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The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yourself. You must be competent, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy. Do people in your life trust and respect you? What does your family think of you? Are you capable of raising children? Racial politics doesn't have to be the only factor of your life. And if you can't achieve such things for your self, then the chances are very high that you are not ready to be a political activist, either online or in real life. Because how can you make a difference for the race, for the lives of many, if you can't even make anything of your own, individual life? How can you make a real difference in society, when the greatest extent of your capacity is to be out-organized by jews on social media?

Always remember: we live in first world countries and have opportunity that most people born on this planet do not. Things aren't as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people in the third world would still kill to have the opportunities that you do right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a good life for you, and for your family. Clear your mind of self destructive thoughts, and keep yourself focused on realistic goals. Work hard, but also do fun and wholesome things with real people in real life. That is very important. Nothing on the internet should ever take away from your real life.

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Beaver dump.

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/Beaver dump

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I read that the radioactive effect of a nuclear war is way overblown, and that so long as nukes detonate high above the ground the fallout is minimal. I read that what's dangerous is near-ground or on-ground detonations which inhibit efficient burning of radioactive fuel.

So, is it correct to say that, after a major nuclear exchange between US and China/Russia, that the vast majority of death and danger will be from infrastructure and political collapse, NOT radiation?


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I came for red pills, i found the new r/incels.
Well done anons.


I thought this thread was going to be about how atomic bombs dont really exist as we understand them. i remember seeing some videos about how the nukes arent what people think they are and are essentially used as a tool for world peace like a deterrent. Its like the raegan star wars system applied on a global scale.

anyone remember this stuff? it was posted maybe a few years ago when talking about NK.

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A slide with a side of spam. Eat shit.



Don't send this faggot there; that board is fairly well organized and relevant.

What is going on , It died 3 times in the last hour for me

It's more than that. There's really no way to explain it to the uninitiated without your words reading like nonsense, no matter how hard you try it always comes out as metaphor. As above, so below, etc. Ultimately, everything is a dance between creation and destruction. Multiplication and division. Think about things you can empirically prove. When you sit down to create something, put a shovel to dirt, draw a picture, what ever, if you put your all into it and really give it a good what for, to the point of almond activation, you wind up experiencing the same release of chemicals as you do when you are giving your wife a good dicking trying to create a little Zig Forumsack.

Now, think about that… The sensation of almond activation… That you feel while creating with high energy… Doesn't it kind of vaguely feel like another sensation? A Mind Boner, perhaps? Could high energy thought processes be akin to busting a nut? Could we be literally mentally raping the leftists? :^)

That's right, Anons, we are all a bunch of DICKHEADS. :^)

Thats good stuff for the uninitiated but christ is that some hideous blackpill

Good to see redpill threads again. Got to save some caps I didn't before.

The third one here is too paranoid. Welfare and the govt's influence isn't as big or nefarious as the first poster in that pill thinks. The state actually aids the families in growing. Those that fail in raising their kids would have failed with or without the state.

Not a pic, just a clarification of the popular (mis)interpretation of the "end times" from the Bible.

The "end times" involve only the destruction of Jerusalem. It's not some global holocaust like in a scifi movie where a portal opens and demons come out and kill everyone. All "judgment day" is is the judgment of Jerusalem, basically the world powers surround Jerusalem and destroy it. This idea that the problems of the Jews are problems for everyone else is one of their oldest, most common, and most important lies.

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Thank you for your hard work user, threads like this one showed me the light, and thanks to the cycle of post/save/repost, many others shall also benefit from these beacons of rational thought.

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this one is very easy reading but highly potent because of how much is related to it and how little of it is commonly discussed on this level of rationality and argumentation

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requesting proof jews own most american corporations both in CEO and board executives and if it can be found, through stocks

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It's not freudian. It's scientific facts. If you fell for lysenkoist brainwashing when you were a young adult and still do now then that's your problem.

Really makes the birds sing.

While I don't disagree with the inforrmation posted, I suggest that you are wary of false information that might be pushed through by the cuckchanners.

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Here's a bigass redpill for you…

I meant this

I don't know about your conclusions, but TGSNT is certainly propaganda of the half truth variety. It seeks only to polish Hitler's cock, when in reality he made many a mistake, and exhibited terribly flawed behavior throughout his career. He used to have people executed based on what he read in the newspapers about them, meaning a newspaper editor could get whoever they pleased put to death by accusing them of heinous acts where Hitler could see it.

As much as I fantasize about a glorious leader harnessing white culture for good again, I know the kind of power Hitler had will always get the innocent killed. I'm convinced somebody is going to have that power, though, so better to be the one holding it.

Bumping this fabulous thread to combat the anti-trump poster.

If anything it was a walk down memory lane to what Zig Forums was like right after the first exodus. Threads filled with effort posts was common and I honestly enjoyed coming on here and learning something new. I really miss what Zig Forums used to be.

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Look at the dates of those posts. half/pol/ has been around for ages you newfag nigger. It wasn't always the cesspool of shit it now is.

Okay lads so some more follow-up. To those who were not aware Adolf was not only an illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild but also a theosophist disciple of Madame Blavatsky, enjoy the redpilled moment, cry reee all you want. It won't change the truth.

In my library, I have half a dozen books that conclusively prove beyond all reasonable doubt the Hitler, Himmler, and Goering were all rabid disciples of Russian H.P. Blavatsky. Many of their early correspondence was "cleansing" the Aryan race from inferior bloodlines - which is a key component of Eugenics spawned by Blavatsky.

"But the concept of root races, which [H.P.] Blavatsky, the Russian progenitor of theosophy, talked about, never gets brought up as an actual basis for belief in “superior breeding” or race war among the liberal or conservative parties that run the government in Britain and America. It clearly is not influencing Roosevelt or Churchill’s view of social policy or foreign policy. Yet it did with Hitler

But in Germany so many of the people who joined the Nazi Party or supported it are using language and ideas directly borrowed from these occult and border scientific doctrines. “Tschandals,” the lesser races, a Thule civilization."

I have studied Blavatsky - she was literally a witch from hell. The core doctrines of Nazism are straight from Blavatsky's demonic play book.

More later in a future post. Until now, chew on this.

Did you even read it? Infantalization is a devastating weapon really obviously being wielded against our people.

More followup lads.

Listen to this 2-hour broadcast from tonight and let Dr. A. True Ott PhD tell you in his own words. Other friends of yours are also on-air for this show. We cover a number of topics, this one comes up toward the end of hour 1 and continues on into the 2nd hour. Mwuhahahahaaaa

Redstick is fucking gay. Get out in the world and actually debate people, you faggot.

So the most important part of your argument is Hitler was a Rothschild for which you post no sauce. Also, most Wise's are Non-kike Brits so again, try harder faggot. Also why would (((they))) make such a well produced documentary to get whites riled up and asking questions, at a time when (((they))) had already silenced most holohoax revisionists? You said you'd post proofs, but the only source you've given is an interview by (((Rebecca Onion))) of some German-American soyboy about occultism in the Reich. This was A no secret, and B, kerlander was raised on Germanic guilt from birth. Try harder or freshen your latka breath with bleach.



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Nuclear red pill?

I made a rightwing philosophy video on death. It's part of a project I made to red pill and motivate whites with philosophy red pills. No e-celeb shill.

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Taoism and Buddhism, which one's better?

Buddhism. Taoism is more chinked at this stage.

Sauce on that Iran pic?

I wouldn't spread the Racial Program infographic around. The wiki article says that the essay/book is a fabrication and that the work cannot be found in the Library of Congress, not the quote itself. The congressional record quote in the archive link is the same quote referred to in the first paragraph of the article.