Is amateur pornography, communist?

Is amateur pornography, communist?

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No, it's exploiting the means of reproduction.
Real communists wear cuck cages.



moving pictures rot your brain

Seize the means of reproduction

It's certainly petty bourgeois

Only in a decadent liberal society could a woman lay bare on her back to make money while a man breaks his back

Sure she'll never own the porn industry, but it's still fucked up and they contribute to the problem one way or another. It is short sighted to just shame people though as frankly sex workers don't care. Theyre not even scared of the IRS coming down on them

Capitalism is a systemic problem. But yes porn is inherently reactionary but not for the reasons most self loathing soy boys would suggest

Hentai a bit less so because noone is directly benefitting financially (unless you subscribe to some porn site or patreon donate to some pervert artist) but even that is more earned in someone has to draw that shit rather than just orgasm and show their tits

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Fuck off nazbol

You don't even know what that is

Hell I barely know what is is i just like the a e a s t h e t i c

At least pretty close. Universal access to the means of reproduction…

Amature porn is production for use when it is done for free. It should be encouraged.

no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument
horse radish is not an instrument either

By definition, amateur pornography is free pornography

Well, amateur porn really does fit the model of communist post-scarsity production. The producers create it of their own means and distribute it socially for the sake of providing wealth to society. The creators then receive the recognition for the product. Unfortunately, this does not currently result in their receiving other luxury goods in kind, but that's capitalism for you.

where does OP say that?

yes. made for the love of making things, distributed for everyone.
it's liberated labour.

Just an illiterate nazbol, ignore them

The post I was replying to wasn't OP, but the nazbol, who specifically said:
That sounds like he's complaining about Twitch streamers, who are 100% pro.

I'd sure love seizing those two's """means of production""" if yeah get what I'm saying.

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Women should be collective property of men
Mazdak gang

large images are haram

Don't care.
Post more One Piece yuri

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is this the new shitposting flag now that unironic RIDF have infested N A Z B O L G A N G? lol