, you're as retarded as the Zig Forumstards.

begone CIA

Link please, can't find it anywhere.

First of all, I did not claim that no one died. Secondly, give me sources for your claims of “purification of the people”. Compared to my OP, you’ve given me shit. Of course the central criterion for determining ideological purity for the Khmer Rouge was class origin (outside of KCP itself, obviously), but these people were not killed, at least en masse. They were contanimated with foreign and bourgeois ideology and part of their transfer to the countryside, where they became New People, was to eliminate this element. They were put to use here. They were still judged less reliably of course and some may have died, but claims of “genocide” are complete bullshit, unless you can explain away population data which indicates that less than a million died in a time when America was bombing Cambodia, Cambodia was fighting Vietnam, internal disturbances, etc.

However you put it, abolishing religion, resettling urban-dwellers with the peasants and the destruction of the extended family and the introduction of communal dining halls is not genocide.

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And I didn't say that's what you said. You did say there was no genocide. This is incorrect.


Wow, user, thanks for the paper that I can’t even read and I doubt you have read yourself. I bet the author blames every single death on those “evil communists” personally – once again conviently forgetting everything else happening in that country at the time. My OP alone says in this period at most 750,000 people died, or roughly 10% of the 1975 population.

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Is this supposed to BTFO me or something?

Is evidence that a genocide happened and numbers to back it up supposed to btfo someone that claims the opposite with no citations?

Yes. I apologize for my stupidity. :(

As the time goes by I become more and more polpotist my self. He was right. He foresaw the inevitable decline of human race and the failure of revisionism. He tried a way to restart it all, he lost. nevertheless, he's a hero.

do you even realize how much you sound like a retarded holocaust denier right now

this just confirms my theory that pol pot and associated larpers are just confused natsocs who read the wrong book and their jews are the chinese and vietnamese

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Ah yes, Pol Pot, the great anti-revisionist who magically changed his ideology based on who supported him.

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Not an argument. Vietnamese aren’t “da jooz” but everything I said about them is true. Have you even considered my arguments or has the bourgeoisie brainwashed you? You just CAN’T believe that Pol Pot wasn’t completely evil and some sort of caricature as he is presented

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Arguments: not found

never go full tankist kids.

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OP is based.

I am too. name one anarchist society that actually worked. no, not the United States Funded-lesbians of Turdistan.

America needs a Pol Pot-ist party. Year Zero soon. Pol Pot got Kampuchea closer to communism than any other 20th century “”””marxist””””” regime.

Don’t make me post my shrine to Pol Pot

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Do you even know what Angkar did to Muslims?

They don't claim to be anarchist and they never have.