Be commie

>have no problem with east germans embarassingly replacing christmas things with jahresend ("year-end") to hide christian traditions

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Who here complains about new atheists? You’re thinking of reddit’s SJW leftist subs.

I bet 95% of this board is atheist, outside of LARPers and the fascist infestation this board has. What are you talking about?

Those are cancer

Christians can rot in hell, if you are religious you deserve to be bullied.

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Fedora flag is the one thing I miss from Zig Forums

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Yet the east germs found it necessary to censor

That's because M-L countries were all strangely anti-religious in general.

What's so strange about defending the revolution from reactionaries?

'Christmas' is a word
Stop fighting symbols, you idealist

Decisions, decisions…

Of course this stupid holiday was a Christian replacement for the older Roman holiday of Saturnalia. The week all the slaves got off work and partied and pretended Saturn still ruled the Earth.

What's new about being a non-believer in gods, heavens and the immortal spirit?

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Actually a one party system would be great for accelerationsm

The two party monopoly in America is barely holding onto the illusion of two dichotomies to choose from and keep a coherent identity. If there was only one party the system would splinter down too sects within the party becoming more bitter and more disenfranchised

Alternatively with MORE parties you could solidify the identity and self assuring that comes with being a card carrying member and completely halt progress

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Everyone who says happy holidays instead of merry christmas is a counterrevolutionary who deserves instant gulag

Filtering of flags when??

t. ipper of fedoras

Your argument has made me change my mind


As a matter of fact, true socialism embraces new atheism. No place for mentally ill people that believe in fairytales on the left.

So sad.

If you could comprehend that which you read, you'd see that I actually criticized the view that included believing christmas to be christian.
Tell your mother to drink less or to use better contraceptives.

If you could comprehend what you wrote, you'll see that you're proposing hating people for attempting to reverse christianizing whitewashing.
Your answer is "no."

that's nice OP. have a plain meme because no flavors in "true communism"

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Bro, those are new. Nobody stole their traditions and edgy teens need to get over it.

Honestly, it seems that at a baseline level, social conservativism not withstanding, new atheism is more progressive than a lot of what calls itself "left" (liberalism). Rather than cultural relativists, they're evolutionists; rather than anti-rationalists, they're rationalists (if only positivists); rather than theists, they're athetits.

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Disregarding the social conservatism is a massive error, considering how common that or even reactionary tendencies is to the fedorafags.

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