Attomwaffen is controlled by a Satanic Cult

I've been hearing about this shut everywhere.

Apparently Atomwaffen is infiltrated by an actual Satanic Cult, ONA who do blood sacrifices and infiltrate fringe political movement across the spectrum to create violence and havoc. There are Atomwaffen people actually admitting this beneath Anglin's Comments.

From Anglin:

But nice try.

Because that is definitely happening.
Are you aware that the ONA, a satanic doomsday cult that promotes human sacrifice, actively encourages members to join and subvert right-wing groups?

Kiwifarms thread:

I don't think it's any coincidence either how we're having all these Atomwaffen members being arrested for murder. These could be satanic sacrifices. The kid who converted to Religion of Cuck™ and shot his roommates, Nicholas Giampa who shot and killed his girlfriend's parents and then attempted to blow his own brains out but miraculously survived and Samuel Lincoln Woodward who murdered a gay jewish college kid who was majoring in psychology were all very similar. They happened to be apolitical. None of these murders were morivated for political reasons, but aimply happened. Also, I've heard some speculation that Bernstein and Woodward were already involved in a homosexual relationship prior to the murders.

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Order of Nine Angles hates jews and has nazi rituals so who cares?


AW has been shit tier for fucking years now, everyone knows it. Sage for another eceleb jamming up the catalog. At least wait till the red ice shit gets played out before spamming more irrelevant bullshit.

They're just edgelords. There's always been a (small) satanic wing of the movement.

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Thread confirmed being slid by kikes.

Who cares

I wonder how many of the people kvetching about this are TRSodomites who are fine with the "TRS Confederates" being run be an initiate of the truly "satanic" judeo-masonry?

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huh so you mean it wasn't so ludacris to call those fags who came here trying to stir ship up and posted signs calling out to Zig Forums and kekistan?
color me surprised

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Why are they giving the middle finger? Also checked

because a few anons in the thread noticed the skull masks and called them shills
recall that the antifa who shot that church up wore one of these masks
the media actually used the picture these faggots posted saying it's a well known group called attomwaffen who uses the masks saying it was a hard core right wing group
there were also tons of pictures with these masks popping up, one guy even suggesting that they were on sale and to buy 30 of them for your friends (like in the banner pic)

who cares?

to clarify: not the pictures they posted, just an old 4chan cap of a few attomwaffen folks that they reposted

I know the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack book clubs sometimes collaborate with Vanguard America and AW. Haven’t had contact with the local group in months though, got a bad feeling about it one day and decided it wasn’t a good idea, they also wanted to start paying dues and form a local, regional, and national hierarchy.

Aren't those American Vantards?

that's not AW retard.

Why are some people saying ONA has ties to Christian Identity, does anyone have proof of this?

Because you are forcing this shit yourself. Fuck off kike.

It seems like the dozen "fascist" groups around the world are all controlled ops. I wonder if there is an actually pro-white organization out there but not even we can find them. Maybe they are hiding behind some ecological banner or other good goy identiry

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I'd rather deal with them than put up with redditors any day of the week. Fuck off.

>this excuses blood sacrifices which should be strictly reserved for ebola-chan only and other blatantly satanist activities

Want a pizzagate on our side of the political spectrum? We're demonized enough as is.

Every pro-white organization that there ever is, was and will be has been infiltrated by the feds. Just ask any pro-white leader if they've ever had the FBI ask them if they wanted to work for them and you'd be hard pressed to find one who wasn't!

The last pro-white group that actually stood a threat against the establishment was Charles Manson and the Silent Brotherhood. Now, all of our guys are either dead or in prison. There are still many warriors out there, but not all of them have the same skills as these men did.

Anglin is just falling for the shitposting.

AW isn't infiltrated leadership wise neither are most IM related groups. Even if they are most groups have cells so it doesn't matter.

the satanic sects are heavily infiltrated by the cia niggiers, church of satan itself was a cover for ilicit operations and lavey was cia programmer, also anquino was heavily involved in both temple of set and COS….. o9a looks the same. be very wary.

i bet you could trace their current material all the way back to nicholas shreck and boyd rice

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Who gives two fucks about a bunch of emo meth addicts.

Stay clean and green like Hitler.

Does anyone have a pdf of Iron Gate?

Fuck off, kike.

Sage advice, shame it was off by 1.

Okay, fuck AW then. Reminder if youre more concerned about worshiping Satan than you are white genocide, were just going to assume youre trying to stop people who actually are concerned with white genocide. Thats bad, really bad.
For you.


That's a group called patriot front. A thread was made when they did vid related. It was mixed bag of reactions from anons, some called them controlled OP, which they got butthurt about and flicked off the camera like they did. Others thought it was interesting because there was that impeach fascist drumpf march going on that day and everyone wanted another Berkley..

Kike Enoch was the first one tweeting about their demo in Austin, that was a bit off but groups like RAM interact with Enoch, call themselves altright and wear skull masks but Zig Forums never gets near as butthurt about it for some reason.

Internet shit and irl shit are strange when they clash.


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There hasn't been any real proof of this besides literally one guy having some fucking badge or something.

That one dude in AW converted to pisslam and killed his buddy.

That doesn't have anything to do with this.

AW has it's issues bruh. Edge lords tbh. You do you tho.

It's pretty obviously run by FBI informants trying to push some dumb kid into doing terrorism. They literally had a salafist murderer in their crew, so there is 0% chance they haven't been flipped by the feds by now.

Look for DDS/DD with a sunflower in the future.

Actually read the info dude. All the original members of atomwaffen are dead, in jail, or have quit. Now the group is run by FBI informants

O9A was literally created by a glow in the dark Britfag agent David Myatt, aka Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt.

It is sad that their executioners and kidnappers are still roaming free.
Let us pray to the Lord for the ZOG's end.

Honestly we can deal with these people when we get stable political ground, right now we are a bunch of anime fapping gore posting nigger haters add blood sacrifices to that list and we really aren't that much worse

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I think we all knew this already. It the same chaos worshipping cult that lives in Utah and Arizona.

Pretty much this.

Also they think they can control the reproductive rights of everyone they target. Even well enough to threaten their future family and children.

actually it’s just Jews that set people up and sell their info just like the rest of this stuff.

The fuck are you talking about? You’re in Romania FFS.

Kill yourself.

Satanism and National Socialism are simply elements of the Western shadow, the part of its collective soul that secular liberals seek to pathologize and sanitize. The truth is that all the things most people conventionally fear, like "Nazis" or the "Devil," are the very things that will save the West. This is why so much energy is spent bolstering these taboos to keep folks in line. You are the warden of your own prison. Insert the key in the lock and turn it. Embrace your inner barbarian.

Probably only Varg Vikernes' kids will be hard to sway into CIA niggerism. Say what you want, but the fucker has a tight grip on rising them.

Why would the desert, foregin figure of satan have anything positive to do with the west?

yeah i read that, also that ona also infiltrates Religion of Cuck™ic and anarchist groups. they are not friends i don't think. the thought controllers of that subculture glow so damn bright it's not even funny

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I get butthurt about it

hitler did meth though

Better a godly nigger than a nazi occultist amirite fellow Zig Forumslack :^)

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(>>>Zig Forums)

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Was Charles Manson pro-white?
It's been a long time but it seemed to me he just wanted to instigate the race war, and said whitey would lose. Among other things.

Satan = Odin

Satan means adversary in hebrew. He is their ultimate enemy, hes the god of the goyim. think it's a coincidence that the two most demonized figures by jews are hitler and satan?

"We will destroy God" -Protocols of Zion. It's Satan they refer to and the influence he has over his people. All aryan culture, spiritualty, and gods/idols replaced by useless fictitious christian cuckold type shit which helps reign in the aryans demographic demise and to be replaced by incapable materialistic brown serfs.

any skttishness from the word Satan comes from christian indoctrination/jewish propaganda.

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The Jews worship Elohim, plural, they worship demons. Their holiday, Pssach, is about summoning demons to kill children. Their other holiday, Yom Kippur, is about getting a demon to transfer their sins in exchange for torturing a chicken to death.

I heard that many times before.
I understand that the Bible's New Testament is path to slavery.
And the Old Testament, to my knowledge, is a salad of Semitic and other cultures.
Then (and this is what I read), Lucifer is the creator of the White race. And because of this, the kikes hate us with passion.

Perhaps some anons can bring light to this, because it can be sometimes confusing.

could be worse

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It's a shame these ONA faggots are so messed up. The dark/evil/satanic edgelord bullshit really doesn't appeal to me. At all. Some of their ideas draw from Spengler and Yockey, though, which I find interesting. I think it'll be worth digging into some of their material when I have the time. Perhaps something useful can be extracted from it.


Jesus I'm glad I'm not an e-celeb, you JIDF kikes would be spamming my mugshot from 1980 all over the place and calling me a kike because I got a bj from a jewess in LA 20 years ago.

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Azzmador is way way way ahead of you filthy kike.

No, Satan is not Odin, you dumb shit. They're not even equivalent figures. Odin is Varuna.

Satanists = liars
That post makes sense in that context. Bigger liars then Muslims, I doubt kikes.

How are they supposed to be subverted when they are entirely decentralized? There isn't a whole lot of evidence of this, and that combined with all the media slander against them recently makes me think that (((someone))) is working against them.

Other than the human sacrifice stuff (which is probably LARPing), they don't seem too bad. Definitely a step up from that "joy of satan" autists who spam jewtube.

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Well, this is damning.
Marxism = Judaism

It's meant in the sense that they both work against the government who are the real kikes, the point is that while antifa are niggers they aren't the real problem.

I don't think there's a thing antifa isn't against? Maybe when you're on the same side a tranny in a suicide vest you should reconsider your alliances.

They aren't literal allies you dumbass, the point is they both work against the greater issue which is the system. The message is that the system is the problem not antifa.

It's actually pretty prevalent these days. (or whatever) used to show up all over the place trying to recruit me and people I knew online.

The Alt-kike is inundated with them. The renetards have more than a few kicking around. These people are always more anti-christ than pro-white or anything else. You can smell their latkes and mazos a mile away.

fuck off christcuck

Leaders are 98% alphabets. The majority of users of all the right-wing groups however are not very useful since you easily redpill them because they've already opted out of normiesphere. Infiltrate their ranks and get them on "our" side.

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Then youre both race traitors.

Since when has antifa worked against the government?

Here is his reasoning behind the poster (note: he is not an antifascist).

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Race traitor.

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'So what if some members are Satanists'… Sounds like something a jew would say. Never heard of these faggots before.

Do they have meetings where they dress in matching outfits? Or is that just an online dream of some soy boys? That's what Satanists are. Emo faggots/heavy metal morons. You all know the type. Ah, think that faghammer6000 whatever on utub.

Check this article.

Well, they're not wrong in attacking Christianity. It's two sides of the same jew coin. If the Jews didn't infiltrate Rome and spread Christianity, we'd be colonizing Mars by now.

flase dichotomy, the trademark of the jew.

You are a grade A nigger

Fuck these Alt-Right faggots. Focus on fighting the enemy through individual action and meme warfare. Don't rely on these (((organizations))).

manlet squad

Again you miss the point, Hitler and the communists weren't allies but they worked in random against the government that was the Weimar.

Isn't that the website with a bitcoin miner? Here's an archive link instead:

Thanks for proving that newfags can gorepost too.

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Hitler and the communists never worked "in tandem" with the communists against the weimar republic, the communists where as jewish run as the weimar republic.

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ONA is full of feminist and marxist shiteaters of the clinton spiritcooking persuasion. Allowing them near anything is right up there with trusting a mason.

I think he means Strasserists, which was basically national communism

Both had their own ideological end points which differed from the system, the point is the system is the bad guy. It's not trying to make them look good or like allies, explains it well enough.