Brit/pol/ #2745: Eraserhead Edition

Brexit: UK asks EU for further extension until 30 June

Newport West by-election: Jeremy Corbyn says cuts focus held seat

Developer fined for destroying bat home in London

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cunt beat me by seconds smh

Brexit: Police warn MPs and campaigners not to inflame tensions

Nigel Farage - A dramatic realignment of British politics is now inevitable

The war on No Deal is a war on democracy

Donald Tusk 'suggests 12-month flexible delay'

Theresa May requests Brexit delay until June 30

‘Veggie discs’ to replace veggie burgers in EU crackdown on food labels

Edmonton stabbings: Man charged with five counts of attempted murder after spate of knife attacks

PewDiePie faces petition calling for his removal from YouTube due to ‘white supremacist platform’

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didn't ask you though did I, cunt

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Based saviours of the west

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lol fuck off

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Yes lets just extend rights to all out tools

brb off to register my drill as a member of the household so I get another ballot card

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is lego a hate symbol?

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They already did.


Sweden: Boy, 4, Praised for Using Mother’s Menstrual Blood in Painting

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We let women vote.

Now that's unfair they're more akin to dogs but with none of the loyalty.

He's a 4 year old kid for fuck's sake.

Time to lower the voting age to 4? I mean they are doing everything we want them to do so why not

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When they let wogs, women and homos vote

there's no escape from the honk

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How have you been lad?

'Death sentence for women': Alabama proposes law to make abortion punishable by up to 99 years in prison

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Single again.


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Very good lads. This is how you get God to spare your nation.

sweet home alabama where the zyklon is so blue

unironically baste

Sorry to hear that lad. I can only offer you this webm.

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Well that was embarrassing

Is this what happens when they are left to make their own decisions?

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Made her cry and she sounded a bit like this on the phone. Made me giggle afterwards.

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Guardian have never heard of lead times so come with the FAKE NEWS instead

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delete this indecency

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some anti scoobydoo on Alex
Alex cuts him off

We're still here for you, lad

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I want to creeper every person in that first one

Where are they getting these statistics from?

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Fanks lad

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I don't even get it. The numbers don't even sound right
One of the most hard hitting Hitchens reads tbh. Feels like being punched in the stomach

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kek wtf that makes 0 sense


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even if it did make sense it wouldnt be an argument

what are you doing tonight frens?

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smh, sack him

the absolute state

he deserves shit for cheating on his wife and being a creep and for being an overpaid sportsball tool, but he is hardly a nonce for going with a 15 year old thot

not really a proper nonce, he fell victim to a thot who lied about her age and was a in a nightclub

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is he meant to demand ID from someone in an 18+ nightcub tbh

Well he did have a daughter with his girlfriend at the time, so, it was immoral either way.

not defending him he is a retard sportsball twat who needs to be shot, but the thot was up for everything. 15 year old thots were fugging 26 year old chads when I was at school

reminder that they are afraid

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his girlfriend aborted their babby when he was sent to prison, so I think she gets the rope too

I sure wish we could go back to how things were before

but kill anyone attracted to 15 year old lassies that pass for older

Notice the disconnection, they don't see themselves as a part of Britain.

yeah definitely, no denying that
standard normie behaviour these days

Do you ID check every punter at the Templar's? Well do you?

I'd send all sportsball players to prison tbh


open the second one and you ca smell the shit from in their pants through the screen


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bet it was bored riot cop

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Wait what

im hoping its fake

It's from a film, looks too animated

fake and gay
does raise the interesting point that footage of abortion, alone in terms of medical procedures and general distasteful things, is not broadcast on tv or widely known. if people knew what it looked like they would be more against it


It's from the Unplanned movie that kept getting shoah'd off Twitter


Heil Honkler

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guess nobody else is listening but that alex jones rant about god unironically made me a bit teary eyed tbh

but then he started going on about muh british empire keeek smdh

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idk it was just live on infowars
just thinking about how you have all your human flaws and struggles and the idea an omnipotent being loves you gives me feels tbh and not even you but also the smallest animal


Ready for ethical CP lad to SMASH a 14 year old la creatura nazi in tonight's debate, lads?

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kek guess someone told him to "pick on someone his own size"

sounds a bit wrong

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DesTINY will go in for the kill. Not sure if there will be a moderator, there better be.

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>tfw the head chef and the sous-chef wants me to learn what's round and start making mayonnaise from scratch but my chef de partie calls me a spid and gimp'' while pointing at 100Kgs at potatoes instead

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you could cut out at least half of these labels

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doesn't he just talk really fast and frame arguments in his favour before the other speaker can get a word in?

Amerisharts have a habit of signposting everything, especially in their movies.

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Yeah so somebody has to stop him kek

right hand side is 14 years old??

she's so fucking hot

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starting to get the libertarian memi tbh lads

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