Atheist Dictatorship

Have you ever, unironically, wished for an atheist dictatorship, where every single religious person would be rounded up and executed?

Just think about it. We would exterminate the abrahamic religions and get rid of the greatest cancer to society: capitalism (after all, religions created capitalism). We would finally be able to advance science and become a type 1 civilization on the kardashev scale. Fuck, we would colonize the entire galaxy.

I sure as shit would love religion to be criminalized and religious people to be executed.

And no. I'm not a Zig Forumsturd; so don't even bring that up. I'm a radical antitheist.

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[citation required]


Upvoted! Totally agreed bro, we like gotta kill all religious people because they literally caused all negative human qualities. And when we round them up we'll execute Veronica, Stacy, and Chad too for rejecting me from their lunch table when I was 7 just because it was full!!11!! Gamers rise up!


P.s have some awesome Redditor gold my friend. ;^)

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You can’t get rid of religion by just “abolishing religion”. I swear 90% of this board is comprised of edgelords and nobooks

No, but it's a step in the right direction; along with executing religious people. As a matter of fact, all religious people must be considered mentally ill for believing in fairytales.

No because then there would be no salvation for anyone.

What's the point of being against irrational worship if you want to be a fash at the same time?

The inability to separate religions and religious people is a symptom of terminal identitarianism. Seek help.

What would this solve?
So are 99% of people who ever lived mentally ill?

Quite the opposite. The horrifying thing about faith is that it makes sane people believe insane things. Medical treatment isn't the cure for bad epistemology, better epistemology is.

The USSR tried that. it didn't work out too well

Just kill religious people. Maybe I worder my OP wrong. Maybe atheist "rule" fits better.

Religious people are bourgeois. They support the system that maintains the capitalist bangwagon.

Um, getting rid of religion?


Back then, people lived in the dark ages. They were force fed religion. Nowadays, religion is a choice, so there's no excuse for embracing atheism.

*for not embracing atheism

Again, the problem is the religion, not the people. Cure the cancer in the brain instead of putting a bullet to the brain.
By the way, you should know that in these identity games you participate in, it's atheists who enjoy the worst fates.

When I was 14 yeah. But even then I wasn't that edgy, I wanted them to be reeducated. Sort yourself out mate.

State secularism not state atheism ok?

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but the bourgeois are hardly religious. in fact the more bourgeois you are today the least religious people tend to be. Its the proletariat who are most religious today

I don't think this will go over very well. In the US most people are religious and even a lot of atheists don't want to associate with the fedora tipping types who are likely to be the only ones in support of state atheism

It's not that hard.
Religion is bourgeois. Religiosity is proletarian.
To control is bourgeois. To be controlled is proletarian.
To deceive is bourgeois. To be deceived is proletarian.

thats not true the bourgeois have little to do with religion now days

You can draw more parallels with the bourgeois using progressive values to control the proletariat

When I was at my edgy phrase during teenage years, yeah I did, but now? Hell nah. Let them kill each other over their religious debacle while we just watch from the sidelines.

Your on to something, but rounding them all up and executing them would be a waste. Instead if you frequent places of worship or have proven and documented religious convictions you should just be taxed heavily. Like into poverty heavily. Hopefully that'd keep those types away from interacting and harming normal society.

Also, I'm agnostic. When atheist like OP post this kind of stuff it makes we wonder if I'd get gulaged/killed as well. That'd be pretty shitty since I saw a stat somewhere once that said roughly 20% of atheist are actually agnostic.

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Relgion didn't create capitalism and only the abrahamic religions should be targeted. Paganism is unironically more desirable than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

t. supporter of an ideologue who married a kkkhrisitian wife

This is stupid to do. The worst of the people will simply conform to the new atheist norm. It's way better to establish a cult of the god-secretary of the party.

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The USSR never tried to “abolish religion”. Read a book

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Read God and the State.

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no, not ever, I wanted a dictatorship where all atheists would be killed, yes

no causation or correlation found. also better turn your vapestick into a dildo so you can blow smoke up your ass because atheists are gay and like to do that

No, because that's blaming the victim. Seeing individuals as responsible for culture is buying into muh rugged individualism nonsense. People are religious because their material conditions inspire them to be.
It wouldn't work. It's been tried repeatedly. This just makes people go underground and then the experience of suppression is fuel for cultural/theological development. You also give people a reason to hate you and resist you fucking retard.
I wish there was a drug that let me live in your head for a couple hours at a time because it must be a trip. This is pure idealism btw. It was the changing material conditions (big thing being technology development making rule by capitalists more possible and rule by nobility more pointless).
This is exactly the kind of talk that you should get the shit beaten out of you over. You're not any better than the nazis trying to organize cleansing of people based on some other spook.

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How are they victims unless they willingly go along with it. The only was they can be victims is maybe if were talking about slaves that had the belief in Glob and Jeebus pummeled into them. Also I'd like some sources maybe on that thing you said about material conditions.

You can't honestly believe that. The Nazis and other ethnonationalist wanted people killed due to genetics. That's something purely out of any ones control. A religious person chooses to succumb to their mental deficiencies of being religious, every time.

I think think YOU are the mentally ill one here

Sadly, I was born into a religious household too. But I'm not OP I don't condone executing the religious. I instead endorse what I posted earlier here

The main problem is that at least in Burgerland, all of the religious people have guns.

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There's already no salvation for anyone

Same logic applies to wage slaves. You better comply voluntarily if you want to be allowed to participate in this social system. It's worse some places than others. In burgerstan you can't get elected dog catcher unless you affirm that you believe in doG. They swear everyone into office on a Bible, and there are a lot of communities where if you stop being religious you instantly lose your social network.

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As the video went on it just got less funnier, whoever this was just tried so hard it lost all humor.

I want a dictatorship where pedos, rapists and child molesters get executed, and also scammers as well.


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I want a dictatorship where moralfaggots like you get killed and their corpses raped because morals are ghey retarded. Beria was based.


Fuck off


Kill all Jews
Kill all Christians
Kill all Muslims
Kill all Buddhists
Kill all Hindu
Kill all Sikhs
Kill all Agnostics
Kill all Jains
Kill all Pagans

Yourself first

Hello Zig Forums,
Is wishing for the end of humanity leftist?

Not necessarily but it's a good start.

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