The mystery of Carl G. Jung's Black Books and his private Kek prophecies (see Abraxas in The Red Book)

The mystery of Carl G. Jung's Black Books and his private Kek prophecies (see Abraxas in The Red Book).

The force of the God is frightful.
"You shall experience even more of it (the quickening). You are in the second
age. The first age has been overcome (see Dagor Dagorath in Tolkien's works). This is the age of the
rulership of the son, whom you call the Frog God (Kek). A third age will
follow; the age of apportionment and harmonious power."

My soul, where did you go? Did you go to the animals?
I bind the Above with the Below. I bind God and animal.

Something in me is part animal, something part God, and a third
part human. Below you serpent, within you man, and above you
God. Beyond the serpent comes the phallus, then the earth, then
the moon, and finally the coldness and emptiness of outer space.

Above you comes the dove or the celestial soul, in which
love and foresight are united, just as poison and shrewdness are
united in the serpent. Shrewdness is the devil's understanding,
which always detects smaller things and finds chinks where you
suspect none.

If I am not conjoined through the uniting of the Below and
the Above, I brealc down into three parts: the serpent, and in that
or some other animal form I roam, living nature daimonically,
arousing fear and longing. The human soul, living forever within
you. The celestial soul, as such dwelling with the Gods, far from
you and unknown to you, appearing in the form of a bird. Each of
these three parts then is independent.

Beyond me stands the celestial mother. Its counterpart is the
phallus. Its mother is the earth, its goal is the heavenly mother.
The celestial mother is the daughter of the celestial world. Its
counterpart is the earth.


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The celestial mother is illuminated through the spiritual sun.
Its counterpart is the moon. And just as the .moon is the cross-
ing to the dead of space, the spiritual sun is the crossing to the
Pleroma, the upper world of fullness. The moon is the God's
eye of emptiness, just as the sun is the God's eye of fullness. The
moon that you see is the symbol, just as the sun that you see. Sun
and moon, that is, their symbols, are Gods. There are still other
Gods; their symbols are the planets.

The celestial mother is a daimon among the order of the Gods,
an inhabitant of the heavenly world.

The Gods are favorable and unfavorable, impersonal, the souls of
stars, influences, forces, grandfathers of souls, rulers in the heavenly
world, both in space and in force. They are neither dangerous nor
kind, strong, yet humble, clarifications of the Pleroma and of the
eternal emptiness, configurations of the eternal qualities.

Their number is immeasurably great and leads over to the one
supreme fundamental, which contains all qualities in itself and
itself has none, a nothing and everything, the complete dissolution
of man, death and eternal life.

Man becomes through the principium individuationis. He strives
for absolute individuality, through which he ever increasingly
concentrates the absolute dissolution of the Pleroma. Through
this he malces the Pleroma the point that contains the greatest
tension and is itself a shining star, immeasurably small, just as
the Pleroma is immeasurably great. The more concentrated
the Pleroma becomes, the stronger the star of the individual
becomes. It is surrounded by shining clouds, a heavenly body in
the making, comparable to a small sun. It emits fire. Therefore it
is called: … Just like the sun, which
is also such a star, which is a God and grandfather of souls, the star
of the individual is also like the sun, a God and grandfather of the
souls. He is visible from time to time, just as I have described him.
His light is blue, like that of a distant star. He is far out in space,
cold and solitary, since he is beyond death. To attain individuality,
we need a large share of death. Therefore it is called …
since just as an innumerable number of men rule the earth, so a
countless number of stars and of Gods rule the celestial world.
To be sure, this God is the one who survives the death of men.

To him for whom solitude is Heaven, he goes to Heaven; to him
for whom it is Hell, he goes to Hell. Whoever does not follow
the principium individuationis to its end becomes no God, since he
cannot bear individuality.

The dead who besiege us are souls who have not fulfilled the
principium individuationis, or else they would have become distant
stars. Insofar as we do not fulfill it, the dead have a claim on us
and besiege us and we cannot escape them.

The God of the frogs or toads, the brainless, is the uniting of
the Christian God with Satan. His nature is like the flame; he is
like Eros, but a God; Eros is only a daimon.

The one God, to whom worship is due, is in the middle.

Kek = Serpent (Archon) + Man (user, goy) + God (Sun, as opposed to Saturn)
Source: The Red Book -!FY9inBTK!EMCkEWGlULv0WHTkN6c1XCmicFzaHnaiOQ6Ff2ApdIM
The force of the God is frightful.

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The Red Book, cataloguing Jung's "psychotic break", i.e a year spend taking tryptamine hallucinogens and meditating.
There's no evidence for this but circumstantial, Jung and Albert Hoffman were peers and neighbours. The published date of LSD's discovery is 1938 but Hoffman's work was not limited to LSD and he was the first to isolate a number of other hallucinogens including psilocybin.
Typically you don't just go psychotic for a year and then spontaneously recover with no ill effects and everything, including the experiences detailed in the Red Book is suggestive of deliberate alteration of the consciousness in pursuit of enlightenment.

Said it before, I'll say it again, this man likely saved my life. Went through a depression entering middleschool, no friends and no idea what/who I was supposed to be. Then I got that old personality type test as part of a school exercise. Intp back then. I found out I wasn't broken, just different. That saved me from pondering suicide like some of my classmates. Saved me from pharmajew. Led me to here by many odd paths.

The bigass tome is a work of art.

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I haven't read all of Serrano's books but he had a lot of respect for Jung and I don't think he'd buy that mainstream nonsense about his "psychotic break". They got along well and were on the same page in more than one way which should tell you a lot, especially with how degenerate leftists and New Age fags have taken their work and manipulated it to their agenda similar to Nietzsche. Jung had stated near the end that only poets would ever truly understand his work at its core while most would be completely oblivious to the deeper meanings of his work and it seems to have proven itself correct since going "mainstream".

The only problem I'd have which correlates with Serrano's sentiments about Jung is that he didn't go all the way like he should have. Instead he wanted to maintain his academic status and not be shunned so he back peddled or didn't elaborate on a host of things. The idea of the "group consciousness" being one of the major which was to hint that Aryans and non-Aryans are completely different not just mentally or physically, but spiritually. Something your basic bitch New Ager still doesn't grasp.

God is a kike and a cunt. Creation is a Crime against the Created.

How nice for you. Know that I cannot.

Read my story and Cringe Harder. Nothing I've ever read has ever helped. It always just gets worse.


While we're on the subject of Jung I'd recommend that people interested in this kind of stuff also check out Joseph Campbell, especially Myths to Live By. Campbell is a fantastic introduction to thinking in symbols.

Oh, and also The Masks of God even though it's a bit harder to find.

Well, he didn't even publish the Red book and wouldn't even allow access for decades!

There's your problem.

*the family wouldn't allow access for decades after his death.

I really hope you get better man. Just know that changing your perspective on life is pretty much all you need to start healing. Things started to get better for me precisely when I decided I didn't know everything, and my materialistic worldview might just be an illusion I'd made up for fear of the unknown and a desire to feel in control.
Two years later I was walking out of a church, feeling a great burden lifted from my shoulders after years of self-torture.

hope you don't answer with your usual whiny shit

Good luck.

Is this the same mentally-disturbed user who is posting a bunch of angry and whiny redtext and defeatism all over pol today?

Mods please ban

I know, right? He's about the best introduction to the basics that anyone could ask for.

I can't say if it's that guy, but I can say that I've seen his type plenty of times before.
>"troubled" user rejects every suggestion with a variety of "I've tried it", "I can't do that because ", "that wouldn't work", "not for me, I'm different", but proceeds to maintain that he wants help.
This is a kind of special snowflake/attention seeking/energy vampire troll.
The fact that he manages to write lengthy journals about his plight kind of rules out severe depression, as anyone who's experienced it could tell you.
tl;dr yeah I think I've seen him before.

If it's Asses and Elbows he's ban evading.

Gnosticism combined with Freudian perv-babble. Entertaining hogwash.

I checked another thread and all the posts ar ethe same id with identical text to posts on other threads across this board.

This dude is a nutjob thread derailer thats gonna an hero.

I reported.

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Found the uninitiated. The red book is a work of art and catalogues the depths of the soul and the mysteries of the deep. It’s hard to process even for an adept and must be taken in small pieces.

Yep, that's him. He's an attention whore extraordinaire.

The “Red Book” seems like one of those works works where you should have prior understanding before diving into it. I’d like to study some of Jung's works and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I’m not the user you were responding to btw



I can't change my perspective. The Voices won't let me. My worldview isn't materialistic. It's one of suffering caused by cosmic horror gods that torture us constantly through reincarnation.

There is nothing else. Only Eternal Misery.

Whatever. I'm right and you know it.

What is there but defeatism for the defeated?

I've tried most things before that I can try. They all failed. What then?

Its not ban evading if you've never posted from that IP, kike!

Report all you want. I'm right and you know it.

Move out.

This right here. Jung was a hack, and likely a kike. Nothing is more disgusting than the thought of uniting God with that faggot Satan. Fuck Jung and his blasphemous ideas.

checked, but absolutely incorrect. the words are right there plain to see. Even if you went by the bible, satan was a part of god at one point.

I'm the user you were replying to.
You know, honestly, I can't really point to a specific work that would prepare you for his writing, its rooted in mysteries and is a very esoteric work. The best thing I could suggest is to simply go on a inward journey and discover who you really are, and examine your soul up close, stare into the abyss. The hero with a thousand faces is a good place to look, reading-wise. But honestly no reading can really prepare you for what stands in front of you in the mirror.

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That's because you love being the victim.

Stop replying to him, he feeds off of (you)s. He has been doing this for almost 2 years and has been ban evading for the same amount of time. Just filter and report. Don't give him what he wants by helping derail a thread he doesn't like.

Nice dubs and sorry, I can't help but feel pity when I spot that faggot. Won't happen again.

I think you will appreciate this.

I’ll check out that book, thank you

Thanks i'll give it a listen.

He gave Freud a nervous breakdown for disagreeing with him at the very most basic level of thinking, just after being tapped for extending 'his legacy', Freud's 'great bulwark against the occult'. I.e.
Freudians then tried to destroy him.
It's the psyche equivalent of Edison vs Tesla, except Edison being a king of kikes.

Yes, he says gnostic shit that most Christians will pop a blood vessel at. He acknowledges this entirely. Yet the stuff he says carries some truth in it. The gnostic apocrypha has stuck around in symbology and alchemy and such for a reason, something there speaks to the soul.

Also to paraphrase him on the jewish race, "you can't skip two thousand years of spiritual development and call yourself civilized"

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-i.e. removing spirituality, making sexual libido and material possession the only motives, making all culture appear nurture rather than nature, removing any evidence of racial differences.

got any links? all I can find for "Myths to Live By" are shitty scam pdf links or a result from s3 which is split in a way that makes it hard to read… I'm picky that way, so wondering if you have anything better available. index.php?md5=8ABC64340D81765671E91B738B10AEB8
Libgen io is the greatest website ever made btw

*tips fedora*

Reminder that there are certain forces at play that attempt to limit any and all conversations related to spiritual enlightenment.
All of these actors coming on stage in blatant attempts to keep you weighed down in the muck and grime of this world and distract you from the things not of this world. They will stop at nothing to keep you away from the things that truly matter. There is no need to attack them, just ignore their attempts. If you have the capacity to be above it, be so and do so. Don't let those who are being controlled by evil cause your path to stray. Simply smile and continue on your journey.

Thank you! Didn't know about that site. Also didn't know it's blocked in Bongland…

But I got the pdf.

I got you fam.

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Do you know of a PDF or audiobook of this?

Nah, I can't stand reading books on a computer screen. Ironic that I have no problem reading shitposts hours on end.
Audio book is highly unlikely as the illustrations are very important to the work.

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Thank you user, its legit.

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The 3rd picture is very interesting.

Just a bit more on the hero myth.

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2nd image looks like the political spectrum

Yes it is but there is also some other interesting questions to be asked concerning the coins.

Astute observation user. And look where the coyote just so happens to be.

You should look into getting an e-reader. I hate reading books on most displays but e-ink is really nice. It's also great to be able to carry around tens of thousands of books at once, especially fiction, and is a godsend when a book you want to read is popular enough to have been scanned but costs hundreds of dollars to lay your hands on because it was a limited printing. It can't make up for buying a hard copy, of course, but at least you'll be able to read the material in question.

care to explain? I'm not too familiar with the myth itself, I just saw the cross, got reminded of the spectrum and thought that what looks like the black sun placed where it is seemed like a funny coincidence.

The coyote stole fire from the gods to establish civilization. He would reside in the lower right quadrant of the political compass that struck you in the image.

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with you so far, but I don't get the meaning of the coyote and how that ties together with the libertarian right.
sorry if I appear a bit lost…

Well, it would make sense a libertarian right philosophy would be a founding basis of establishing a civilization and furthering a culture.

Coyote is one of the archetype of trickster creation gods. Think Prometheus, Lucifer (in paradise lost manner), Väinämöinen, that Khoi-San horned Mantis, Enki, Quetzocoatl, and oddly the earliest versions of yahweh.
Those that do the necessary faux pas to progress. Transgression, thieving of fire, for the betterment of man.

ty, now it's actually starting to make a bit more sense

You are mixing the first hero cycle and the second. The coyote is a founder, not the trickster.
He tricked no one and acted in complete accordance to his own will.

That description you wrote describes assholes and enemas to the T. This guy is probably assholes and enemas trying out a new shtick to avoid being spotted.

So according to Jung Kek is Jesus?

Oh assholes and enemas, you silly goy you….

KYS kike 2.0


Meant for this faggot

I was bored, so I decided to shitpost at assholes and enemas guy. He truly is a piece of shit loser on every level. He really should commence uncreating himself.


Criticism on Jung is mostly projection.

Are you me user?

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Yeah, I think this guy has been around for awhile. I've definitely read that pastebin he's posted before, which is surprising because I think I first saw it a few years ago. How long can one man shitpost before he realizes that the only option left is to help himself?

Christ cucks fear the Gnosticism.


Symbols are a powerful language all their own, I would say more powerful than the spoken word. I believe its no coincidence you saw the political compass in the Navajo painting.

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I'm taking coyote as a whole, which also includes a ton of characters based on other animals. The number and variety of north amerindian myths is a bit stupendous, and saying a single coyote is definitive is cutting out a large swathe of the tales.
Imagine if every city state in Greece and Rome and the Iberian peninsula had their variations on ye olde founding mythology preserved. That's what kind of happened when all these tales from Plymouth rock to the Kodiak islands was were written down.

Language is a tool by which the left brain attempts to convey ideas explicitly.

Symbols, like music, are a way by which information can be transmitted implicitly and completely, capable of expressing subtle and even subconscious tones which words are incapable of encapsulating.

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How is Christianity?

KYS. Kikes fear the exposing of their ancient lies.

I find this to be true whenever I see minimalist images of memes. pic related, but I'm sure someone here can also post the minimalist (((rubbing hands))), because I found it amusing that just a few black lines could evoke a specific emotion in me, like a secret code that only a particular group can decipher. I thought that was funny.

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Eh, I'm having fun. Are you?

Here you go, lad.

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Gnosticism is the synthesis of the archetypal unconscious truths and Christian mythos. In my opinion people who bash one mythos in favor of another, or in favor of no mythos at all is totally missing the greater depth of what is behind these archetypes, it is the same thing that Jung was getting at with his work, that there are forces unseen at work behind the scenes that are forming the patterns that we see on our day to day, through history, and in mythology. I expected this thread to be flooded with idiots and shills but Jesus Christ.

Not sure if I have it, or what the second pic is. Tiny thumbnail

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hilarious! also, a concept that can never truly be censored

Ill concede that it varies from tribe to tribe. But strictly to the Navajo, he was a founder that established their culture and civilization. He didn't steal the fire simply for the lulz, as a trickster would, but for a greater purpose.

Exactly why they are so powerful. Take the swastika for example, arguably one of the most powerful and ancient symbols of all time. For half the world it brings doom, for the other freedom.

Kek. I have the same response to such images.

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That one always amused me. It is literally random triangles, yet we all see a deeper meaning to those random triangles. Makes you think. VERY relevant to the thread topic.

Gnosticism gets shat on because the formal gnosticism of the past did a LOT of bad shit that demanded removal, like the splitting of old testament god from christ, denial of christ's hoky status, and saying the world itself was evik and must be shunned. Like the carthars they are painted as victims but it was politically necessary to expel such thought. Japs had to do this to the catholics for much the same reason, political subversion in the worst form.

Absolute horse shit and drivel.

Impossible. No symbol is without meaning.

this is the actual iteration I saw, but all of these fit the bill perfectly, since they are all replications of the original.

Thats why these sort of images need to remain obscure. Normies will never feel the urge to spread such an obscure due to its perceived pointlessness.

I see your point of view and I dont disagree coming from the political perspective, but from the flip side a lot of what the gnostics preach makes sense, logically, and is in line more so with Buddhism or Taoism rather than mainstream Catholicism or Protestantism. When studying gnostic works i've really read inbetween the lines though and didn't really pay too much attention to the exact mythos that they were using, and tried my best to understand the underlying archetypes and message that they are trying to express. tl;dr gnostics dindu nuffin, dey was good bois just tryina escape the corrupted demiurge.

In that case criticism on everything is 'mostly projection'.

Hello anons,

Jung hits something more fundamental and at the root of religion, that religions don't dig down too, although that "religious experience" is based in.

I personally try to follow asatru for the morals (strength, family, hard work), but I see even this religion at failing to grasp the essential elements of trying to understand consciousness, and only providing a structure for a which a society should function. Which is no small thing either, providing the structure on which a society can function is very important part of religion. But I see Jung as attempting to dig into something far far older than any religion, and really at the core of what religion is and where it comes from. Which is that its an expression of and representation of and abstraction of the patterns that make up our lives as people and the way our minds operate and interact with the world.

Its something that is deeper than even Jung could go and despite being very high on the limits of intelligence and creativity (up with Godel or Newton for instance) he could only extract a small amount of what is down there.

I think a lot of the work in neuroscience, psychology, and biology will help clear some of this up, but I don't think it will be able to go the whole way. I think its also very important to keep this in a separate and exclusive category from natsoc right now, as contrary to what the SS was doing (the esoteric side of the order of the black sun is very interesting), Hitler wouldn't have wanted the two intertwined, becuase there are dangers associated with persuing esotericism as opposed to "clean, green" national socialism.

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Speaking of minimalism

Attached: 2016-06-14-18-53-14-1893767432.jpeg (320x240 12.16 KB, 696.66K)

is that a Loss edit? beautiful!

For the masses you are correct, but there will always be the archetype of the mage/shaman occurring within every society. The spiritual development and health of the people is just as important as the mental and physical development and health of the people. There will always be teachers arising, and the state should acknowledge this.

Simply wrong. The symbols themselves are more powerful that what they are meant to symbolize. They have their own language, rules and relations to each other. If mankind did not exist, the sun would still rise in the east and set in the west. The tadpole would still go through transmutation into a frog. The seasons would still pass and the celestial would still do it's dance across the heavens.

The two things impact each other, but I can't agree in saying that they are one in the same. My soul is not my mind, but my mind and soul do interact with one another.

Where does man draw his symbols if not straight from nature of which he is apart! Did man make the natural order of things and ascribe to it it's own meaning, it's own worth? How bold a man you are!

Symbols represent more to man than what the person who first scribbled them down meant by it, all symbols equal more than the sum of its parts, a gestalt. To so boldly proclaim that something has no meaning without man there to observe, very fooling thinking to assume such things so mechanically and rigidly.


Aside: memetics are very powerful and even subliminal. As an example, I used to wonder why I would be interested in subversive ways to hack things and redistribute wealth.

No, it wasn't growing up watching Bernie on Channel 3 when he was mayor of Burlington, it's because my parents' house is literally filled with Robin Hood paraphernalia. Fortunatly I never went full marxist.

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