Press s to take a shit on his grave

press s to take a shit on his grave

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Are all the liberals sucking his dead cock like they did with McCain?

Nice, all that's left is the Queen.

you know it.


George HW Bush represented what we have lost in America – a sense of decorum and respect for the highest office in the land, the office of the presidency. Back then, America was the leader of the free world and a beacon of democracy. Look at our president now: unpresidential, weak and unable to stand up to Russian aggression or MBS. When will we get real leadership in America that will stand up to the Russian menace? Save us, Mueller

You tell me.

Henry Kissinger is still alive mate.

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The celebs and news outlets singing praises to a man who made existence gor every other person on this planet worse.
Fuck George HW, fuck Kuwait, I hope W and Kissinger are next and that it hurts.


You poor bluepilled fool.



I hope he died a really painful death lol

Can we list all the crimes of George HW Bush? He never seems to get enough love.

Let's start with the easiest: George W. Bush.


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5/5 perfect imitation


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Weird. I could swear he died some months ago just a few days after his wife passed away.
I even remember seeing people talking about how "cute" it was that an old man died because of how sad he was without his wife.
Mandela effect at full force.

At this rate I'm genuinely curious to see what they'll do 20 years down the line when Trump dies.

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It was a rumor

If you knew anything about Bush Sr. history and his family’s you would know they are part of global ruling class oligarchy. My bluepill comment stands.

"yes trump may have been a controversial president, but at least he had class and wasn't divisive, unlike President Takeshi 6ix9ine"

If burgerland still exists then he'll be remembered as Reagan 2.0. Both are absurd, have no problem flirting with far-right elements, and suffered from dementia while in office, and no matter what awful shit Trump does there will be a campaign to clean up his reputation.

I don't see 6ix9ine surviving prison or being a snitch tbh. We'll probably get president Pete Davidson or some Zig Forums youtuber instead.

wtf i love ben garrison now

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Lmao. Unreal.

>press s to do a symbolic act take a shit on the symbolic representation grave of the symbolic public puppet face of US state power evil bad person

I feel like the people who think Bush Sr. was a puppet don't actually know about the history of him or his family, and only know him as the president that came after Reagan and bombed Iraq the first time.

Power is systemic, not individualistic. Expressed with a cliche, don't shit on trees when it's the forest you actually hate.

I wish that people would define the word "power" before using it.

If you don't hate HW you deserve to be flayed alive tbhfam.

Shot down a civilian plane over Iran for one. One of the worst things. Killed a lot more people by suppressing AIDS research though.

He was head of the CIA, if you’re red pilled I don’t even need to say more.

Power is the ability to make other people do things.
This is done by collecting (taxes/rent/profit) and redistributing resources, i.e. money or commodities or such. Other people are coerced to your will by promising to give them resources, or by threatening to stop giving them resources.
The collection (or creation) and redistribution of resources requires using said resources to make other people do the creating, collecting and redistributing said resources.
This is how power is systemic and material.
Your asking a definition is more than welcome with all these idealist radlibs using 'power' as some abstraction you gain on the side of identities.

I'm trying to argue with people who aren't red pilled. Please, say more.

"Qualified Immunity," i.e. statism without the rule of law, was 1982.
Are you talking about the very first moments of his vice-presidency?
…not doing so great there, either.


We are on the decline. Many Americans are unworthy to Make America Great Again. Since when did we get overrun by failed boomerspawn?

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I do not know how useful such a concept can be when doing analysis. Power would seem to be simultaneously a qualitative state and a quantitative reality. That would require a lot of explaination whenever it is used in different contexts.

So HW was bad because he was (briefly) head of the CIA. But what about the many good things the Bush clan has done, like when his father Prescott made illegal business deals with the Nazis. Hmm, I need to find a better example.

Everybody talks about how Prescott had these supposed shady nazi business contacts but there's no proof that he was a sympathizer and he was actually a woke liberal compared to his spawn. For example he helped to start Planned Parenthood and the United Negro College Fund)

The only regret I have is that he didn't die in a cell in Den Haag

you guys are rude!

he was a great man gonna bring WWIII to us!

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"S" for straight to HELL.