So, for quite a long time now I have been working on, with great success might I add, encouraging Slavic Resurrection. It is my firm belief that we are to be the ones that liberate / free Europe and take command of the decaying diseased civilization of Western Europe. Once we do that, we return the power to the rightful survivors and original inhabitants of those lands. But we must purge. We must kill in order to be free again. We must soak mother Europe's soil with blood of traitors and invaders to once again warrant it's plentiful harvest for generations of Europeans to thrive.
It would coincidentally happen that a person from my country shares this beliefs. Not only that, but has amassed incredible following and inspires an incredible passion among the youth.
This happens to be the latest video,
Be advised target population: gen z
While I'm not advising anyone from here to attend, already there are Polish brothers from Warszawa coming in the following days on a different event and it is heartwarming to see this.
Being Slavic is not only incredibly popular amongst our youth but it is also a sign of our evergrowing strength which we will put to work in the future.

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Kys subhuman Asiatic scum. Hitler should ha e finished off all the mongrels in Eurasia, maybe I will for him.


If the Slavs are the one's who save Europe - well, we all need to eat shit because that's just sad. And I'm not even doubting that this is how it's probably going to go down - I just thought we were better than this, but desperate times call for Slavic measures.

Squat with vodka over the bloody corpses of the West's enemies. When you gain power, put it in your countries' constitutions that Religion of Cuck™ and Jews are banned from entering the country, even for trade or to pass through to another place.

You are a fucking faggot if you think that war is somehow a win, even if you win you lose. You need to take down government and end (((usury))). Those are your only enemies.

Hey, that's no way to talk about Finns.


Kikel spotted. You will burn soon. :)

Well its not like Slavs were the eternal eastern shield of Europa who fought off the mongols invasions and ottoman empire.


Attached: slav9.jpg (660x501, 101.88K)

All the anti-slavic shills should read, among others, the works of Alfred Rosenberg who said that the lowest elements among slavs may be more degenerate than germans of his time, the elites of them (and among which ranks our allies) are of noble blood and spirit - and indeed the same as us, and also share the same objectives.

Besides, due to the nature of communist regimes, they have been less exposed to jewish degeneracy - and we can exploit this - and they naturally reject the outcome of international jewry, bolshevism. The main problem with slavs is that they also fall for german attrocity-propaganda, made by the soviets and tend to despise everything western, even the non-degenerate elements, that is to say, the germanic european ones, in their pan-slavism, while also lusting for false solutions like "christianity" and "capitalism", due to their strong rejection of atheistic bolshevism.

The key here is to make slavs a part of our pan-european volkisch cause - then, they can become useful resources to our cause. The first step to doing this is to stop the "inferior slavs" tactics spread by kikes.

Blonde Slavs are more aryan than larping black haired whites.
Hitler really should have just cleansed the Mediterranean coast of all melanin pollution if he really wanted to get rid of kike infiltration.
If its tan without sunlight its not white. The darker the hair the less white.(anti-white d&c)

Attached: 7687685.jpg (519x512, 44.04K)

Oh and don't forget to combat "Pan-Eurasianism" and the attempts by kike shills to isolate Russians, especially, from Europeans.

Yeah, no.

So black-haired Hitler should have cleansed himsefl? Most "mediterraneans" don't tan without sunlight and have pale skins. The slavs are more mongrelized than then, it may be less visibile because they are mixed with asiatics/forest peoples. Also stop say "muh larp" at everything - people helping our cause, especially.

I got the chills - Thank you for posting!


If you are Slavic I must warn you, this will make you cry.



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Free yourself first, then we can talk. Up to this point you're as zog'd as everybody else. Only because the kikes put you under a wider leash so you can act as the antithesis to cucked Europes' thesis, doesn't mean that you're not part of the synthesis, i.e. a centralized mainland Europe. Free yourself, so you can't be used against Germany anymore.

Rusi so naši bratje

Attached: 85527833_161fg5v.jpg (450x337 204.62 KB, 126.47K)

No. I think Blondes should stick up for them selves white or Slavic and that those outside that category should stay out of our business.
I also think Asiatic admixture is less aggressive than arab.
Blonde Slavic areas were never occupied by the mongols since the mongols had the same problem Hitler had when trying the take the heavily forested Novograd region.

Attached: 8765876.jpg (1353x679 716.83 KB, 555.25K)

Is it LARPing time again?

Up to this point only shit came from the east, so I don't have my hopes up. If it's a spiritual thing you have going there, then your god is shit, should have aligned with Hitler instead. Personally, I think the Germans will be at it again, as they have always been. But for a reawakening it needs to get worse than Weimar, by a lot, to finally overcome the false preconceived notions about their past implanted by All-Lies propaganda. But by overcoming it they'll be the most matured race on Earth. It looks like it'll get worse, I'm sure of it, with a probability of 102% plus/minus 2%. A self-fulfilling prophecy. They called him Herr Wolf.





This isn't really the problem. Actual Slavs resent the russians for invading them and the atrocities that followed, and they resent the west for feeding them wholesale to the russians without so much as a say in their own fate.

That sort of soviet propaganda does exist, but only in soviet (russian) spaces. The bigger problem you'd have is convincing Slavs that you'd didn't betray us, and that you don't deserve what's happening in the west right now because of that. I'm not pushing for D&C here or even suggesting that this is how things should be, but that is what attitudes look like when you attend the local nationalist rallies. And I suspect is a big reason why the only news items that make their way to the west come from Poland, because of their western facing disposition. The prevailing idea among a lot of these groups is that if we how to conquer western Europe to liberate it, why then shouldn't we keep it?

It actually worries me that not much is being done to repair our relations, but the germanic sense of superiority usually hamstrings any such effects that are made, as your rather exploitive language insinuates. If something isn't done soon, we may find ourselves in such a place that repairing our relations is impossible. To anything thinking they can flee the dumpster fire they've made of their countries and find prosperity in the east, I suggest travelling there first and seeing what kind of welcome you receive. Not from the lemmings in the tourist areas, but from the sort of people who believe the same things you do. Nobody really wants the people who voted for the caliphate to bring it here with them, not to mention past crimes.

The idea of a pan-European volkisch cause is exactly what makes our disposition so hostile. While we view pan-Slavism with some scepticism, at the very least most are willing to entrain the idea. But a pan-Europe idea would mean allowing the west to colonise us and bring it's problems into our own backyards. A pan-Slav bloc and a pan-German bloc could be allies, but they can never be members of the same union, we're simply too different and desire to stay that way. Look to the EU itself as an example of this.




The only major difference between Germanics and Slavs is the degree to which our countries have been Kiked at a particular point in history. Germany in the 1930s managed to completely un-Kike itself, which is why the Capitalist Kikes in the West joined forces with the Commie Kikes in the East and used their influence over Western governments to take us into war.

I thought that Slavs right now were in a similar un-Kiked position, but if you still believe the "Western betrayal" Kike mind-fuck, then you're not doing as well as I thought. Get it through your skull that it was all engineered by the Kikes, and if whites don't find some unity, we will let them win again.

prepare yourself accordingly eurobros
I hope you know how to squat

anyone playing the d&c fiddle among Europeans should and will ve purged accordingly with traitors.
It is not so much about us wanting to conquer the whole Europe as it is a must.
At current state, western tribes are too weak to do it on their own. We must help them. It is the only way. We must slaughter everyone in our path. The sick confused and all the weak. Only then can the remaining tribes rebuild their land and civilization.
Some may say this is a takeover. I call it a rescue mission

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Give me a break. Germany will always outcompete all the others. This is the reason they are hated. Jews use this hatred for their own goals. Let me ask you this: Would Poland be ready to give back Germany if they knew full well that Germany would outcompete them in every way possible? Only the best from each nation could comprehend Hitler's goodwill & vision because they were in sync with their blood memory, their instincts worked, thus there were SS volunteers from most countries. But Hitler is gone. Are you sure Germans will adopt this worldview again with the same friendly outlook after all that's happened. And even if, are you ready to believe what they say? Or will you degrade back into petty nationalism?

Checked. I'm Slav-American and I unironically believe this too. I see it here in the States, an awakening of Slavic identity and pride. We are all brothers and sisters.

Attached: 1492128309274.jpg (1000x1000 459.93 KB, 170.37K)

Take your discussions about history elsewhere. I am talking about future.

Much love. I understand there are many Slavs in USA?
Pozdrav, keep tradition alive and marry a Slavic girl to make many Slavic American babies )

One group of Americans that really surprised me and I think they have similar warrior mentality like us is RAM. Make sure to support them they are golden

Shit for brains, I guess. And you will free Europe? Good luck.

agreed, but you have to admit, slavs are the niggers of white people - snow niggers, if you will. they run around fucking mindlessly and killing each other like niggers, do stupid nigger shit that gets them killed like doing flips on top of buildings, listen to rap, form gangs, generally act like stupid niggers.(OUT!)

Extremely salty. Love it.
Here is me with my crew on enemy territory summer 2016. You can cry about this harder.
We fight eachother as practice. So when time comes to remove niggers like you, it is muscle memory;)

Yeah I'm not big on taking your fucking shit tier b8. What I told you is going to happen. it's not a question of if but when. That is the only parameter that is unknown. Have fun while you still can

It took literally one post to expose yourself as D&C kike. I see this word in every slav/pole thread, including the same retarded arguments.

Here are just a few of your "snow niggers:"

Science: Nikola Tesla, Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie, Mileva Marić Einstein (Albert's wife–did all his math), Dmitri Mendeleev (discovered periodic table), Gregor Mendel (invented genetics)
Music: Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Dvořák
Literature: Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Stanisław Lem
Religion: Pope John Paul II, Saints Cyril & Methodius
Art: Peter Carl Fabergé (eggs), Andy Warhol
Lifestyle: Martha Stewart
Military: Peter the Great, Jan Dąbrowski, Tadeusz Kościuszko

Shall I continue? Those are just some off the top of my head that non-slavs might recognise. If they are your idea of "white niggers" then it would appear that you must think highly of niggers.

je výborne. mám to rad, môj brat. vieš Kotleba? je dobrý slovak.

You forgot Dimitri Shostakovich

Yes. I omitted many more than I included.

Pozdrav brat! I must say fair battle and no serious injury. You guys are fighters I love that. Love a good tear up. You know there is no hate between us. You have such a beautiful country and good people. You are always welcome here with us. I heard about Kotleba. 100% support

There is literally nothing wrong with being Finnish.

Finns are great. Consider yourself honorary Slavs=welcome at all times.
First to defend their streets were who? Soldiers of Odin.
Not forgotten!

Attached: 3b2.png (800x600 695.28 KB, 1.27M)

For using that Serbian Pepe

Haha, you retard. Do you really think I'm against what you wrote? I'm all for it. I'm simply asking if you've understood what will happen. Either Western Europeans will be friendly towards you and give you a useful occupation or someone who isn't as friendly as Hitler will push you out past the Urals because you behave like monkeys.

Do you want tell you how I know you are not from here?


I don't mean to counter-act what you said, slavics have indeed many great people among them but:

Gregor Mendel - German.
Chopin - Jew
Stanislaw Lem - Jew
Pope John Paul II - ? (not only head of the Roman Church but a CIA stooge)
Saints Cyril & Methodius - greeks
Peter Carl Fabergé - German

Some of the Russians you quoted are part Tartar too and some of the "achievements" of some people there are very questionable.

oh, and especially to you, I want to add:
you keep seeing this in these threads for the same reason you see actual niggers being called on stereotypes - they're true.

you could pick almost any aspect of human degenercy and you'd see it rampant in the slav world. Adultery, murder, AIDS, theft, nigger rigging devices instead of actually repairing them, drunkenness, violence, did I mention rape?, homelessness, men who abandon their families, idolatry, witchcraft, poverty, propensity to embrace communism.

keep calling me a kike. or did you mean a "racist"? you're no different from niggers unless you acknowledge your problems and try and fix them rather than accusing those who point them out to you.

lurk more

not an argument, pussy

lmao. next they are going to be talking about the guy who invented peanut butter.

and again, I like slavs. they are white. but they need to get their shit together and we need to point it out to them because they are prideful fucks who won't get a point unless you beat it into their thick heads over and over.

ahh, si slovinec? môja chyba. Slovinsko je dobré…ale Slovensko je lepšie :) Máme tu to.

Anglobros should watch this too…it's got subtitles.

Everything you mentioned indicates you live among degenerate slavs. Let's say you grew up in california and only experienced degenerate whites, does that mean all whites are shit? Use your head a little.

Saw this. Great stuff

You may be right. Strike him from the list.

Really? Wikipedia bases his birthday on his baptismal certificate.

you're correct. Strike him from the list.

Okay. but a slav, right?

I doubt that. They were sent as missionaries to tne Slavs because they knew tne language. Why would Greeks have grown up speaking Slavonic? Anyway, wikipedia says it's unknown.

Seems you are correct. Strike him from the list.

Thank you for the corrections!

pic related.

A slav who worked for the enemy.

You know, people can learn the language. They also knew arab and hebrew… Their work also isn't exactly an achievement, are you going to put every slav who do shit on that "list"? There is nothing to sugest they were slavs.

Attached: 1077744556.gif (206x200, 39.15K)


Given that it's indeed an achievement, it's not like they came with it out of nothing - they adapted greek script, mostly. And they were greek, and had several subordinates…


Attached: 1469070016816.png (1076x1056, 249.88K)

Attached: 7ec5d674366d5108fe798225df361871e25a5ec0a9c8558f105eae0d922825c7.jpg (860x461 181.18 KB, 116.67K)

Attached: 547ad27885b0e4fc49b55eb1fa105f6cc0508bc21b754a49840fda59bcf2111a.jpg (255x228, 19.84K)

Stay humble, my Slavbros. God has kept you from much sin and weakness with what must have seemed like pure tragedy and misfortune. Never forget this, and pray that you may stay strong and walk in wisdom always even after your fortunes are shown. May we all live in peace someday.


go away christcuck

Well... There is also a distinct difference between West Slavs(Poles, Czechs, Slovaks) and East Slavs(Russians, Ruthenians, Ukrainians)
Although in the end all of us are more advanced then the niggers from africa. Also we are capable enough to actually maintain huge empires, be it the Russian Empire or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

wtf is this video? lol never heard of holy roman empire? this is pathetic you're not german, you have inferiority complex. berlin is berolina in latin and derives from germanic bero (bear) and guess what, thats why berlin has a bear as its city heraldry

slavs can do what they want in their own shitholes but I don't really want them here anymore than the niggers
huwhite pan-racialism is mainly an american right wing thing (since that's all the identity they have left after centuries of mixed European immigration)

America is an Anglo nation.

[© h = © k = d]

Attached: heic0515a.jpg (1200x800 209.02 KB, 754.41K)

Bratislava and Žilina were very beautiful.
For Žilina and Goral I can say fighters (we beat them but respect) it was 35 to 60 approximately, for Trenčin (trenchtown)- antifa and coward faggots-no respect

Is Kotleba getting elected? What is the situation? I watched his videos and I think he has an excellent program

You might have missed the fact we are talking aBout Europe, not USA.
Either way fuck your d&c.

Love to all my Slavic brothers. Let's connect. No one can stop us.
Ibrahim-Ibn-Jakub on the Slavs…
(Some.sandnigger warchief in.the 10th century)
Or jewish merchant

and why he doesnt stay ;)

"n general, the Slavs are violent, and inclined to aggression. If not for
the disharmony amongst them, caused by the multiplication of factions and
by their fragmentation into clans, no people could match their strength. "'

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cry me a river

Cute. But you have just broken your teeth. I started using this comeback.
How new exactly are you?

Kikes are afraid

Attached: KikeFree.png (1500x1051, 673.54K)

You're on the wrong board.
Do u know de wae home?

This is your first and final warning. Move away from here or suffer the full consequence.

Attached: DIF5n06UMAAJ_lU (1).jpg (1200x1369 36.79 KB, 77.65K)

They really are. I love it

Be strong brothers

Attached: 730332c08db19cbdacfef9e99f3a3659--russian-orthodox-russian-federation.jpg (1000x600 112.58 KB, 70.21K)

We need your aggression and violence
We euro-mutts can bridge the gap
We have no connection to ancient rivalries
We are part everything over here
It is time to bury all white hatchets, take our lands back kick these parasites to the curb and then go into the stars.
If we can pull this off we will restart the year count at 0.

There are alot of slavs and mixed in the usa.
i had 4 russians on my football team
best friend growing up was a pole

Thank you brothers. We are all part of mother Europe's sons. So we will never ever leave you alone. You are not forgotten and help is coming.

The reason I am posting embeds because I want people to read the comments. Rebirth and such immense positivity. To me personally as Slav I have two main objectives. 1. Unite our people and gather the army for the inevitable battle 2. Save our Western European brothers who have been intentionally genocided, mercilessly attacked and left for dead
I need you to know there is an army watching you and will never abandon you no matter what. We will defeat the enemy together

Pjevaju: Tatjana Buha, Paul Markotić, Damir Markotić, Bojana Čibej

V kameňoch je zapísané,
a v krvi našich otcov podpísané.
Zaspievané skrz vietor a dážď,
po veky tajomne bolo snívané.

Огњем је у ноћи запламтело
и песмом вука светом пренело.
Муњом сјајном небом разгласило,
да никада није то нестало.

Teraz powracamy, ognie rozpalamy,
wielkich przodków wysławiamy.
Teraz powracamy, ofiary składamy,
ponownie swych Bogów wychwalamy

Da se vračamo, srečni pojemo,
se pri starem izviru napajamo.
Da se vračamo, Mater prosimo,
da nikoli več ne odidemo.

U stijenama je zapisano
I krvlju djedova potpisano
Vjetrovima, daždom otpjevano
Vjekovima tajno dosanjano.

Ognjem je u noći zaplamtjelo
I pjesmom vuka svijetom prenijelo
Munjom sjajnom nebom razglasilo
Da nikad nije sve to nestalo.

Da se vraćamo, vatre palimo
I svoje slavne pretke štujemo.
Da se vraćamo, žrtve dajemo
Opet bogove stare hvalimo.

Da se vraćamo, sretni pjevamo
Na izvoru se starom pojimo.
Da se vraćamo, Majku molimo
Da nikada više ne odemo.

Tekst: Deniver Vukelić
Prijevod: Stanislav Gubančok, Damir Markotić, Kacper Witkowski, Marek Łomowski, Nejc Petrič
Glazba: Damir Markotić

Thanks a lot, I'm doing my part by studying Law. I also plan to join the army as a method of training.
Corneliu Codreanu is my hero, Europe definitely needs men like him more than ever. His premature death is such a shame.


Attached: 2c6a71ee5cb4e88ae5ca493772690acd.jpg (423x450 104.59 KB, 204.2K)

technically we weren't
a good portion of the slavs got conquered by the ottomans
vlad barely discouraged them
we were a meatshield at best

Fill the vacuums.

Attached: CIA-niggery.PNG (652x892, 830.74K)

Sounds a little Maoist to me. We have history worth remembering, not relegating to the past. Revive it, dont discard it. Back to the before time, when niggers were something you read about in a book on animals of Africa.

And the Polish Winged Hussars under the King John III Sobieski fucked Ottomans so hard in the ass they probably lost the last chance to ever conquer Europe after the failed Battle of Vienna and also lost Hungary in the process. The Decline of Ottomans then began around the time of the Russo-Turkish war and Ottomans additionally lost shitload of their European clay because of rebellions of the southern slavs they previously conquered. At this point Ottomans were so weak they finally collapsed in WW1. Slavs were neither meatshield nor did they just discourage Kebabs, they were probably the most important factor of their downfall.

Definitely. Look, anons, I was never saying that Slavs aren't white or are the equal of niggers, but I was saying that you've got some nigger-like behavior and that's most of the reason your countries have in the past dipped into near shithole level living conditions.

I'm pointing it out because you guys need to shape up. You may well be the future of the white race and it'd suck if that future is inherited by a people who behave like niggers and never grow out of it because their prideful asses can't handle the slightest amount of criticism.
wait…*smacks lips*…so you be say'n…

[© h = © k =d]
We must make them proud
This is the truth. I'm from Slovenija and I vividly remember in elementary school teachers teaching us about the ottoman invasions and the horror they did to our people. Until we organized and blew them the fuck out. Not once ever shall they walk our land again.

Attached: nsNL6xw.jpg (296x292 14.22 KB, 10.58K)