Former AIPAC, Now Congresman Brad Schneider's bill defines "white supremacism" as domestic terrorism

H.R.4918 "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018"

Brad Schneider is former AIPAC lobbyist (does not archive):

Led Jewish United Fund trip to Israel
(does not archive):

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Other urls found in this thread: OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:RepLouCorrea&src=typd [email protected]?format=1500wález_(politician)ález-U-S-Congress/6000000055023177993 OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:SanfordBishop&src=typd&lang=en's_2nd_congressional_district's_2nd_congressional_district's_46th_congressional_district's_15th_congressional_district's_2nd_congressional_district

A notable part of this bill is near the top:

Any relation to accused child molester Dan Schneider?

No idea. Schneider is a common kike name, though.

Oh look another kike trying to make sure the people never take their country back.

Time to dig into the memos to find something on this rat. Wonder which way the connections go, to Shillary or Bernie, Antifa and Soros? Tasty.

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This bill creates offices within DHS, DOJ, and FBI that are required to monitor "white supremacist" groups. As we know, there are virtually no restrictions on surveillance, and the idea of freedom of speech or association is a joke. This bill takes it a step further and instead of keeping "white supremacist" surveillance optional, it creates groups that must do that full time within FBI, DHS, DOJ as their mission. The monitoring and reporting requirement would suggest that no apparent terrorist intent would apply. Just the ideology of "white supremacy" alone is plainly the target of the bill.

This would probably also mean pol would have dedicated watchers from any new office created by the bill due to pol's "white supremacist" ideology and be monitored constantly despite no suggestion whatsoever of "domestic terrorism" activity as that is defined in 18 USC 2331, which is the definition this bill references.

Always consider inevitable mission creep and massive bending/abusing any law that's passed. This is pretty fucking Orwellian.

good idea

Cadence, Bluebridge, Emplify, Social transformation project.

And white supremacist is defined at a moment's notice as they see fit of course. The jews are the authority in these matters as everyone knows.
Fucking kikes.

Hate is all I feel.

He's trying to block the parade of course. He is using the most jewy way he can find to do it by appealing to the needs of our budget and the very military we are trying to take care of. After all, a parade will take food off their tables when we get done counting the shekels.


This bill seems to be a backdoor technique to create a secret police targeting ideology for monitoring (and mandatory monitoring coupled with mission creep will inevitably mean more "domestic terrorism" prosecutions regardless of merit–just budget incentive and mission creep there).

It looks like the language was drafted to avoid outright saying "white supremacism is illegal." That could be struck down on various First Amendment grounds, but what the bill does instead is create offices with budgets that depend on monitoring and reporting activity of anything associated with "white supremacism." Take the budget incentives, the inevitable mission creep, essentially no surveillance restraints anymore, this means everything remotely connected to "white supremacism" even with absolutely no sign of any terrorist intent whatsoever will be targeted and as noted above, probably subject to a lot more prosecutions regardless of merit for "domestic terrorism." That's just how budgets/bureaucracy works. This is a backdoor secret police being created.

I couldn't have said it better user

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This parade has them shitting bricks. Much more so than I would have expected.

It's more kike sophistry just like the bill.

Of course they cited ADL bullshit statistics and failed to make any inclusion of the left. If the bill even made it to Trump there is no way he would sign it because he is by their definition a white supremacist.

And they wonder why we're so goddamn bitter


Don't forget the SPLC, aka "white genocide is inevitable" org ( ) stats cited in the bill.

When courts have to interpret congressional intent of a portion of a law, the courts sometimes look at stuff like the "Findings" section. In this case, the Findings section 100% does nothing but talk about "white supremacy." That would explain ADL/SPLC etc. stats included.

This is a backdoor to create secret police targeting an ideology.

(A) the August 5, 2012, mass shooting at a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in which a White supremacist shot and killed 6 members of the gurdwara;

(B) the April 13, 2014, mass shooting at a Jewish community center and a Jewish assisted living facility in Overland Park, Kansas, in which a neo-Nazi shot and killed 3 civilians, including a 14-year-old teenager;

(C) the June 8, 2014, ambush in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which 2 supporters of the far right-wing “patriot” movement shot and killed 2 police officers and a civilian;

(D) the June 17, 2015, mass shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a White supremacist shot and killed 9 members of the church;

(E) the November 27, 2015, mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in which an anti-abortion extremist shot and killed a police officer and 2 civilians;

(F) the March 20, 2017, murder of an African-American man in New York City, allegedly committed by a White supremacist who reportedly traveled to New York “for the purpose of killing black men”;

(G) the May 26, 2017, attack in Portland, Oregon, in which a White supremacist allegedly murdered 2 men and injured a third after the men defended 2 young women whom the individual had targeted with anti-Muslim hate speech; and

(H) the August 12, 2017, attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a White supremacist allegedly killed one and injured nineteen after driving his car through a crowd of individuals protesting a neo-Nazi rally, and of which Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “It does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute.”.
Can I get some sources on any of these?
That's like saying we should make sheep shearing illegal or fishing illegal because of a Peta video or a Peta study, just because they're a major organization doesn't mean they won't lie, obviously the Anti Defamation league would make the claims that Neo Nazi's have killed 300 people.

What you get electing a jew.

Agree. It's hard to process stuff like this as it's an attempt by the state to mandate immense state power get turned on anyone even making a peaceful attempt to organize/associate with like-minded people just to resist your own people's destruction.

It looks like another step toward actual genocide, and it's our own government doing it. It's pretty depressing, to say the least.

What can we do to stop this from becoming law?

attack the jews' "white supremacism" term.

They put this stuff in there to make it clear what the intent of the bill is: establish policing orgs to police "white supremacy." This is designed to cover for First Amendment problems by claiming it's actually dangerous, so it's really terrorism that's the intent and not an ideology. Saying outright that the intent is to establish police organizations to target a specific ideology would increase the likelihood that the law would be struck down on 1st Amdt grounds.

Checked. Maybe you can call your representative and say you oppose the bill as it seems to be weaponizing the FBI, DOJ, and DHS to attack the right. You could mention the weaponization of the IRS under Lois Lerner and/or the recent FBI/DOJ etc FISA scandal and say this bill doesn't look very good to constituents given all of that.

I don't know, though. To me, all of this shit has already gone way too far.

Yeah, ever letting jews in the colonies.

There's only one 'supremacist' group, and they aint white…

Euro here, would love to be able to do something for you Ameribros.
This kike needs to be gassed

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The double standard drives me crazy. An Arabic Muslim man drives into a crowd of people screaming allah and all the libs defend Religion of Cuck™ saying he was just a mentally deranged individual and it had nothing to do with Religion of Cuck™, while a random white guy shoots up a place and they say all white people share the responsibility. I wasn't a racist until i noticed that white people are treated as if we do all the harm in the world.

Great point, I was thinking "what would the Jews do if they were in this position?" Then I thought they would mention the holocaust, but we don't have a great Shoah to guilt trip the normies.

The right is also getting (((Credit))) for the damage caused by the left. Further they only cite a couple example including those which they admit are ALLEGATIONS only. The car of peace last I heard was due to running from armed antifa.

Oh yeah speaking of how many of them were even allegations.


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They would attempt to join the group and subvert them from within. 88Fellow Jews88
Unless you plan on killing yourself at the end I don't recommend this route. I don't know how any whites could live with themselves acting like jews.

jews, with shitskin breeding open border pushing shitskin shipping into White countries christcuck
s help, are doing that to us now.

The entire reason to list any findings of any type is so you can't argue the intent of the bill is unconstitutional on its face–targeting an ideology. The idea is use smoke and mirrors to make it look like the intent is counterterror. But then when you look at the actual function of the bill, it mandates monitoring and reporting by agencies which have budgets dependent on that. We know there is no limit to surveillance already, so this just mandates surveillance and inevitable ridiculous prosecutions for "domestic terror" where there clearly is none. New agencies will have mission creep and do whatever it takes to keep getting funding. These are just agencies dedicated to monitoring "white supremacism," that's it.

There is something seriously rotten with this country and our govt.

But as we have seen with the investigations going around, findings, aren't really holding up to scrutiny. People are starting to look deeper. Need to keep hammering it home.

Forgot to add, also putting a terrorist label on it take a lot of rights away because of the patriot act etc. They are making their final push because they are scared.

This, this, and this.
Also, this part stuck out for me:

I interpret that to mean they're going to arbitrarily construct any and all reports to be as defamatory as possible and geared for public release in order to name-and-shame anyone they feel like; basically, an endless supply of ready-made memos to use as political ammo against the right.

If this bill passes, all it will take for mass v&ings and to shut this place down is a post like that.
If it gets legs, expect to see false flags to whip up public support.
Stay frosty, anons.

Is it ok if we say that all kikes have to die as long as we don't claim to be better than them?

So we're going to get yet more shills shitting up the board.

When all funding mechanisms for the resistance are cut off, like buying a book by an author who is deemed "white supremacist", there will be no way of legally supporting your rightful expression monetarily. It will be like the Visa/MC blockade of Wikileaks.

Then when you're forced to clandestine means of financing your resistance, they'll already have had you under surveillance, using (unconstitutional) general warrants that you can't challenge in court.

Then they'll take you out for the illegal activity, since the NSA "incidentally" collected the evidence and "foreign" doesn't mean "not American". They'll use parallel construction to put you behind bars. You'll never see the evidence that could exonerate you and neither will the judge or jury. Welcome to America in [CURRENT_YEAR] and beyond.

You better all start reading up on crypto.

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What you'll get is mandatory 24 7 365 monitoring and a lot more arrests for nothing.

Re the public reports, I'd be most worried about 24 7 365 monitoring to produce reports and keep getting budget along with all the arrests they'll have to do regardless of merit to hit the numbers they have to report to get budget

what they'll do is pump up monitoring and arrest numbers as much as possible so they can justify the existence of the new special offices, particularly since they have to publish their numbers. they have to justify special offices that appear to target an ideology and are therefore controversial more than they'd have to justify other programs/enforcement programs, so they certainly have to goose all numbers

Good point.
And, in true ad hoc fashion, they can point to the size of the program as proof of the necessity of its existence, thereby implying that white supremacism must truly be a problem of epic proportions (cue press conference).

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at least that's still legal…for now.

I'm not very familiar with details of the Patriot Act, so it might be one of the tools that would make "monitoring/prevention of terrorism" surveillance easier.

I think the point of the bill, though, is to force newly established offices to do whatever it takes to hit their publicly reported numbers and get whatever budget money. They might use any number of legal hooks to surveil or nothing legal at all, since we all know there are essentially no rules for that anymore (unless you have to introduce evidence in court, but they always just make up the chain anyway–"parallel construction). But the main idea is get the numbers for "monitoring" (surveillance) and "preventing" (arrests). In the end, the budget and numbers incentives, and probably political pressure from various congressmen, officials, etc., will make the new offices go after any type of "white supremacy" on a vast scale and aggressively, so it will basically shut down anything like pol or similar. That seems to be the aim of the statute.

(As noted, I think most of the counterterror stuff is just mentioned to avoid being struck down on its face as unconstitutionally targeting a political view.)

The fucking chutzpah of these kikes

If Hillary had won we would be facing so many issues that would turn the Government into a even greeter tyrannical force. I hope you bastards think about this. This really is a fight for the western soul, and the western man.

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In other words, surveillance is a joke. Maybe calling it the search for terror could make it easier to introduce as evidence later, but what they've been doing until now is just using NSA etc. and then making up some legal cover story how they got the evidence. Maybe Patriot Act could help provide that cover story. Maybe if prosecution/conviction numbers matter for whatever report they file, then Patriot Act could be helpful to legalize all the searching.

My point goes more to the "Findings" section, I guess, which is basically saying "no, this isn't unconstitutionally targeting a viewpoint, there are good counterterror reasons!" Massive kikery all around.

I agree.

Without running afoul of the bill (not yet law), I think we know what has to happen here. Not saying anything else. All of this shit going on taken together is too far and can only get worse. It cannot get better. The system is totally rotten.

I'd say "Russia doesn't have our First Amendment which protects freedom of association and political speech."

You answer my question now. In theory, what would you do if I said I'm going to find and kill every single shill motherfucker and traitor fuck in their sleep and then kill their families? This is parody, of course, because I would never do that, nor would any like-minded men on this website. We do not advocate violence. We are pacifists. But what would you say to a (ALL parody) river of blood?

Terrorism comes to mind.

When white people are outlawed,
I will be an outlaw.

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Very pointed summary.
And they will try to eliminate all anonymity from crypto.

You mean Dan "The man with a plan to bang that minor clam" Schneider?

I say curse KILL guys like this guy. They need to be disappeared asap. There should be no mercy shown to kikes/crypto kikes like him.

Nah for a Fascistic state to even work you need total free speech - it's a false lure for your political opponents to out themselves. It's part of why politics are becoming so balkanized.

Jesus fuck sperg get off that dead horse. They monitor everyone already. We know. They don't need an excuse. This just makes it something they can legally send their goons to handle under the guise of national security. Patriot act lets them gitmo people without a lawyer. Tax funded hit-squads killing terrorists that have no rights. Until the deep state is unseated the patriot act and similar legislature is a detriment to the nation because they are the fuckers deciding who to surveil, hit, etc. already and they are getting called on all the fuckery they have been pulling behind the curtain. Once an official doc like this one passes giving them more power to take out the right, they won't have to defend it at all.

It's about LWDS now, not them listening to you breathe heavy at your cousin while jerking off to the kitchen appliance section of a sears catalog.

At least it'd get rid of some of the normalfags from here, I guess. Still, I genuinely doubt it'll get passed, it'll probably get expanded to include all kinds or racial supremacy or antifa, or some shit, because Trump repeatedly said that both sides were at fault for Charlottesville and similar events.

I forgot the "but if it does get passed" in the second sentence, my bad.

I doubt they want the "extreme" left to be included in that description.

See, I agree with that (minus the jews, they can just hang) but Asians, especially Japan(ese), pretty well off in the ol' IQ department.
Jews have shown time and time again, that they CANNOT meld with society, they are on par with niggers and browns. Nigs and spics on the other hand, I believe they could be treated with the Hitler method, and just deport em out.

Don't you use your twisted facts on me shitlord!

They're playing a pretty dangerous game with this, if everything is terrorism, wouldn't that make people more inclined to be terrorists? If there's going to be a shit or get off the pot moment for burgers, it'll be when not prepping the bull gets you sent to gitmo, because at that point why not just go all in?

Roger that. Thanks for the tip.

It's based on the SPLC report. Someone should call congressmen to debunk it as they grouped Eliot roger and non-whites as a "white supremacist" terrorist.

We're already monitored though.

Nope, because free speech restrictions are used to protect gay kike bullshit while it punishes the right.

Oy Vey why would you want to stop it.

"White supremacy" doesn't mean "person who thinks whites are superior", it means "person with a milquetoast anti-immigration/JQ stance". They redefine the term to deplatform the right from the corporate sphere, and they will do the same within the government.

You're deluded if you think that this will be enforced against antifa and non-whites. If it did, then they would have gone after Zionists from the very start. Under marxists and kikes, no one has human rights and that's why they need to be gone for good.

At minimum, this bill would create a direct incentive for weaponized branches of agencies to shut down anything like pol and anyone who participates. Whether that comes to actual LWDS isn't clear, because the way these people operate, the worst crimes are often done quietly and systematically but just as bad as door to door death squads, but the idea this sort of legislation can even be seriously discussed given everything else (all the treason/abuse under color of law, the coup, the imminent genocide of whites)…to me, this is just another example of how we are very, very far past the red line and continuing to drift even further. It has to stop before it's so far that it's too late.

checked. that's right.

Anyone else notice how since Trump came into office, there has been a a lot of far right attacks or focus on the far right?

Hey, thats a good slogan.

Right there with you.

The idea is to force dedicated offices in agencies to publish numbers on monitoring and "prevention" (arrests) to justify their budget and existence. There is no such structure in place now, so this is creating a federal police force solely motivated to take down anything do with pro-whiteness.

It's more the fact that this is openly introduced with a hook nosed but straight face in congress, given everything else that's going on, that just shows how far we are past the red line.

They're well aware that the right is objectively right with regards to the JQ, but he's using himself to collect the flak aimed at him. Left-leaning congressman like Maxine Waters complained about the "death threats" that they received so that they could manipulate the law through their own hands.


You're all equal when you're in chains.

Once you AIPAC, there's no going back.

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Only Jesus should know those things.

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The straight face act introducing something like this (whether they use a kike or nigger to do it) just shows how insane this entire situation is. Having AIPAC kike introduce the bill is really the insulting turd cherry on top.

Mandating new sub-agencies and creating incentives for them to "monitor" and arrest given clear capability to manufacture/plant evidence and near-total surveillance capability means we have the white genocidal fucks doing stuff far beyond anything the NKVD or KGB or Stasi or whoever ever could. How far past the line do we actually have to go before right snaps


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This shit is ridiculous, yet not being dismissed out of hand.

See also:

What a surprise…=

>Bennie Gordon Thompson (born January 28, 1948) is the U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993, and the ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security since 2011. >


So anything that criticizes reckless immigration policies falls under that thought crime bill?

> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:RepLouCorrea&src=typd
> [email protected]?format=1500w

>Dann … Schneider

Did you even need to ask?
Futher proof that Paul Ryan is the platonic form of ethnocuckoldry.

Another nigger.
> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:SanfordBishop&src=typd&lang=en
>Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting w/representatives from American Israel Public Affairs Committee @AIPAC

This shit is absolutely ridiculous.
I am now going to do an analysis of the ethnic demographics of the areas these wretched mongrels represent.

ftfy, but I managed to archive those two links. Their links, with their respective attached photos, will be in my next couple of posts.

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Whoops, I forgot third image of

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U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993

U.S. Representative for Illinois's 2nd congressional district since 2013.

U.S. Representative for California's 46th congressional district.

United States Representative of Texas's 15th congressional district
Huh, that's weir-

U.S. Representative for Georgia's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1993


In furious conclusion…

What we have here is a piece of legislation created by a Jew, co-sponsored by a bunch of non-White scum, themselves put into power in districts that are overwhelmingly non-White urban shitholes, the purpose of said legislation being to create a justification for attack of any pro-White opposition to the continued demographic disintegration of the United States.

This is a fucking disgrace. This is a travesty. This is such a slap in the face as a demonstration of what America has become, that I'm honestly awestruck. I almost can't believe this shit is real, and that it wasn't laughed off the floor upon presentation.

To anyone who thinks you'll somehow be able redpill non-Whites, or find a means via which to live alongside them, let this be one more in the long line of evidentiary examples which stand counter to your perspective.
I am horrified by this in a way that I have not been horrified by something since the Jews passed that anti-Semitism bill in the wake of Trump's victory and the Israeli-made bomb-hoax directed at Jewish Community Centers.

This country isn't a real country.
This is just a sick pathetic joke.
And I'm not laughing god damn it.

… Also: I hope you niggers appreciate that I went through the time to point out what a fucking shitshow this actually is.