Was he actually Jewish?

Was he actually Jewish?

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Who cares

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How is being Jewish a social construct? It's an ethnicity first and foremost.

Modern Jews aren't even descended from the original ones


IIRC he had 1 Jewish grandparent, but Lenin himself wasn't Jewish by any measure.According to halakhic law your mother needs to be Jewish for you to be considered a Jew by birth.

Yes. Who cares.


Does it matter if Lenin was Jewish? The only reason someone would give a fuck would be the NatSoc trash bois with their constant screams of "Muh Jews rule the world!"

I mean.. don't they? I thought most of us are on the same page here. Jews perpetuate capitalism.

Regardless of race, religion, etc. Capitalism continues to strive not because "The jews support it and therefore ruling the world." but because of the bourgeoisie with a mix of all kinds of people from differing ethnicity keep it that way. It is not just the jews here m8.

Just say yes then tell them to fuck off already holy shit.

Even if you consider Jewish a race, he was more German and Scandinavian than Jewish.

It's a legitimate question, stop fucking avoiding it you cucks.


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DNA isn't a social construct.

He didn't know he was jewish.

Either way, religious "ethnicity" is a spook. It's a bourgeois concept to fool nazi retards.

A race isn't DNA.

It is.

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Yes, from a long line of rabbis just like Marx, Trotsky, and the majority of the soviet politburo. Strange cohencidence, huh.

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This, pretty much

He would not be considered Jewish in Nazi Germany. he was less Jewish than Werner Goldberg.

Agree with the argument but the examples could be better. Copwatch isn't idpol. It's a good, arguably essential tactic of our class in order to defend itself and it should be supported and expanded. Antifa is a dead-end but it's not necessarily idpol either and it also historically arose in the context of proletarian self defense. Not to say, given the open ended and decentralized nature of these loose groupings, that aren't represented by wokies in many places. "Social Justice", pomos, yeah that's idpol but also too vague, better to use concrete examples.

He is a Siberian Native

He wasn't a practicing joo, was raised some sort of petit-bourg christcuck irrc, and made no zionist or pro-judaism arguments or took any such actions.



Not entirely wrong but immigration (inc. refugee) policy probably did far more than identity politics.

Liberal immigration is idpol

Dunno, commies and anarchists are usually very supportive of it.

Libs get quite creative with the terms they use of themselves.
Btw, anarchists are commies. You're thinking of marxists when saying commie, I reckon.

Who cares about a person's religious views.

Only cunts

Fucking mods don't even exist here

Does it really matter? What is your point in asking this?

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Yeah, the mods have very scarce lately.

He's Chuvash. I mean look at his eyes.
I know it sounds like Jewish to the average Nazi, but they are t*rkic people from Siberia.