Butterfly War Update


Guy who explained how to take down the CEO of Google actually pulled it off and is now tying together WordPress, NodeJs, GitHub, and Guccifer2.0.


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what's all this?

I remember this. Didn't think much of it either until jewgleman got the canned.

The final line is much more interesting:
"Silicon Valley will burn, from the ad revenue level up. I've all but guaranteed it."

So apparently the REAL reason the Google shithead is out is because he was involved in overcharging for ads.

- Oct 13th: CultState explains how to take down former CEO and HNIC of Google, Eric Schmidt, by exposing their usage of cyber phrenology

- Oct 31st: Zig Forums makes Jewdar shortly after, proving cyber phrenology is real (archive.fo/XNuuN)

- Dec 14th: CultState's ideas show up on r/The_Donald and get 1.1k upvotes after explaining how to use exposing Silicon Valley cyber phrenology to turn California red (archive.fo/Wri7v)

- Dec 17th: Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and executive director of Alphabet's board, steps down for mysterious reasons.

- Dec 25th, CultState's WordPress account is compromised, (archive.fo/CDDZg) which detailed collusion to intimidation CultState from NodeJS contributors and GitHub employees, but now also showing collusion with WordPress as well, which means Guccifer2.0 is wide open for review given WordPress's silence on the topic despite holding his data.

- Dec 27th: Yair Rosenberg puts out NY Times piece of him gloating about using very bad cyber phrenology (archive.fo/PfjPH) and Twitter bans the bot soon after. CultState had already reached out to Gizmodo months before in anticipation of that apparently.


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Schmidt was one of the CEOs to leave during the purge?
Holy shit I must have missed that name on the list.

I'm strapped the fuck in boys, this is going to be a very, very big year

He just called it cyber phrenology to dodge xkeyscore.

Huge stories keep happening, and nobody goes "HOLY SHIT!" It's like I'm surrounded by fucking idiots. The "HOLY SHIT!" moment that should have rocked the whole fucking world was when people found out that LIBOR had been rigged.

I'm seeing my friends become more and more awake and radical. It's a good feeling.

Key is drop little, easily digestible pills over time + maintain a good social standing and introduce new concepts with humour. "Does he think Hitler did nothing wrong ironically?"

Normies are finally starting to see the light

Global observer?

If so, hello. I'm honored, but understand, even the Eye of Sauron is a mere piece on this chessboard. Not even you can escape entropy.

If not… ignore that snippet of paranoia above.
LIBOR rigging was the distraction. The bailout was basically decoupled LIBOR from Keynesian virtuoso cycles while creating the illusion that they were still coupled. An amazing sleight of hand.

Jeeze and here I am an Electrical Engineer because I thought the next war would have to do with laser beams and advanced electromagnetics. I wish I had studied this stuff. I love convolutional neural networks, theyre by far the most interesting part of AI

Agreed. Here's a fun one: "Jesus never endorsed Democracy - but he certainly knew what it was, after all, the New Testament was written in Greek."

ANN are both the best thing ever and the worst thing ever. The one that amazes me is the most recent use by Google to create a text to speech voice that rivals (their evaluation shows it to be the best in the world - opinions will vary) the most complicated computer voices available. They did this without development in the area of algorithmic computer speech. They also released their code, but not the model. This means that it will only be a few years before all of those companies go out of business.

If you are friends with any Christians, have a copy of The Talmud Unmasked ready to lend to them.

If you get a change to bring it up in convo, do.

"I can't believe that the Jewish holy book says that JC is in hell boiling in excrement."
"I have the passage right here. This book was a real eye opener for me. Take it if you want."




I'm learning Greek. I have discovered something most amazing: Translations have been created by people who do not speak, do not truly read Ancient (Koine, in this case) Greek. They are, rather, grammarians, who decode/decipher! My plan is to become fluent, not in producing it in pronunciation, according to whatever authorities there may be, but being fluent in the language itself, intuitively. The reason there's no point learning to pronounce Ancient Greek correctly is literally nobody in the whole world is actually fluent in the language!

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this is not surprising. i tried to run ads on google and got overbilled

what was google plan for their cyber phrenology?

Morgoth could not find the fires of creation, with which entropy can be reversed, because Eru kept them within himself.

Hi double space user.

That and he was the incarnation of the eternally existing God, which kind of necessitates that he have perfect knowledge of all world history, as well as the mind of every person. (Both of which he demonstrates. We catch glimpses of this in the gospels.) Yet for some reason YHWH only ever endorses monarchy, even in the old testament. I like how you specifically single out how he never endorses democracy though, I've never tried that.


That's some sneaky disinfo you've got there. Yes there are bad "translations", but the way you phrased that made it sound like there are no good translations. The people on the committees responsible for reputable translations do indeed speak Koine Greek, and yes, it is worth learning if you're interested in this field. Learning modern Greek can be a nice stepping stone, but language changes over time. It's just like in English… Words from the 1600s aren't necessarily used the same as they are today, if at all, and new words have been introduced since then. You need to understand how certain terms and constructions were used in their historical context in order to accurately interpret the author's intent.

I've known/met people fluent enough to actually use it conversationally, what are you talking about? People don't speak Latin as a first language anymore either, does that mean that nobody knows the language fluently? And why are you bringing any of this up in this thread? What does Koine fluency have to do with the Talmud?

It's my personal opinion that the bible was written in a language and terminology that the people of the time could easily understand. Saying "king" was much more convenieent and easily understood by the average illiterate peasant than whatever other words for "leader" existed t the time. After all "king" was the end all position of power at the time. Even the book of apocalypse references "kings" but it's not really nessecasry for these people to be literal royalty, rather they are powerful leaders instead. A president in a democratic country could very well qualify as a "king" by biblical standards.

must be nice to be a part of Generation Zyklon. my friends have all but left me for bread and circus shit.

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That guy's autism is very impressive. I didn't bother reading the whole (first one you posted) article the first time… It's worth it. This kind of thing works, and is quite clever.

hmm go on

and maybe a copy of the Scofield Reference bible, tat single-handedly moved Christianity to Judeo-Christianity.
Fun Fact: The Scofield Reference Bible and The Balfour Declaration both came "hot on the scene" the same year. Pure (((Cohencidence)))?

understanding the nuances of 'Translation' v. 'Transliteration' will serve you well. In the US, we are so mired in euphemisms, we no longer have the ability to communicate effectively

Fuck off, nigger.

Reported for "muh plebbit spacing" derailment.

This. It's actually much easier to redpill christians on Jews and how they try to undermine christianity, making it a religion issue and not just a race issue. Mention that passage, mention martin luther and his loathing of jews, mention jewish produced tv and movies with anti-christian themes, mention israeli dualcitizenship ploliticians who send christians to fight muslims in the middle east etc. because their anti-christian shit is even more blatant than their anti-white shit and christians are already pissed about that, you just need to point out the one who is responsible for it.

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Emblem, please explain in concrete terms how you're identifying the Google scripts being used to profile users, and how are you spoofing that data. Got a GitHub or something? Is there a "Jewish mouse activity" script I can plug into Selenium? Give me something solid to go on.


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Your brain is too small for participation in this thread.

I still maintain friendships with people in various leftist groups. All I do is distract them the entire time. Get them to watch shows, read books, or play games I only read a synopsis of. Pretty easy to waste someone's time and make them ineffective. I'm always promoting the worst amongst them too. They eat that shit up.

And he decides to kike out. Fuck playing like a jew, dump and ruin.

I sort of tried this with my dad in relation to the holiday season and the never ceasing attacks on Christmas alone. I pointed out that Muslims don’t have any holidays now, Ramadan was back in June this year. The only people who would feel threatened by our holiday would be Jews. Muslims don’t care.


It's much, much worse. Think RICO.

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Consider the workload: You own multiple outlets that receive millions of user-submitted content. Marketers, internal review, copyright owners, community moderators, and state actors are constantly querying your systems to find things. Laws are being made all the time to limit exposure of content to populations of specific countries. These are standard content management woes.

But GamerGate changed everything. GamerGate was an attempt to utilize multi-domain data analysis to isolate a collective behavior preemptively. Much like controlling the top ten Google results can alter an election, preemptively demonizing a nonpolitical collective that exists via measurable behavioral data can also influence an election. I knew this well in advance for the reasons I have detailed in my blog, ergo my fateful interaction with Milo and my extremely well-time bots.

To target the messaging a collective receives based on the behavioral signatures they emit is the essence behind digital ad revenue. After GamerGate, those signatures became critical political identifiers. And in the Fuck Trump Era, they are being used to preemptively target and eliminate his organic support system. (Us)

This all means Google and Facebook and other ad-powered Silicon Valley giants not only possess lists of acceptable behavior associated with demographics, (Think: “According to the math, that person is clicking like a black man”) but actively curates and uses them to control the messaging they receive. Some of those demographics are protected by Civil Rights legislation and protected in a way where that activity is outright illegal in America. The EU has already passed laws against Google that imply this kind of tone.

This puts Google and Facebook, massive financial and resource contributors to progressive ideologies, in a terrible position. They can't just destroy these lists. They need them for revenue. And Civil Rights violations automatically involve the Federal Government, which if timed correctly, can give Trump hooks into the Cali Senate run in 2018. The Left and the Deep State have consistently demonstrated a willingness to play dirty for timing reasons. (For example: Retroactively giving Al Franken a pass for the kind of rapey behavior that would have destroyed the career of any other man)

I don't want to bankrupt Google and Facebook or inflict suffering on the culture that tried to destroy me in 2013. That's pathetic. I believe I can make Google and Facebook indirectly and accidentally fund initiatives to inadvertently destroy Civil Rights legislation. From what I can see, they are running full charge into my trap.

To participate in this effort on the cheap with no technical knowledge, you just create a social media account of any particular demographic and engage in behavior associated with that demographic. You'll know your getting closer when you start seeing ads that more reflect that demographic. (For example: Make an account as a Jew and behave as such until you start seeing ads for, I dunno, matzah or Israeli charities.) Keep a detailed awareness of what you typed and where you clicked and how long you read your feed and what friends you have. Once you have a working theory you believe you can reproduce, create another account and try to get those same ads displayed to you. These accounts will be immune to Silicon Valley's automated censorship, giving you a fantastic asset that pays off in multiple ways.

Yair Rosenberg's cyber phrenology bot relied on a "carefully curated list" whose creation was never explained, but that originated from an effort of GitHub, Google, and NodeJS members who were trying to build lazy-ass Markov chains and naive Bayes to detect alt-right behavior. When you figure out the right combination of behavior that generates the right ads for your demographic, you'll bypass lazy and even sophisticated attempts at automated censorship. And the real fun begins when Silicon Valley escalates (Progressives always escalate, that's kind of the key tenant of the faith) to "improve" their methods of distinguish a real black man/Jew/woman from a fake one and accidentally take out thousands of actual social media accounts of the real users. We can make Google and Facebook accidentally target normies in bulk.

Once this happens, the mechanism will be in place to accelerate the complete destruction of Civil Rights legislation. And when this is done, I can move on to the next phase.

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I'm not selling the databases. I don't even have them.

The databases I speak of regarding Guccifer2.0 aren't currently for sale… yet. The progressive devs/IT/DBAs with access to them aren't disgruntled enough yet.

But they will be once the realize they are writing code that enables cyber phrenology. Then the databases will be available and Guccifer2.0 can be unmasked. :D

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Why are you laying out your personal details for everyone to see? You realise that hiring a hitman through 8 nodes to reduce traceability costs pocket change to these people.

I didn't say they're human souls user.

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Oct 13th archive broken, please post a backup so I can archive the archive.

Nevet fucking mind, now it works. Polite sage

I am aware of the potential for that outcome.

First, It's amazing what you can get done when you truly and honestly accept your own death. It really is.

Second, one should never assume perfect forward secrecy. I operate in a different opsec paradigm: Do it all in the open. Assume the Eye of Sauron is on you at all times, that your phone is tapped, that your devices are compromised, and that the devices of those around you are compromised, and accept that you will never have a time advantage over the Eye. I accept the rules of the game.

My adaptation to that game is to stand on the sidewalk and say that the car on the horizon will pass us and when it does, I can convince others to throw something in its way to alter its direction at the right time. That's all I'm really doing at the end of the day. I'm always speculating about the outcome of that action, but I've been pretty accurate about previous speculations, so I'll keep this trend going until I have to reevaluate underlying assumptions. I might be wrong. I've been wrong before. I've always adapted.

I believe secrecy is to be spent, not coveted. It's just a different opsec perspective with different trade offs, that's all.

Third, I picked the Chans for a reason. This plan I've laid out is being collected by some IC asset somewhere and possibly being analyzed more directly. On this point, I have to take a tremendous leap of faith and assume that American IC is in the middle of a civil war and that not all actors are following orders. Snowden was the canary in the mine. Imagine a thousand Snowden's with political axes to grind, all conniving to black mail superiors or start a private firm and secure a contract. Somewhere in that web of intregue, one or two analysts are keeping details of what I'm doing and running cover for me. It's a crazy, wild assumption, but it's one I have to take for now. That situation will improve dramatically in 2018.

We all die at the end of this ride, right?

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Nicely put.
Akchualy, it's not crazy at all.

You’re one hell of a ballsy motherfucker, user. I like that grim determination. Keep it up. See you on the other side, eh?

Aspergers and Bushido. It's a hell of a drug. Godspeed & HYN user.

Godspeed user.

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genuinely loud and heartfelt lol

great way to end 2017

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That's an admirable way to look at all this.

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So what's the plan's big picture? Anons might be able to contribute but OP does set the table and call to action.

Nice Q level larp you got there

What you're saying in terms of your op-sec is not that out there at all… at least to me, I've always thought that same exact way about everything and I'm completely tec illiterate

It's… ahh…. it's very complicated. I've mentioned it to a few anons here before, but via voice chat. And even what I exposed there was still just another part of the plan.

When I first revealed myself after years of being in the shadows, I did so with the purpose of being doxed. I've left countless trials, snippets, insights, and traps for those who research my past… all intentionally designed to plant a seed to those who read it. As "le ebil mastermind" as that sounds, if you do the research, you'll find I've been freakishly consistent in focus and intention over a twenty year period.

Encoded within that seed is a thought experiment, the likes of which that can change how you look at yourself and the universe once you fully digest it. The thought experiment is this:

Create a new emotion.

Every attempt to "answer" this thought experiment has failed. Fedora-tippers will try and get technical, but the moment they start categorizing what is and is not an emotion, they always fail at the epistemological level.

Nihilists will say emotions don't even exist but you and I know that's not true because our memes work.

The humanist will say all emotions are subjective and are trained tabula rasa style, but that's hyper-individualist conflict-avoiding vomit who willfully discounts the impact psychology and sociology has on mass marketing.

The Marxist might say emotions are bourgeoisie artifacts of the superstructure while incessantly appealing to envy.

The earnest will say its like seeing a new color, but that still implies a structural and predictable foundation rooted in wave mechanics. It's a fine analog, but neurology has a very different structural and evolutionary imperative.

The only person who gave me an answer that was thought provoking was an exotic dancer. She didn't even have to think all that much about it. “Sociopaths”, she said. Her reasoning was that since they don't have emotional responses like the rest of us, if a new emotion did exist, they would mimic it without thought while everyone else would try to interpret the emotion within the set they already possessed. That's the kind of interpretation that puts evolutionary biology on its head.

I believe this thought experiment, when unraveled, contains the key to getting all of us off of this planet in a materially sustainable way. Everything I do is because of this thought experiment. Everything. Without exception.

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Butterfly warfare still top warfare

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Didn't we already identify Guccifer as a DNC operative trying to create an alternate narrative to obfuscate the Seth Rich / Wikileaks story?


Yes, death is inevitable. Only by accepting this can promises of comfort not rule over you.

Been doing your strategy for years (I specialize in mimicking spics, women and niggers), will continue to 'cast stones' in this way. I admit the power is somewhat addicting.

Im a brainlet and I don't get this

The bible primarily consists of a known world of persia, arabia, tigris and euphrates river valley, egypt, and the anatolian and balkan peninsulea. The bible, for maximum exposure, would use lingua franca of the day. Since greek was included, the democratic balkan city states were in mind in entirety while it was written.

The bad guys Deep State SJW's have bet the farm on their

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CEO is going to have a bad quarter and worse year…

Holy shit, I remember reading that white Rabbit day care investigation, this is absolutely spooky as fuck.


My dick is the kind of metal that would carve a diamond like butter.

Another good thing to do is watch Marching to Zion, and use the bible quotes that they use as arguments to how Jesus was talking about the Jews. Worked great for my family members


Jesus would lock her up
Jesus would smash Google into a thousand pieces

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Cube… the fucking movie.
Just saying you faggots scoffed at me. I tried to warn you all.

At some point you have to say fuck it.
You can shitpost and dox for decades online and have some impact.
Or, you can continue to do that, then go to the local bar and continue your work there.
Then go to the neighborhood meeting place and do it some more.
When the kid family members try to put on their big boy pants and talk politics, show them the real world.
By talking about forbidden knowledge jews, race, societal decay in public you enhance the power of your knowledge; which is, as long as you deal in the verifiable facts, already more powerful than the historical lies taught in public schools.

Everything dies.
The only way to obtain immortality is to live on in the memories of others.
You will become a meme if you become effective at spreading forbidden knowledge.

That book is full of grammatical errors; why use this rather than the Talmud, which would carry more weight in a conversation? That book would easily be written off by a normie as antisemitic, while the Talmud is their holy book.

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It only takes up a whole wall. Might as well tell them to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Could virtue signaling be a form of this sociopath-identifying new emotions?

And is there a way to insert whatever new emotion we create into the culture using the methods you've described?

Bless you, and thanks for the wise words. Its a strangely pleasant reminder sometimes, that its all just a dream. Godspeed friend, and good luck.

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Problem is they failed to properly account for self-interference. Co-option always requires factoring in how the agents themselves can influence the outcome. For instance an agent finding themselves believing in their own propaganda results in skewed analysis. So their operations always have a top-down vulnerability: Influencing the agent's perception means influencing their analysis to a point that end up subverting for you without realizing it.

That's why I think the future will be individually tailored suggestions to engineer desired swarms through matchmaking personalities. Find a way to create artificial standalone complexes which serve specific agendas without co-option being needed at all. Then it's a matter of balancing these complexes so no single one ends up winning, but fulfill greater interests.

I have 140 ish IQ and am highly educated. This is the most brilliant thing I've ever read.


Maybe in Revelation, but that's speculation. Either way, subjects of prophecy like this aren't what I was referring to.

Because that was all my post was about.

>Fun Fact: The Scofield Reference Bible and The Balfour Declaration both came "hot on the scene" the same year. Pure (((Cohencidence)))?
COHENCIDENCE. I've been looking for that information, thank you.

This user gets it.

Interesting. So I guess the way for mankind to reach the stars is to DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FACE TO BLOODSHED.

Murderous rage is an elemental human emotion though. I'm thinking fake emotions that sociopaths could discover through repetition are more along the lines of modern art trash.


Murderous rage is a human emotion. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

But in order for the sociopath to mimic the new emotion… wouldn't someone else have to actually feel that emotion, in order to represent the outward appearance associated with that emotion? Or is there something else about this thought experiment I'm missing.

Asking because everything else you've said is brilliant, but I don't understand this.

Emotion itself would be a composite state of many risk/reward functions collaborating/arguing to favor a evolved response to circumstances. Intelligence and emotion are linked at a base level, but diverge when separated between two functions: Learning and motivation. That means to truly creating new emotions (beyond humanity's scope) also requires developing a new model of intelligence to compliment it. By that reasoning an AGI would definitely have new emotions that humans won't recognize, because it'll evolve responses to handle risk/rewards in its own way.

This answer also fits with your realization of advancing beyond Earth, because another general intelligence would gain insight on how to achieve things that humans currently struggle with.

Memetic systems have basic survival instincts and responses. It's most readily visible within religion. It should be possible to generate a new emotion through a memeplex, that is through a spoofed religion or culture. Chans aren't far off from being able to accomplish this as our culture is already alien to the normal person.

Butterfly war is partially about baiting the elite into generating a method of discerning real from fake people humans. Human group signatures used in marketing or to censor could be seen as composites of risk/reward response patterns (contextualized emotions). Consequently a sufficiently advanced algorithm to detect trolls would be only a hairs breadth away from detecting sociopaths. Once they push things to this level the tech can be used against sociopaths as a sort of super autoimmune weapon.

Greetings. OP here. Welcome to 2018, everyone.

I've spent time putting together a rough approximation of why the "Create a new emotion" thought experiment is so important to everything I am doing. Pic related.

It's a high level and poor breakdown, admittedly. Bare with me if you can, I've spent 12 years and written thousands of pages on this concept and it is still difficult to boil down in a way that doesn't send people into an autistic tizzy of territory staking. The premise is this:

New emotion = new logic = new math = new science

With new science, I can finish what Newton started.

Loud announcements of compliance with a moral standard is a primitive way to build swarm behavior. All virtue signaling is done for purely intimidation reasons.

Yes. My book (One I've never released and will never release) is all about how to do this. The outcomes are not what you think they will be, however. If two people have a new emotion that no one else has, what they have is an unbreakable method of encryption between each other. Ever come across an animal displaying a social behavior you cannot explain with absolute precision?

This is one of the pragmatic outcomes of the "Create a new emotion" thought experiment.

I account for Postmodern sources of behavior in pic related haha

Let's say an alien lands next to a sociopath, exits the ship, and starts flailing about. The exotic dancer believed a sociopath is best suited to emulate that behavior back at the alien, sort of mirroring the behavior while creating a basis of emotional comprehension.

Yes, I am suggesting that sociopaths are the best suited to understand any new emotions aliens or artificial intelligence creates. Fite me.

I believe you will find pic related along the same theme you are expressing.

To append to this insight, Butterfly War also qualifies as fourth generation warfare. It is an attack that, even if no one actually builds bots or spoofs meta data as I suggest, the sheer threat that it's possible forces the target to change their behavior in predictable, exploitable ways.

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Sorry, totally missed this.

Last I heard, it was heavily implied that DNC hands we all over that person. My honeypot compromise opens the uncomfortable question: Why has Wordpress been silent about data relating to Guccifer2.0?

Holy shit user, this is possibly one of the smartest ways I've ever seen Memetics used as mind manipulation. if it isn't too much too ask, do you have any more details on the subject? This has gotten me really excited about its potential

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What about the creation of a fake emotion? One which actors manually insert into the lexicon and culture. Due to sociopaths ability to change their colors "imitate emotions" without having the frame of reference of understanding those emotions at the level non sociopaths do, could this be done to out them? It'd be like they developed a poison wing pattern for which no other butterfly possesses, therefore the predator has no conditioning to avoid it.

Hey you beautiful faggot, you're gonna want to look into Gödel's completeness and incompleteness theorems. More important than the maths involved, are the philosophical implications - knowledge is infinite, and it is a real (and likely, in his estimation) possibility that it is all attainable.

In his unpublished 1961 essay, "On the Modern Development of Mathematics in Light of Philosophy", he outlines his hopes for new mathematics. You'll find he points to Husserl's phenomenological method, which is a mental exercise not unlike creating a new emotion that allows one to study how to know the known unknown.

Best of luck, know you are accompanied by a silent minority of high IQ individuals who will work alongside you to free the creative mind from the bonds of slavery. The logos will prevail.

The hatred anons have for modernity and its postmodern abandonment of human dignity is something have been intimately familiar with since my earliest memories. I grew up in a post-industrial wasteland and watched a newly broken people justify their own descent into animalism. I had the luxury of being the recipient of the very worst of human nature at a very young age and that drove me to find ways to put an end to it.

The way I see it, the world used to be fight or flight. Now it is fight or capitulate. Flight is off the table. I seek to bring it back, but that is a very hard problem to solve. Minds far greater than mine have spent more years than I've been alive trying to solve the problem of restoring flight (planetary exodus) and, at best, they could only make incremental improvements. To my horror, I would later find the entire structure of modern mathematics plagued by this trend. No level of self-inflicted autism would allow me to reach my goal within the span of my lifetime. I had to pivot heavily and think creatively.

I started to entertain the idea that mathematics itself was being limited by neurological biases. Not cognitive biases, but neurological, as in, the structure of the visual cortex was finely tuned to comprehend three-dimensional space, not n-dimensional Penrose tensors. I had asked myself a question: “How did intelligence even evolve into being?” and the only answer I could find were hand-wavey new age masks for flimsy political initiatives. It was slim pickings in those days and the situation hasn't improved much.

Francis Fukuyama inadvertently gave me a clue in Our Posthuman Future, which was his apology to Samuel Huntington after Clash of Civilizations smashed Fukuyama's End of History In it, Fukuyama gave a brief mention to bioengineering new brains and the implications that will have on moral and legal frameworks as an interesting what if. He left it dangling and couldn't connect it to the evolution of intelligence.

This missing piece connected the following conclusion: If a posthuman brain could mean new morality, then that would imply new emotions. If new emotions were now a concept, then how did any emotion evolve into being in the first place?

It was a long and error-prone journey, but the short of it is that our neurological impulse to extract emotional data from behavior implies an apriori limitation of what patterns we can and could not see. Therefore, a new emotion would imply new pattern detection, which means new truths about reality could be seen as well. It wouldn't just be morality and legal frameworks that would be turned on their head in the advent of a postmodern mind, but the entire realm of mathematics and logic itself as well.

You propose an interesting concept. Lemme explore it.

The concept of a new emotion is possible, and giving it a name is also possible. Let's say our new emotion has a label called “flomagork” and we use mass media to associate behavioral properties with flomagork. The novel behavioral properties can take hold in culture, but those properties are still compliant with the emotional data that an individual can already extract. Any behavior these recipients emit would be encoded with emotional data for emotions they already possess.

A fake emotion could exist as part of a mass hallucination in which all sensory input is firmly controlled, yes. But it would still appeal to already existing emotions, and so sorting out the easily deceived from a sociopath might be a difficult challenge.

Godel. Goddamn Godel. He was critical in my understanding that no level of intentional autism would help me achieve my goal.

In fact, pic related is the current scope of where I'm at. It's a protoype, but its for a very applicable and immediate pragmatic purpose, specifically expressing machine epistemology in entropic terms.

And off into the very deep end we go!

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Thank you for the new thought paradigms to those in this thread who have sparked them. It's pleasantly rewarding finding a blog that looks like lunacy turns out to be brilliant.

When you speak of visual cortex user and perception, does any of the following mean anything to you?

We have been deceived into believing, that we possess (Euclidean) vision, incapable of sensing an infinite, non-Euclidean universe. The opposite is true. Our vision is non-Euclidean and we are experiencing a finite Euclidean reality.

Direct realism vs perceived realism…

The work of Thomas Reid.

Godspeed, I like the way your head works.

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I suggest you stop listening to secondary sources, then - the conclusions of his work are summarized by talking heads as a message of futility. However, in his own words (please do read or listen (link) to the essay I mention, it is short) he rejects this and asserts the opposite.

The crucial point of distinction: a human mind is capable of intuitive leaps outside of any set of rules of thinking. The incompleteness theorem applies to systems confined by set rules. Man =/= Machine. Machine has limited knowledge. Man has unlimited knowledge. All that is needed is to think, and think well.

Newton was an egotistical hack. He is famous for saying "Hypothesis Non Fingo". Leibniz, however, was a true man of genius, who unabashedly ate of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and sought to share it with the world.

Leibniz sought to bust the mind free of its chains with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characteristica_universalis

Gödel, in researching Leibniz's work on his universal language, discovered evidence that Leibniz had been censored posthumously by those who seek to perpetuate man's ignorance for reasons of power. Source: archive.li/xrRVZ

This is a fair analog.

The evolution of this thought is hilariously paraphrased as::

Plato: Ideal forms exist
Hume: Ideal forms cannot be known unless they generate sense data.
Descartes: I can't prove a damn thing about any of that except that I exist.
Nietzsche: Not even you exist, only ideal forms of you exist.
Orwell: Even in absolute nonexistence, power always finds a way to assert authority.

Forgive my flippancy, I was being colloquial.

I do not extract futility from Godel. His destruction of Hilbert was essential and I fear we will be facing Round Two of that fight as the promises of machine learning fail to deliver.

Which supports your observation very well:

> archive.li/xrRVZ

A very fun revelation. Thank you and I shall read immediately! :D

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Being a sociopath is, as far as I've understood, the best character option for this kind of warfare. My question is, how do you create a new emotion that is outside of at least the majority normiemotions?
Which sources are good to start getting into improving pattern recognition of the kind?

I think the majority of anons here tend to keep one meme pretty close to their heart.
Those two words kinda tend to destroy each couple of months big portions of things we thought to be true or even ignored and replaced them with, if not whole truth, a glimpse of what could actually be happening. Making us recognize some patterns thus creating a new emotion(?).

Also good insight about secrecy. I have been doing that myself, but practicing it more in the real world. Engaging all kinds of people with the only goal of controlling their emotions and testing their reactions to words, touch. Developing a set of triggers.
Memeing as a skeptic leftist sometimes dropping redpills left and right without leaving the charade. Talking with fags, negroes, etc. Only to learn from them, imitate them and use their personalities emotions for defense/offense purposes when needed.