Hitler's War Audiobook

So, in an effort to spread good information, and encourage myself to read more, I've decided to start reading aloud as I work my way through David Irving's masterpiece "Hitler's War". I've just recorded the introduction for your listening pleasure (though, I still need to edit out long silences where I thought I had paused before taking a drink of water and scratching my asshole), which times in at about an hour and a half. This is not a professional work, and I will not be taking donations of any sort. My ability to pronounce many names, and places is at an embarrassingly poor level, and I often have to retread sentences because I did not read them, or speak them correctly; however, I speak clearly enough that you should be able to get some value from my effort.

For many of you, this may be the only way you'll ever come to know the information contained in this essential book. I'll be updating this thread every day if I can. It's surprisingly hard to speak this much.

You can buy David Irving's books - which I highly recommend you do, even if you never read them - at his website: fpp.co.uk/

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Drinking hot tea will help you speak for prolonged periods of time. Keep up the good work, user.

t. teacher

Nice user.
Might I suggest posting updates either on >>>/pdfs/ or >>>/zundel/ in case this thread gets shoah'd for "muh books"?

God speed.

Thanks, will do. Need to get a new tea pot, my current one is shedding.

I will back this up there as well. Hopefully mods see what I'm doing as useful political activist work, and not just "muh books". Converting the written word to speech is highly useful to our cause, because I know most people here don't read anything.

how the fuck do you get too lazy to even read? jfc

If you are incapable of such basic critical though as to determine why one might want this, you are nothing but a stupid nigger, and need to step into the noose.

polite sage for responding to nigger bait.

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Specifically, you want hot kratom tea, OP.

Wouldn't that put OP to sleep?

Depends on the variety of Kratom used, and the quantity it's used in. There are white, green, and red varieties, as well as the specific type of plant it is derived from. The red, to me, is best for pain relief, the white for uplifting, and the green somewhere in the middle, but closer to red than white. If you have issues with pain, do yourself a favor, and skip opiods and pot and go straight to kratom. However, like you mention, to get enough for pain relief, I'm going to be taking a nap.

Interesting, all I've heard about is the pain relief. WIll have to try the white variety now. Thanks user.

Kratom tea is nasty, so I put it in gelatin capsules.

It's great for neuropathy (burning nerves/constant pain), mild to moderate stimulation, better moods, synergy with alcohol, mild endurance boost while working, and it even helps people who have bad tempers "chill out a bit."

Alright, here's the introduction. It was difficult to read aloud, as it is very reference heavy. The rest of the book is a much smoother read, so I shouldn't stumble as much. Hope you guys enjoy.

Also, if you have a suggestion for audio editing software, I'd like to hear it. This took longer than is reasonable to edit and upload due to having to convert from m4a to mp3, and so on.

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Now I know the good feel.

Also this
It's easy to work with as well and easy to save projects. I recommend you export the audio both as FLAC and MP3. FLAC because of archive reasons or editing reason if others want to use it in other projects. MP3 is handy if you just want to upload it quickly.

Yeah, I used audacity to cut out my water breaks, but it wouldn't accept m4a, so I downloaded another program to convert. I'll get things squared away. This whole process would probably be a lot easier if I had a microphone/headset connected to my computer, instead of talking into my phone (which has a good mic, so at least it sounds fine) then dumping the recording to my desktop.

Won't be uploading any FLAC, it took 20 minutes to upload that mp3. Internet is not so great where I live.

I sleep now. Goodnight.

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Great work user. Recording audiobooks of classics is one of the most important things anyone (with a good reading voice) can do for the cause. So many people spend 2-3 hours or more every single day listening to eceleb crap like fucking Baked Alaska and TRS – gaining nothing of value at all. Imagine if they spent even some of that time listening to material like this instead… You're giving them that option.

Once it's all done, [email protected] (the audiobook standard) with cover art, track names, etc. is essential to make sure the fuckers who really need to hear this don't have any excuses not to load it onto their phones.

Or worse. I don't gather together with any of the people I used to consider friends because they only want to spend their lives doing the same activities that, even at 12 years old, were not the best use of their time. I'm happy to use this empty space in my life on something useful to everyone here.

I'll try to have another chunk of the book uploaded tonight.

You are doing ΛΟΓΟΣ' work, user. Your name will be inscribed in the history of our people as a candle in our darkesr hour

i really liked your little rants
i my accent wouldn't be so bad i would read "Hitler's second book" its the only related book that i have in English

Thank you.

If you wanted to read aloud books your native language, that's not a useless endeavor. I encourage all of you join in on this. Myself, I have difficulty just sitting down and reading a book (public school damaged my ability to enjoy many things), but reading aloud and sharing the result makes me feel good about the activity.

I'll be sure to keep up with this, OP, and I'll set my mic up and help out in gaps between my homework. Projects like these make the information in these books infinitely more accessible to busy anons like me. We should have been doing this sooner.

Also this. This project might be better taken to a literature-related board to avoid the inevitable attempt at a muhbooksnigger shoah.

That would be awesome if you read something too.

If people are genuinely worried this thread will get kiked, feel free to remake it on one of the book boards. I'll likely only do it out of necessity.

It would appear his website has been shoad. I was there just a few weeks ago too. Should have ordered then.

That sucks if true. I just recieved my copy of Hitler's War in the mail today, plus an extra copy I didn't even order. He signed and sent me second one for free. Too bad I don't yet know anyone who would read such a treasure.

You're correct that the link at the top is not working, but this one does: irvingbooks.com/xcart/

And here's part 2, the prologue. It was a MUCH smoother reading than part one, but the introduction is difficult to read even without speaking aloud due to its density. Hope you enjoy.

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Just listened back to it. Didn't realize it got muffled for almost exactly 2 minutes. It's not so bad that you can't hear what I'm saying (just 20 seconds or so where you have to really listen closely), but I apologize. I'll be more careful in the future.

Can anyone upload his file to like anonfile or something? so we can play from browser? would appreciate it

Thanks user for making this text accessible!

You bet.

Turns out he made a mistake and is asking that I either pay for or return the book. Oh well, I guess I'll buy it twice. Lord knows I've spent more on dumber things.

Uploading the first part on anonfile now for you.

Ok, I tried but it times out. Somebody will better internet will have to help you.

lol, thanks anyway friendo. I actually met Irving on his tour last year and bought a copy of HW and had him sign it for me. He didn’t keep those on the “for Saale” desk with his other titles, you had to ask him privately and he would take you out to the trunk of his SUV for that one. He’s a great man. Looks like his website got Shoah’d though or something, doesn’t load for past few days.

Drink estrogen milk goy t. (((teacher)))

This link works.

Doesn't work for me. This below is his actual website he uses for his blog, all his research files, news feed etc… "focal point publications", his publishing imprint,which has been down for days.

Hmm, it worked yesterday when focal point didn't. Oh well. Hope everything is well.

Alright, fellas, here's the first real chapter, "Dictator by Consent", clocking in at 1 hour 7 minutes. Dig in, I think it came out well. I'm getting better at this:

Covered in this chapter is the fairly thrilling account of how Hitler (and crew) dealt with opposition within the German government, and from Hitler's own friends/allies, which lead to the death of 82 people. It's an event that sickened Hitler, but prepared him for much that was to come. He was all in at this point.

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And here's a rapid fire followup with the next chapter, "Triumph of the Will", clocking in at about half an hour. Hope you enjoy.

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Just a plug for a damn useful program that is on portableapps.com/apps

Balabolka is a text-to-speech program that can save off the text as .mp3 (and other formats).
Using the Edit function of Calibre, you can save off each chapter of a .epub as a html, load into a browser and copy and paste into Balabolka, so it takes maybe an hour to have an entire book turned into audio.
Well worth a look, and it's free.

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I really appreciate your effort OP. Too bad i've already read the book i dont need to listen to the audiobook.

omg I love this picture so much


I appreciate the encouragement, though I'm actually enjoying doing this, and it's already improving my speaking voice. Highly recemmond other anons join me. Pick a book, read it to your fellow anons.


also reaper.fm

David Irving is spot on, so was the late Michael Collins Piper, and Eustace Mullins for the most part.

Good job OP, keep up the good work.

Thank you, I've got all day free. Soon as I'm done with some chores I'll upload some more.

Here we have: "One Day, The World", clocking in at about 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy.

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you're on fire today narratorAnon

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Here's another one for ya': "First Lady", clocking in at about 39 minutes.

Summary of chapter: women, fags, and jews nearly ruin everything; and Hitler's subordinates vie for position.

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Storytime! I have for you "Goddess of Fortune", clocking in at 48 minutes.

This chapter covers the anschluss of Austria, which was warmly received by most Austrians.

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Do you by any chance have the background sourcefile? Would very much like to try some different designs.

Also, thank you very much OP. Audiobooks are so incredibly convenient for fasttracking the learning-stuff. Doing Irvings book on Dr. Goebbels next? Please do

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Pretty based. May I request GLR's "This time, the world" if you think this is something you may wanna keep doing after this book is finished?

Perhaps. I'm starting to get a good feel for this, but if anyone else would like to try their hand at making unprofessional audiobooks, the more the merrier. I'll certainly keep contributing either way, but, I have to tell you guys, I'm finding this activity extremely rewarding. I'm improving my speaking voice, and conversational fluency noticeably since I started doing this (totalling only 6 hours of recording, so far). I shouldn't have to explain how valuable that is in other aspects of life. You guys could be developing superior comprehension of essential material, and conversational skills on top of contributing to the ease of learning for the many time constrained anons out there. Give it some thought.

I did order "Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich" from Irving as well, so yes, I will be reading it at some point (I'll read from the PDF, though, 'cause it's easier). Whether I do a recording depends on whether someone else does one first, and whether it's listenable. I gather by the uniform encouragement I've gotten so far, that you guys have been able to follow my reading well enough.

That would probably be pretty easy to slam out. Still, I'm not the only guy with a voice. I'll try to get to it if nobody else does.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Many thanks user

Back burnered this idea my own self. I should retrieve my audio gear I loaned out and just do it Shyla Laboof style. Here, have a list:

* Ezra Pound
* Eustace Mullins
* William Finck
* Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
* George Lincoln Rockwell
* Matthew Hale
* Michael O'Maera
* Arthur Kemp
* William Luther Pierce
* "White Holocaust" by pastor V S Harrell
* Solzhenitsyn
* Jack London
* Cambria Will Not Yield
* Edmund Burke
* Sir Walter Scott
* Francis Parker Yockey
* Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard
* Thor Heyerdahl
* the Epic of Gilgamesh
* Fritz Springmeier
* Savitr Devi
* Raspail
* Nietzsche
* Ruskin
* Huxley
* Codreanu
* F Roger Devlin
* Dr Karla Turner
* Leon De Grelle
* Arnold Leese
* David Irving
* Thomas Dixon Jr
* Kai Murros
* Machiavelli
* Klauswitz
* Chanakya Kautilya
* Yamamoto Tsunetomo
* Miyamoto Musashi
* Don Pentecost
* Jeff Cooper
* Tolkien
* Goodkind
* Vyasadeva
* Rik / Rig Veda
* Sama Veda
* Yajur Veda
* Atharva Veda
* Kalevala
* Ramayana
* Mahabharata
* Bhagavad Gita
* fuck Walden, fuck Four Poems
* Soren Kierkegaard
* Manusamhita
* Wurmbrand
* pastor John Visser
* the 66 books known as the Bible, the biblios, the book of the sun, including the 3 false books and then hunt down the other 82 some true books
* Enoch
* Apocrypha
* Ethiopic

* Germania by Tacitus
* The Origin and Deeds of the Goths by Jordanes
* The Inequality of the Human Races by Arthur de Gobineau
* The Racial Elements of European History by H.F.K. Günther
* Hitler’s Second Book

* Shakespeare
* Lovelace
* Tennyson
* Homer
* Seneca
* Plato
* Tyrtaeus

* Joseph Campbell
* Thomas Goodrich
* Havamal
* Volundarkvitha
* Beowulf
* David Eden Lane

* Miguel Serrano (Ron McVan)
* Stephen Pressfield
* Richard Kelly Hoskins
* Mike King

* Julius Evola
* Rene Guenon
* Adolf Hitler
* Alfred Rosenberg
* Gottfried Feder
* Revilo P. Oliver
* Tom Metzger
* Savitri Devi
* William Gayley Simpson
* Lawrence Brown
* Francis Parker Yockey
* Oswald Spengler
* Aristotle
* Diogenes
* Ragnar Redbeard
* David Myatt
* Anthony Ludovici

* Sir Arthur Keith Anthropologist "A New Theory of Human Evolution"
* E michael Jones ""Libido Dominandi"
* James Wickstrom
* Ice Man's Richard kuklinski biography
* William Pierce's Turner Diaries

The Edda's and Tacitus's Germania will awaken your ancient bloodline by the words of your forebears.

Roman era Stoic literature (Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, etc)
[5 Stoic Principles for Modern Living](ofmonksandmen.com/?p=248)

* Lovecraft. He was a virulent racist. Xenophobia and white supremacy burbles beneath his fiction.

* James Mason "The Siege"
* Kevin McDonald "Culture of Critique"
* Kevin McDonald "Camp of the Saints"
* Harold Covington’s Northwest novels
* Harold Covington "The Hill Of The Ravens"
* Harold Covington "A Distant Thunder"
* Harold Covington "A Mighty Fortress"
* Harold Covington "The Brigade"

sage for polite no thread-slide

Hold on goyim, if you're talking about the Luftwaffe eagle picture, then I know for a fact that the original was made by myself, though not the red-background edit. You're welcome to the source-files, both the left and right facing version, although I've messed with them a lot, and they're a bit of mess at this point.


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I received an email from Irving today saying that the reason his website isn't working is because the domain expired, and that Nominet, the British internet authority, did not bother telling him. He should have things fixed soon if they're not already.

Something's better than nothing.

OP here, my power is out due to 6 million (oy vey) tons of snow knocking trees over. Not sure when i'll be back online, but I still have a physical copy of the book, and my phone is fully charged, so I'll still be recording even if I'm not posting.

Thanks for telling us user, I was worried he got shoad by the government or something

So was he. He mentioned hoping it wasn't the effect of "enemies".

Anyway, my power is back, and I will have 4 new chapters uploaded shortly.

Here are the chapters "Green", "The Other Side of Hitler", "Whetting the Blade", and "Munich". Read off the printed page this time. Hope you enjoy; I'll be back with more tomorrow.

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It has occurred to me the links are getting quite numerous. For those who haven't been following along, here's a link to the folder containing all the chapters I've done.

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Keep up the great work user. This book was like the great slow-release redpill for me, it took time but eventually the knowledge in it made everything click.

Accents are not always bad. My favorite youtube channel is Isaac Arthur. He has both a lisp and a southern accent, yet he actually sounds good. If the information is good enough, listeners will accept your voice as is and may even enjoy it.

Will do, I appreciate the encouragement.

Here is the final chapter of Part 1, "One Step Along a Long Path", clocking in at about 1 hour.

Many excerpts of Hitler's secret speeches in this chapter. I had fun reading them. His words are powerful still, even when merely read.

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i have a non-English speaking accent, and one of the bad ones.

it's not like you are a woman and need constant positive reinforcement, but good job nevertheless

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I was just thinking about external validation the other day. Certainly, constant reliance on it is pathetic, but a positive result from your actions is proof of your ability, and proof is essential to confidence. Fortunately, one can gain proof independently, and build momentum towards greater goals without requiring other people to hand out (you)s.

Anyway, I just got in a car accident today (their fault, I have proof), so I'm home early, and will probably do at least 2 chapters today.

Power's out again. This day is a motherfucker. I'll upload when I can.

Here's the first chapter of Part 2, "In Hitler's Chancellery", clocking in at 45 minutes.

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And here we have "Fifty", clocking in at 38 minutes.

This is a pretty interesting chapter. I particularly like the section dealing with physical health and the introduction of Morell.

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Got a short chapter for you today, "Extreme Unction", clocking in at about 18 minutes.

This one concerns Hitler's relations with the church.

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Before the final solution, there was "The Major Solution", clocking in at 35 minutes or so.

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You're doing God's work, user. Keep it up.

nobody has uploaded these to anonfile etc ? some anons cannot download files for reasons.

Thanks, will do.

I tried before, but it kept timing out. Maybe someone will put forth the effort when I get far enough into this project that doubt of my will to complete it seems foolish. Understandable that there's not much push when I'm only a quarter of the way through the book. Don't worry, I'll have it done within a month, and someone will probably try to promote it then.

Anyway, here's the next chapter, "Pact With the Devil", clocking in at 46 minutes.

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Im having a very comfy commute. Keep up the work, user.

Love it, great effort. The intro was very interesting. Like how Albert Speer's book was falsified and he could do jack shit about it. I wonder why he didn't organize to get the original released posthumously. Maybe (((something))) got in the way.

Right on, thank you. Here's a quick chapter, "Entr'acte His First Silesian War", clocking in at 12 minutes.

Don't worry, I've got the next one uploading now.

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The real chapter now, "White", clocking in at 40 minutes.

This chapter has a very interesting portion on euthanasia.

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y this thred ded?

sounds good m8 keep it up

Because there's now 13 hours of me talking to listen to. Make that 13 and a half. Here's "Overtures".

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how far are you into the book?

About 1 quarter.

Unprofessional audiobook guy? Consider not greentexting your links so I can just double click them to highlight it, otherwise I have to manually drop the >.


I lol’d

Haha, Hitler literally said that he wants to "Make Germany Great Again", MGGA!

No, that's guy's a fag, don't listen to him.
Sure, will do.

Literally Trump.

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Thanks alot!

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You bet.

Here's "Incidents", clocking in at 30 minutes.


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And now for "Clearing the Decks", clocking in at 25 minutes.


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Great work, keep it up.

Thanks user for your work. This link however points to "Overtures", not "Incidents". I'm lacking number 21 of your audios.
Keep it up

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Oops. Here you go. "Incidents".


There's also a link to the whole folder here:

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Ah thank you, I must have missed the whole folder link! Much appriciated.

I should have started the thread with a folder link, but oh well. The next Zig Forums audiobook thread will be better organized. Glad you're listening. I wonder how many people are following along.

Thank you.

Making some Eisbein (Ham Hock) longcook while listening to this, already mentioned it to a few friends. I'm sure there's plenty of lurkers that follow along.

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I must concur with user here. Hitler's War is a great listen if you have serious gastronomic plans. Picture not related.

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Absolutely aryan.

I'm late, but here's "We Must Destroy Them Too!".


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