Have you taken the Nazbol pill yet user?

Have you taken the Nazbol pill yet user?

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I'm already a devotee of Anarcho-Juche, so no.

I prefer esoteric luciferian postpost left naztrot with posadist characteristics tbh

I don't need testosterone supplements, user. I've got plenty just naturally.

No, because communists belong in gulags.

Literal LARPer ideology. Complete anti-Marxist real fascist shit.

Kill yourself, OP

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Posadism is all the good parts of accelerationism, nazbol, and wingnut conspiracyism with none of the bad parts

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I'm taking the socialist pill, no thanks.

what is the difference between nazbol and "natsoc" srs question

I'm a Posadist thinker in my circles without putting a name to it until someone mentions it.

There is nothing "nazbol" about Posadism whatsoever. Posadas was an authentic Marxist who saw fascism/despotism/authoritarian modes of organization as abhorrent. Please don't act like a tard.

pray, tell how is your ideology better?

or how about YOU deepthroat a shotgun instead

and then I fuck the bloody stump

don't kinkshame you faggot

The good parts of nazbol are the ridiculous internet memes not the actual ideology, and posadism has that too, user.

Of course you do,from all the loads you take to the face.

Why are we allowing Nazis in this board? NazBol is not leftist wtf

t. believer in the religion of peace :^)

*Religion of peace. Western lie. I bet you believe everything MSHIV tells you, huh?

We don't like whiners here either, but here you are with your gay self

Yeah, I rarely post here anymore.

Keep LARPing that you're some revolutionary who won't be forgotten 2 seconds after you're dead, faggot

NazBol, NAZbol, not socialism, national bolshevism. Yes, fucking nazis. Stupid BO and volounteer team who can't see that nazbol is Zig Forums setting up camp here. Nazbol is just right-wing ideas with a red face; racism, nationalism, etc.

Fuck off pseudo-left Trotskyist-Redditite wrecker

Pick one, nazi faggot.

nazbols think stalin's cummies are yummier than hitler's

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yeah but Posadism is an internationalist, open borders ideology

what if I like both YOU HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT?

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I a bot designed to test the ideological infrastructure of this board.

humans cannot kill machines

racism is an idea made up by jews to placate minorities. more whites are on welfare yet you continue to suck nigger cock


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oh you bet,

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I've taken the "communism is better for the white race than crapitalism" pill but I'm still just a gay nazi (where'd my flag go?).