14 - Pregnancy, Birth, Infant, Childhood

It has come to my attention that most expecting parents do not have the full knowledge of the options available to them. The Timeline to your childs first steps and the time after are important processes.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children
We must preserve a future for our people through the safety of our children

Where do we begin? Without taking a whole nutritional, psychological, and skill training session for the parents, which are all necessary knowledge bases before and during pregnancy; Let us begin shortly before birth. (A reminder that you should eat lots of dark green vegetables and carrots all the time as well as meat, eggs, fish, and Dairy.)

In the first stages of labour it is important to be stretching, moving, and having a support group to reduce stress levels. This is when, sometimes prompted by question/information, the mother will be offered pain treatment. A strong pain reducing procedure now commonly used in all births but especially necessary for a C-section birth is an epidural. This is when a flexible tube is injected at the base of the back to the spine to release powerful, generally localized to midsection and lower body, pain medication, or drugs. This procedure is necessarily followd by increased monitoring of the mother for the following reasons; oxytoxin release will be altered so a more synthetic approach is taken, brand names of syntocinon and pitocin, and a synthetic delivery of oxytocin is given. There are some more actions involved with inducing labor not outlined here. Instead of localized to the vagina and uterus oxytocin is now body wide, extremely high doses than normally released to make up for the general delivery. Tearing chance is also increased when this is done (details excluded). The mother child bond is affected. The drugs given also affect the newborn human being because they are started several hours earlier and much goes through the blood.

Being on Zig Forums the reasons to avoid one major procedure do not need to be outlined here. You should strictly make sure ahead of time that all doctors and nurses involved are aware you do not want circumcision. Get it in writing in American hospitals, so no one says "no worries, no charge for you". You want delayed umbilical cord clamping. The standard is to clamp it immediately and as quickly as possible once the baby has come out. Ask long before that final moment, you want delayed clamping with the child immediately on the mothers breast.
Then there are k1 injections that are standard. Same as one of the reasons to avoid circumcision, you do not want to increase pain/trauma to the newborn. There are oral options if you are convinced you need some k1/k2 for your child. The mother eating enough vitamin k (5mg-15mg during breastfeeding) will also increase amount of K in the breastmilk. There will be options to give antibacterial ointment for the eyes and other topical procedures, these are also not needed but standard unless you refuse. There will be a multitude of vaccines that will vary slightly based on where you are exactly. You can get all modern vaccines without thimerosal (mercury compound) and without any other preservatives, they will then usually come single shot per vaccine. Flu vaccines are absolutely not necessary and the details will be ommitted at the time of writing this. In short, you will need to keep people with flu symptoms away from child and mother for some weeks after birth whether or not anyone involved has had shots. They are then recommended several times a year throughout childhood development. Refuse them all. The flu virus mutates much too rapidly for effective prevention of the current spreading strains. And there are always more than one out in the public, the vaccines do not get most.

There is absolutely no reason to use "formula" for the child. Mother literally can not breast feed (rare)? Get a wet nurse and schedule it before you're nearing end of third trimester. Keep the breastfeeding supply plenty and limitless for the child. Sometimes premilking and using bottles is okay, but maximum time with the mother is recommended for especially the first year to 18 months. Your child hears and sees and learns quickly. You want interaction from the mother and the father, or in case of the father performing duty away from home, some other masculine family figure like an uncle or grandpa.

Next: Infancy and childhood to age 8.

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Your child will pickup language and emotions. In fact if you speak more than two languages or know a native speaker of another language you want to introduce to the child before they reach adulthood, you want to spend several hours a week speaking audibly in that language in the viccinity of the mother and child, even before birth. Never stress out or show extreme negative emotions near the child. If you need to vent your stress or notice a heated argument between the parents oncoming, do not do it in the earshot of the child.
You want to speak coherent words and sentences to your child. Make sure the mother also does not waste precious learning time of the child by making idiotic "oogly" sounds. The baby imitates the mother and other humans around it, not the other way around. It is trying to learn words as the brain rapidly reorganizes (there are actually many synapses lost after birth which help augment learning).

Use reusable diapers. Don't spend endless money on clothes that fit the infant for a month or two only. Hold them often and never ignore the cry of a young infant. Detailed nutrition knowledge will be ommitted here. However never forget the importance of the foods you eat and drink. Sweets other than fruits should be avoided, even not introduced at all. Foods like honey, fully natural jams, and natural (no sugar added) peanut butter are more than sweet enough for the child.

As the child ages several years and you have them walking and using a variety of words. Talk to them often. They may not be able to understand everything you tell them or really respond. They are still listening. Speak honestly with them and encourage logic and reason when approaching problems. Children will naturally do that so foster it. Attempting to use your authority as an adult as the only answer and the single rule for everything is not right and will not help them learn and trust their own decisions and thoughts.

Don't try to sterilize everything. Let your kids be in the outdoors, supervised closely, both before they can walk on their own and especially after.

You will notice your child is not only able to learn quickly but is gaining physical coordination rapidly after age 4. You will have been reading to them often and spending time talking with them, not just to them by this age. They can learn to read and write on their own long before the age of 6.
Homeschooling. If the problem with childhood learning is public education then the answer is homeschooling. Private education these days suffers many if not most of the same problems public education does. Social activities can be fostered by signing them up to some clubs, scouts, and letting them some time at the playground. Remember that it is current year. Their introduction and learning with technology needs to be supervised.

In the years 6-8 it is time to advance their science and history knowledge considerably. Remember to keep lessons short, fun, and visually enhanced with a variety of tools. They should get a primer on ecology. A good amount of lessons in mathematics. Then onto chemistry, physics, biology.
If you keep them away from random MSM before this age then history lessons should be easy. No need to relearn just learn the facts. You will start with the foundation of your country. If you are lucky enough to live where your ancestors have lived (Europe etc) then that will do. Otherwise consider starting with a brief overview of that area first. Make it fun. Make it short. When questions pop up you can go into small lessons on the details there.

Next: Age 8 - maturity.

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At the age of 8/9 Your child should have a solid grasp on basic science concepts. They should be encouraged to do all simple math in their head. Let them have some lessons where they choose what to learn, with your assistance. Depending on your child they could be capable of learning unattended for short periods. What is short you ask? 15-20 minutes of reading is short. There is absolutely no reason a child should be forced to spend more than that sitting and reading, unless they choose to. This is when you decide how to manage your children's education by gender. Will it be the same for boys and girls? In sciences the answer should be yes. For the average child only very rudimentary concepts of science will have been taught to them at this stage. There is much more to learn before the advanced sciences.
History can now be taught both into prehistory (where written records are few to none) and with detail. Ask questions such as how could this isolated regional battle, development, or innovation affect distant regions, in weeks, in years. Then follow up with some facts that show what the answer happens to be. If there is a discrepancy between expectations and actual events, discuss this.
Education is the foundation of the mind. Help your children get all the knowledge they seek. Read with them. Discuss what they learn. Share in the excitement they show. How fantastic a time this can be.

Nutrition should be not just foods given now but information on why certain foods are eaten and why some types of foods are minimized. Why are most modern foods avoided as often as possible?

How do you deal with disobedience and punishment? At this age your child should be capable of rational thought and understanding to a suprising degree. Physical punishment should be reserved, but with some children it will be used sparsely as needed. Never strike in anger. Never attempt to teach by inflicting pain, it will only distance you.

How about sexual education? How young do you start? Should they know human reproduction on the cellular level at this early period?
Foster discussions with your children. Always be open and honest with them.
They will now be reaching adolescence and will interact with the outside world without your supervision more often. You want to talk about these experiences as often as possible.
Someone told your child that the tooth fairy is not real and you disapprove? Talk about it. Someone insisted your child should believe in fairy tales and they do not? Talk about it. Young humans are smarter than society gives them credit for.

Before puberty begins in full you'll have given your child lessons for life. They may not have understood them in whole at the time given but you would have taught them well so that they remember.

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Thanks mate, first time I heard about much of this, especially the first part. About learning, some say children learn things from the outside world even as embryos. How true do you think that is?

Also about physical punishment, I believe you should of course be considerate and calculated in the times you apply it, but then again children under 8 are practically animals that, as you said, lack reasoning and logical skills.

Bump, very nice advice, and exactly how I planned on rasing my kids. Glad I had everything down to a T thankfully! I'll probably share this with my friends who are having/had kids.

Thanks user. Saved for future use.

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In terms of outside stuff like music, babies in the womb listening to classical music and other relate stuff has positive effects if that's what you mean

In terms of physical punishment. What about pushups, flutterkicks, or planks? My father made me and my brothers do those all the time if we ever acted up. Gave me a good leap ahead in terms of proper physical form and ability while doing them, but does that have similar effects on a child's brain as abuse?

fuggin saved

Well, how do you feel about said exercises today? Do you do them? If you do them (or don't), do you feel like they had anything to do with past punishments?

I do them, don't really associate any negative feelings with those exercises than just fatigue from doing them and all that, so I suppose that would mean they're not abuse?

Quality thread OP, I'd personally recommed two books about brain development written by Louann Brizendine, called "the female brain" and "the male brain". They are mostly objective books that talk about the important differences in the brain development of the respective sexes, especially during puberts. it does also offer a better insight into the female psyche and even stresses the importance of testosterone for the proper development of boys and the well being of men.

I wouldn't count it as abuse either, maybe if the child is terribly fat or weak and would struggle doing them, but I don't really see how mild or moderate physical exercise cold be a proper punishment, to what extend did you have to do them? Until failure, or just a few sets? Might be od to ask, but did it actually worked? it might be a good way to calm a child down, but as a form of punishment?

thanks, saved. On honey labels sais cant feed to young babies. in my country

Usually he set an amount anywhere from 50-200. Sometimes more if it was really bad. That or he just said, "keep going till I say stop." I would say it worked, cause we were either too tired to screw around and didn't want to do more. I'm sure to an elementary-middle school aged kid who isn't exactly the strongest yet it would be a fitting punishment.

Thanks for the quality thread OP.

I think its worth an expansion on nutrition to some degree as this can alter a lot of variables with regards to complications and brain / body development.

Based on my own research, a systematic cleanse should be undertaken and maintained prior to conception. Eliminate heavy metals and parasites from the mother particularly to set up the best conditions for baby development. Avoid fluoridated / chlorinated water at all times (including bathing etc) and ensure the mother is getting ample iodine during pregnancy and breast feeding as this has a massive impact on brain development.

Happy to expand on any of the above but a lot of the information can be gleaned from the webnets with relative ease which provides better context than me just giving you my layman's understanding.

Some things to get you started RE detox and health.
- Chlorella & Spirulina
- Activated Charcoal (personal experience with this; corrected my wife's life long menstruation woes almost instantly)
- Diatomaceous Earth
- Bentonite Clay or equivalent
- Boron
- Iodine (we both supplement with 12.5mg of lugols every day, this will increase somewhat once conception and breastfeeding)
- Mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail + more.
- Adaptogenic herbs: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea to name the ones we take.

I love you all and pray for yours and your children's health and happiness.

You have a warrant for that device?

Children definitely learn some things from the outside world during pregnancy. An embryo does not have a functional brain yet. Though causing the mothers body to flood with stress hormones will affect it even at the first week after conception. Third trimester there is some evidence of words being learned in some way, but this is poorly understood and more research is needed in this area.

Thanks all. I am only user, here to 1488.

In the first few months after birth "unpasteurized" honey is allegedly a risk factor. The infant should only be having breastmilk at that same stage anyway.

Sounds like instillation of discipline, punishment would go more towards something like kneeling on rice, can be abuse if overused. Could be a harsh form of discipline. Abuse would be smacking your kid in the face, ever.

Let's see if we can get a link of these two if they happen to be valid.

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Most definitely. We can explore some nutrition but not without first investigating what the pregnant mother should be eating like.

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Just wary unless you're a spic the family doctor and school will discourage you teaching the child a another language until they are 9 or 10.

quality thread, thanks OP.

Excellent and important thread, OP. You should turn this into some sort of resource on a permanent resource like a sharable text editor that other Anons can read and add to. It can be like a Wiki of knowledge for how to raise proper children in our modern day society, everything from how to avoid fucking up your unborn child with environmental chemicals in water and plastics, to what medications to give to them and what to avoid, to educating them in a way that does not involve government brainwashing. A sort of White man's guide to raising children.

We had honey lemon ginger hot drinks when we were sick as kids and I highly doubt it will be a 'risk factor'
If anything, I would say it is far more beneficial and is entirely natural compared to (((infant cold medicine)))

Also quality thread OP this will be a powerful resource to any anons seeking to replenish the white race and 1488

You were not a faggot today. Wifeanon has her 1st ultrasound this month. We're looking for a midwife for a home delivery unless I've memed twins; any recommendations on searching/vetting?

OP was not a faggot today.

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Kike free bump. Expecting my hwhite baby soon and I'm mega stoked. Good thread OP.

name your twins romulus and remus

How could they rationally argue that?
It is a fact that children pickup languages faster than cold virus strains before age of 8.

I found his brother
Sadly he is autistic and got kidnapped by a strange but famous mentor of the 88th sort.

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Congratulations, living the 14 words feels good man.

Good idea since they'll be born in the year of the Earth Dog, but your digits say nay. We'll either go with Celtic names or Rudolf H and Otto S tbh. I love Dr. Goebbles but Joseph isn't volkish enough.

I just embeded them in these two pictures, just open them as an archive, they contain the pdfs of the books

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Thank you.


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the first one is wrong and kike drivel

you will give your daughter the jew filth we are rejecting and trying to destroy because its like faeces (another jew fetish too) on paper?
defeatism pill in it too
and of course it starts with a reference to the universal jew fetish

You usually don't know you can't breastfeed until the child is born and you try.

Never give honey to a baby under one year of age.
It depends on the child. People stop homeschooling because they worry about a one or two year delay in reading and writing, but this is misguided.

How do you home-school if both spouses are working?

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It's a clever file merging technique. It exploits the fact that the browser will only read to the end of the image, while an archiver will search until it finds an archive, thus ignoring the image.

I'm was planning on making a video about birth and how the media conditions women to think it's super painful and stressful when it is not. (think every birth scene in modern tv/film) If you think it's going to be painful and are scared you only freak yourself out into thinking every pressure you feel is pain. It is not. It's all mental

But I'm having camera issues.

Anyways there is a lot more to talk about then what you've posted so far

what is the preferred stance on bed sharing? Type of food intake? (solids can be eaten by month 6). What about the abundance of (natural) sugars to aid in brain development? Didn't even mention the avoidance of mass media

Teach them Latin

Hire a tutor or family member you trust not to teach them blue pilled like lies.

Have a live in maid who can do it.

Vaccines are poison, wireless radiation is bad, fluoride is poison, all plastics are estrogenic (including polyester clothing), soy and cow milk are estrogenic. Over-ear headphones connected to a computer are unsafe. Avoid contact with wires, they emit electomagnetic radiation if there is current passing through. All electronic generated sound emits magnetic radiation around itself, the louder the sound the more emitted

Ultrasound = blasting your baby with radiation
You think that's a good idea?

you wot?

Great thread.

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We require people to have an IQ of 115 to post here. Get out.

So when you tell someone to have 115IQ to stay here and get out you want to remove yourself?
Souns isn't part of the EM.

Everyone that lurks here should be aware of that.

The potatoes think all sound waves are radio waves.

I think your mothers had too many radioactive colonoscopies when they were pregnant.

Where does an user find a non-degenerate wife?


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this is literally what the northwest imperative is for

If there is trouble breastfeeding a child contact La Leche League or your hospital may employ Lactation Consultants. They can help with proper technique and give encouragement.

For instance, my first child and I did just fine but child #2 wasn't latching on correctly. Child's mouth should look kind of like a fish while nursing and that wasn't happening….this resulted in pain for me which inhibited milk production. Worked with a lactation consultant for 15 minutes and problem was fixed.

Back in the old days a mother's mother, sisters or other female relative would be able to help but now we go to professionals.

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No, that's not abuse, m8. Being yelled at all the time and struck intermittently or greater is abuse.

Because they hate us, obviously.

That is a good point. Birth is an important component of life. It only makes sense that nature-hating kikes would demonize it and everything normal.

Yeah, do not marry some girl just because "church." That will get you all sorts of problems. I made that mistake when I was younger and dumber.

My wife and I are expecting, found a midwife already. The midwife's former associates are listed on this page, and she had nothing but good things to say about them. The list has a few entries per state, so hopefully you can find a good one there.
We're in the same boat, and both my family and hers have a trend of twins.

Nature is the archenemy of the kikes. Remember this every time you have a question why something degenerate is being pushed.

You're telling me I have to move to the most north-western states in the US to find a wife? I have family here I'd like to stay close to.

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So defend them. It is your duty.

They use the same technique to incriminate people with CP.

What is wrong with headphones? Radiation?

It is imperative that you do not give your kids any shots. Rest of the advice in OP is great.

Hope dubs in this thread give you twins!

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Gotta check those twice.

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huh. Well, user, thank you for adding to my already healthy paranoia regarding technology. Quick follow up question: Any thing one could do to go through files and search for anything hidden as you described? Apologies for what I'm sure is a basic question, but technology in general has never been my strength.

Daily reminder that having 3+ kids is your duty as a hwhite man or woman.

KeK smiles upon us.

Well you got most of the general theory on child care right, but what will you do when the genes are awful and the DNA slot placement is even more terrible?
How do I kill a baby without being sent to jail and where do I find suitable DNA? should I bother letting the wife have the child or should the DNA remain pure?

It seems like only americans are this retarded to believe in the church.
Seems like the rest of the world considers religions hypocritical cults full of weirdos and degenerates. America is too dumb to even consider the church as anything less than Hell. I view all religions as satanists in denial.

Seems to me that christcucks and paganlarpers always have d&c in important threads regardless of common sense. It's almost as if shills have been caught officially stating that d&c on religious grounds is a good strategy.

Take it out of this thread, and make your own religious thread or go to Zig Forums and the pagan equivalent instead of shitting up pol. If you are a kike shill, your day is coming.

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leave the nest or fuck off

Thus spake anonymous on this "Thors" day Christians have no problem with because there are no Christians, only pagans afflicted by Christlarp to varying degrees because they bought into the scam.

Been recovering well, though. Only 2000 years and Christianity has crumbled that much.
2000 short years, whew. That's not even the blink of an eye in the scale of mankind.

If you think you're just going to happen upon anything resembling an adherent of 'sexual-morality' outside of some sort of religious institution: you're kidding yourself. Just don't go to paganism because all of their women are sluts, and they're only better pagans for it, mind you.

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Meant for this fag

u wot m8

You have to find a girl who is (ideally) young, from a small city or rural area, and connected enough to the internet so you'll find her, but not really accepting the bullshit world she's born into. It helps, massively, if you aren't a creepy old guy, nor a NEET.

Maybe you'll find her through artist circles, crafts communities, blogs, hobby forums, just go into something which you like and talk more, maybe hone in on a prospective candidate and offer help with something.

Honestly, I got lucky. It must suck for many people here to find a partner. Just finding a woman that's a virgin sounds hard these days.

If any user here is in high school or college, you guys should try to get a young girlfriend now, while it's not creepy.

Hey! You mentioning Oxytocin got my noggin joggin. Isn't this the redpill drug?

Here's the study mentioned in kikepedia (behind a paywall):

I've put the PDF in an image+zip. Open the second attachment in 7-zip or something.

Attached: Oxytocin and Racial Bias (image zip, PDF from Elsevier Biological Psychology).png (1154x111 697.77 KB, 33.74K)

- Facilitates contractions, assists with after birth bonding between mother and child (and wife/husband, gf/bf), lactation
- Important for heart development
- Lack of the receptor gene is linked with autism, aggressive behavior
- Levels rise in humans and dogs when they play together
- Influences social development and memories of social experiences (bonding, remembering trauma)
- Has been found to have anti-depressant properties
- Female/Male behavior differs when receiving: females have higher amygdala activity, males' reaction lessened by testosterone (female would panic/run/express outwardly, male kept calm, logical, less prone to empathize and be weak)

This is why females are much more likely to 'think' with their emotions, instead of their brains; and why they gravitate to empathizing with, or rather weakness against, obvious threats to national, social and even their own well being: immigrants, degenerates

As a Joseph, feelsbadman.
Good luck with the little ones.

And Christians declared holy wars, executed infidels, forced conversions, sold indulgences etc. – all heretical actions which contradict scriptural dogma, irrespective of denomination. Point being: if heathens were to behave in the way that you describe, they would do so in spite of their canonical doctrine, certainly not because of it, and invoking historical occurrences raises merely a moot point that does little in testifying to the substance of said doctrine.

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youre saying that the pagan religions promoted whoreishness and thots. Are you literally brain damaged? How much has that Jewish tome warped and ruined your mind, brother (((Aryan)))? Even in roman society there was a belief that whorish women and unfaithful men were afflicted with STD's as punishment by Venus. We do not have "doctrines" because we do not follow every word of some ancient , obsolete Jewish history book that tells you to cut your penis in sacrifice to some insane Volcano God, like you do. We follow the lore and wisdom of our ancestors, while you follow the lore and "wisdom" of the Jews. Your religion is just as Pagan as mine; the only difference is mine is actually somewhat sane, and doesnt come from Jews. I wonder if those two are related…..sure would blow some minds
Forever conversions are heresy? then you admit that you didnt deserve to convert Pagan Europe; if you were destined to, God would have willed it right? But no, you slaughtered and raped your own brothers and sisters, just like the Muslims did, because the fucking Jews told you do. And white people wonder why we are dying off. Since Charlemagne we have made it a priority to look after the Jews and their history instead of our own, and dumb faggots like you, obsessed with Jebbus and anime girls, only encourage it.

Youre also saying that holy war is heretical against Christianity, in which case youre a fucking faggot and only proving my point. In Paganism there is no holy war; ALL wars are holy. ALL wars are sacred sacrifices to the Great Lord Mars. I am more than eager to present my enemies upon his altar, whilst you cower away from it. Your anime girl pictures are fitting for a faggot like you.

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forced conversions*

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That’s a kike label to prevent white children getting stronger

Good luck to you and both of yours.

Thanks brother.

I said that you religious faggots shouldn't bring your faggot bickering into a thread about having white children. Go and raise a son.

Unfortunately I am not the user that will hopefully be blessed with twins. I am working on it though :) Hope you have 8 kids!

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I'm in the same boat as you. I get nervous talking to the ladies that I seriously don't want to creep out. The kicker is that I'm considered a real Chad around the ladies I don't care about offending. Send help.

I have found 100% of the girls I want to give 20 white kids to in intellectual craft related activities, select sports like ice skating, gymnastics, ballet, etc, le church, and rural areas.

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Correct. Use in-ear instead

If you're worried about electrical radiation, you should be living without running electricity altogether.

Doesn't this mean oxytocin has negative effects on men. Is normal testostrone enough to negate the negative effects?


Hope you do too.

Yeah hoping to name my son this


There are alot of good European names out there, just avoid any that sound Jewish.


Checked a great post on a great thread that I wouldn't mind having a bump.

My wives are each 3 months in, thanks for the info.

Being pregnant with my first white child, I've been doing a lot of research to make up for the lack of knowledge passed down by my Boomer parents.

I highly recommend that you and your wife/girlfriend watch "the business of being born". It's extremely revealing in how (((they))) will do anything to disrupt proper and natural motherhood right from birth, subtly tearing apart parental bonds as soon as the baby is born.

Actually have your waifu eat clean, take supplements/vitamins, and nurse your young for an extra while. Some shit in breast milk helps the brain grow and work better than regular carpet runners. Let the kid nurse, stop using (((formulas))).


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