Britbong media denies UK racial heritage

Channel 4, kike propaganda, shills against the existence of white Brits

It's a facekike link, so obviously use Tor or a VPN to view. I would rip the vid and upload the webm but I don't know how to do that

These yids are really kicking the anti-white propaganda in the UK into overdrive since the "discovery" of the cheddar man's real totally fake skin tone.

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How about a photo of a white man or an asian saying he is indian ? would that expose their cognitive dissonance

Have Scandinavians pose with the caption "I am Native American"


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This is a great psyop, the shitlibs always harp on about

This could be done better but I'm tired.

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If everyone had that mentality then there would be no hope for our race. Stop being a petty faggot, children shouldn’t suffer for the sins of their parents. To think otherwise is to be like the enemy. It’s jews who think Germany must be punished for “muh six million” and its cucks who think that whites must be punished for “muh colonies”. So unless you’re a Jew or a cuck you’ll live in the present and stop fighting wars long since settled. What happened to Germany was a shame, but there is nothing we can do about it now and dwelling on it does nothing.

The spam bots here are getting weird.

Stop taking the bait and ignore those faggots who always come in sperging hard whenever an issue regarding the Anglo arises. Every single thread they come in screeching like little twats.

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Oh look, I managed to find something true in the video.

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I'm looking for a base picture now, but do you know how fucking hard it is to find a normal picture of a white american on (((google)))?

Seriously, look up "white american" or "patriotic white american."

try bing or yandex

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Both are also kiked to hell, from the looks of those search results.

>how fucking hard it is to find a normal picture of a white american on (((google)))?
Almost impossible, as soon as you type in "white" it brings up black and white photos of niggers. I see what you're doing jewgle.

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Holy shit that start

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This kind of propaganda is infuriating. Why are Indian SJW's some of the worst.

This such Kike bullshit.

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Fuck you. They should suffer. Only if NPCs understand that there is a real possibility that their children will suffer in their stead long after their worthless lives are over, they'll maybe think twice about becoming a traitor.

So they are saying Angliis are brown? And they wonder why we have run out of patience.

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If they truly cared about their children they wouldn't be traitors in the first place, regardless of what punishment we do or don't lay upon them.

Because it does, you fucking marxist propagandist cunt. All dark skinned Europeans died out following the adaptation of agriculture throughout Europe.

Above from "The 10,000 Year Explosion" by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending.

So she's a second generation Indian. Her grandparents were British subjects because the British colonized their lands.

If physical appearance isn't a good marker for ethnicity why is she's clearly an Indian or Pakistani, rather than a native Brit? She said that she's been seen as a foreigner all of her life, so why is it that the case? Shouldn't she occasionally be confused for a native Brit?

Why? She doesn't have an connection to Cheddar Man, whereas a percentage of native Brits do.

And it should be noted that the image of "Cheddar Man" being shown in British media is just an artistic interpretation of what a dark skinned European would have looked like 7000 years ago. Here's another, pic related. More on Cheddar Man:

Headline says:

Paragraph from the article:

So what is it, "black" skin or "quite dark"? What does "quite dark" mean? Just significantly darker than modern Europeans?

For another estimation on what dark skinned European hunter gatherers probably looked like see pic related:

And even if Cheddar Man had "black" skin that does not mean he was Sub Saharan African. Race isn't just skin color.

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I guess I'm Chinese now.

I'm not at all surprised that the British media is spinning this story to support "multiculturalism". They have a history of doing so.

what if it's not the search engines themselves but jidf literally google bombing searches to promote marxism? that's cheap to do so i must assume they engage in it.

"Out of Africa" has been the widely accepted model for early human migration for quite some time now. So why is it that the news media are pretending that this revelation about Cheddar Man is so earth shattering? It follows logically that at one point Europeans would have been darker in skin tone if the "Out of Africa" model is correct. The only reason why this is getting so much attention is that it can be utilized for propaganda purposes.

Please don't turn this thread into a debate on "Out of Africa", I just brought that up for argument's sake.

Stop replying to spambots you silly wog.

it's not.

perhaps Cheddar Man was a slave.

how do these niggers reconcile:

Kek wills it. Good idea, anons. This shit pissed me off too much to have a good idea, I admit.

Reported. I am German, and fuck you for d&c.

kek--never gets old

The simplest counter is
You are a thief and have no right to steal my country
We have nowhere to go
Fuck you

I can dream.

Techically true. She's not claiming to be English, Welsh, Scottish, or God forbid, an Ulsterman. So she's (((correct))).

>mfw Liz was once Empress of India so it works both (((ways)))

How can this bitch talk for nearly four minutes without making a single substantial point or claim? Does she think she's right? Does she think she's intelligent? Is she just being deceitful?


related to Cheeto Man?

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Non-Whites implicitly understand that they are untermensch, that is why they are so eager to help the jews erase White history and civilization.

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Maybe they know it subconsciously and maybe that's why liberals have such extremely low birthrates.

so she's retarded and can't tell ethnicity vs nationality.. great geneticist.

ethnicity IS nationality.
ignore the file name

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Your teeth maybe…

No problem there, if she has a British passport, she is British. calm your tits before hitting report, and continue reading
Something most Americans here don't seem able to grasp, or perhaps just aren't aware of:
British is not an ethnicity, British is not a race.
ANYONE can be British, all it means is that you have a piece of paper from the government.
The actual and real ethnicities/races of the British isles are ENGLISH,WELSH,'IRISH AND SCOTS''.
The equivalent is an Englishman who somehow manages to wangle a Japanese passport, for example. He is a JAPANESE CITIZEN but he will never be JAPANESE.
I know that the word "citizen" is missing from "British", but exactly the same principle applies, largely a hold-over from the Empire days where overseas territories were also BRITISH domain.
Believe or not, they are focusing on "British" instead of "English" for exactly this reason, British isn't a real ethnicity and if you try to defend it you're defending a straw man.

Thank you Hans, no more brother wars.

Fuck off with your Blacks law dictionary, the same load of crap which Freemen on the land/Sovereigns use to "prove" they aren't driving when the cops stop them for a traffic infraction.

And even your definition contradicts itself.
This is an outdated definition of "nation", the usual Freeman-on-the-land semantics which can also be used to prove that gays aren't homosexual "b…beacuse gay means happy if you read this book from the 1960s!"

The difference is that ethnicity is Greek and nationality is Latin. Neither has anything to do with bureaucratic citizenship under classical liberalism.

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Can someone with photo editing skills and spare time make a variation of this meme with this Indian woman looking at cheddar man?

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She also wrote an article on this subject.

Thanks to Cheddar Man, I feel more comfortable as a brown Briton
by Aarathi Prasad

web archive org/web/20180212095950/www theguardian com/commentisfree/2018/feb/12/cheddar-man-brown-briton-national-identity-white-skin

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Skin tone has nothing to do with genetic haplogroup.

A white man with a tan is still a white man. A white man with black skin is still genetically white.

These kikes need a rope.

Yea except he was darker, not black.

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Response to the article

White modern Northern Europeans are genetically more like brown South Asians than brown(ish) ancient Northern Europeans were

gnxp com/WordPress/2018/02/15/white-modern-northern-europeans-are-genetically-more-like-brown-south-asians-than-brownish-ancient-northern-europeans-were/

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Ethinicity is linked to nationality in the ideal world if you are etnho-nationalist like myself. If you are a civic nationalist then ethnicity may not be linked to nationality.
t. different guy

British was an ethnicity/race from Roman times until the Anglo-Saxon conquests. English people as well as some Scots are partly descended from the Britons. You should not concede allowing foreigners to claim British identity either.

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seriously, wtf

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Just shows white people don't need to post "white", we just post "People" or "Americans", because we're not neurotically obsessed with race, except perhaps here, case in point.

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Nationality in most modern usages just means what country you are from, nation in political science basically means ethnic group which is where things like nation state come from

It's both annoying and pathetic that blacks latch onto fictitious bullshit to make themselves feel better about being a garbage race. It's dangerous for them to further use these fictions to justify their racism and aggressive attempts at genocide white Europeans.

Some SJW modeler erroneously makes a recreation bust black

Some nigger director makes a shitty movie out of a Stan Lee character

Niggers go to crappy diploma mill "colleges" on affirmative action scholarships and learn nothing

Seriously, everything about them is fake bullshit. Their entire pathetic existence is a sham.

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she isn't a geneticist, she is a "geneticist" for the recording
did you really expect intelligence?

Don't play kike word games here, moishe.
Nationalism is love of your people.
Love of your country is (((Patriotism))) and in a sane world would mean the same thing as Nationalism provided your government aren't traitorous cucks.


The Insight - Cheddar: More Than A Cheese
www stitcher com/podcast/the-insight/e/53421541

Good podcast made by genetics experts discussing Cheddar man. They say the dark brown skin prediction is likely not true and is politically motivated.

You social engineering lacks subtlety. Your overconfidence will be your undoing, even Bill Gates agrees.

Don't even bother, Britain is dead and even the best of us are mega cucks
t. Brit

We need to start countering this cheddar man propaganda.

No because chedder man never developed metal tools and was wiped out by white beaker people around 2000 BC. It's just proof that geography doesn't determine success and brown people even given the same location can't achieve anything.

Curry nigger is not british and never will be.

How can any nonwhite that lives in the UK actually fucking believe this? Are they that much of being ungrateful assholes that they appropriate the British peoples origins and claim it as their own and pretend they've always been here?

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she is correct however that skin tone dose not equal race and she is part of the Indo European race

We migrated 3000 miles and fought through endless native people until we reached an endless ocean which against all reason we crossed and then kept going just to get as far away as fucking possible from these soulless fucking skin walkers.

It does.
Do you have another skin color than me, you are not white and not of my race.

Such a thing does not exist.
There is the Indo-Germanic language group, but Tyron does speak a language of it as well.

is an albino nigger the same race as you?

psy-op bump

what utter bullshit
built on a foundation of (((lies)))

Goddamned jews will cease to exist in the near future - because they all feel so much shame about the lies they've tried to foist, the genocides they've tried to affect, that they themselves stop breeding or even identifying as Jewish. No one will feel sorry for them. Good riddance.

Bullshit, she's a shitskin Dravidian that mated with mudslimes. Modern Indians have as much in common with ancient Indo-Europeans as Egyptians have with Bantus.



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Not anymore, thanks to you filthy sewer rat invaders.

**It's possible the Brits of 2020 will all have three heads though, what with the radiation. Too soon?"

Change the left to

Seems legit

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Quads for JUSTICE


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She has the teeth to prove it

Of course, terrorism will be defined as white nationalism.

The (((media))) doesn't ever understand why achmed does what he does but when John is a brexiter it means he's white isis.

Smash the hell out of the green one until it starts happening. Put these over entitled assholes on notice. Then smash the red one to keep the rest in check.


Nope. Prefer blonde or redheads with fair skin and upturned nose. Can be black haired if natural with natural blue eyes.

Cultural appropriation much?

(((chedder man)))


If you press the first button it's like half pressing the second one as well.