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Is putting thots in their place good praxis?

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No. Thots are proletarians (by definition, the need to whore yourself out is the basis of being a proletarian.) Its not our job to put proletarians in their place. (that's the job of conservatives.}

The absolute state of the feminist left. We need male consciousness now!

Well, if the OP had asked is its good praxis to debunk sex industry PR bullshit masquerading as liberation, I'd have said yes.
But putting thots in their place is a different matter. (there's no suggestion that the girl in the picture is literally a ho/whore herself, of course.)

I wish these Zig Forums refugees would fuck off

No, at best it's dunking on a fuckwit. Stop caring about internet randos and read.

u fukn wot m8

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Thots are spooks and anti-revolutionary.

I'ma go with 'no'

they're not all paythots tho

he's talking about camwhores tho, not the Cardassians

I couldn't care less about thots. If a bunch of incel losers want to worship them, and give them their hard earned money, so be it. None of my business.

If I was one of those incels, at the very least I'd demand from them to show me their tits.

It's just a classic, amusing troll campaign. Only libs would be upset about it and only incels and Zig Forumsyps would think it has any meaning beyond its status as a joke.

Is anyone else's biggest keks out of this while thing coming from when these titty streamers call themselves "sex workers"? Like, I'm far from agreeing with the notion that prostitution is a legitimate form of work deserving recognition, under capitalism or otherwise, but I think anyone can agree prostitution can be extremely unpleasant, dangerous, and exhausting, as well as at least requiring some investment of time dedicated to it.

Titty streamers just point a camera at themselves playing games, eating, doing homework, exercising, or whatever else they'd be doing anyways, while paypigbux roll in over the wire because there's a camera pointing at them. That qualifies less as "sex work" than selling your used pantsu to perverts does.

This. It's just an oldstyle raid against a rival tribe of annoying Internet teenagers. About the most that could come of it IRL is purging livestream services like Twitch or Youtube of some of their revenue.

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They're bourgeoisie af

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So they have less strain and dangers, so what?
Like trying to separate drive-thru workers from steel workers. Why? People are just trying to get money so they don't end up on the streets and die.

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Drive-thru workers have to, y'know, show up to work and stand in a booth wearing a uniform for hours. Even, like, an Amazon MTurk "microworker" has to stop whatever else they're doing on their PC and specifically do jobs someone tasks them with.

Titty streamers just leave a camera running while they do fuck all.

They have to pander to their audience or they won't get donations. Just showing their tits is not enough.

Sex work. I get it.

They're more a part of the "gig economy". making their own hours, putting in as much work as they feel necessary.

They aren't "putting in work", unless by that you mean lazing around the house more than they otherwise might.

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Your pic seems to side with them, despite your saltiness.
I just don't want people to need money in order to live

Keep going…
Money isn't the basis on which I'm mocking them

You seem to mock them for not working hard
But is it more that you hate that they're pleasant looking and/or are pleasuring themselves?


>You seem to mock them for not working hard
I'm mocking them for comparing themselves to actual prostitutes, when what they do with a camera is more akin to buying a PV panel and setting up a contract with the electric company, paypigs rattling off their Patreon account like photons of sunlight.
I hate them on the same basis as all livestreamers. For shitting up gaming with LPs, directing funds into reality TV 2.0, and spreading eFriend alienated psychosis that makes already annoying tween squeakers even more annoying.

There is nothing better than seeing two anarchist argue because it's like seeing two bulls ram their horns into each other.

This, and their choice of flag is also hella relevant. SW = W.

Why the fuck does anyone care about this enough to harass women? Get your fucking priorities straight.

thotaudit and thotpatrol and in line with Communist tradition

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God I fucking hate all the lib(eral) spastics so fucking much. Why did you have to remind me of that shitty article?

Reading theory is useless. Enjoying someone else's misery, on the other hand, grants me quite a bit of mirth

They want to harass women, they just needed an excuse.

no. who cares.

Trolling the shit out of the weak is fun.
Don't make it political.
Only lolcows think their life is ruined only because someone was mean to them on the internet.
I could go the justification road and claim I am only doing this to show that there are more important things in life, but I won't. I'm doing this out of fun and because she had it coming to her.

Oh, you're a gamer or something.
Hey, this is all on the people that run twitch. They want the traffic from both gamers and bimbos when it makes more sense to separate the two. It's twitch's fault, and again, it's capitalism's fault

No, I'm afraid this isn't so much capitalism's fault. As I said, titty streamers aren't really much worse than the rest of livestreamers.

The entire concept of passively watching someone else do something that you could just as easily do yourself is inane, even if the streamer isn't soaking up money for it. And "virtual friend" isn't much better than "virtual girlfriend".

Thot gulags when?

Wow, it seems more innocent when you simplify it like that.

When the incell bolshevic revolution comes about.

There's no such thing as a thot

I could argue that reproduction is the ultimate mean of production

I really dislike thots, but they're not hurting me. So I'll move on.

We'll gulag the thots if only we can gulag the fratbros with them.

Do you even have to ask if the fratbros are getting gulag'd?
Reactionary rapist failsons? Come on, they'll be among the first.

I'm sure Lenin would have still done it if it gave the Czar more taxes :^)

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Cam whore sites rely on paid subscriptions. Instead of grassing cam whores upto the Taxman (like in the thot audit) refuseniks would be better off lurking in "free chat"on these sites. If you have to go on them at all.
The rad fems are right. The sex industry is driven by buyer demand. If no one bought their services, they'd wouldn't be any thots to get annoyed about.

Most of the anger doesn't come from camwhores being camwhores, but from camwhores clogging up services allegedly intended for purposes other than titty streaming, like Twitch.

Ah, I see! Thanks. That makes sense. I've made a few attempts at internet dating. It's been annoying when whores as well have been clogging up dating websites looking for business not romance so I get it.

getting moderators' websites yanked from them for tax evasion.


dating sites should be used for dating not money laundering.

back to your mum's house eh for a good shag?


Lefties defending thots saying they're exposed by society because of reeee patriarchy and social exclusion when they're just lazy and entitled ( not all of them) but a majority could go to school and make something of themselves but it's easier to sit and show off your butthole in front of a camera for money from a bunch of lonely men.

I guess those titty streamers should be able to advertise cigarettes too, I mean you're not a misogynist are you?

Is there a clear manifesto for this movement? How did it even start?

It's a bit more like going to a farmer's market or county fair, and many or most of the stalls are just prostitutes. Like, there are places you can go for that, where you'd expect that, but it's not one of them.

To be perfectly clear, though, I'm personally of the opinion let's plays, esports, and livestreaming in general, are absolute cancer. But doing incredibly lame softcore porn under the pretense of playing vidya as a means to avoid a more suitable site like Chaturbate or whatever is even more loathsome