This board is dead...

This board is dead. Mods have gone on eternal holiday and only neocon trumpoids larping as nazbols or nazis are posting anymore. Delete this board already and go back to Zig Forums.

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And this is bad because?

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You do that.

Zig Forums has devolved to having shitposters for mods, tripfags in over abundance and little to no success in organizing while speaking on modern issues. I used to troll the ever loving shit out of it but it became so boring while also being so entertaining it stopped being worth larping as an idealist lifestylist for (You's.) Zig Forums is still fun and actually made me start posting unironically. Fuck off.

Still better than leftypol

These are imageboards, dude. They have no success in "organizing" almost by definition.

It’s our board now. This is why you should be against mass immigration. Our turf now, cuckboy

The tankie takeover at Zig Forums made me quit. Stay here user, it's comfier.


Zig Forums is way worse but Zig Forums has become extremely shit recently.

I won't touch Zig Forums again unless the filters get removed and the Marcyists fuck off.

Say what you will about Zig Forums they did surprisingly well jobs at times in comparison to anything the left has done in the past 30 years.

kind of agree with this. when you look at how popular some of Zig Forums's ideas became in 2015 and 2016 it really makes you appreciate how effective the internet can be in spreading ideas, even really stupid ones.

which is why i think leftypol's BO had the right idea in wanting to turn leftypol into a kind of "propaganda outlet" for the let, unfortunately he was so dumb he fucked everything up by alienating a majority of the userbase and driving away almost everyone who could contribute to that kind of project.

propaganda outlet for the left i meant.

I think you need to read Dr Bones.

The problem with BO's strategy isn't just that he purged the organic growth of an Anarcho-Leftcom community to deliver yet another tankie circle jerk, it's that he doesn't understand how to make propaganda effectively. Zig Forums has been effective because they or their masters have done research into effective persuasion techniques and have crafted their most effective propaganda using this. We need to do the same instead of just debunking the 100 gorgillion meme in a way that reinforces the opinions of those who bought it.

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Considering that the far right has had a bunch of corporate shill money and Russian troll/bot farms on their side you can't exactly give them that much credit, as usual it's a minority of rightists getting put into power because they appeal to the powerful and or rich.

But yeah I don't know what the fuck happened in the last week, it seems like all of a sudden every non troll poster left somewhere. Fuck leftypol BO so much for killing that board, we making real traction there for a time. Now where will I go?

Real life, where shit actually matters

Real life sucks dick. On leftypol we were actually having an impact, albeit small, on the consciousness of the internet. What will I do instead, go and join some useless protest in my city that nobody will care about and won't even be reported in the media? Or sit around a bar with the old guys talking about how shitty everything is? What's the damn point?

I mostly go to /leftyweebpol/ more tbh.
Is Zig Forums really that bad recently?

I will agree, real life is full of depressing things happening and people fighting over conflicting views.

Not until the BO steps down.

I like your drawings!

If we are serious about actually growing the left, we wouldn't even be here in this cliffside image board, but exclusively on 4chan fighting against the poltards there.

I mean pol is fucking injecting itself EVERYWHERE there now, they spam "nigger" casually in every board, as though it's an everyday thing, and they routinely call elite liberals "leftists". If we care about praxis, we should be there.

Seriously though even if we think leftpol is a good board (and I do enjoy it) there are people here who actively go against anyone trying to find it, like this board is your hipster hideaway. Fuck that shit, we should be advertising this board more.

stop that
They're too rulecucked, also they mine shitcoins, use pooinloogle cuckcha and ban proxies
Zig Forums has been doing that since they existed
before they existed, goons or just random vandals used to do this all the time
it was tho
That isn't exclusive to 4cucks, yet you focus on them
to who?


Fuck you, you're the real cancer. Go back to leftypol, reddit rapefugee.

Honestly, I like the new board environment, besides faggots like you. But hey, I'm perfectly fine with dealing with your retardation as long as we continue to have a free platform here. Seriously, this place, along with the happenings in France, actually got me to enjoy talking about politics online to a slight extent again.



Might is right, all moderators will be raped

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If that's all you got then you need to read it again after looking at how "the left" presents itself.

Nah, Zig Forums may occasionally brew up some effective propaganda but they don't do anything outside but make fools of themselves or kill some people. Our workplaces and our neighborhoods are the places we need to be.
I'm here everyday, but movements aren't dependent on an image board and Zig Forums getting new posters isn't very important. It's more important we radicalize people than get then to come here.

Except there are growing amounts of people to whom the internet is one of their Major areas of socialisation

how do we radicalise more people if no one is here?

And 4han is a very small part of that, they are more likely to be on shitholes like twitter and reddit. That is where a lot of Zig Forums's recruitment came from and it shows in cuckchan.
Zig Forums and 4chan are far removed from the population and radicalization didn't happen on Zig Forums, radicalized aut-right moved to Zig Forums. You need to talk to your coworkers and neighbors irl or online venture into some unsavory internet shitholes. Zig Forums doesn't need to be the base of the revolution, if only because Zig Forums ownership is not our friends.

So what you're saying is that when people are left to their own devices outside of a heavily censored environment, they tend to lean more right?

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I'm still banned there.

Daily reminder that James Fields is innocent and that the police and courts are rigging the trial and media to get him falsely convicted of first-degree murder. They even tried to create a media blackout to make sure no one knows about the reality of the case.

(I actually thought it was some alt-right guy sperging out in an act of spontaneous road rage at first. But, I was shocked when I actually read deeper into this a couple weeks ago. It honestly keeps me up at night that all pretenses of 'equality before the law' are being thrown into the trash. It also confirms that Antifa are useful idiots for the capitalist state. Not even cuckservatives and lolberts reach these levels of cuckery.)

I guess besides that, we have the synagogue shooter. And, that's it really.

Fuck, even the militia movement during the 90's did more damage than that with the Oklahoma Bomber and fighting against the Federal Government at Waco.

The problem with leftism is that it can only thrive in highly censored, authoritarian environments. In open environments where you can't simply ban anyone who disagrees with you, rightwing ideologies flourish.
That's why /trannypol/ is still "leftist", while Zig Forums is just another neo-nazi board.

you do realize that when Zig Forums comes here to shit up the board it doesn't represent the majority of views of the regular users, right?

Why even be political if you hate real life? Just want to LARP? Kill yourself, fag some people aren’t just here for hobbies

Most of the left does see leftism as a hobby, this is one of the major problems with our current situation and why we see so many 10 man organizations unable to do anything more than impotent protests or reading groups.

This is a nazbol board now. GTFO and kill yourself, 56%er.

Honestly, I came here after seeing some high quality posts. Besides debating and stimulating my brain, I just like post edgy stuff.

Meh, I'm going to wait until my life improves and I'm not a miserable, depressed piece of shit before I get serious with politics. I'm young anyways, so I rather enjoy my youth now. Hell, that is why I withdrew from politics in the first place.

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Lol, no. In fact, it generally looks like pedo/anarchist paradise once the censorship's gone. i.e., not web2.0/pre2k internet.
Small amounts of left-left-liberalism.

God, the internet was glorious up until Lulzsec got V&.

LMAO fuck off, he's guilty as sin. Stop pretending to be a leftist.

Guilty of what? Morbidly obese leftists having heart attacks?

Politics isn't binary, and left and right aren't some universal divider of politics. The definitions of 'left' and 'right' change over time.

This is exactly the kind of autism I advocated against the entire time I'm here, and you just keep on eating from this ideological trash can like it's a five-star meal.

The point of politics is NOT to be a 'good leftist' or a 'good right-winger'. If that is too complicated for your NPC-tier brain, then you can kindly fuck off back to not reddit but to fucking Twitter. Even fucking Reddit doesn't deserve scum like you.

Literal white nationalist propaganda

Mods can't ban people for wrong thinking, banning wronthinking is what ruined Zig Forums
This place is now run by Space_ anyway so better leave it to rot.

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Banning Nazis a bit different from people who don't hate Rojava

Please tell me you didn't fall for the "4chan created Trump" meme. The alt-right organized on 4chan, but it didn't get strong because of 4chan, it got strong because of the support of powerful corporate groups who benefited from its existence. Alt-righters would've found other ways of organizing if imageboards didn't exist. Their success or failure really doesn't depend on something as banal as that.

I mean, in the sense that's why they were "created". But just like Trump, they completely lost their hold over them.

No its not, its still enforcing private property either way, watch Jim Profit faggot

Neocohens larping as Nazbols

Something doesn't add up here

But they often do, with impunity and make it stick. That kind of Bs disallows open discussion if sensitive topics can't be breached without the mods having a ban spasm. Profit is correct.

I do hate Rojava though, they are parasites. Go back to Iran and abandon muh atheism. Become one with Zoroaster like you're meant to be.

pay me
If bones has such great insights about how "the left" should present "itself" then why does he present himself as an obnoxious retard? Seriously that kid makes me shudder in external shame. He makes crimethinc look like intellectuals. It works great for getting suckers to buy into false consciousness, but unlike commodity ideology, the communist movement is not about reeling in the chumps with marketing strategy.

t. ex-branding strategist

I guess that depends on your definition of right

Right to what? Cause if you ask me it doesn't get more right wing than mods being these vigilante authoritative psychopaths who get off on enforcing arbitrary lines they themselves cannot, will not adhere too, openly breaking laws and contradicting themselves time and again just to flex and their little fancy boys justify it as some greater good for the board culture when you barely even know where you're from and roll your eyes at Christmas dinner but somehow I'm supposed to believe you give a fuck about your culture or pack

If an incel board ONLY banned women seeing women as the inherent class enemy. I'd disagree vehemently, but respect their conviction. Just as a good cop understands there's a reason the mafia does what it does even if it's still wrong.

This is why I don't say too much about incel boards save for the subreddit versions which are a God damn travesty and a mockery of the ideology. Nathan Larson was evil, but he owned up to it and he showed you what the natural end result of letting moderators moderate looked like.

Fucking own your shit. Stop being a boy, grow up, and either accept the good with the bad or get the fuck out of the way and let someone with a little testosterone in them do the talking.

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That's because you're an absolute retard, who is describing leftist systems.
You think the fucking USSR had free speech?
China, the one who's trying to force Google to filter everything into "correct think"?
Goddamn North Korea?
Are you shitting me?

Lol, no. In fact, it generally looks like pedo-and-anarchist paradise once the censorship's gone. i.e., not-web2.0/pre2k internet.
The right basically NEEDS its "authoritarian hand on the scale," which is why web2.0/sf exists.

(god-damn buffer)

I do miss it. Back in the day, you could find stuff that wasn't just spamdexing.
If only. But content is gone…

You already made that irrelevant shitpost, you NPC.

Don't throw the NPC label around if you can't parse english.


No thanks mr labor aristocracy.
You can always ask him.
Which is why the "communist movement" is a sparse collection of

Thank you good sir!

Are we talking about an insurrection?


Basement dwellers flock to mediums like this to fling their shit. And the moderstion thing isnt true, id be insta banned if i were to btfo a magatard on r/thedonald.

You guys arent anarchists, you love cops.


Sorry, forgot mods here are fags. Change capitalists to k!k3s

Good thing you cleared that up! Otherwise people might wrongly think that we nazbols have something against the capitalists!


we have problems with both

No is right I'm not even a leftist but you guys should make a concerted effort to occupy Zig Forums, it's the internets meme factory and leftists are much less destructive than Zig Forumstards

Leftists for the most part want to get rid of the current state of affaist and the actual global order. That's incredibly destructive, even if it's less destructive in the long run.

No, that's what it loudly proclaims itself to be. In reality, it finds memes, rips them off, puts a frog or a swastika or 'LOL KIL NIGS' on them and then claims to have invented them, splitting hairs about when it achieved meme status if calling the person they're arguing with a jew doesn't work.

Zig Forums memes are as stale as fuck. How many variants of Pepe and Wojack will they churn out before they get tired of it? Those two are the new rage comics at this point. Every other Zig Forums meme is just “muh gas chambers”, “muh Jooz”, and “kill niggers”. I hate memes in general so I’m not even saying Zig Forums or here has good memes. Nazbol has always been unfunny, Stirner is iffy

I just got banned from Zig Forums so this is my only place to go.

Were you the guy who said not to ridicule vets? I’m gonna report you here too

You have to admit its exceptionally good at appropriating memes and passing the Zig Forums-ified version off as the original or at least spreading it.
Partially because goons, twitter, etc like the idea that Zig Forums=imageboard culture nearly as much as Zig Forums itself, and also partially because of their death grip on 4chan since '16.

please leave me alone :(

There's always swallowing a bullet or letting your fashy daddy pound your boipussy.


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Except they did respond occasionally before taking it down to the few points that actually mattered.

Sorry about that, I didn't expect that thread to fall off the board once unpinned but really use the main meta thread if you have any concerns, the new admin thread was just a meta thread two so it was becoming redundant.

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And last, but not least.

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Reminder that there's nothing morally wrong with killing marxists, Capitalists, niggers, faggots, sandniggers, and spics.

Zig Forums btfo