Do video games lead to fascism?

Do video games lead to fascism?
How can we get kids to stop being "gamers"?

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If this thread is a shitpost then kill yourself.
If this thread is serious and your the skinny probably 5'4 or under ignorant white woman I'm envisioning who is legitimately asking this as her first post on Zig Forums or image boards in general, kill yourself too but also for the sake of hypothetically answering anyways.
No have you seen TGA? They cheered a furry and he surprisingly got tons of support on Twitter for trolling conservatards epic style.
It's the reactionary actions taken against these people that makes them become fascist, the video game industry is dominated by liberals that spawn fascists.
Destroy capitalism.
Behead all liberals.
Behead all fascists.
Legitimize video games as art and something for everyone instead of tribalist fandoms and such with their own culture separate from all other people and ensure this never happens again.

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Yeah Sonicfox proves that all the hysteria about 'gamers' is misplaced, yet more aggressive propaganda that kills the left.

Haha yes comrade, freaking right wing nut gamergate cases amiright? White cis males enjoying a form of entertainment to release their pain from modernity=leads to being a fash hehe. Make sure you don't spill your Starbucks coffee and share this with all your friends on twitter.

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No, certain segments of online people are drawn to it.
Base their identity in something besides a hobby. I play vidya a lot but i wouldn't call myself a gamer any more than I'd call myself a cine-maniac or gymrat.

hi falseflag, see you on the Quality Threads™

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Forced sexual intercourse from state-mandated gfs

Also delete the internet

No. Some of them had strong fascist tenencies, but the overall majority of gamers are left leaning (albeit not necessarily socialists).

You can't. That's why we need socialism, to not be exploited by anyone. They can spend all day playing their crappy FPS while the rest enjoy their lives.

first you have to stop being a faggot

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no but they will make you gay
make fun irl

pretty sure you know all about that

Hardly. Not being a fascist doesn't make you left-leaning. Most gamers hate the left for being full of SJW faggotry and hold deep resentment for liberals who attempt to position themselves as the arbiters of what is or isn't acceptable in the videogame community. Few gamers are left-leaning in any meaningful sense. The crowd you're talking about are NPC redditors who are just basic bitch liberals that eat whatever DLC/DRM bullshit the AAA companies put out.

This thread is obviously Zig Forums falseflag, but I might as well throw out some ammo for anons who encounter such a canard in the wild.

All the stereotypes about gamers (overlap with weebs/comics/tabletop, technically inclined, adolescent, antisocial, apolitical or libertarian and in spite of recent whining from salty PoMos gamers always have been and still are primarily left-leaning, etc.) certainly have a basis in fact, but the biggest problem with stereotyping gamers is that it isn't a niche hobby anymore. Even ignoring the casuals "playing" whale-subsidized mobileshit/socialshit (who make up 1.3 billion "gamers" worldwide, concentrated into developed nations), hardcore gamers amount to ~35M Americans, and being primarily younger males, that means around a quarter of the ~133M American males under 65 are probably gamers: (size of gaming)

As such, any stereotypes melt away under the fact that, really, we're all normalfags now.

Even ignoring this, it's typically tied into an even further reaching assumption, given out by the screeching one often sees now about how gamers, techies, STEM, etc. are all being subverted by neonazi frogs, and only the Enlightened® PoMo humanities majors can save us. It's a colossal load of nonsense, their shit stinks at least as much as ours, and they know it. The facts needed to debunk it are hardly DEEPEST LORE: (individuals) (employers) (scientists specifically) (gamers specifically)

Being left of center makes you left leaning, you hairsplitting autist.

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Big gamergate activist here, they personally led me to Marxism and socialism. Saw people spouting that "gulteral marxism" shit, and it sounded so retarded that it finally forced me to reach some actual Marx.

The world really needs the bullies of old who would beat the shit out of autistic kids to come back.


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"Cultural Marxism" is real, many Frankfurters did and do in fact call themselves Marxists. Much like Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists, etc., however, this doesn't mean that they are your friends, that you have any obligation to defend them, nor that they are authentic Marxists.

Give it up.

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Lol, no. It is an obviously bullshit conspiracy theory about some early-twentieth century academics who never actually did anything beyond accepting checks from the CIA-run publications.

back 2 the peterson reddit

Video games are just mindless escapism. There's nothing of value you can get from playing a video game besides mindlessly passing time. Even television can be more intellectually stimulating because at least it's transmitting information, video games you're just moving some character around a map.

The community is the destructive influence in terms of spreading harmful ideology, as it attracts reactionaries, outcasts, etc. due to being immersive escapism, and shooting games in particular attract a certain type of "aggressive" person on top of that, so naturally the toxicity spreads and is considered a normal part of the gaming "community" and """culture"""". Video games should be strictly regulated if not banned outright.

mostly correct but don't ban games, if some dweeb wants to play vidya for 10+ hours a day, more power to him. it shouldnt be encouraged as a lifestyle though through things like twitch and whatnot where people make it their lives.

For services rendered. Where do you imagine the literature underlying the sophist cancer we're fighting against originated?

I agree we ourselves should use more accurate terms when talking to normalfags (antistructuralism, antipositivism, post-structuralism, postmodernism, critical theory, etc.), just like we refer to MLs as state capitalists. But when someone refers to "cultural Marxism", a term coined by the very people it refers to as a description of themselves, we should point out why these people aren't Marxists or socialists, instead of disingenuously deflecting away from the Continental Theory parasites both of us hate.

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Confirmed for having never played a video game or only having played grindy MMO's or competitive fps at least. There are plenty of video games out there that are extremely dense with dialog and narrative focused, much moreso than what normalfaggots like to watch on primetime/HBO/Netflix, like pic related. Not that grindy/combat focused games are have completely vapid narratives either.

forgot pic

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the ABSOLUTE STATE of gaymertards

The interactive nature of games can certainly add something to that, by allowing you to sift through it not only at your own pace (as in a typical book), but in your own order, partly guided by the author (a perhaps superior example is first pic, which adds a parser on top of PS:T's CYoA mechanics). However, it doesn't really rely directly on the new thing games bring over other media, interactivity.

A better example would be the like of 2nd & 3rd pics, which are understood straight through the mechanics by which the player interacts with the game and its responses.

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Bleh, it's contagious, forgot 1st pic.

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Hello Bill, sorry but your wrong once again. Video games are entertainment albeit empty artistically. People used to shit like crash trains into each other for entertainment and watch civil war battles for fun the way they used to with gladiators and still do with WWE. Vidya isn't intellectually stimulating but it can be. Your thought process is boomer tier and you should entertain us by live streaming your suicide. It certainly would be the most intellectually stimulating thing you'll ever do in your life. When people like Cockshott and that one Tankie revisionist, what'shisname- Furr, both use Discord and social media and probably have played a game or two you know you're consequently in the wrong.

Imagine being so oblivious to the history of politics and religion in Europe that you convert to a religion to own the fascists.

I don't get why commies are always so distraught when the Frankfurt School is mentioned.

a world without atheists would be ideal.

that's ok, we have guns now. we get bullied, we just kill people.

there's enough npcs suckin up the autists' rightful air.

No, gaming just ended up with elevated levels it because of SJWs who kept trying to infest the medium with their idpol from every angle, leading the politically illiterate gaming community to side with the only people who were speaking out against it at the time, fascists.
A minority of them fall into far-right politics through the incel pipeline, with their autism leaving them sexless and resentful of it, and Nazis swooping in to claim they're only that way because of feminists loosening sexual norms and allowing hypergamy to occur unobstructed.

Anyone who unironically indentifies as a "gamer" is a lost cause who needs to an hero. Media consumption is neither hobby or identity.

Alter game design to encourage modding among more of the userbase?

Even if analysis of the way capitalism impacts and uses the arts and culture can be called "cultural Marxism", it is still wholly detached from the label as right-wingers use it. The "cultural Marxism" you're talking about was just a bunch of old dudes writing about how capitalism is either killing art, music, and literature, or exploiting and manipulating art, music, literature to trick the masses into an artificial cultural consensus that serves capital.

gamers have in their "circle" some socially retarded individuals thats why there is a little correlation with gamers & fascists. It's normal, the weird marginated ppl of society tend to be radically authoritarian the ones that are actual misanthropes.

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video games are not art. you don't even know how to define art or aesthetics. you're unironically a pissed off man-child gamer. I game myself I play fighting games competitively not gonna lie but games are minor entertainment.

I see the correlation between facist

and you don't know shit about anything you said. This thread pops a decent question worth discussing, but it should be posed as: "why so many FACISTS are also so much into GAMING". The answer is obvious, they're marginalized shit tier people tbh. It's not that liberals do x to media which causes y fascists from Zig Forums to make a conspiracy theory that jews run ALL media n shit so gamers should BEWARE cuz thats why their games are shit and what not… You dumb as fuck if you believe that.

Actually all you wrote is absolute shit and wrong. You don't even know whats really art. gameplay isn't art, baseball isn't art. You can have art in a baseball game tho like music, like aesthetics, fashion, etc but the game itself isn't art it's technique, it's challenge. But you are to idiotic to split the 2 apart to tell between the 2 game + art. Read philosophy seriously jesus what a brainlet.

The "liberals get the bullet too" are socially retarded as well. Who the fuck says that except fucking stupid ass dweeb chan boys? for real? Liberals are wrong, but at least a chunk of them listen. Others are fixiated on Capitalism like morons they should just be pointed to working class politics instead of keeping the status quo, identity politics also has it's place it's just not the big picture both are necessary it's just that class is much bigger true everyone knows this, even blacks who push "identity politics" they just want the white brotha to fight the most powerful not scapegoat the most vulnerable like conservatives convince them to do everytime.

Anyway I'm off gn. You couldn't sink the thread lol everyone ignored you I'm glad.

There is a lot of non-racist people in the FGC because it's a really mixed community that one actually, it's been like that since arcade but again you're dumb if you don't think that a lot of fascists are by in large also gamers.

If you see FGC threads on 4chan I'm sure you will find a shit ton of shit talking about SonicFox while a tournament is on. Like "I can't wait for that furry nigger to lose I hate him!" shit like that. You won't see it on Twitch tho but in /vg/ you might.

Actually I can tell you how Zig Forums pulled so many gamers /v/ to their side actually since I was there & I was a neo-nazi doing that myself. It was gamergate. You can actually find fan art I remember of Zig Forums "defending" /v/ for that. in 4chanhouse shimmie maybe, it might be there its old shit. Most gamers don't know shit about politics and are marginalized so they're easily convinced to become fashies by Zig Forumstards.

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Is that really something to be broud of?

opinion descarted

ok fag

better retard than fag

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the problem is the study said nothing about Nazbol gamers

Welp it's official, Stirner poster takes the cake for being the worst poster on Zig Forums.

If competition and storytelling don't count as hobbies I don't know what does, and viewing game interest as passive "media consumption" is a take that betrays such a lack of familiarity with the community in question that I wonder if you've ever actually hung out with serious gamers.

(c'mon, what kind of gamer hasn't ever made a mod or a romhack or even a fanfic or whatever?)

Chess is just mindless escapism. There's nothing of value you can get from playing chess besides mindlessly passing time. Even television can be more intellectually stimulating because at least it's transmitting information, chess is just moving some characters around.

I recently had a conversation, or let's call that an attempt at conversation, with a chess player. I asked him the name of the peasant he was going to send on a suicide mission. He didn't know the name. He didn't know the name of any peasant, to him they were nothing but exchangeable faceless cogs in a machine (just like a CEO in capitalism sees human resources, disgusting). Why not try to minimize casualties on both sides? Why even have a war, can't we just get along? He didn't care. Extreme chess players are too dumb to be active citizens in a democracy and are hyper-normalized into ultra-violence. (If you disagree, you're probably too dumb to understand the references.)

Chess is a destructive influence in terms of spreading harmful ideology, as it attracts reactionaries, outcasts, etc. due to being immersive escapism, and playing white side in particular attract a certain type of "aggressive" person on top of that, so naturally the toxicity spreads and is considered a normal part of the chess "community" and """culture"""". Chess should be strictly regulated if not banned outright.

TGA and SonicFox don't represent "gamers".
The average "gamur" manchild hates games awards and SonicFox for being a gay-furry-nigger.

The real FGC, that is, the people who actually like and understand fighting games and go attend tournaments and stuff is very, very tiny.
The "online" part of the "FGC" has been infiltrated and destroyed from the inside out since 2016 by maga/alt-right retards.

TGA and SonicFox don't represent games they do however represent games which is what OP asked about.

No, Video Games don't lead to fascism, just like they don't lead to violence or sexism.

The reason so many gamers have fallen for them is because the SJWs have attacked gamers and games for being sexist and blaming games/gamers for sexisim, just like how the Christian "Moral Guardians" attacked video games for being "Satanic" and blaming school shootings on them.

I think the reason for this is because GamerGate used to be more politically neutral with some leftists being in there. Heck I used to be a part of GG, I even warned about how the right-wing could infiltrate the movement through opportunists like, Milo Yiannopoulos and Carl of Swindon and turn it to their same right-wing lunacy that was the same as the SJW lunacy.

And I essentially quit GG once it had become taken over by Zig Forumstards and the aut-right. GamerGate serves as a warning that SJWs and the aut-right are but two sides of the same capitalist coin.


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What I meant by that is that both the SJWs and the Alt-right are the same useful idiots of capitalism that pretend to be opposition but are actually just pawns of the status quo.

TBH, if some shaven-headed motherfucker jumps out of a car and punches me for being a race traitor because I'm not "acting white" enough, I'm not going to believe they're a SHARP no matter what the fuck they try to say.
M'cultural appropriation. It was ALWAYS about larping as a stereotype existing only in their head to see what they could get away with.


Yep. It's all part of the spectacle.

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Of course creating mods, romhacks, fanfics, and playing at tournaments are hobbies. I'm talking about exclusively playing game, which is all most of the people who identify as gamers do.

What does that have to do with anything people are saying.

so you're a wigger, Feminem?

thank heavens.

You do realize being a "gamer" was looked down upon on the Iron March forums when those were a thing right? Do you actually think serious fascists give a shit about muh games? All your doing is alienating leftists who like gaming. Most "right wing" gamers are just classical or apolitical liberals who dislike sjws or whatever, not actual fascists or nazis.

Both SJWs and the aut-right are saying the thing on the right though
Mouse status? Working.
Keyboard status? Working?
Internet? Up and running.
Y E P I T ' S G A M E R T I M E

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Do you realize that surprisingly a lot of fascits are also gamers? That is the point of this thread.

Figuring it out why ins't hard tho. Misanthropic people tend to have hobbies they can practice while shut in, video games is one of those hobbies.. Thats it.

Thats your problem not mine. It hits close to home there huh? I figured. But yeah point made chan boards too are very frequented by the kind of misanthrope I'm talking about. whether he is really into gaming or not.

These kind of individuals are real, society just didn't knew about them that well before the internet got mainstream.


Fascism isn't based in misanthropy in the first place and psychological explanations of politics are borderline anti-materialist. You're just slinging insults and making baseless assertion after baseless assertion.

Mind. Blown.

Its is very correlated to misanthropy. Explain why so many basement dwellers subscribe to fascistic ideologies simple as that.

Want me to post more visual proof of that archetypical personage? It's not certain what breed it, from where it came forth but a good guess is indeed 4chan, they have the same problem there at 2chan.

Or want me to explain the phenomenon in an even easier way: misanthropy (hating other humans unironically for x reasons) > becoming a shut in > shut in hobbies include in big part gaming since it's an activity that can be done alone or as long as you got internet.

The link between misanthropy & fascism is quite obvious misanthropes including examples like Elliot Rodger tend to have authoritarian fantasies of how the society living in the world should be ruled (read his manifesto to see in his opinion whats politically his ideal world hint: it's fascistic), they believe in strict & multiple insane rigid laws to make an individual behave in certain un-degenerate "holy" way for them, what they see as decent & only in that way.

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Then be prepared for Dylan and Eric copycats to make a comeback as well.

Have you ever even played a videogame, you stupid twat?

No, gamers are not left-leaning at all, and the posts that I responded to above are why.

Neither do you.

Congratulations, you now understand how liberalism works.

The FGC is full of fucking cancer and you're a perfect example of that.

You're not talking about fascism at all, but about online roleplayers aping their aesthetics.

Actual fascism is when the bourgeoisie realizes it can't win elections anymore so it gets rid of them and uses state power to crush the left in the name of the nation (an idea with as broad an appeal as possible, basically), not when people say "nigger" on the internet, and neto-uyo retards play virtually no role in this process.

Misanthropy is about hating virtually everyone, while nationalism is at least notionally about loving one's countrymen - i.e. the very people who turned them into misanthropes. Even Elliot Rodger's authoritarian fantasies didn't lead to any particular political expression, but to nearly indiscriminate, apolitical violence. Spamming literal caricatures doesn't prove his views remotely typical of people who play video games, it only proves that other people hold your position. (Or posting a guy with a beard. Marx had a bigger beard.)

Also "shut in hobbies" are far and away the cheapest around, games are cheap on a per-entertainment hour basis and can even be pirated, while almost any hobbies people do outside the house cost a lot more money. The people you're demonizing may include a few fascist LARPers but they also a great deal of the revolutionary class, and a relatively downtrodden and desperate strata of such at that - note the community acceptance of file sharing, or the angry reaction to DLC (read: price hikes).


This post is actually right on most counts, but he is completely wrong on fascism. Or more accurately, he reduces fascism to just the squadristi.

Actual fascism (And, not National-Socialism) emerged, for the most part, from revolutionary syndicalism and the ideas of Georges Sorel. The thing was is that the original Fascists were, for the most part, replaced by the squadristi, who took over the Fascist movement from the outside. Compare Fiume, which was generally ambivalent to the Soviets and had a radical program, to Mussolini's regime, which reversed everything policy promised in the original Fascism. Mussolini himself regretted the various compromises he made to 'take power', which ironically made him a dictator who was powerless to the very interests he despised the most.

So, actual Fascism was more the tale of a reformist/somewhat revolutionary movement being hijacked by reactionary militants. Mussolini even attempted to reverse this by trying to create a 'Fascist Labor Party' before he got into power, but the squadistri threatened a revolt.

Now, the idea of an authoritarian, radical movement being used to suppress revolutionary elements definitely can come when the capitalist class is threatened. And, ironically, I think Antifa is more of spiritual successor to the squadistri than any movement in history.

Both movements rely on the middle class, are motivated by the demonisation of a forbidden fruit ideology that completely threatens the status quo (This is why Antifa commits violence only to nationalists and NOT to neocons and lolberts who actually hurt the working-class the most), glorify violence as an important political tool, and even wear all black. Even the 'we're just defending ourselves from a racist takeover' excuse was the same the squadistri used to justify their beat-downs of communists.

I'm not saying that white-nationalists are necessarily as significant as communists and socialists were in Italy during the early 20s, but it is interesting that it is ONLY the people who criticize globalist capitalism who get attacked by them. Why only Tucker Carlson and not Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh? Why only Richard Spencer and not the Mises Institute or the people who run Prager U? Why attack only 'right-wingers' who probably are the most receptive to leftist economic ideas?

there's a lot to argue against in your post, but for now:
on what basis do you call the syndicalist faction the 'real' fascists? the fascists consisted of multiple groups from the start: that the syndicalists' relative proportion and influence vaned over time doesn't make the other groups any less real. in fact, maybe the neutralisation (or outright elimination in the case of Germany) of the social-revolutionary faction in a fascist movement tells us something of what (or who) a class-collaborationist movement is ready to sacrifice for power and which side it will take in power.

kys dumbass

First world arrogance leads to fascism.


Anti-White Politics is anti-Revolutionary Nonsense

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fun fact:

((Porky☘️ banned Alex Jones, Sargon, and Gavin, but not Maoist Neckbeard.

Really makes me think.

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Because, they were the original members of the movement?

Strasser and his ilk were not the oriignal Nazis, and neither were the SA. Nazism was sprung from the volkisch movement, which had no roots in leftism.

Meanwhile, Fascism for the entire 19`0s consisted entirely of national-syndicalists, with the ANI being something more like how you'd normally classify 'fascism'. The two movements had contacts, but for the most part were rivals. In fact, you can say that the Italian Fascist movement shifted their platform into that of the ANI.

The Squadristi also didn't exist until around 1919/1920. The closest thing you had to it was the veterans who occupied Fiume, but they generally were revolutionaries against the old order instead of reactionary enforcers of it.

Fascism already existed for around four to six years before the other 'elements' joined in. Thus, the original Fascism would be the national-syndicalists, with the rest being innovations that seeped in.

Isn't that true of socdems? What makes Mussolini worse than social-democracy then? I'm not saying he's perfect. In fact, you can say that Mussolini proves exactly the issue with class-collaborationism and instituting change through dictatorship. History is not determined by great men, but rather through material conditions. Mussolini, by relying on the squadristi and compromises to get into power on the belief that he'd be able to purge them later, threw himself into a compromising position and ended up not having any real control. The same thing happened in the Italian Social Republic. Mussolini and the people in the Republic of Salo would make the most revolutionary and amazing legislature in the early 20th century, a program of socialization even more impressive than that of the Soviet Union. But ultimately, all of those laws were just scribblings on paper as Mussolini reluctantly, at the threat of Germans burning down Italian cities, decided to lead a puppet-state where true power lied in the hands of the German military-industrial complex.

Even Hitler looked disgusted at the disheveled depressed being that was Mussolini when he was 'rescued' by SS paratroopers.

Because the old school non-neolib socdems actually improved conditions for the working class and gave them power, whereas Mussolini and his friends smashed independent worker organizations, abolished democracy and freedom of press, and did whatever their bourgeois masters wanted?

Even the Verona Manifesto after the establishment of the Italian Social Republic STILL guaranteed the right to private property:

Unreliably. Consider the fact that Socdems unleashed the Freikorps upon the Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Of course, he was sidelined, but that is the case for social-demcrats too. In fact, a lot of 'independent' worker organizations simply end up getting dominated by center-left and socdem parties. See American unions being taken over by the Democrats, who then make said unions support pro-immigration and globalist rhetoric against their own interests.

Except it then proceeds to define it in a way that resembles Proudhonian ideas of property.

"Private property, however cannot have a disintegrative effect on the physical and moral personality of other individuals by way of the exploitation of their labor."



nothin' wrong with me


nothin' wrong with me!

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What is the Mount and Blade game with the communist/anarchist mod and what's that called? I remember Anons talking about it but can't remember.

It's not the gamers it's the gaymers

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I'll be more especific here there is a correlation between the socially retarded & hardcore gaming.

gaming as fun as it is. I enjoy it a lot. Is mostly a shut in hobby. Therfore awkward people who might agree with authoritarian ideas consist more in part of what a "hardcore gamer" are. They prevail more on places like the internet & pick up hobbies related to the internet: online gaming, anime, etc.

Obviously this doesn't means gamers are facists but we gamers have our "domain" more filled with fascists than other groups (not more than football hooligans tho) but it's there.

I blame newfag 4chan 2012-2019.

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maoist rebel isn't doing stupid groups irl that are encouraged to punch people. "proud boys" n shit.

idk they were always pieces of shit funded by rich republicans actually look it up. It's more like there are 2 types of porky. You're generalizing porky just like an stupid Zig Forumstard would.

It's the jews isn't it? I'm glad I grew the fuck out of that ideology. anyone can be porky.

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