Brit/pol/ #2737 : brap chambers is a nonce edition

make links later mod sweetists

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nth for abobraps

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if I ever find out who brap chambers is I will report him to mummy gretchen for cyber bullying

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wonder if he is connected in anyway with organized scoobydoory, I would be completely and utterly shocked if he was tbf

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I love her lads

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fanku matie

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Kill all nonces, this fucking enraged me when I saw it. The police and judges have always been nonces, as have the rest of them.

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come on lad.

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I will go full BTK on you brap chambers. nonces and especially fag nonces should be given the blood eagle

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good catch lad yank taig kraut mongrel lasses tbf

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He's a scoobydoo

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I want to STOMP nonces faces in for hurting little lasses. tbf fuck that campbell nonce who hurt that little scotch lass

Looking back she was never attractive but I remember her being so, weird.

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Well she was attractive but not in the same way I remember.

Why did it do that?

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blame the site it's what everyone else does.

fuck that gay language

Lads. If you had a time machine, what year would you go to and which historical events souls you mess with and why?

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god that hurt my ears

english is the best language ever made, its god's language


She's one of those weird ginger slavs Stalin moved I think, they all look like that.


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I would only be sad if thomas jefferson got hanged

I kinda like the revolutionary lads tbh.

They were Freemasons, lad.

id feel bad killing george washington he was a good lad as well but i feel like it was a franco-spanish-dutch plot to sunder and weaken saxondom smh

Id love to see how things turned out if the south won or if the allies teamed up with the axis to annihilate the ussr tbh

Our timeline is extremely evocative and compelling, tbh.

Udmurts, I think they are actually Tatars, Stalin had them all moved to some random place in Russia for some reason.

tbh like everyone was, it was the way to get ahead.

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this can only end badly


Don't think Washington was a good lad, lad. He was a shitty English general i think.

all their eyes are already JUST

The timeline where Marxism reigns over us and whites are facing existential crisis is the worst timeline tbh

King William IV said he was the greatest man to ever live tbf

I would travel forward in time and become the great warchief of the juggalo nations

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tbh I think we would've been better under Marxist-Leninist rule than what we are currently under, as a people that is.

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I'd be happy for them to demolish St. Paul's Masonic Cathedral tbh

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heidegger not spengler okay thank you

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surprised by how pessimistic he was despite living at a time when european empires were so dominant, i think spengler had remarkable foresight

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Very few buildings in London that I actually care for tbh, I like some of the big neo-classical ones but the rest can kinda go, Palace of Westminster is one of them, keep the Elizabeth Tower though.

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I love the Albert Hall tbh

alot of other people were saying the same thing as him at the time houston stewart chamberlain and nietzsche most famously

Westie, he probably felt the same way about European hegemony as we do about Western comfort. It's always the same for people who can discern social trends like weather forecasters.

BTFO yet again smh

yeah there was shite like french afrikang troops in the rhineland during his time and empires subordinating the interests of their metoropol to the colonies and league of nations mandates slave morality tbf

true nietzche had such remarkable foresight as well find it incredible, although maybe it would be far more obvious living at that time and seeing christianity collapse yourself and the industrial revolution+rise of atheism

It's very grand, as I said, keep some, build around it in an aesthetic way.


tbh, all the coveted historical buildings of London are just monuments to our oppression over the centuries and the Germans should have done a better job bombing them out.

that was as close to leftypol posting as i ever want to get tbh

There's examples of architecture in london that go all the way back to the 18th century.

Sounds gay, like a typical leftie, just straw-manning and doesn't understand fascism like all of them

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In his first video he constantly conflated regular boomer conservatives with the alt/far right.

Is none of that worth preserving?

Case by case basis.

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I'd say some of the neo classical shit can go tbh and some of our own architecture which isn't an imitation is much more worth preserving.

She's a bit of a dummy tbh.

Again. case by case lad.

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Kingdom Hearts can't even explain its own plot

He looks worried there.

Is that Assyrian lass?


Tbh right now, the only woman who I would listen to is one that is in a shallow grave begging for mercy.


imagine a clown running your country!

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She looks different, hair or something. I'd snuggle her though smh

Zelensky is actually funny though (or so I hear)

Depending on the angle she varies from cute to Shelley Duvall.

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Must have a lot of potato jokes

I would go to France and advise them to keep out of Algeria. still paying the toll to this day tbh.