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It's all connected, so post it here.

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so much for a kike free first post.

Can someone give the basic gestalt on pizzagate? I stopped paying attention a year ago and forgot everything.

After that retarded sperg went to comet with a gun it was generally accepted that if any evidence remained, it was gone after that day

Pizzagate started as a meme the shareblue shills pushed to distract us from actual controversy, as you can see some idiots still believe it despite nobody caring anymore. And if even if it was real who cares, child trafficking organizations change hands all the time, any evidence that MAY HAVE existed is gone.(>even if it was real who cares)

Hahahaha get the fuck in my noose

Guys I found the shill


That’s the rundown. Decide for yourself.

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Way to out yourself by posting interracial porn.
Global report, filtered.

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Pizzagate Germany?
I didn't really look into the FTP since I'm scitzophrenic and this shit fucks me up rn

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How are you this fine evening, Chaim?

OP poor bake. Request hotpocket edit correction to Thread 4

should be thread 4 not 3 - bad day in production

think that shitsreal

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everything runs on blackmail….thats it

There is possibly also a Pizzagate Australia - Bimbo Deluxe
I archived the pizzeria's Instagram when the Pizzagate story broke. Odd Comet Ping Pong like art & decor.
Pic related.

There are probably other candidates too such as
with a logo "Y" which some might say represents a penis.

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podesta and hillary both colluded with trump, the media, and CIA(wikileaks) to create a bullshit charade to influence the public in favor of trump, as he was preselected by the zionist puppeteers to be president

lets count the scores… wikileaks has done nothing (besides protect israel).. trump has done nothing (besides protect israel).. hillary and podesta had zero real dirt found and will never be prosecuted…

sounds like you fell for a jewish trick yet again, shouldn't have skipped your grade 9 class to research pizzagate.

checked for mini satan

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I ain't scanning those QR codes…

I scanned the first, which led me to the FTP, which led me to a PDF which led me to the site I posted, there's probably more there. I can't fucking beleve german media worships satanic religion this obviously
just look at the promotion videos of the site, creepy as fuck, if you see the signs

Maybe Im tired so Im missing it, but I dont see what is odd in the pic you posted?

So you saw a TV show -> saw oven ->looked in oven catalog -> saw QR code -> scanned code -> got to ftp archive -> found pdf -> pdf leads to marketing studio that did work for them?

i'm referring to:


So I guess Vault 7 and 8 now never happened? I guess Hillary and Podesta like flirting with jail time if they were that ready to throw themselves out there like that just to get Trump elected. I guess all the arrests which have happened recently relating to pizzagate and pedophiles in general was just random and had nothing to do with Trump. I guess Trump not saying anything kikes on Holohoax remembrance day, negotiating with Palestine, and backing Syria in the civil war and letting Putin take over logistics and planning in that region after the dust settled was all just an unfortunate coincidence for Israel, huh?
Go back to reddit and peddle your blackpills there, kiddo. No one is buying it here.

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so who of substance was put in jail over vault 7? vault 8? hillary and podesta will never go in jail either. it's all just smoke and mirrors for the masses buddy, keep the plebs occupied and distracted while the zogs pillage the resources. only person wikileaks ever put in jail was bradley manning (great job guys) but they sure did get lots of people killed (ratting out the leaks to the alphabets) pedophiles get arrested all the time, so yes it most certainly had absolutely nothing to do with trump, and i they realized syria was a lost cause so they'll regroup and try again later

why do you excuse and defend trumps countless jewish immediate family and associates? all his globalist corporate bankster buddies? you deserve the gas as bad as the jews

p.s. trump himself is 100% jewish as was his mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, etc

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Dylan Farrow 'outraged' sex abuse claims were 'ignored for years'

Tennessee Kidnaps 3 Boys from Mentally Disabled Mom – Refuses Grandmother Custody in Favor of Adoption to Strangers

2 teen sisters featured in ABC News report on overmedicated foster kids are missing after running away

Vault 7 & 8 showed how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to the CIAs capacity to spy.

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just a bit of housecleaning for continuity - several related threads out there need to be included here


Eliza Dushku: 'True Lies' stunt coordinator (((Joel Kramer))) molested me when I was 12

Poland introduces public paedophile list

Pizzag8 Ireland

Democrat in Georgia who made LGBT Film “Unconditional” BUSTED for Child Porn, Sex with 13-Year-Old


BlackCube Agency

11 More Pedo Saudi Princes Arrested

Shareblue forgot to disable directory listings

Justin Trudeau Foundation Has Pedo Symbol


GOV user here, heads-up re: PIZZAGATE

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testimony

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This thread is off to a great start, shills bogging it down in tired out zognald scripts.

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Elites ‘Kill Innocent Children & Drink Their Blood’

Seth's fascination with pandas is linked to his abuse as a child.
His parents are being forced to co-operate because they have their own skeletons.
The Awan brothers worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Whisenant was investigating fraudulent diplomatic passports used by the Awan brothers.

Warren Buffet used to play cards with the rabbi that died before Joel Rich took over the congregation.
Thats who murdered Seth Richs dad.
They are located in the same town as the Franklin scandal.
David Shurter( branded as crazy of course has been trying to tell others about the operation there)

The Boys Towns are worldwide and they are used as a convenience for sex and temple prostitution and sacrifices for their religion.
Boystown in Omaha, nebraska is located right in the town.
I think last year they had maybe 10 boys or more disappear there, just in the orphanage alone…
Whats funny is that the orphanage has its own police that is separate from Omahas police, Its to keep it contained.
The famous and the infamous go there to be with Warren. t
The Koch brothers offices are right by Warrens and I think Yahoo is on the same corner.

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Conspiracy of Silence by the late John DeCamp

Whore of Babylon Revealed: The Dark Secrets of the Vatican Exposed

Give me a tl;dr on the actual evidence, I can't be arsed to go through every archive of several hundred post threads

Should maybe concentrate on the UK. An under researched but partially exposed avenue.

Jimmy Savilles favorite restaurant was "The Flying Pizza". He didn't visit just once a week, but multiple times.

One of his eight homes was a small flat in the heart of the Leeds Jewish community in Roundhay. He spent much of his time socialising at the Flying Pizza restaurant on Street Lane, a popular local haunt.


The Flying Pizza and his nearby penthouse apartment overlooking Roundhay Park were, until his death two years ago, the centre of Savile’s Leeds empire.


Pic related shows Saville groping a teenager in the flying pizza restaurant from a Louis Theroux documentary and also on the San Carlo restaurant group website homepage the phrase "low down on how to order secret menu items!".

The San Carlo group has restaurants all over the UK and is very popular with politicians and celebrities.

(Other pics wider UK ring stuff)

What do you think lads? Would appreciate some help?

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Fixed that for you. Faggot.

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better blackcube bread link

more OG bread archive





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Newborn Kidnapped from Hospital at Birth in Alabama Returned to Parents After 2 Years bout time

God Emporer Drumpf says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath

Betsy DeVos: Common Core is dead at U.S. Department of Education yay

'All calumny': Pope shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

Missing Kids dot org

his name was Seth Rich

It's all a big con job.
Roger Stone is deep state limited hangout BS artist holding us in check while we wait on this shit which will NEVER transpire instead of demanding REAL nationalism.

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Meanwhile, Israel is actually being made great again and when they get deposed from power, the whole machine is going to come after us hard.


Man had help from wife, girlfriend selling teenage girls for sex

Afghan asylum seeker flees to Sweden with new ID after being accused of sexually abusing girl, four, in Germany

5-year-old boy found dead near Albany; Caretaker charged


ok this is just fucked up lads

Kennewick teen accused of raping preschooler at his mom's daycare

Why do shills hate this topic so much

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hey if anyone wants to do some pizzagate shit i was riding down the chicago ave bus in chicago (heading east) and prolly ~3-4 blocks b4 western i saw a building with one of those triangle pedo logos on it. then a block or two up i see a bar on the corner (chicago and oakley i think?) called the brown [something suggestive]

yeah, it struck me as bragging or showing off…. but what i do know? the fucked up thing was before i could investigate i was whisked away by circumstances to go get my drugs so you know, shit happens right?

take note of this anons…
this seems to be the memo. its always something like

you will see some variation of this in damn near every thread related to this, either on here or elsewhere. whenever you see such things be sure to remind them (and all other anons that are reading the thread) that the comet pizza shootout was the most OBVIOUS false flag that we have seen in a while. all security cameras, which are always pointed in the direction of the shop, were either moved or obstructed on that day, so we have absolutely NO visual evidence that it happened.

its also important to point out that out of the couple quick shots that the guy was able to get off before being detained, that one of them apparently went RIGHT THROUGH A FUCKING COMPUTER HARDRIVE.

just fucking think about that for one fucking second. the audacity of these freaks.

if you are new to this whole fiasco, i suggest looking through the archives of all these past investigation threads, and also check the last pizzagate thread archive in the OP. that will have links to the archives of all of the pizzagate threads. if you missed it, or dont know exactly what happened, go and do yourself a favor and dig. these kind "helpful" anons telling you that there is simply nothing to look into, are lying and are being paid to misinform you.

THE other MEMO

read: real


Yeah goyim, you think you can just boss the system around ya bastid? I'll have you know I reported you to Jim for your evil nadzee books and information which could possibly bring our plan down. I have deducted all your shekels from your account for even thinking about posting books, self-improvement and preparedness threads WHICH ACTUALLY MATTER.



I gift to KEK a Redpill in the form of pixel


It is 35 weeks, (245 days) since we saw a vulnerable 4 year old with cerebral palsy who can neither eat nor speak ripped from the arms of his loving mother while onlookers were pepper sprayed by a gang of NSW Police and 'Family and Community Service Workers' outside the John Hunter hospital, Newcastle, Australia.

FOUR TIMES the authorities had taken his loving parents to court in the previous 5 months. No Judge would approve the stealing of this child. One of the Judges said what a great job his parents were doing and that they should have more financial support.

FACS didn’t like this.
# Maybe because it was coming to light that he was born healthy.
# Maybe because he was doing so much better on the plant based diet.
# Maybe because his parents were using cannabis oil for his seizures.
# Maybe because his parents thought they lived in a free country and shared their success story.

They snatched him anyway.

Once removed from their parents, vulnerable children seem to be a high paying commodity for some agencies.
According to their own NSW figures Intensive residential care (which I'm guessing Chase would be) attracts funding (your tax) dollars of $325,527 per year for a single child. (This is over $890 per day, ample money to help a little family like this into a home of their own, a suitable vehicle and a friendly home help to make life easier.)

Who’s getting the money that Chase has earned so far since his abduction?

Is this why these children are targets?

He was laughing for pretty much the first time during the last weeks of being in his parents’ care.

Can it be true that in a country that pretends to be free he now spends his days back in a permanent catatonic, drug induced state in a motel room with strangers…

Gag orders abound, but it seems that his family have had very minimal supervised contact with their little, helpless son over all these months.

Where is the justice in Australia for this child and those like him?

Where is the Justice for his doctor, Dr Andrew Katelaris who had achieved such great results over a decade using medicinal cannabis for children with seizures and epilepsy? Dr Katelaris, now in prison ….. for saving lives and alleviating suffering? Or for defending his patient?

How many other children are taken from good parents in Australia? 🇦🇺

Our petition of 104,000 signatures was ignored completely.

PRU GOWARD many thousands of us around the world are interested. Perhaps you would like to explain what is happening in your department?

MALCOLM TURNBULL; PRU GOWARD; NSW POLICE; GREG HUNT. FACS: MICHAEL COUTTS-TROTTER. (Convicted drug dealer who served three years of a nine year sentence for trying to import heroin into Australia), the Media, Reporters, the Legal system, Doctors. Nurses. Where are your voices on this? Where is your moral compass?

Where is there any concern for this vulnerable child's welfare?
35 weeks later, we are still watching and counting …..

He represents all our children.

Compilation of when Chase was taken:


You're reaching real fucking hard with that first pic. Don't muddy the water with shit like this.

(((Kathy Sheehan))) is mayof of Albany, a (((sanctuary city)))
5-year-old boy found dead near Albany; Caretaker charged

Iceland’s Government Falls After Letter Asking to Pardon Pedophile

SF nogs BTFO over niggerstein London Breed being replaced with whiteboy Mark Farrell

I can buy the controlled opposition angle.. most certainly.

Creating the false savior.. it all makes sense but you can't say that with 100% confidence but it is mostly plausible. Allow me to play devils advocate

Changes since trump… reaffirming gun owners rights… passing a tax law that totally fucks the urban blue states via write off changes, adopting economic isolationist policies, promoting economic growth in rural areas… criticizing the un… attacking the main stream media etc is unnecessary completely unnecessary… the status quo and social engineering were already achieving the intended results. All of these policies run contrary to agenda 21.. globalisation and one world currency.

Seems that the old science of running the same group of politicians agsinst the same group of politicians is much more effective.

A better plan.. would be trot out old McCain or jeb… have them get killed in an election or win.. really doesn't matter…. and continue to promote policies supporting agenda 21.. stripping rights… via your carefully crafted multi platform propoganda (msm..social media etc)

Your theory loses quite a bit of weight when you consider they are trading the legitimacy of their propoganda network and legitimacy (politicians).. emboldening an armed populace.. And clamping down on the Importation of 3rd worlders to further distort American society.

Mass social unrest is about the only new development under Trump.. But as we saw with 9/11 and martial law practice in Boston that false flags are much less elaborate and more effective.

There is no need for such an elaborate plot of installing Trump.. it makes zero strategic sense. Unless he's a plant that went rogue you need to provide more than "muh jews"

Crowdstrike used raw FISA data to figure out it was seth rich who accessed the wikileaks secure drop.

Solid reasoning. Trump is an individual. He can at this point become one of the greatest figures in world history, loved and respected by his people and billions across the world, or he can be the showman for a handful of filthy rich cunts. Presumably to make more money or save his own life. It's a fact that we cannot know what's in his head for certain, but if he is a trick it's a quite elaborate, risky one. Flattering really that anyone would take the time, effort and sheer script writing talent. Opposing such a person would be near futile. While if he is the real deal, not supporting him could make the difference.

definitely shitsurreal

How are we gonna get rid of Imkampfy?

Are you implying that Hotpocket is Imkampfy? You need to go back to the drawing board if you are.

I was thrown off-track for quite a while by that false narrative behind the "Fatherhood" and "Each Day I Grow Some More" videos, pinning the source as Podesta. Blame hubris.
Are there any more well-crafted lies/misdirections that have been dripped among the history of these threads? In case I or others accepted them as fact among the rush of digging.

You misunderstand, I completely agree with the image other than it being claimed that Kampfy is Hotpocket.

So my friend’s son goes to this special school for exceptionally intelligent children in her area, and the school is very small, maybe 80 students total grades K-6, run out of a local Synagogue. Her son is not jewish but gets a huge discount on tuition to go there, supposedly bc of his high IQ. She brought me in with her to pick him up the other day and I learned the school is named for ‘The Tree of Life’ in hebrew. Which creeped me out as I never noticed much reference to the tree of life before stumbling over it frequently during the pizzagate investigation, mostly pertaining to mind-control victims… i took a peek in their (what i would call chapel but I’m sure that’s not the term they use. Don’t think temple is right either but regardless the room with the pews around a pulpit from which the i presume the rabbi speaks) ‘chapel’ and became super creeped out by this symbol (pic related) prominently placed above the pulpit in the center of the room where a cross would probably hang were in a church. Anyone know wtf it is? My best guess so far is a version of a ‘Hamaz’ (i think thats right, the hand w the eye in it’s palm) symbol. She’s a total normie, but that shit gave me bad vibes and it seems the tree of life (reprented in numerous images all over inside the building) & hamaz (if thats what it is) symbols are only used prominently by kabbalah jews/jewish mysticism, which screams to me to tell her to yank the kid out & run but I need more than ‘i think those are the bad jews’ or ‘those symbols creep me out’ if I’m going to actually get my concerns to resonate with her. Any anons that can help me out & tell me what the deal w those symbols are and whether I’m being overly paranoid or something more concrete I can show to validate my concerns? Thanks Anons.

Also should point out the ‘chapel’ had a big skylight over the center pulpit area coming through a circle inside a giant star of david on the ceiling. She claimed there was a small black dome covering the inside of the skylight last time she was in there, with a camera or telescope looking apparatus attached to it she found unsettling. Said dome was not in there when I was looking around. No idea what that was either or if it’s relevant. All help appreciated.

Attached: D5FBF2F1-8538-4EDF-98DD-D3A3DF92FC03.jpeg (1210x1232, 139.52K)

May likely refer to a messenger as described on Torah or Old Testament in the Best Case.
They have descriptions as the weirdest.

On worse case, can be something exclusive to Kabbalah/Jewish mysticism. May also be one of the Demons that King Solomon controlled.

This just as an introduction. I'll research more,have to sleep now

here liveleak.com/view?i=2bd_1492412738

Get the kid out for the love of fuck. Show these to her and research tavistock and the GATE program. If the kikes are giving a discount on anything let alone tuition it should be a huge red flag. If they want the kid for his IQ it's probably to turn him into an mkultra/monarch superstar like they did to Charlie Manson at Boys Town.

Attached: image.jpeg (255x181 79.6 KB, 34.9K)

Also if there is a camer in there only part time it's a live stream to (((somewhere))).

Australia’s worst paedophiles could be compensated up to $150,000 for being sexually abused as children - and it'll be taken out of money meant for other victims

Kennewick police arrest man for allegedly raping girl, threatening to kill her family

Robert Mueller Involved in FBI Release of Deceptive Statements about Sarasota 9/11 Probe

Underbelly Files: Chopper star Aaron Jeffery reveals his horrific childhood abuse including being passed around a paedophile ring 'for a couple of years' before suffering a breakdown in his twenties

True deception of Queen of England exposed

Thanks user. But how can I connect the school jews with the talmud cult jews for a normie? I made a joke awhile ago about the kid ‘never being too young to learn a healthy skepticism of the jews’ and she wigged out. Unless I can connect their fascination with the tree of life and/or whatever that symbol is in the ‘chapel’ to clearly being no good, she’s gonna dismiss it as just more anti-semitic propaganda I’m regurgitating from the internet. Normies really really empathize with the plight of poor misunderstood jews for whatever reason, and readily dismiss anyone expressing concern about them as a racist/nazi/antisemitic crazy person. Plus she knows much of the faculty from seeing them everyday and it being such a small group, so I really need something sunstaintial tying the school to real danger that isn’t just jews are bad & the school is jewish. That might be enough for me to yank my kid the f outta there, but it won’t get through to her without a direct tie in

Thanks. I wasn’t thinking that. Your prob right.

You mean like a representation of the burning bush? That was actually my first thought when I saw it but I’ve never heard of anyone celebrating the burning bush as a major religious symbol. I mean it is front & center, clearly the centerpiece of their ‘chapel.’ Seems grandiose for such a symbol. Are there any graphic depictions of Soloman’s demons anywhere you could refer me to? (I mean graphic as in drawn, not described explicitly if that reads unclear)

there is an event out near NV lake lahontan lakebed gypsum flats on the July 4 holiday called "burnin' bush" - an unsanctioned campout composed of Burning Man participants - which when it started was at the time of GHWB and burned an effigy of Poppy Magog. As far as (((the main "burn" event))) at "Black Rock City", parents I would not recommend bringing your underage children here. Way pagan, yes… moth to flame, bonfire of vanity for those with money to burn, literally. Do as thou wilt on steroids.

Folks the "jewish holocaust at the hands of the ebbil nazees" is a complete fabrication, a zionist LIE. There were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz, and nowhere near "six million" died.

The real holocaust was at the hands of the Bolsheviks, and strangely we are not taught about that in school, nor are we taught about the actual reason Hitler invaded Poland, nor are we taught about the 1933 Haavara Agreement. History is written by the winners, and is often untrue. Read Hitler's War by David Irving, see the docu films The Greatest Story Never Told and Synagogue of Satan, then visit Zundel's Bunker on Zig Forums.

Cole in Auschwitz

Holocaust Deprogramming Course

The Greatest Story Never Told

Synagogue of Satan

Zundel's Bunker - Holocaust Handbooks

I bet that tight pussy felt so good(Kike got the old chainsword one-two for this post)

Hi. I found some bread that we can use for a variety of purposes. Most importantly is to archive it.

As I said, it might be useful for other purposes, but since s e i u were implicated in Seth Rich's murder at some point, I thought I'd bring it to you. Logs seem to cover 2015-2017, so idk if there is some activity in th elogs that might indicate something strange going on. Looks lke the national org not the local one implicated in the hospital, bt you never know. Enjoy.


Try this one, it's written by a Jewish historian. archive.fo/ENByB
Give us all the dox you can on the school, its faculty, and take more pictures.

That was my first thought too since it doesn't break the idolatry law technically and they love to try to out jew (((yhwh))). It could also be symbolic of moloch's sacrificial fire.

Nice thumbnail

Let me point out my unanswered question up there like a fucking faggot. It's very important to me that I recognize disinfo shills, especially when they have me fooled for any amount of time.
I remember the two raw videos being posted here, and our reaction was palpable. They were posted without text and were one of the first replies to a fresh Zig Forums Investigations thread. Who ever posted it purposely put it in a prime position to be seen and examined by as many people as possible.
The source was SiIvaGunner / worldcorp. They created an ARG of mysterious and edgy content for either their own entertainment, or to get traffic to their SoundCloud. And yet it was stripped of context and posted here at a time of peak weaponized autism, hoping we'd run with it until we lost our way.
If some LARPing faggot tried the exact same trick again with a different video, whether just to get some replies or to misdirect the thread, I'd only have this experience to guide me. It's not like I'm going to find one obscure YouTube video out of billions that exist all by myself.
So I'll ask again, can you recall ANY well-placed breadcrumbs from Investigation threads that turned out to be a deceitful red herring? My fear is that I may misunderstand future developments because of some lie that I only fell for because I wasn't in a position to browse while our top men sorted fact from fiction.

So what fucking possible evidence would you have for fucking Siivagunner faking a Jon Podesta video–using his real voice and taken in a legitimate location where child rape took place, you stupid fucking idiot?

This looks really creepy and doesn't add up. Fucking west-side melbourne is so degenerate

Screenshots of the T-shirts available from the baby pizza webshop in Richmond. Looks like dick-in-butt and dick-in-smaller-butt and ass to ass.
I am thoroughly disgusted.

Attached: fDX9ewC.png (797x247, 8.64K)

Fuck off beaner, back to >>>/b/ and then to mexico

No one cares.

Ben Swan the news reporter that "went dark" several months ago was suspended yet again. They are doubling down on the fake news script.

PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

Cuckchan on Skippy

Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act would block porn sites from government computers

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg FAVORS Decriminalizing Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking

Chattanooga Police Officer Takes Plea Deal in Child Pornography Case

Public hanging of child rapists & murderers considered as Pakistan mourns 7yo victim

Has proof ever been supplied that Berkay and Learningchode are the same person beyond superficial facial similarities?


Allegations of cp being seen on Ipad at White Sands Daycare.

ATTENTION (message from Europe / conservatists)

Twitter has engaged fully political modus.
They maintain white and blacklists.
Not all people are aware of "Shadowbanning".

What is shadowbanning? It was used for spammers and POLITICAL unwanted users to take away their voice and influence on the Twitter platform. These users are tagged (might be sold to other Deep State agencies and nations around the world).

Right now: CONSERVATIVES are tagged on Twitter.
They don't see anything wrong with their timeline, they can read, Tweet as life is normal. But meanwhile (if Shadowbanned) nobody can read your Tweets unless searched for specifically. Your name and Tweets disappear from the public timeline and searchengine.
Your voice is muted. Your influence (to Twitter general audience) is zero. You are the only person who sees your Tweets if Shadowbanned (which also means that you're automatically graylisted by the agencies).

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It means the meme wars organized here on the boards might not as effective as you think! They are reading along and download the memepacks which are fed into a AI helper script to find all your 1000's of accounts and isolate you in a bubble. This avoids you from going trending.

This isn't very democratic. It's also about Twitter being a highly political instrument. And they do it in a way that the common user is not aware of what's going on. They stay on Twitter and keep using the platform.

It is time people on Socialmedia and Twitter need to be informed about the political Shadowbanning. Spread the word to avoid people from wasting their efforts.

I need to add the shadowbanning is done more to the little people (individual users) and not big conservative outlets (because people will find out easily)

They are after Your voice.

Today it's the conservatist.. tomorrow the liberal?

This concerns all people

Billionaire Couple Linked to the Clinton Foundation’s Work in Haiti Found Dead in Claimed “Murder/Suicide”

'Powerful elite' of at least 20 establishment figures may have been part of paedophile ring that abused children for decades

What's the solution to organized blackmail with child pornography? Would large fines instead of jail time encourage compromised politicians to not give in to blackmail? Child pornography and blackmail of people in power are huge problems and whenever you solve one the other grows. Strange dynamic.


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