I have a question to all people on leftpol

I have a question to all people on leftpol.
If you are poor, why don't you become criminal and rob banks and sell drugs?

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If I did, I wouldn't talk about it on a place like this.

Why not? You are anonymous here.

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Yeah, if you use a Tor Browser, faggot…

Because bank robberies are big deals and I would not want to leave any evidence at all, let alone on a public forum. Drug dealing or prostitution would be restricted to basic shit like I sold x as a side hussle after high school or my gf used to be a high-end escort, and I don't think that's useful or relevant.

Says the fag who has probably never been in a fight

Bank robbery has shit for profit/risk ratio, which means its only use is as a very short-lived publicity stunt. A good question in general though, and yes, MCM'ing a little molly or LSD is a good way to fire your boss.

I've slaughtered over 500 people (including 60 cops)!
Tell me your address, faggot, then I can slaughter you and your family too!

With ever-present CCTV, electronic tracking, DNA analysis, there's no life for an honest crim any more. Back in the day if you wore a mask and gloves and got away before the cops arrived you were golden. Today they'll just track whatever vehicle you're in to the next you switch to and so on, and with the silent alarm police will be there in less than 5 minutes.

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have a question to all people on leftpol.
If you are poor, why don't you become criminal and rob banks and sell drugs?

I worked in the UK despatch industry for twenty years, and that was close enough to criminal fraternity. Many bosses of the firms I worked for were spivs at best, outright crooks at worst. One burnt down a rival firm. One set up a scam with the post room boys of his customers to charge for phantom jobs(deliveries apparent on the bill but without physical existence.) Another set up his company initially as a way to distribute drugs, before he realised how much money was to made from super-exploiting his workforce delivering legal packages normally. That probably tells you something about the nature of capitalism.
These guys were the worst to work for. Any disputes they would try to force a confrontation /settle physically / send someone round to your house.
Don't believe any celebrity gangster about honour amongst thieves. Its a romantic gloss designed to sell books to hipsters.

You need an OK from a gang leader porkie if you want to sell drugs on his turf

In order to do this you need a huge capital. Everything has to be ready. Messing with a bank is messing with the big boys.

Not actually poor, but bank robbing makes no sense in the modern day, and drug dealing isn't actually profitable.

Oh sure as if we can simply rob our own local banks, stores, etc without getting caught. Have you seen the stuff to prevent crime nowadays? Fucking hard and frustrating to do a good crime without having it seen on the internet.

Sell moonshine. At least if youre in the South.

Theres enough crime at the top levels. Doesn't need me in the low end low reward/insanely high risk.

Show me something better and I'll go divide shadows for you

I dont want to get killed or go to jail for something as simple as having food if I can help it.

TOR is funded by multiple government agencies…

ok time for bed timmy lmao

I value my freedom.