Homos giving each other GI parasites

There is an outbreak of intestinal parasites going through the "gay community" because they're tossing salads. You can't suggest they stop eating each other's shit without being called homophobic.

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Eating shit has health risks… who'd of thought…

He blames health care professionals for not telling gays not to eat shit

The worrying part is that a lot of fags sleep with women as well. They will spread this shit to women who will spread it to straight (read: normal and mentally sane) men.

I wonder how long it will be before they start passing a parasite that causes suicidal actions to each other. With the way synchronicity is working lately I am guess not far off at all.

Very easy to spot women who are degenerates. If they are over 25 and single but have a kid - they fucked a fag. If they are over 30 and single with a kid they were DPd by niggers. If they are 18-24, no kids, single, no dyed hair, no interest in feminism or any of that shit there stands a good chance they have a solid fag radar and want nothing to do with feminine men.

Christ, just reading that Tweet by itself makes my stomach churn. Fags are fucking disgusting.

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Giving gays right's was an honest mistake

Reported for not using the word cult

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its what they deserve for they're degeneracy.

Yeah, who'd have thought promoting buttfucking as a social norm would have negative consequences?

can i get a list of health consequences for faggotry?

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This faggot was probably taught to wash his hands after he wipes his ass but couldn't figure out that licking someone's asshole couldn't cause the same infectious result.

COULD that is.

No need to ask the CDC about diseases of faggotry. They keep quiet on that; though once upon a time they figured out what AIDS was as a gay disease before there "was such a thing." Around 1981-2.

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Liberals dropping that deep wisdom again I see.

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pick one

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If this keeps up they won't even be living long enough to act as puppets for the jews. Unfortunately, we'll also be dead before that point.

to quote Duke Nukem "Eat shit and die"


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They eat the poo poo, they get the disease.
Just another reason to gas the fags.

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If you simply threw faggots or whatever other weirdos there are into the bog this wouldn't be happening. Its really easy to do and protects your folk from their disease, also the body of the fag will slowly be filtered into the landscape, safely broken down over the centuries. As well on a decade's basis you'll be able to feed the bacteria which will create larger clumps of iron in it and this will gain you higher amounts of bog iron from the bog you seeded.

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reminder that jews are trying to normalize asshole and shit eating as the new form of closeness and partner bonding among couples

sage because i am disgusted

Or instead of wasting perfectly good land, you incinerate faggots and trannies and remove all chance of infection through cleansing fire.


I have also noticed this. Did ever see that protestor with the sign that read “Trump doesn’t eat ass” as if that is an insult.

You know Leyendecker was a fag right? Probably not the message you wanted to send with that post.

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Im with this user

fire and electrocution is the only way to cleanse them i dont want all that soy mixed into the ground

i am aware of the irony

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Heil dubs demand an answer, and that answer is this article written by a former faggot, and it's brutal as hell. archive.is/whe5z Like the last thread i posted this, made an user delete his entire Ecci collection because he saw part of that sickness in him, and it horrified him.
Also including some Dark Research into my own demons.

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Little do you know of the fen. You drain the bogs and your farms will flood but go and try anyway. The bog will comeback perhaps this time closer to you.


Kinda undermines the message of the thread, doesn't it?

Why not start calling them bent or malshapen instead of gay?

That's probably one of us in honesty

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A legion of sodomites

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Gays are now officially nigger tier

Few years ago there was a mild outbreak of a severe Hepatitis in NYC that fags were spreading. I was slapping my hands like a trained seal because that is exactly the beginning of HIV. God willing this will be another homo plague.

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Maybe they took "go eat shit faggot" too seriously!
vid related highly recommended

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I do not know why. But I still think there is a way to help these men. Maybe its blind optimism, but just think how different you were 10 years ago.

We have all struggled with something at one point in our life. It may not have been homosexuality..but something else. I have turned my life around and I have also seen other people do it too. All we have to do is encourage a better future, NOT instant gratification

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That's pretty fucking disgusting

Yes, user, these men need help, but only Jesus can help them. We should do what we can to expedite their appointment.

Clearly they need to drink a bleach solution, two parts water 1 part clorox. Make it believable, and say it's safe enough for swimming in like pools.

You said it yourself. We must set the example of what is right, not by shitposts but IRL actions - I don't think these faggots are used to hearing "I think you're wrong, but you can turn your life around". Just… don't waste too much energy doing that, and focus on setting the kids on a healthy path of dignity and self-respect instead, it's much easier not to fuck up a life than to unfuck it.

he seems to know the way pretty well

All I am saying is having an open discussion about how terrible homosexuality is on society/families could be the spark that lights the fire for change. Do not forget, homosexual risk are not spoken about like they used to. If anything… this destructive and hedonistic behavior is promoted.

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Reminds me of the skit that Sam Hyde did where he said AIDS was gods way of getting back at the gay community for there sins.

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This just the tip of the iceberg of degeneracy these sick fucks engage in.

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why hasn't that been memed yet?

Also… The reason that fucking men in the ass leads to death is because of the one thing that most religions agree on that stems from very, very ancient esoteric teachings. Life is about creation. As long as you are creating, putting your full faith into the accomplishment of creating something, things go well. Do something that spits in the face of creation? You die. Life is a math equation and if you aren't adding you are subtracting.

its true, lad. The memes are real and one of the oldest memes is "dont fuck a dude in the ass"

Reminder that this thing was allowed to adopt children.

If you eat butt, you'll eat the insects they want to feed us. There's a jew behind this, there always is.

where can i find a bog or a fen or a mire or a swamp? do they exist in california?


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I need to read articles like that every now and then. Sometimes I forget how bad faggotry really is. Thanks.

Part of the problem I suppose is that offering sound medical advice to homosexuals is tantamount to a hate crime in CY3. As a “community” they are in incomprehensibly poor health yet their lifestyle and the practices they pursue are never critiqued, to the contrary they are celebrated. To this end perhaps they are considered blood sacrifices to Moloch. They have been encouraged into a short life of decay and disease so as to be utilised as a societal weapon against society at large.

What really activates my olives is that very few homosexuals are seemingly aware that they are being used and that the end result could quite probably be them not only having their protected status removed but being actively banished back into the closet.

Fags are disgusting

That's an inefficient way to get a parasite. All you really need to do is drink tap water in Florida or go barefoot anywhere in the south.

If Leftards keep saying faggotry is a biological trait and not a choice, then why would they keep on insisting race is purely a social construct and not biological despite all of the clear evidence?

Sage for newfag-tier post.

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They also believe that gender is a social construct while simultaneously believing that people can be born the wrong gender. It's like they're brain-damaged or something.

These are the same people forcing curriculum on young minds. People who eat shit….


To sum it up, they have a higher chance of getting STDs. Lesbians have a much lower chance of getting STDs than straights do though. It's why healthcare centers are reluctant to change policies on accepting blood / sperm from openly gay people (they don't really have a proper way to verify sexuality but asking since you wouldn't able to deduct it otherwise). But that isn't really a problem since it gets tested regularly so there is no need to be afraid of accepting blood / sperm donations.

Has to do with men, higher testosterone and penetrative anal sex. A lot of those 'studies' posted are from religious extremist and their methodology is extremely flawed to get biased results (similar to what SJWs are doing now in universities with social sciences but then 30 years ago against faggotry).

The best part about these threads are the fanatics firmly believing whatever infographic, anecdotes or extremely biased 'studies' are posted.

Nigger you're an AIDS skeleton, not an Arch-Lich, fuck off.

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Jesus Christ that was heavy, but I needed to read that. The underlying theme of feeling emasculated by your childhood and trying to find some substitute for your lacking sense of masculine self respect is something that I think many, if not most young men today are suffering from in one form or another. Both an excellent redpill and some serious food for thought.

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bit of a step up from fucking AIDS isn't it?

No testing is 100% without flaw. Minimizing the number of AIDS-ridden faggots donating minimizes the chances of a false negative.

After 3 months hiv is 99.8% accurately detectable. After 6 months I believe 100%.

The problem though is that hospitals can't really do more than ask the person whether he has sex with men or not, or if the person had sex with men in the past. There is no way for a hospital to do it otherwise without spying on the person. A faggot can walk in and just say 'I'm straight' and he donates. So it's important that testing is done because this happens, and faggots do contract STDs at like 4-5 times the rate that straight people do.

You have closeted faggots donating, you also have the possibility of promiscuous straight people donating. It's still difficult to minimize these groups from donating, since you have no reliable means of identifying their degenerate behavior.

Why do we let faggots adopt children?

"Eating shit is fine son, just make sure the dude is clean down there."

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Gay people are just like that dude on Will & Grace guys! Gay marriage now!

Gays would be burned if everyone knew the truth of the degeneracy.

This isn't an STD. The only way that will happen is if these 'normal and mentally sane' men start eating out women's anuses

That game has some good Jew lines too. Pretty based.

It gets worse. This bunch are ground meat looking to stuff fresh meat into their grinder to feel relevant again. They need to addict children and tempt straight men or else the'd self correct in a decade and all literally die out, and the rest be irrelevant.
All you gotta do is starve the beast of new/young flesh and it will literally fuck itself out of existence.

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Why are these people so disgusting.

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Absolutely disgusting.

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In one of the quests you get to beat the shit out of an usurer Jew that calls himself King David.
Its the excecutioner quest involving losing your honor in dice.

The Woodchippers/Grinder of Justice !! -)

Good thought!

The Woodchippers/Grinder of Justice !! -)

Good idea!

The absolute truth.

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It's every user's duty to spread this information so people know the depths of their filth.

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Who do you think runs adoption centers and CPS most of the time? It's usually fags and/or fag hags.

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I got a friend who admitting liking furshit, how do I scare him straight?

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With a bat.

Well user, I had not thought of that… but I wish it was at least surprising info.

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Man that shit isn't new. Back when I was a faggot I caught roundworms from going ass to mouth and then a week later my old man sugar daddy is fucking me cow girl style and he pulls out and a bunch of worms fall out and start squirming in the shit and his pubic hair. Its damn common.
Also common are themes of death, decay and self destruction among them. my pet hunch is that kikes created faggots to lead white warrior men astray from fertilizing wombs and instead spilling their seed on infertile ground. Faggots deeply desire also to serve and service warriors and powerful men, or to be tortured and killed by them. This violence attraction and self destructive tendancies fulfils both objectives in making them the pets and servants of badass men that should be having lots of children with fertile women instead of empty enjoyment with male roasties.

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