Does the right have any actually good arguments in favor of tradition and heritage?

Does the right have any actually good arguments in favor of tradition and heritage?

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the left can't meme.

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someone got BURNED

It involves a healthy respect and appreciation for what your ancestors chose to build before you, allowing you to grow up in a better world, while inspiring you to leave an even better future for those who come after you.

I mean, look at the retard communist """counter-argument"""".

like the invention of writing, and cities? Are you from Iraq?

I've found it useful to have as a default setting/configuration to either conform to or dissent from. Though I'm lefty so idk if that counts.

>Zig Forums invented the aeroplane memes

I'm not against that. I do my level best to respect anybody who's meaningfully productive.
Not us and stale strawman tbh.

Stop being so liberal.

But to the point, there are practical arguments in favor of specific traditions, even some many leftists call reactionary, but favoring tradition for its own sake is brainlet tier, I mean Zig Forums is so stupid they think meme quality is a legitimate political argument. Honoring heritage isn't really positive or negative, but it is very good for social cohesion and personal inspiration so there's pragmatic grounds for supporting it.

the current crop of stds is getting more and more untreatable, wait another generation when super aids and mrsa is spreading like wild fire and you will know that we were right

Millenials and zoomers are less sexual than previous generations, though, and social conservatism isn't exclusive to your side.

Look at the eyes. They're pointing different directions. Is that your argument? Heritage, tradition, and culture are fake because the character is cross-eyed? Why is it only a white guy? I thought blacks had a proud history of Kanghood (Benin Empire and Ghanan empire) and passing down folklore through storytelling (lionKing). He made it white to attack just white people, not the idea of heritage.

Living your life to hand off this world for the next generation is an absolute must. If even one generation decides to be selfish, the system breaks down. The boomers, through their greed, have left the gen X'ers, millennial, and Gen Z out to dry. Arguably, politics would never have heated up as much as they have now if the boomers had been less greedy.

WW2 vets came home after the war and worked their asses off, just to provide for their children. There was no reason to work more than 40 hours a week, as even low wages at that time were enough to support children and buy a home, but for some reason the vets worked harder just to give their children as many resources as possible. The post-ww2 boom is a good lesson for all generations, that working hard for the next generation can leave them wealthy, but that wealth can corrupt and turn the kids spoiled.

What are you even trying to say here?

Yes, I never disagreed with any of that. I just called out OPs image as idpol for mocking whites specifically.

The boomers were so greedy that they weren't just satisfied with the enormous wealth their parents gave them, they also had to take out loans on their childrens' behaves. There wouldn't be any calls to overthrow capitalism if generational wealth was maintained. Heritage is how you maintain generational wealth.

The chinese have a saying:

Great depression era works their asses off and tries to be prudent, the next generation grew up as depression era children and work their asses off and get wealthy, but the boomers didn't grow up with the previous hardships.

Tard-tier argument. 99.9999999% of people's "ancestors" were mud flinging serfs who most likely never created anything of note.

By staying in your mother's basement and jacking off the chinese cartoons ? You'll be the envy of those serfs.

Without Culture, Tradition and Heritage being taken into account, humans become into numbers. This makes them easier to divide and then conquer. Now I wonder what's happening in the US, with all Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Etc. being told that their culture is offensive? Huh. I wonder if ☘️porky☘️ is behind this.

I guess der ewige Jude is no longer in vogue for repressed manchildren

How new are you?

Actually nearly everyone is descended from someone of renown, nobility, etc, because the population sizes were so much smaller and because royaltly used to keep hundreds of concubines merely for breeding and had many, many more children and could afford to keep them alive much better than serfs.

But I mean if pseud genetic elitism based on feelz instead of realz is your thing then best of luck to you.

Gooood sassanach

Some of us have more inhigh breeding than others

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Writing was invented by the vinca culture. Just google vinca script.
Sumerian civilization was already gone for around 3000 years before Arabs migrated into Iraq. Pic related.

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Exaggerated false equivalency only makes you look bad.

And yet it's ironically fascist strongmen that are most likely to see their people as disposable tools to be used to fulfill his territorial ambitions. How great did the individual fare under Uncle Adolf?

Well, that certain explains the current state of (You)

It is a huge assumption to claim that the Vinca did it first. Dispilio has the oldest verified claim, and the Peiligang have an even older, if just as suspect, claim to the distinction.

Dispilio and the Vinca are both in Greece. Peiligang is older than both though.

The Vinca were in what is now Transylvannia.

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Proven values vs an unknown future.

Proven to accomplish absolutely nothing, that is.

what do you mean by accomplish?

modern progressive values have only made life shallow, look at suicide rates drug addiction prostitution etc

No serious scholarship considers the symbols to be an actual language other than as crude pictograms which were not uncommon 5000-4000 BCE. I guarantee you cannot source this claim.

lel he didn't even mention Arabs but of course you inferred it, fucking idiot.

I really hope you're not so far gone that believe that Sumerians were indo-European peoples or even white-skinned… The native name Sumerians gave themselves literally means black headed people for fucks sake

I did. This is from an article on Wikipedia:
"It is unknown which language used the symbols, or indeed whether they stand for a language at all."ča_symbols
The article does mention a scholar called Marija Gimbutas, who thought it was writing. But it's scholarly opinion, its not been proven that that is the case.
Sumerian is known to be writing, you can even study it:

By that reckoning, Arabs aren't due to arrive in Iraq for another millennium yet. Sumerian civilisation was preserved by semitic language - speaking Akkadians, who adapted their cuneiform writing system. Akkadian uses Sumerian signs to represent syllables of Akkadian words
(and has some Sumerian loan words for things) It was replaced as a spoken language (by Aramaic) earlier, but was still used as a written language until the first century AD.

No we are all just economic units that must obtain American middle class life and sing Kumbaya. End of history.

I should also add to your post, user that while her Kurgan hypothesis was scientific and founded upon a good amount of evidence, Gimbutas is quite infamous in academia for being biased as a racist of sorts who tried her hardest (and failed repeatedly when put up to standards) to prove Indo-Europeans were the "firsts" of everything

I mean that values accomplish nothing. They are nothing but by-products of the material realities of a given society.
How many times must this old man teach the same lesson to YOU?

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Every time I see it I crack up because the literature listed is The Republic versus a sub-par open-world video game with shit dialogue and cut philosophy

sometimes the individual must come after the collective; as the collective comes after the individual. The two should be placed on same terms, as both are equally important.

This is your retard brain on Marxism.

The only argument you need is "what have you done personally?"

Socialist here but I actually agree

"I mean, look at the retard communist """counter-argument"""".

Better let him have it then, nonconsensually

Just because you enjoy your own culture more, prioritize it even, doesn't mean you can't respect other cultures as well.

Why do communists always have family issues?
Does communism cause family issues, or do family issues cause someone to become a communist?

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Isn't your entire political motivation based upon the fact that you can't have a family, because white women will not fuck you?

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radical ideology can easily cause conflict since it breaks with norms and bounds of acceptability
radical ideologies appeal to the downtrodden, nonconformists, misfits and the troubled, to which familial issues sometimes lead people to
personally I get on well with my immediate family and the grand majority of my relations
instead of communists, it's been the new postmodern nativist radical right having some quite severe familial problems, from internet radicalised failsons killing their fathers, to infidelity and domestic abuse among the 'faces' of the movement like Spencer and Heimbach

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Weird, because Zig Forums seems to get along great with their families, whereas /trannypol/ hates their families so much that they want to abolish the family structure altogether, probably because their boomer parents are too "reactionary" and "bourgeois" or something.

Zig Forums also claims to be 100% white and non-degenerate
but whenever the masks come off and the veil of internet anonymity is taken away, the truth turns out to be something very different - the fools who reveal themselves by actually showing their faces at events or get the reality behind their online personas revealed are then denounced by the TRUE (tm) 100% pure aryan anti-degenerate Zig Forums SS übermensch divisions
you'd be wise not to take their claims at face value

Dunno what you are on about.
I am married and have 8 children.

I'm not even sure what the hell your post has to do with how leftists hate their own families.

nothing. I haven't been on Zig Forums much for a while now, I don't know much about its present state, beyond the fact that you get banned for all kinds of things
no doubt some do, as said having issues drives people to radical ideology. but if you want to establish some connection you'll have to do better than just claim it is so.

That pic is dogshit though. It implies only whites care about muh heritage, which is something anyone of any race can do.

A man is nothing more than a compilation of his ancestors DNA.

I'm not even sure how you could possibly argue against the correlation at this point.
What's more interesting is which one causes the other, or if there's a third, deeper underlying cause which gives rise to both "hating your family" and "being a communist".
"m. So for example, the Vinca symbols of Old Europe were ˇ
certainly not random in their distribution according to the most authoritative source on
the topic (Winn 1981).2 Indeed, Gimbutas (1989) and Haarmann (1996) even proposed
that they represented a pre-Sumerian European script; although that is highly unlikely,
it is also unlikely they would have proposed the idea in the first place if the distribution
of symbols seemed random. "

considering people like Bookchin and Marx himself were famously family-oriented, you'll have to try a little bit harder
if you want to circlejerk about how "commies r dum and bad" please go on somewhere else, like reddit for example

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Europeans can't have black hair? Blue eyes was a sign of royalty in Sumer, and the Blue eyes gene originated in Europe.

If you have blue yes you have European ancestry. I wouldn't be surprised if the prevalence of blue eyes in Sumerian royalty and nobility is because the area was civilized by European settlers who possessed metal tools, the first metal tools came from Europe and the Europeans rose to dominance over the natives and ascended to royalty.

Nice try, commiecuck. Marx himself was famous for wanting to abolish the family unit.

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Yes, that's what Marx said, and as we all know, the Great Prophet Karl is never wrong. :^)
I'd tell you to read this, but we all know that communists don't actually read anything while screeching at everyone else to "read Marx".

read your own link you fucking mong:

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Color me surprised.

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>after being proven wrong by your own source

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Europeans can't have black hair?

Black headed, not "black haired."

Can you point to any academic literature which says this? .

It was the clay sickle , being cheap to produce in bulk, which along with other innovations such as the seeder plough and long field agriculture,made possible the grain surplus which civilisation in Sumer was based on.

No, you are thinking of Egypt, and that was only after the Ptolemies took over.

They originated in neanderthals, which means that somewhere in human history one of my homo sapien sapien ancestors looked at a pale-skinned, blue-eyed, slope-headed, long-armed ape creature and said, "I am going to put my dick in that."

pro european sentiment almost always means pro imperialism and pro nationalism, so take your "muh yurop pride muh white race muh western civilization" bs outta here we have no room for it. you're gonna put "muh nation muh yuropean" over the class struggle and the workers, that's what nationalists do, their nation comes before all and when shit hits the fan you'll sell out the workers to save the skins of your white porkies.

Nationalism is so stupid. If you take pride in George Washington because he was a fellow American, you gotta own up to Jeffery Dahmer too, another American.

No mate,YOU need to get out and take your anti FREAKIN WHITE MALE bullshit out of here you piece of shit. Go jerk off blacks in the bathroom's of your liberal cuckollege. Reminder if revolution comes,Liberal identitarian human trash like you will be the first one to be hang you divisive human appendix.

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Nobody voted for Dahmer tho

Just to add to my post , it was the production of a grain surplus which allowed for the rise of a specialist priestly class in Sumer. (Priests were in political control at the start of the Bronze Age in Sumer, kings later.)
A grain surplus (and the exploitation of those producing it, if its ok to retro - fit Marx's term like that to pre-capitalist societies) was the motor for the development of civilisation in different parts of the world:

Sumer (barley)
China (rice)
MesoAmerica (maize)

Nope. It came fro the Cro-Magnons, the earliest modern Europeans

Dahmer was self-elected by coup d'etat.

his nigger devouring appetite knew no bounds

he's an honorary Rohmite.

yeah Sorel and Blanqui were better. fuck Marx. Proudhon and Bakunin were too.

Dahmer was based gay cannibal nigger remover, you pleb.

This is what that incel neo-nazis actually believe

You are talking about the results of the coupling between human and neanderthal, so yeah blue eyes come from neanderthals.

There was no value form in the ancien regime, so it would make more sense to just call it theft in the form of taxation.

Traditions are a name given to modes of behavior that have passed the test of natural selection. People have genetic interests, and traditions are largely in place to ensure the perpetuity of the group's genetics.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
It is good to reciprocate your ancestors for giving you your heritage by honoring their traditions (although one of those traditions is the moral idea of reciprocity itself).
People often fail to see the unintended consequences of their actions, and a change to tradition by someone's flawed logic will end up going badly.

Tradition is eating and shitting? It is but not for the reasons that you think.

Fanciful bullshit. Fucking perpetuates genetics.

It is not broken, but what it does is shit.

What do they care? They're dead.

You can't stop change, and even taking no action is an action.

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Uh yeah, actually you can. Hungary built a huge fence, and thus has less Arab crime than their western neighbors.


None of these posts are worth replying to for your sake, because you're mentally 14 years old, but:
Surely you kind of have a clue how reductive this is, right? If all genes had to do to perpetuate themselves was to reproduce, evolution basically wouldn't have happened. Peoples with traditions that are inferior can be destroyed.
Go try to change something people value. You will be stopped.

We are reaching levels of irony that shouldn't even be possible.

No, you can't. It is the nature of reality to be in constant motion. Change is perpetual, and no wall can change that.

Top kek. Zig Forumsyps are unironically calling people reductionists now. How long will it be before we are "problematic?"

Tell us all about how the traditions of single-cell organisms made them into men.

Almost as stupid as the previous statement but not quite. The things that people value constantly change. Isn't that what you are most afraid of?

I don't need to do anything.
I'm sorry to break it to you, but change is an immutable fact of life.
会者定離, 生者必滅, 有為転変…


I should probably start intentionally using the word problematic often to retake a good word from the cultural left.
That is a problematic, reductive, and inglorious question. You should know that memes are metaphysical genes, and that traditions are memes.
The things that people value that can change generally change slowly and/or as a result impositions upon them by authority (including the mass media in the modern context).

"I don't need to do anything."
If that's really how you feel, stop discussing politics. What would the point even be? It's arrogant to think history will just inevitably progress towards your preferred future no matter what.

Not him, but I agree.
The problem with your logic is assuming that "communism" or some sort of inevitable change, that you are doing your part to enact.
In reality, when humanity reaches a post scarcity technocratic utopia, all communists will be launched into the sun due to their efforts in holding humanity back as long as they have.

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Yeah, like how nationalist parties have become more popular in Europe; leaders rising like Salvini, Orban, Akesson, etc.

Your form of argumentation is basically "change is always cosmopolitan and xenophile because old stuff bad".

Also, there's no law of physics saying people can't like things if they're "old".

Stop extrapolating. We're talking about traditions.

You are welcome to it. "Reductionist" too. While you are at it, why don't you take "shitlord?"

Not sure if serious.

Yes, that is indeed constant change.

Careful. You will summon the leftcoms.

Capitalism can only destroy itself as its inherent contradictions become fatal. When it does, the system that replaces it can only be one that is capable of perpetuating itself in an environment where outward expansion is no longer possible and productivity is sufficient to meet the needs of the human population. The only group of people who are capable of accomplishing that is the group of people who produce everything, but in so doing it must destroy what defines it: its lack of control over its own production. What the new economic reality will be like is unpredictable beyond the limitations that can be determined by the nature of the collapse of the current system. Material realities will shape it just as they do now.

What is really funny is that this is correct for reasons that you do not understand. After the revolution, the revolutionaries have to go.


No, it's not. You just suck at reading.

No, but the current reality will either bury the old or twist it into something that better reflects it.

. Source? Blue eyes originated in Europe. Asians and Native Americans have more neanderthal DNA so if blue eyes was a neanderthal trait it would be more common in Asians and native Americans. Semites have the most and pure Semites exclusively have brown eyes. Cro-magnons never mated with pure Neanderthals. They murdered them wherever they found them. They would go into their caves with domesticated wolves and kill them. The small amount of neanderthal DNA in Europeans comes from interbreeding with Asiatic homo sapiens who had some neanderthal admixture. This is why Semites, like Arabs hate dogs, and people with blue eyes so much. Genetic memory/epigenetic tramua from being hunted by. The image of tall, blue eyed men coming into their caves with wolves and killing them is burned into their DNA.

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Go back to Zig Forums, I've seen you in a fuck ton of Neandertal threads before posting the same bullshit.
I'm an anarcho-primitivist so I know my anthropology, and the consensus is clear—Europeans have the largest ammount of Neandertal DNA, resulting in blue eyes, white skin, blonde/red hair, and allergies being very prominent. Semites do have SOME Neandertal DNA, but not to the extent of modern europeans.

Nigga what?

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Plus, you're literally posting /x/ tier theories about Neandertals. That they were nocturnal is simply absurd—an evolutionary path like this would take millions of years to develop. That they were cannibalistic is known, but so were Cro-Magnons.
When you breed with Cro-Magnons and are brought up by them there's no way Transgenerational trauma takes place.