Brit/pol/ #2726: Local Manifesto Edition

Most voters believe Parliament is trying to block Brexit, poll reveals

MPs Vote for Remain-Dominated Parliament to Take Control of Brexit from Govt

EU backs controversial copyright law

94% of the UK Muslim population is NOT in a professional occupation. Just 1 in 5 are in work

Newcastle Bahr Academy: SECOND vandal attack in two months on Islamic school

Bishop hits out at ‘traditional Catholics’ for demonising Muslims

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people who post like this always come across as creepy swarthy foreigners who put exotic labels on n european phenotypes.

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It's ogre. Black-pilled tonight.

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For Him

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Brunettes are my weakness tbh. Sadly, they are all legitimately insane and I always end up in a weird position with them wherein they hate me, but love me, and I just end up hating them. Blondes and redheads are unironically much simpler/less shit-testy and irritating. It's like brunettes are only interested in men who incite anger in them. Never experienced this with non brunettes.

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Anyone here ever been to Bradford? Every paki bloke drives a taxi or works in some grotty shop.

yeah this is about right or its some high yellow nigger mixed meat trying to sound like a player. 'ate it

Stop lusting after brunettes then.

trump's a racist

That's just mental illness in woman tbh, I found dark brown to be sane. Blondes to be put them in a woodchipper tier scum

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I miss him lads, he was the last of a breed.

yeah its all trash and shite it seems now

EA closing down more studios

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Thatcher basically killed off all the old guard conservatives.

It's because they don't want virile working class lads getting the education needed to become cultured thugs.

*blocks your path*

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or if you are you just drift away into isolated insanity

top kek
Cherie Blair claims 'most African women's first sexual experience is rape'

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Ayyyyyy who's doin the rapin yo

do you lads think it's impossible to return britain to glory with people in the current population?
like, you would have to have extreme overhauls done and only generations later we'd be making men who could build britain back into a real power.

What did it? The generalisation?

I suspect a true cultured thug would probably spend most of his life in prison these days, which probably explains your aryan brotherhood posting.


No more speeding! EU orders that all new cars will be fitted with mandatory technology that will force you stick to EVERY speed limit from 2022

Alot of it seems to be making sure the right people are simply deprived or opportunity.

The actions required would cause the country to no longer resemble Britain (not that Britain resembles Britain anyway)

How the fuck will they even do this? GPS?

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most modern cars have one.

OCR camera in a car linked to speed

On mare day da, one mare day. He was gonna make it

Up the speed limit on motorways to 120mph

Is 4chan and Zig Forums available on the inside?

One gps for the car, one for your knife.

Most of them were already gone by then. She was just the final movement of the conservative party moving from the party representing the aristocracy to representing business.


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Somehow it will be white men's fault.

I like these feel good stories tbh

Pakis BTFO

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There are two reasons for women to travel alone:

No accountability, no shaming.

well, handsome in Somalia

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Oh for crying out loud.

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need some council house to 'manage'

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You won't even be able to mow down those responsible in your minicart in minecraft.

someone doesnt know how to handle his 6 gorillion horsepower

It's ogre lad

t. spic (according to the incestuous yank)

they all sound like degenerate toffs tbh

Still got me terabyte of smut and I'll just refuse to buy another car. There's still hope.

New cars are shit any way.

Launch control on cold tyres
Seen it done loads of times

yeah the broad generalizations. my mummy is blonde and her sister is brunette, how could hair color mean fuck all except to some fetishist? I have blond hair and im way more fucked in the head compared to my brother with dark hair

You'll be forced to buy one. Watch

Surely it's men she's reinforcing stereotypes of.

What do you think?

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Found the spic.

fuck cyclists

Cyclists deserve to suffer.


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Baste infantilism.

Not this again reeeeeee

Just from looking at her I can tell she can only ""enjoy"" a relationship if she spends half of it arguing/sulking.


good lad

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I hate cyclists with a passion.

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Top kek. Honk.

Never, no eurowog will separate me from my dreams.

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and nothing of value was lost.

Anyone got the video of the girls being beheaded in Morocco?

wow I wish I knew this much about lasses

They'll just force you to install a limiter and Breathalyzer to make it road legal.

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Yeah it's strange how they're universally cunts.

They want the gps so no daft lads can do anything without surveilance

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We might have to go back to horse drawn caravans.




Jacob Rees Shekel

There's a perfect Jacob Rees-Zogg smh

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better one, thanks

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I'm going to lie down listening to boomer Nige

No toil today?

Perfect technology tbh lids