Doug Ford

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Doug needs the Pepe treatment.

Kathleen Wynne as Wojak


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If he tweets this image he wins
Chem eck dudes



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No. Fuck off you drug addled kikes.

Aside from smoking crack, I heard he was a pretty good mayor

Not even close.

Welp, looks like we're doing something right, here.

Doug Ford is not Rob Ford, who died of cancer.

Or do you want (((Kevin O'Leary))) to be the leader?

Warnout Cokeseller most likely.

That was Rob Ford and he was pretty okay; people generally liked him around here.

This feels like astroturf.
While you're here though, you may as well make your case for Doug Ford.

I wonder how many kids this one has fiddled?

I wonder how many kids you fiddled?

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Thank you!

Fuck off Doug.


The current guy on the ticket dropped out because he was a pussy.
Doug Ford is only a Prospective candidate, but we need him to be a Declared candidate.,_2018#Prospective_candidates
He's literally the best of the lot.
Story is he is more focused on becoming the Toronto Mayor, but Ontario needs him more.
Show Him Love! Get him to declare he is running for Premier.
His Facebook
His Youtube
His Instagram
His Email [email protected]

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Brother of a crack head and a leaf. Why should we care?

If he's the best there is then we all have no excuse not to run for office ourselves.

If he won, the commies would literately off them selves daily. Canada has a lot of Commies.

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I'm not going to look into him, as I'm an American and as far away as one could get from Canada, can I have a quick run down on why he'd cause mass suicides? Being the brother, and ergo, enabler of a crackhead doesn't sit well with me.

I see you've skipped the part where you make a compelling case for why we should help your campaign.
In response I'm going to skip the part where I help you.

Doug, if you explicitly name Mossad and refer to Canada as "occupied territory" I will vote for you. Otherwise fuck off. You're not your brother but you're a hash dealing punk and the spitting image of an untermensch, and I say that as someone who likes the occasional bowl. Being the least worst simply isn't good.enough even if you paid money for a dubs algorithm.

I'm not sure why, someone could explain it better, but the liberal media destroyed Rob Ford (Toronto Mayor), everyone knew his name, from across the world, because the crack video surfaced. It was disproportionately more press than it should have got.
Marxists seem to hate Doug just as much.
Plus he hates Sodomites

The current Premier is a Woman and a sodomite.

please stop doing this

So wait, hes actually running? News to me.

Rob Ford saved a billion dollars for Toronto, which is like New York saving 10 billion. He never missed a day and was a peoples mayor. Took individual calls and cared about the problems that normally go ignored, showed up on peoples doorsteps etc, very hands on and public oriented. The only people who hated him were corrupt kikes who he fucked over, when he cut their commie benefits, million dollar hotdog parties like Obama was having etc. The gravy train I think he called it.

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I should put it this way, Rob Ford was a crack smoking white man but he was an honorable crack smoking white man with his heart in the right place. Even a degenerate crack smoker can do a better job than an actual kike, like Rahm Emanuel. Compare Chiraq to Toronto, both cities have large non-white populations.. but Toronto is just like any average African city. Chiraq is like fucking Johannesburg.

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What? Rob Ford was basically a nigger. He spent all his time high in his office and he drove drunk. Fuck you for trying to defend him.

It's happening! Fire up those twitters guys! Show Ford some love.

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Help! Need moar meme ideas.

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John Tory's Not Gonna go for Ontario PC Party Leadership!

I need the blank "It's Afraid" meme

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Fuck off with the astroturfed fake memes Doug. Name the jew or stop pretending you deserve support. You and your family behave like niggers and work for kikes.

This is obviously controlled opposition.



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Is that the best bait you have? LOL

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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Doug you are a kike. We remember you and your brother. Fuck off. A dubs algorithm isn't the same thing as being a good person. You are not a leader of men.

Liberals exodus incoming!

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mmm… salt

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Yeah just like Trump did eh? Fuck off nigger, we need to take baby steps here because big steps will not work with the state of the cucks who live here.

Baby steps like electing a wigger family to power again after watching them smoke crack, sneer at white people, party with niggers and FUCKING MURDER A MAN TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES.

Suck my dick, Doug. You don't deserve respect and you know it. You are somewhere between a nigger and a kike in my eyes. Baby steps. Fuck you.

So who's /ourguy/ then? Consider how hard the media went after Rob, absolutely did not pull any punches, a warm-up for what Trump has been going through. Remember who owns the (((media))) and vote the opposite of who they want?

Why the fuck are you blocking their names you raging faggot

I'll admit the media's hatred of him is a sign he may not be their ally. That's why I'm willing to let him name the jew (and I will settle for talking about he crimes of Mossad, mentioning Israeli lobbies as dangerous, or any similar "I know what's going on" code phrase).

But… Trump had magic and sacred truth on his side. Doug is, at best, a self absorbed untermensch like his brother but slightly better at hiding his flaws. When it comes down to it, the only thing I can really appreciate their family for is teaching me the word bumbaclot and getting drunk with niggers. Prove me wrong Mr. Ford. I am prepared to admit I am wrong about you, but you seem like a pathetic walking cliche of what the left wishes we were. I dare you to be more.

Honestly perhaps we really should all run.

Yes, but we won't and if we do we will never know since it would end their political career. In place of this let's discuss who the best candidate is (it is not always as obvious as Trump) and meme them to victory. God knows we need it here after Wynne for the last little while. We got kiked our of Bernier, let's not let that happen again.

Well it can't be Wynne. Ford would be a gift to the left though, I fear. Even if he's actually a great guy and not a dull eyed thug, he's much closer to the "evil white man" stereotype than is helpful. I mean, do you want a literal murder discussion on the campaign trail? Because that will happen, and it will be completely warranted. I too would like answers to that clusterfuck stain on our government.

I don't have a good answer for you yet, but Doug is not /ourguy/. However, I will not tolerate the pizzagate infestation of Toronto much longer. If he's our only option our responsibility becomes one of grooming him to fuck up the hebrews. I really don't like the idea of him in power though.

I have no special affection for him either but the pickings are always slim here. Someone feel free to chime in with a better candidate, I have not seen one.

He has that Trump vibe.


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I'm gonna need to see how a Doug is worse than a dyke, and pronto. That dyke has the face of a woman who molests little girls, Janet Reno on steroids that munter. I'm beginning to smell a saging Jew shill.

He may be involved in a murder to cover for his brother.

You have my attention.

Any word on who killed those billionaire pharmakikes?

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fuggin' saved

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Sauce me first, second tell me why I should care in this instance. Trump committed a litany of crimes in the NYC contracting scene and I don't care, he's still been a net positive for me and light years ahead of shillary. So sauce, what was the murder covering, and huwhy care?

Sodomites BTFO

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Ford now top contender.

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I have these.

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Right. This whole thread is run by uour office. Fuck off Doug.


dubs confirmed

Ford nation is all niggers. Ontario is already Ford nation.

How much do you get per post
I am serious, my shitposting skills are far better than yours, you know? Free market competition and stuff.
Hope your boss sees my post and replies back to me with a job offer in 2 minutes

[email protected]

The dubs in this thread are totally naturally occurring and respect for Doug Ford is totally white. My mistake.

Fuck off back to Mossad.

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Hire this goy, it is the will of Kek.

Hot Memes, Hot Memes, get your hot memes

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Oh look, totally organic dubs again. If this post gets dubs maybe it really is Kek's will otherwise you're a shill for an easily blackmailed gangster.

I don't know what's better. The OC itt, or you being absolutely butt blasted over some digits.


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Probably the digits. Your oc is corporate and stale.


*Your campaign office's oc

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Ah fuck it. A bump to make up for my sages (phone is changing ID on me by the way). Mr Ford I don't like you. We had to sit through your brother and I liked him more than I like you. I am concerned about your mafia ties and while I don't begrudge a man his hash I worry you are in deep with the kikes yourself, and being presented to us as a Trumpesque controlled opposition to hold onto control of one of (((their))) international bunkers. In the event you are truly on our side I am willing to listen to you, and to ally though not follow you. If you make fucking up "globalists" the primary issue of your campaign, and throw the left for a loop with a few environment issues like gardens and cycling, I will have your back. If you are truly a man of the people I wish you luck and will give you another chance. Do not be arrogant with it. Tell us why we should vote for you.

It's Happening!!!!! He officially is running.


Liberals BTFO

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Upcoming Rally! Locals get out there! We need Pepe there

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Campaign theme song

Fuck you,

Oops, not YOU.

Fuck you to the punk ass muh Chretien hack though. You know who you are.


What's at 666 Dixon rd?


Chiffres vérifiés!


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Then don't post in the thread you stupid niggers. The Leafs who like him will shill and meme him in the normieverse, don't act like your dumb ass is so important that we need to give you an argument and convince you. Most of us leafs already know who he is and would be glad to support him.

Not sure if shilsl or just ignorant burgers.

Why are you blanking the names out? This isnt cuckchan. We have regular antifa dox threads etc.

Twitter Poll - Doug's going to win!

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We're gonna make this dumpy village great again.

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(and checked)
Make Ontario Great Again.

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Dank memes

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