Fight against Silicon Valley

Hey, guys. If you're into activism against silicon valley, here's some intel:

1) Bird/Lime scooters are roughly estimated ~$320/unit for the company;
2) They have a payback period of one month, with three months of profitability;
3) Over its lifetime, that's $920 in costs and $1920 in revenue;
4) This is equivalent to $16/day revenue, with $11 in profit;
5) They expect at a conservative amount at least 1.5x in returns from whatever is invested.

Point of Action:
Disabling a scooter (preferably permanantly) within the first month of its life prevents over $1000 of profit. Any longer and it will severely limit profits and revenue. This is a good tactic against the evil Silicon Valley menace.

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They have these things in my city too. I don’t go up into the city proper much but maybe I’ll chuck a few into the river if I find a chance. Same with my policy for tearing down military recruitment posters

Is destroying scooters the new toppling trash cans? Seriously, use Free Software Foundation approved distributions and counter surveillance measures if you want to fuck with big tech.

The easiest way to disable scooters is to cut the power line between the motor and the throttle. On bird scooters, this is a green cable.

Don't cut the red, it's the brake.



This is pure anarkiddie-tier performative activism, but I still support just because those scooter are the dumbest fucking concept I've ever heard.

That too, but it's nice to do physical sabotage once in a while.

This sort of passive resistance, alone, does absolutely nothing. Stop advocating for this as it's only ensuring the idleness of individuals, we need to turn them into activists.

wtf I love having no control over my computing MoP now

The fact that you think destroying scooters is more revolutionary than setting someone on the path to software liberation proves that you are an anarkiddy tryhard looking for a cheap thrill.

The absolute state of the anarchist left.


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just steal them instead dumbass

They almost certainly have a tracker.

Software liberation is arguably more meaningful because it liberates a person, at least at a foundational level, from literal NSA spyware and if you're doing ANYTHING of note, it's very important.


This is the same shit the post-left anarchists did in the 90's and it didn't do anything but sell a few books. It seems your problem with larping is the live action part because rping as a tech dissident by using free software is the same idea applied to your computer. Meanwhile capitalism, including technoporky, will still run rampant because adoption of such lifestylism is removed from class struggle on any meaningful level.

Then remove the tracker brainbox.


So this is the power of lifestylism.

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I think I'd rather just use the scooters and annoyingly run over women's feet sense I have no way of knowing whose a mod just looking at them. I don't have Shinigami Eyes lol


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My argument is that if you "don't do" and only by your words you are defined, you "cannot be"

i.e. non-"lifestylists" are LARPers


Smashing the machines of the capitalist class IS undeniably a revolutionary act

Your argument is a straw man. No one is telling you that if you or enough people use GNU/Linux capitalism will end. We are telling you that you get measurable personal benefit from using it, and part of that benefit (subverting police state surveillance) is prerequisite to any actual militant left organizing.

Just fyi even here in San Francisco 90% of the scooters dumped onto the streets ended up being smashed on the sidewalk or dumped in the bay. This happens because when the bikes run low on juice they beep and tell someone to plug them in and they'll be paid, which nobody did because the rate is always lower than what electricity costs. It was pretty much free range on them, the only ones left have to be docked into officially licensed stations.

Anyway the fastest way to disable them is to just smash the payment terminal, or drill into it with a cordless drill. If you can't even afford that get an old yankee screwdriver with a drill bit. Be sure to first take the bike into a place not in front of a store so they can't get CCTV of you though.

These things beep all the time and annoy the shit out of normal people too. It's why when the ebike/scooter genocide occurred last year, nobody stopped anyone else from doing it.