In honor of winters past, I'm posting Zig Forums webms of yesteryear.

Come one and all, newfag and old, and remember with me the old memes of this glorious board. Post a few of your own if you've got em, too!

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you can post multiple files for each post newfag
go here

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I don't feel like it fuck you.

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A classic.

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Attached: Ben Shaprio has gone full shekles again.webm (426x240, 7.51M)

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Happy New Year, Lads

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Cheers, user!

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Weird. Compression seems to be off. Anyone know of a good way to compress webms?

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the -fs flag in ffmpeg will limit the filesize to a target number of bytes.

ffmpeg -i $infile -fs 10485760 outfile.webm

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man, those truly were good times

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Attached: nigger nigger bitch nigger nigger white women watermellon.webm (640x360, 4.56M)

On old 2015 Christmas classic

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Attached: Yes I'm a Weaboo.webm (854x480, 7.61M)

Happy New Years ya filthy animals.

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Inshallah, right back atcha.

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Attached: Ebola Gets Around.webm (640x360, 6.81M)

Attached: Hey hey we're the furgeson monkeys.webm (450x360, 6.94M)

Attached: orwell final warning.webm (854x480, 1.93M)

Attached: your hurting me baby.webm (480x360, 5.69M)

I find it amazing how he was on the radio for 10 years and they can't find a single recording of his voice. What happened?

memory hole

I've been reading Homage to Catalonia. The socialists were complete idiots. It's weird rooting for the antagonists.

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This one will remain my favorite.

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Ancient webms here from the 2014 4cc
almost 4 years ago what the bloody hell

Attached: Hitler scores.webm (640x360 1.66 MB, 2.3M)

You got round to posting them before I did!
Those were the days, user.

Attached: We have to teach the children.webm (538x720, 470.46K)

Sorry user, I haven't read it yet.

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a classic

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under8d thread

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Attached: Roundup is perfectly harmless just listen to this Monsanto rep.webm (476x266, 2.45M)

God how many of these were there

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Attached: A long shot off a short pier.webm (640x360, 4.5M)

Attached: Ben Garrison radio call in.webm (1920x1080, 4.99M)

Great video user

It's an insane world, but I'm proud to be apart of it.
Bill Hicks

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Orwell is wrong. There are people who get drunk on the idea of having power. These people have never had power. Having power is a terrifying feeling. Its not something you can "have" like money, its more like a state of being. Imagine having total control over your life. Everything that happens is determined by you. That might sound like a dream, but the amount of things you have to take into account is a nightmare. Then add the fact that you have to take all of these things into account for every person who works under you. There is a reason the perfect fascist leader isn't a wordsmith or a warlord. The perfect leader is a man full of will and a head full of wires, who can reason through the logistics. Who can weigh the needs of the many and the few.

Everyone talks about fascism as something that will remove all emotion. Something that will limit us to only being able to feeling victory or hate. The truth is, nothing is being stripped away from them. These people are just afraid of the idea that they won't be able to bathe themselves in pleasure anymore. Life isn't just about feeling good about yourself.

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Its been a chaotic year lads.

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A classic.

I'm glad he's gone. For his sake. Every single celebrity has become an anti-white cuck. Would he have resisted? I have the sad feeling his current incarnation would be an embarrassment.

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Straight out of cold storage.

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Top Kek.

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Newfags won't know what this is.

Where's the rest?

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You need an Zig Forums Gold account.

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Attached: anons final form.webm (853x480, 7.99M)

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Attached: That girl is so cute I wonder what she's listening to.webm (540x517, 5.34M)

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