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Lets combine OC and webm thread, last webm one filled up. Posting some freshly squeezed webms. Will also post how to make webms for posterity

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This is probably going to doublepost but whatever.
Here is how to make a webm. If anyone else can contribute information or advice that would be much appreciated.

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Does anyone happen to have the webm of the essay "Holocaust pornography" voiced by Patrick Willis?

I remember seeing it passed around awhile ago but can no longer find a working version.

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For once OP isn't a faggot… Even though it started out looking like you might be

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linking from the music thread:

Here's an encoding guide for advanced video anons if you want to make longer videos without going to shit quality.

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Fucking hivemind.
Is that you john wayne? Is that me?

I know I shouldn't give a shit about that top heavy beefmonster, but I hate watching her land on her hands. I can't imagine they're much good after that.

I suppose I'll contribute some additional Information for the newfag young-bloods.

I like webm's, but that particular format won't play on ishits(iphone).
I fucking hate Apple products for the record, but some business's give out ishits as a business phone, and a lot of them don't have the codec to play webm's.
Personally I like to use Android phones because they're based in linux, and have no problem playing webm's and will also play .gif files.

Look up "youtube to mp4" in your preferred browser.
Two sites I like to use are:
Copy and paste the URL into the space; pick your preferred options, and click convert.
You have to be careful though because when you click convert, these sites will open an additional tab which wants you to download some malware shit. Trust me; you don't want any of that shit.
Simply exit out of that tab and go back to the tab of the site which is converting the youtube link.
You might have to click the download link a couple times for it to register the download, but the whole process is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it.

Another program I like to use is "Maxthon cloud browser".
As you can guess from the name; it's a browser.
It has a add-on installed by default called a "resource sniffer" in the top right corner (looks like a magnifying glass). I use this browser to download everything else that is not on jewtube.
Anything "media" can be grabbed by this browser. I used it to download the third jimpact off of soundcloud.
Go to the page with the media and click on the magnifying glass. A window will pop up, and after a few seconds; you should see the media in the window.

Various methods have existed before these programs, and alphabet niggers have tried to shut them down, but once the code is out there; copycat's appear after awhile, and create multiple alternatives.

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Made this after reading about it, digging and finding the source. Congressional record is in the library of congress, right? Non-burger here so I may have made an error.

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For those interested in music production; there are channels on jewtube which cater to such a market, but if you want to create "synthwave" type music, there is a channel by "tealmist" that you can learn from.

Music creation/production is really just math applied to sound. Pythagoras knew as much.
There are many a programs which you can use.
An artist by the name of S3RL uses reason for example.

Look up "the rule of threes music production." Also all music is ultimately based in rhythm, harmony, and melody.
Mostly rhythm though.
All the interesting sounds I've heard have been timbres created with the use of rhythmic variance of the effects used.
Also all sounds can be broken down into sine waves, but natural instruments such as the violin, and the flute create good sounds based on their physical structure.
The violin for example creates something of a "wobble" in the sound. Same as with the human voice.

Look up "music production PDF" as well as "Music theory PDF", and you'll be well on your way.
The hard part really is knowing what the various knobs do, but that can be figured out by research as well as by practice.
For example. Create a sound in a synth, and put a high pass filter on it. Turn the resonance up and play with the filter knob.
You can also apply a lfo to the filter and create something of a rhythmic effect. Automation of various effects are also a thing.

I myself like to use FL Studio, but FL 12 ;despite it's functionality; doesn't allow for customization of the UI. The same functions; more or less; can be done in FL 10 so I never seen the need to migrate.

Though for the record; I'm merely a hobbyist at music production myself, but I like to think I can use the knowledge I have gained to teach the next generation at least something. My life is a shit, but I still figure I serve some form of purpose.

Sorry for the plebbit spacing, but I like you guys. You make me laugh, and you have restored my faith that not everyone on this earth is fucking retarded.
disclaimer. Non of the vids I've posted have come from my own hand, but by the hands of another.

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For those interested in music production, I advise you to avoid attempting to represent the human voice in music.

I made a discovery some time ago about 120-140bpm music and jews, then happened on Klezmer.
I have come to the conclusion that any art which does not draw it's inspiration from the natural world is jewish.

This idea is reinforced by the great composers.
They were inspired by storms, birds, clouds, hunts, etc.
Kikes are inspired by laughing and crying, two distinctly primate emotions.

Made some oc last night, glad there is a thread to post on

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Also what I like to do is if I find a song extremely powerful/meaningful
I like to take it and mix into new meaning by joining it with picture/message/aesthetic deemed appropriate.

To do this go to hooktube, options download:

Then go to
Upload both and join.

Case in point:

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Just triggering the normies…

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shit music kys

How in the fuck is laughing and crying not natural.

That video could do with being remade for latest file sizes, useful nonetheless for newfags.

Not sure what it is, apart from homeless with a broken arm.

'king saved!

For newfags, install youtube-dl
Run from the command line
youtube-dl -F some_link_to_a_youtube_video_here
This will display a list all the available formats to download
Simply pick an ID number for the format you want
(various audio only, video only, or audio&video [webm, or mp4] formats). Then run…
youtube-dl -f some_link_to_a_youtube_video_here
where is the ID number of the format you chose.
(The default without specifying the format is "best" and the highest quality audio & video will be chosen)

Vid related is 'OC' clip cut

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You mad bitch?

Not OC, but if verification is required for…

Netanyahu actually confessed the Iranian flight was shot down 13mins in!

gtfo there

this old version, new github.com/VP8M8/WebM-Guide

Laughing is a secondary product of nature.
Nature created man, man created laughter.
Basing music on a product of man is narcissistic at best.
It's no different than creating a sonnet about the statue of liberty or a city, or nigger babble about money and drugs.
The implication of klezmer is: PARTY AND REMEMBER WHO WRONGED YOU

Not to mention, it's ugly because it's an imperfect imitation.
I'm curious if klezmer has the same effects on the brain as rock or pop.
If you want to convey emotion in music, do what the masters did: evoke the spirits of the seasons. Spring for joy, fall for sorrow.
You could even work with animalistic emotions, like a raging bull, or a energetic tit.

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God damn I love carpenter brut

we're reaching levels of semantics that shouldn't even be possible

God created laughter, man and music…..

Your god deserves to die with you if it created this.

Here's a documentary clip showing how the Soviets turned children against their parents during collectivization.

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Rare OC
Barely posted because reasons

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Sorry not a webm but I wanted to point out that the lefties outside of Trump tower seem to be doing the same kind of "energy and intention dance" as the pupils and teachers use to stop the school shooter in the video for "pumped up kicks".

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What a fucking gay ass music video.

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More OC

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OC begets OC

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Great webm. Got any more of these?

Don't know if anyone has it but I've been looking for a certain Arab anti-zionist music video, I don't quite remember the lyrics or name but it was in arab and depicted soldiers and war. Perhaps I'm being too vague but if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about that'd be great

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Internet Historian is Kekistan-tier faggotry but he does make good videos.

This the one?

Unfortunately it isn't, I like it though.

These are from a documentary series called "Searching For the Truth." I'll make another here in a bit. Keep your ears open for redpills in the documentaries and history books. There's a shitload.

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These are all on youtube.

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Apparently Rome would purposely "educate" their enemys' kids into drunks and dipshits. Reminds me of the common core and K-12 shit that's pushed on people today.

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Here's the newest version. I'm updating it soon to include libpvx 1.7.0 which makes VP9 much more multithreaded. I'm also doing a comparison with libvpx 1.6.1 if anyone is interested.

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Fun fact: this episode was banned from broadcasts until last year for being too racist.

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Part 2

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The only relevant part of this episode.

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Part 1

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Part 2

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Wow that's one hell of a slip up. Great find.

The Twilight Zone S03E03 "The Shelter" has some pretty nice moments and works as an anti-immigration message as well.

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Here's the breakdown of the Nubian takeover of Egypt. The Egyptians tried integrating them and it bit them in the ass.

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Roman wall and watchtower system to keep out Gallic invaders.

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Here's a talk about how the Prussian nobility used education and trauma to mind control their territories.

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Sayyid Qutb was sent to investigate American education and lifestyle. He was so repulsed he went on to inspire Anti-western, radical Religion of Cuck™ all over the world. Sayyid wanted to instill a central, motivating story in Muslims to help them overcome the traps of the outside world. The Neo-Cons were following a similar logic during their reign with the War on Terror.

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Hm, I always wondered. I've been using hooktube for quite a while now but I always wondered does it really offers that much more security?

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Congressional Record is just the recording of the legislative proceedings, hence Abernethy's quotation from the book being in there. The Library of Congress keeps a copy and record of every book that gets published.

That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, but this isn't a silver bullet.

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Found this from right after the election….good times

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Nothing will every make me dislike Prussia.

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I wouldn't choose to live there. Apparently we inherited the "Look Say" reading instruction method from them. It's restricted vocabulary was used in The Cat in the Hat. It's drilling children to memorize 3-5 letter words in whole, as a hieroglyph instead of an alphabetic word. They are not taught phonetics until literal mental retardation sets in. It's meant to make people into commendable meat puppets with minimal internal thinking capability. Looking back my school dragged out the 3-4 letter books for ~2yrs. That was a long fucking time. There were many kids who would come into school already reading novels at those ages. The K-12 Prussian system is completely evil.


Whole Word

Whole word, also known as "Sight Word" and "Look and Say", teaches reading skills and strategies in the context of authentic literature. Word recognition accuracy is considered less important than meaning accuracy; therefore, there is an emphasis on comprehension as the ultimate goal.

Students in this method memorize the appearance of words, or learn to recognize words by looking at the first and last letter from rigidly selected vocabularies in progressive texts (such as The Cat in the Hat). Often preliminary results show children taught with this method have higher reading levels than children learning phonics, because they learn to automatically recognise a small selection of words.[13] However, later tests demonstrate that literacy development becomes stunted when hit with longer and more complex words later.[5]

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I made a few more but I need more good pics to edit

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That Brooklyn Yid accident…

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waiting for new version. thank you

I don't think the episode focused on anti-immigration that much. That one part was just to show how pointlessly divided the group was. I felt a much stronger stand your ground in the face of death message.

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that lady is pure kike

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What's the name of the song that starts at 4:50 in the Soviet collectivization webm?

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I was thinking more of the gibsmedats mentality of going so far as to destroy the only shelter because someone else has it. It reflects a lot on the "refugee" crisis and illgal immigration where they just want a better life but end up destroying the chance to have one for everyone. Ultimately it was just a mob mentality episode and about how easily we can turn against each other.

user, grow some brain cells. That's the congressional record referenced in the wiki article. Not any book that provides an original source for it.

Though perhaps with modern search tools we could find the original source in google books or some other dump. Keep in mind he might have paraphrased it and it might not be an exact quote.

I suspect it might be true because inflaming racial tensions was well established soviet policy at the time. After the JFK assassination, their OFFICIAL REPLY was that they weren't surprised it happened in the American South. Because it was full of deplorable racist redneck fascists.

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Frederick Taylor's management theories went on to shape the modern world. Lennon wanting to adopt Taylor and Fords' ways of organizing people spurred the Kronstadt revolt against the Communists.

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(Checked HH)
(Checked HH)
(Checked HH)
(Checked HH)
(Checked HH)

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In this video in the first 15 seconds when narrator mentions accadamia chaplin(sp?), in which the top .5% went to school and learned to think strategically. It would be ideal to compile or figure out what books and theories they were studying. Does anyone have any ideas along the vein.

anyone knows the symphony in the background here?

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