Edible cannabis products most likely to send 4/20 revellers to poison control



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You know damn well why

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Don't worry, kids. Everything's going according to Soros' plan.

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Right Wing Safety Squads need to take up this project.

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Is that Evalion?

The real issue is people idiots buy an entire bar of 100mg edible chocolate, eat the whole thing, smoke a blunt with their friends retards, and then end up in space while their body tries to process 150mg of thc-a. And they usually do it without having ever smoked before.

Weed was grown in indo-european communities for millenia. The real problem with it is lazy soyboys and xers smoke the fuck out of it thanks to talmudvision telling them everybody does it maaaaaaannnnnn. It makes you an even lazier faggot than you already are if you smoke it more than 3 times a week and people easily fall into the soul crushing trap of smoking it all day every day you become a slave to it, like any other vice. Weed isn't inherently degenerate CBD is a fantastic jew free medicine in it's isolate form and a joint isn't going to turn you into a communist faggot if you smoke in moderation at appropriate times but (((weed culture))) is designed to rob people of their youth and their drive and turn them into globalist commie faggots.

yet another thing ruined by kikes and retards

Case in point this kike bot

If not kill them first. But we are stuck with it as its the new tobacco with all the downsides of tobacco and alcohol mixed together.

Anyone who kills themselves with DUDEWEEDLMAO deserves death.

Nobody who smokes wants to admit it's fucking bad for you. I've heard idiots try and say it's actually healthy for your lungs. Intensely frustrating

The only smart way to use it is growing your own, inhaling through a vaporizer or making your own edibles also blowing up federal buildings :'), but that process in and of itself turns people from casual users into heavy users. The people who want to use it generally aren't capable of taking it in moderation, and weed itself obviously doesn't help with growing into that mindset at all.

This is the main deal. Theres zero chance of anyone ever OD'ing from weed, but these fucktards knock back half a plate of brownies and then freak out when they cant handle it.

Yep. Pregnant with a little Hitler too.


Indeed. Smoking is bad period since its inhaling tiny solids which collect in the lungs. It matters not if its tobacco or weed. call me a degrnerate, but drinking is the lesser evil, as long as you can moderate yourself, and avoid bitchtit givers like hopps

The same reason they tolerate liquor

It's dirty and stinky.

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Every Oktoberfest I've been too has security and cuts people off. Seems this is more of a free for all. They don't even have a permit, and it caused millions in damage to a beach last year.

Suppose there is blackmail going on to keep the cops and the city from seizing their assets… oh wait!


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Niggers, spics, kikes, and all other enemies should be encouraged to use weed regularly.

I agree user, I am only trying to explain one of the reasons why smoking anything fucks you over.

Lesser than smoking, but not lesser than cannabis edibles.

Both are part of our shared European heritage.

Hooray for canna culture


why should you care? this is the epitome of left-wing facism. you should be laughing at them, not throwing a fit of moral panic.

You need to go back.

Get out of here torpedo.


i dont care how much of a straight shooter you are, or how inexperienced you are with cannabinoids, if you ate pot food and had to take a trip to poison control, then you are a fucking retard or a child with no concept of their limits.

alternatively it could be a fault of the manufacturer who is obviously making his products too fucking strong. in this case i have to assume it is a little of both.

Dealing with drunks and drug-users at work all night long every day for 4 months, no i just want to get rid of them.

It turns perfectly good men and women into fucking retards who would be better off dead in a ditch. I fucking hate them and i wished people would know moderation and manners.

To my knowledge Hitler never outright banned alcohol. Unless you have proof that weed is worse than alcohol, fuck off.

if people can't handle 100 mg they are fucking pussies

i know pot is a lot stronger these days than it was when i was doing it all the time, but for fucks sake. a trip to ER over pot? they should just be euthenized for being weak, drug addled faggots who cant handle their own level of drug consumption.

that has little to do with the substances themselves, it has everything to do with industrialization and greed. there are far better things to be doing than the what's prevalent, the reason heavily addicting drugs are prevalent is because they are the ones that are the most profitable. the doctrine of ban everything because a few substances are harmful is actually causing more harm because it effectively suppresses substances that cause little to no harm while simultaneously stimulating a gigantic underground market for the substances that cause the most harm.

fucking faggots lol. youd think they would understand how weed works. what exactly do they expect poison control to do? tell them to stay hydrated and calm the fuck down?

Don't they have health standards for edible producers? Or are they talking about bootleg shit made by Tyreeseus and Daekwon?

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Man, I remember when I tried the stuff the first time.
Kids these days.


so 5mg is a reasonable dose of edible DHC. 10mg makes you feel good, 15mg makes you high as a kite. 20mg makes you spaced, 25mg makes you almost sick. 30mg makes you paranoid and wishing it would end.

i've recently been eating some edibles in the form of chocolate "nuggets" each nugget (about the size of one of those foiled dove things) was 30mg and i would cut them into quarters. 8 came in a pack and a pack was $20.
the same company makes them in different strengths, including one where each nugget is fucking 160mg. a quarter of that would feel like torture to me.

i mean, nobody goes to a liquor store, buys a bottle of liquor, drinks the whole bottle, and wonders why they were throwing up and violently ill.

This tbh. First time i had bhang my neighbor and i got zerged. Drank a full coffe cup of a strong one then started seeing things like im in a cartoon, then sat for 12 hours unable to move or talk

Not good.



And here's another weednigger MUH ALCOHOL MUH ALCOHOL MUH ALCOHOL

One day a.schoolmate drank a little.too much a was high for.32 hours. It was hilarious seeing him in the morning at gym eyes like an andorra rabbit. Burned out of his mind. Many Keks were had that day

I used to be a daily consumer of cannabis, I have quit since. I can objectively say 1. quitting cannabis is harder than quitting tobacco(which I also used to smoke) and 2. it makes you dumber, lethargic, and generally a lower class person.

Weed stinks and makes me feel like shit. I literally cannot comprehend how people like this bullshit.

It is possible to "OD" (as in experiencing debilitating, uncomfortable symptoms) on pot regardless of what the average pot smoker believes. It's called "greening out" and while it won't kill you, it's the pot equivalent of being incredibly blackout drunk. It's hard to green out by consuming pot in the most common manners as you need to ingest a large amount of a high quality strain in one go. Those who produce their own edibles, own large volume glass pieces, or dabble in oil/ultra strong strains are virtually guaranteed to have a high tolerance as one has to consider pot a hobby to invest in chasing the strong high those produce. The problem lies in those low tolerance, infrequent users who just can't handle the high you get from ingesting 1g of pot in one go. Edibles make that kind of consumption easy as the effects take 30-45 minutes to hit and build up slowly.

You can easily eat 1/4 of a 1g brownie (for example) and barely feel high when it starts to kick in. Since infrequent users are more likely to be accustomed to the instant, full on high that comes from smoking, they are likely to eat the rest of the brownie which will overload their tolerance within an hour or so.

While I don't think consuming pot is 100% degenerate in all cases, many of these products allowed on the market as a result of legalization are harmfully strong. The current state of the legal pot industry is the equivalent of every brewer and distiller focusing exclusively on producing Everclear (except with no alcoholic flavor at all) in response to the repeal of prohibition. It makes it almost impossible to use the substance responsibly which virtually guarantees degenerate outcomes.


Typical ((((tricks)))). Yes goy moderation is not the key. Knowing your limits and attaining mental control over any emotional or chemical altered state is not the key.
Alcohol is so much better consume that. No its weed that's so much better consume that.
A false conflict is still a false conflict. Use you the free will and strength God gave you to figure out how you want to alter your consciousness.

do you realize the cognitive dissonance this belief requires?
you are aware that the exact same people, in the exact same time, are pushing anti white directives and furthering white genocide?
so give them MORE power and MORE money?
how is that smart or at all congruent with goal 1?

Excellent post

Whereas a person drinking to that point wouldn't be able to call anyone and would probably end up dead.

all these points are fine and good but none of them change the fact that WEED IS FOR NIGGERS

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Actually Alcohol does make you fat, its like drinking loafs of bread.

no one gives away free drugs. people arent going to put a more expensive drug (fent) in a cheaper drug (weed) and then sell you it for the price of weed. you are functionally retarded.

this is why salvia should stay legalized. who else am I going to laugh at on youtube? flakka and mojo isn't as popular.

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getting laced weed is exceptionally rare these days. crossing fent with weed would also be very noticeable. that being said, fentanyl is still pretty cheap.

it's not really the booze, it's the extra stuff you're likely to eat with the lowered inhibitions that come from drinking alcohol

Its more likely to get sold spice than to get sold weed laced with shit.

very true, but even that is pretty fucking obvious

Even if that were true (I'd like a source, "beer belly" being a widespread stereotype), doesn't beer make you grow man-tits because of estrogen?

Same as this guy, but I got the added bonus of becoming incredibly antisocial when high. Didn't want to hang out with anyone at all and if I was with people, I wouldn't really communicate. These days I still enjoy a bit of weed every so often, but I have to buy an amount rarely, when I have the time to spare. Otherwise, I am smoking it every night. I try and apply self control when I have it, but it rarely works.

God help me if it ever becomes legal here.

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Legalize Private Police Now

the phytoestrogens in hops can contribute to bitch tits, but I'd argue that the estrogen imitators newly present in the environment are a bigger factor. As it being the food and not the beer, you have the internet at your fingertips, so don't ask me to spoonfeed you. you also type like you're new

Control yourself. I go to school and work full-time with double elbow neuropathy, and I constrain myself to smoking one-bowl at night. I'm switching to CBD salve to stop smoking. THC during workdays or when you are "socializing" is for teenagers. "Addiction" to cannabis is your throat drying out after exfoliating the shit that goes into your lungs. Drink water and the so-called headache goes away.

stop smoking weed. you're basically not even white to me at this point

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Sorry dad

whats the point of even smoking weed? YOu so bored and little of a man that you got to smoke weed to enjoy life? Fucking fatties and their cake. Cant go without it.BUT ITS NOT ADDICTIVE THOU. Fucking wastes of life.

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anime picture of a down to earth non degenerate at any level film. MUH WEED DOE OMG I NEEEDZ IT TO BE COOL LIKE TYONE AT SCHOOL.

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nigger do you know where you are?

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weed never poisoned anyone .

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Lightweights. Someone tell them the score to the Redwings game, they'll be fine.

A friend of mine let his 5 yo brother smoke some weed, it was some really good shit. After he hit it the 3rd time, he just started crying and walking around like a bitch. After crying like a girl for like 15 minutes (shit was ruining my high tbh) he opened the refrigerator door and took a piss in the lettuce compartment. Shit was hilarious.

Weed is not degenerate, your behaviors and habits are. For any intelligent, curious, spiritual person, there's a good deal to learn from this plant.

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Junkies get the rope too.

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Outstanding post.

Much of the pro legalization rhetoric relied upon comparisons to the benign nature of cannabis culture in comparison to that of alcohol. The very second it was legalized however it was instant cannabis Mardi Gras. It was supposed to be people not risking their freedom to smoke a joint in their back garden after work, what we got was corporations encouraging people to slam as much THC into their body as possible in the shortest amount of time achievable to win a free hat.

Did you know that people die of alcohol poisoning like crazy on Potato Nigger day?


Kill yourself, stoner.

Anti-weedfags need to lighten up and remember what Goebbels said about morality and moralism.


So is this the designated shitposting thread?

Rolling the doobies for the slaughter
We must get high for all the murder
Blazing up as we form rank
Mighty warriors pledging allegiance to the dank

I've eaten 2 hundred mg chocolate bars at once and I was really high but I was fine. Didn't get scared or paranoid, It was very enjoyable. Felt like time was going in slow motion. I don't recommend beginners to do that, but you'd have to eat like 5k dollars worth of edibles at once to come even close to the supposed LD50 of THC. This is urban legend tier shit. Why should we care if some normie retard overdose it on some edibles? Do we post threads everytime some normie retard drinks way to much and gets sick? If you are worried about drugs how about focusing your concern on the opioid crisis which is killing massive amounts of whites.

Also, to even compare cannabis to alcohol is laughable. Smoke to much weed and you'll be lazy all day and get nothing done, but it will be a relaxing day at least. Drink to much alcohol you'll be puking, shaking, horrible headache.. in severe cases and with long term use, withdraws, seizures, tremors, liver failure, heart failure and death. Alcohol is a far more toxic substance than THC. Alcohol is much harder on the human body. Take 2 people, have one drink everyday, have one eat edibles or vape everyday. See which one lives longer. It isn't uncommon for young alcoholics around age 30 to be dying of Cirrhosis of the liver. Find me a stoner with organ failures at 30 from thc.

Quit being a faggot, cannabis is far superior to the brewed/distilled jew!

How can any plant belong to a race incapable of agriculture?

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Also one that isn't native to Apefreaka

Holy dubs have blessed the baby.

Immediately kill yourself.

Reported just for being an enormous degenerate faggot. Please kill yourself.

You need to kys tbh

I fully expected someone to OD on hash oil via buttchugging after the first states legalized weed. Has that happened yet?

These people are literally all fine. They're dumb stoners who think because they smoke schwag grown by a mexican guy who lives in the woods and once ate a human foot all day every day they have lungs of steel.

Then they go to some weed festival where all the pot is grown by white people with degrees in genetic engineering who run grow ops so clean you could assemble microchips in them and they smoke 10 of the dollar joints and take dabs at every booth and then they buy a chocolate bar with 1000mg of THC in it that's meant to be broken up into 10 doses and eat the whole thing, then 30 minutes later they're going back for another round of dabs because "that edible was bullshit, man" and 45 minutes later it kicks in when they're taking a piss and they're so high they think the bathroom is a SAW puzzle so they lock themselves in a stall and call 911.

It's the equivalent of drinking an entire handle of vodka, ramping a jet ski into a 7-11 and blaming the company that sold you the vodka.

Strawmanning me to support your lack of a point doesn't make you have a point.

You'd need me to kill myself because your manlet ass sure wouldn't find himself doing it.

What's the point of even browsing Zig Forums? You so bored and little of a man that you can't hunt down stoners like Duterte?

Its like any other thing you dumbass, you have a couple after work, youre fine. You binge like a bitch, it sucks.

That goes for almost any food, drink or drug I can think of.

Weed is for niggers. Legalize it and leave them be.

Also, I am not going broke anytime soon. White people pretending to be Amerindians is nigger behavior.

Being a nigger is a lifestyle not a people.

While at one time it applied as a racist term, it has since then evolved into a term describing a pattern of behavior revolving around drugs, violence, jail/prison, and just generally shitty immorality.

Basically anyone that thinks behavior from hundreds of years ago that is detrimental to the safety of the modern day society is acceptable is a nigger. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Niggers know who they are, they seek only the next shot of endorphins and nothing else.

Where is his movement today? It’s all ran by Jews now. The anti-Communists of the 20th century are now all Zionists of the 21st Century.

What’s with th homoerotic images Schlomo? You trying to pick up a date? You’re better off on J-date.

Some of the most successful people I know smoke cannabis.

The sour faggots hate dude weed because they can't control their own impulses.

Fuck off Chaim. There is other alcohol besides beer. Beer makes you fat and gives you man tits. Drink spirits or wine or cider or anything else but beer

If you overdose on anything, instead of the drug tank you should be put on a pillory in town square.

Soon enough we can stop all prohibition, because the kind of people who overdose recklessly are also deathly afraid of being ridiculed by their friends.

soft drug my ass, cannabis makes you paranoid and the stuff is so strong these days you really can't function normally unless you have a tolerance built up

The average Thc content has not risen significantly since the 60s.

hey retard, thc-a is not bioavailable and would do absolutely nothing - thc-a requires conversion to thc through decarboxylation (heat) and occurs from a) combustion or b) the baking process

tl;dr thc-a does nothing, thc does something

quit trying to sound smart when you have no idea what you're talking about