Bernie mourns another war-criminal

Why the fuck does he do this? First McCain, now even worse, George HW Bush – son of a Wall-Street banker, the man who ran the fucking CIA during Operation Condor, served as Vice President under Reagan and was the president who initiated the Gulf War not even to mention his denunciations of 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Remember these whenever anyone claims that Bernie is somehow “anti-establishment” and not a servant of capital

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You goddamn know why.

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political correctness

Pretty sure he's just the one that ended it. HW was a lot of things, most of them bad, but he handled that shit correctly.

The prospective Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was diplomatically greenlit by Bush's administration, causing Saddam to go ahead, after which Bush double-crossed Saddam and went to war with Iraq over Kuwait.

Regarding the end of the war, even if you hold to leaving Saddam firmly in power as the right call, there's the little matter of falsely saying to the Kurds we would back a rebellion, and then abandoning them to be butchered.

Do you tell your co-workers and boss your honest opinion about how glad you are that Bush is dead, or other incendiary opinions?

Wrong. Saddam was fucking pissed that the US said it would "protect its friends".

He had been warned when the buildup of troops happened.

Except that was never stated. They were encouraged to overthrow their government, but at no point were promised aid, and at no point did the US speak of regime change. I'm not saying they didn't deserve help, or that this isn't one thing that I would morally embrace, but politically-speaking, it was the right thing to do to keep balance in the region.

I never said I was “glad he was dead” but I don’t see a need to suck his dick and engage in hagiography. I say stuff like this IRL but I’ll word it more delicately

IMO it's more effective to just point out something shitty they did if anybody starts waxing sentimental. It's a lot more interesting (and useful) to bait a dipshit into defending the murder of civilians or whatever than to be the one getting mad about a dead guy.

He's probably just saying that to avoid controversy the liberal media could use to turn people away from him. I doubt it's his sincere opinion.


As long as he is part of the Congress he has to dance the peasantry dance.

The Americans didn't reward Iraq for being faithful lapdogs by keeping Iran busy.
The promised reward were the oil fields along the Iraqi-Iranian borders, but the US strategy here really was to drag both countries into a bloody war and tie them in an eternal stalemate, even going so far as selling weapons to Iranians.
Saddam accumulated a fuckton of debt. US laughed at the notion of compensation and his invasion of Kuweit was an act of desperation.
He just literally turned 90° to the right and did the same fucking thing the US hired him to do, but suddenly he was a monster.

Moral of the story: Never ever be an US lapdog. Saddam literally made a deal with the devil here and as a thank you he is a laughing stock in American media. Oh and dead.

Bernie was always liberal tier, he was never even a socdem.

I don't have coworkers because I'm self-employed, but I laughed when my cousin told me he died and when other people in the chat got mad I started listing off war crimes and other awful shit he did. I also said I would mourn him about as soon as I would mourn Hitler. I don't give a fuck.

not a real Socialist

we need a Socialist version of guy pictured

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This. Spart uprising when?

This, what do people expect him to do, piss on his grave? Policies matter more than this shit and Bernie is the most left guy we have.

How about not saying anything?

He has to say something or people would ask him 'why didn't you say anything' and force him to say something anyway but it would look worse.

"We have" a guy who loves bullshit interventions, the US war machine, and stolen elections.


Still a better outcome than sucking the dick of a dead ultra-reactionary cunt.

Just because the dude is dead, doesn't change his misdeeds in life. Some rosy ABC CBS reminiscing segment or PR statements won't whitewash the truth.

We're gonna have to do this revolution the old fashioned way because like him or not at the end of the day Sanders is a Social Democrat and has been in Washington for decades. You can't trust anybody in that machine.