400+ MS-13 Members Arrested in Long Island

I didn't see a thread. The media is not really reporting on this either. All I could really find is this AP article that's being reposted to various news outlets.

Much-touted MS-13 sweep keeps even most basic details secret
from the Associated Press


I skipped the rest of the article but you can read it here:

Looks to me like they are rounding beaners up under MS-13 charges and then combing through the illegals whether they are gang members are not. I wonder why the media is silent about this? You would think you'd at least hear a few oy vey's from the distance.

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Well yeah, weren't these the middle men for Fast and Furious?

He's rolling the entire network up as we speak.

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The lack of oy veys comes from the fact that MS13 are the hitmen of choice for the deep state. They are shaking these dirtbags to see if any gold nuggets fall out.

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Shameless bump. In the meantime I'll be keeping an eye on this development to see if any more mass arrests are taking place. Seems like New York, California and Virginia are hot beds for MS-13 activity.

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These Dreamers weren't given a chance I'm sure. We have to make DACA happen so this doesn't happen again.

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Checked. (((scholars))) should realize alt-kike doesn't have any power. It's all ours.

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Night of the long vans

the party van was just circling the block looking for some action lads… it never left

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It should be obvious. They shipped em to Guantanamo Bay. MS-13 is being treated as a terrorist group and Trump has gone to war against them.

Could this be what the sealed list of indictments were for?

I certainly hope the image of bearded wizards didn't derive from jews too.

It's looking extremely likely. There may yet be a longer game afoot: as this user indicates. Or there could also be sound buried in this noise.

I imagine there will be media silence in Commiefornia. You don't want to accidentally inform anyone that some of the local friendly hispanics they are protecting via the Sanctuary state laws are actually violent criminals. Frankly, I'm amazed there's any reporting on this at all.

Party van is not what I meant

Hell no. The images of wizards stretches back to Indo-European anthropomorphism of deities as elderly men with great power, stemming from the basic human instinct of seeing older males as sage figures.

Shouldn't even bother building up Guantanamo Bay like they've already done wasting tax payer money. Just drive out these illegals to the middle of the ocean and tie their feet together with a 10lb rock attached. You can easily get rid of millions of people this way never to be found before the bodies and rope deteriorates.

That’s funny, most boomers are ruthless sociopathic degenerates, with ass cream handfuls of narcissism. Nothing sage worthy about any of that.

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You may be right. I remember there were buttloads of sealed indictments for New York. Does anyone have those numbers where they broke down the indictments by state?

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And people think there are actual Christians in Europe.

It's just like Jesus described everything.

Confirmed reports (from metro officers)
4 ms-13 gang members arrested in Henderson Nevada in connection to a gun store being broken into
40+ firearms reported stolen
Non specific amount recovered…
Zero media coverage

Trump grew up on Long Island ;)

This is excellent news.
Thanks for posting!


MS-13 pimp 'Noctorno' is accused of ordering gang bat beating that left 15-year-old sex trafficking victim 'indented' after 28 blows

Illegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating
He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs
Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl, cops say
Charged alongside Ivan Alexis Pena-Rodriguez and Yervin Josue Romero-Rivera
Ayala-Rivera has been in custody since November in a string of armed robberies


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feels good man

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Who's laughing now Carlos, huh? Told you you had it coming.

That's good news from someone who grew up on Long Island. Though, truth be told, Long Island has had problems with niggers and spics for ages.

Holy shit, that's a real article.


It's not the same as prove. It's actually trying to prove a negative, which is impossible.


Part 2


Absolutely tremendous.
Incredible respect

Trump grew up on Strong Island

who else here /longisland/


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That's great and all but what the hell is he doing about the feral negroid gangs that literally destroy entire major cities? As I recall it was spic gangs helping to keep the niggers in check.

This is such great news I can't even find the words. This rarely happens to me but right now it did. Knowing Mr. Trump grew up on Long Island and hearing his state of the union address I am absolutelly speechless

As someone who loves Long Island for many many years and having good friends there, I will let music do the talking for me.
Incendiary Long Island - My favourite hardcore band in the world.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, America needs a thorough program of, for lack of a better term, delatinization.

Spanish language support and proliferation. Latino-centric policies.
Place and street names.
It must be pulled from the nation like a tumor from the body.

This is too big for words








in B4 BATE """ TRYING TO KEEP THE HOT BREAD WARM if you're picking up what im putting down. 🌮 👈 taco EMOJI

At last, Trump is doing something about those deadly assault weapons

Hempstead. Yeah, bad neighborhood for sure.

I left, even managed to lose my accent. Love to hear Trump talk, it brings be back. Heh.

He is also deploying DEA to LI to battle fentanyl/h

Have this.
I hope to move to LI buy beach property.
I can't say exactly why but I've always been drawn to it. Place has a special energy. Incredible number of talented musicians as well. Do stay around i'd love to talk a bit more tomorrow (4am here).
Do you know about Montauk project?

Be mad, it’s still our game not yours.

I am Kek. The guy is a fabrication of your meddling with Kek. Alters are not Kek, only I am.



Why does Long Island have so many such incredibly talented musicians?

Whoah, whoah, whoah–I thought we had to prove Teh Holohoax (tm) didn't happen.

The best thing to do would be just that–same with semite faggots in general. Intentionally piss them off, and then skin those trying to rise up the fuck alive.

Don't mean to spam, but I'm incredibly glad about this news.
1. for Trump being honest to everything he says
2. For the people in LI who are down 600 feral spics
My best wishes to Strong Island and the Anons there.
I have family in New York so maybe some day I'll visit.

Good luck!!!

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Fucking good. These are the gang fucks that drug and force white girls into prostitution. Every single one should get a bullet to the head.

Big if true.

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How the hell have these trips not been checked yet?

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All this NYHC is making me misty user.

This timeline gets weirder every day.

Best part about the wall outside the obvious is it is federal so if someone wants to get cute and fuck with it they get to eat the federal crime and not potential state corrupt legal bastards.

Central American Mayans are worse than the Mexican Aztecs. Important for burgers to do their part and give USEFUL, ACTIONABLE and WELL RESEARCHED OBSERVATIONS to the APPROPRIATE authorities. Do your homework and report them where you can, but don't call the wrong agency with bad or lazy information.

Go onto Backpage.com/eroticmonkey.com/liveescortreviews.com/TNA/EROS/etc. Find Latina girls with MS13 tattoos. White girls with gang crown or pimp's name tattoos or have a video with crap/R&B music in the background. Call the girls on there with a prepaid phone and tell them youre headed their way and agree to whatever price. Call again and say youre close. They will tell you what location they are at and then the room number. Say last minute you got in a car accident and are sorry. They will say catchmeoutside. Provide the hotel and room information to the authorities/sex trafficking organizations. Hopefully the police will get them to turn on their pimps. If they re victims, they will turn in their captors.

man, i want to share something. Im an immigrant in the netherlands, but i was born and grew up here. There is something weird within my own community. You know how every culture has its perfections? Like for an american it would be a good christian person that loves many and is active in a community. Like that in the muslim community we have the same thing.
But since i was young (11-15 yrs old) ive noticed how my kind of people were always on the edge on joining/playing the game of criminal. I never understood and still dont understand how it is that there are groups of people that can easily get into a world that should be closed to anyone. As if someone is shifting the mindsets and perfections to gain from this. I know that every human in its essence has 1 need and thats love. The white people are facing serious problems with sexualization(no respect for women, soyboys, trannies etc all derive from sexualizing), while arabs(that kind of people) are having problems with becoming a gangster of some kind.
Are the jews playing a game with all kinds and groups of people?

When you get the prepaid phone, purchase it in cash and put your head down at the store. Do not use a phone/# you already had. Do not activate the phone, add money to it or even put the battery in from your house. Get a phone with a removable battery that you put in away from your house. Some of these Hispanic gangs have people at the prepaid companies who provide them tower location information (they can get this even with the battery in the phone with it turned off) and corrupt Hispanic or black law enforcement who feed information to the cartels or gangs. Wait 30 days from the time you bought the phone until you activate it from a parking lot. This may sound like overkill but these people kill people all the time in so called "robberies" that are witness elimination hits that aren't made public.

What does this mean?

Even the cucks are upset about human trafficking of women, so there won;t be too much blowback about arresting a guy who slices off chunks of his hoes flesh and eats it. There are endless MS13 sex traffickers out there, so do your part!

For Mexicans, Look for tattoos of a rose or the Virgin Mary. For black trafficking victims, Look for property of/queen of… some black guy name or just the name. Look for tattoos of crowns or a key. These are gang markings. Pimps will usually rent the room next door or even a nearby hotel but will leave and take the lift to go their safe space, that you can report, as soon as the ho gets a call that the persone is there.

Is anyone actually clicking all these shit Jewtube embeds?

The media is presently consumed in their latest gun grab op. Which is likely a distraction from even larger happenings than this.

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The reason MS-13 is here is to be CIA assets. 2 MS-13 guys assassinated Seth Rich and were assassinated the day after.

That's why MS-13 is such a priority for Trump. He can't let the enemy have access to these assets when he starts taking them down.

The area on Long Island where these guys are (and where a few murders happened) has been very central american for a looong time. When I was a kid (it's been decades) we used to play them in soccer. The parents and kids would speak to each other in Spanish. This specific area of Long Island has been "hispanic" forever. The rest of Long Island, the only place you hear Spanish is on work crews.

t. oldfag (ex) Long Islander

in the meantime, wall is getting built, and the shills that were so sure to have gained traction with their Drumpft narrative on Zig Forums are utterly butt-blasted and resorting to their usual spamming temper tantrum.
Today is a good day.



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And he isn't even being quiet about it. He's going balls-out.

Trump is basically saying "Hey, you CIA fucks, I'm going after your wetback pit bulls. If you weak AIDS faggots like killing so much, why not stop being dainty pussies and do it yourself instead of sending these retarded spics?"

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Ok, I apparently need to redpill you on Long Island. Here's the deal. Long Island was created by glaciers migrating south from up north. As they went south, they basically plowed the countryside, and the leading edge would push sand, clay and dirt with it. The glaciers stopped, and that pile of dirt formed Long Island. Look at a map of Long Island and you can see a few points when the glaciers advanced and retreated, making hills, the barrier beaches, etc, that run east-west.

Why does this matter? There's no fucking bedrock aside from the continental shelf, which is below sea level. Long Island is a pile of dirt, and is subject to crazy EROSION.

I had a friend, many years ago who rented a basement apartment way out east on the northern shore. The house was about 20ft from a sheer sand cliff that had about 15ft of beach at the bottom. The property owner was losing about 1-2ft of land PER YEAR. A few years before my visit, her and the other landowners pooled together and dropped 200k on some wave brakes in the water. One single storm wiped out the brakes.

If I were to buy beachfront, I'd buy in a nice harbor somewhere that isn't affected much by storms, and has some decent bedrock that won't wash away in a storm.

The moral of the story? Rent beach front property, never buy.

That reminds me, aren't New York beachfront properties getting state funding to put up barriers along Lake Eerie?

Which are you twitchy about; the 'shim-' or the '-nik'? Means 'shaman' in Russian, probably from Evenki originally. Distantly related to various Indo-European words meaning 'one who knows' or 'ordeal'. So, yeah, wizards.
The 'shim-' syllable does give a momentary suspicious-goofy-in-car.jpg moment though, doesn't it.
(polite sage for OT)

It's possible, but Buffalo sucks, and I doubt they have much erosion on the lake. It's so far west, it's really not NY anymore. Should be PA instead.

Trump doesnt have to tell you

Thanks user. I really didn't know that.
You know how people have their dream destination like perhaps for some it is some tropical/exotic place/Carribean/Alaska/Norway/Iceland/Portugal etc
For me it's Long Island. I'm very drawn to the place for a reason I can't really explain. It could have sparked my interest because so many incredible artists including my favorite band is from Long Island and I started reading about it more and more, following the news, learned about Montauk, Hamptons, Amityville. Then I saw the onset of the oxy/heroin epidemic, young kids like Natalie Ciappa dying and it just broke my heart because I felt this is deliberate destruction of a model white community. Long Island is synonymous with suburbian white family enviroment, the fabric of society. I am incredibly happy to hear this news, Trump is the first one actually taking serious action help Long Island and the people there.
400 ms13 feral spics removed, sending DEA special task force to combat fentanyl


BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — Hours after another defeat at the hands of the Republican-held Senate, President Trump launched into a speech about immigrant gang violence on Friday and wound up delivering a de facto campaign rally with a spray of Long Island police officers applauding behind him.

In his second brief appearance in his home state since taking office — this time in a small auditorium at the Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood — Mr. Trump described cities as “bloodstained killing fields” that were overrun with undocumented immigrants before his inauguration in January. He described the perpetrators of violent crimes as “animals” and said his administration seeks to “dismantle, decimate and eradicate” gangs.

I feel there is a bright future for Long Island
And it is extremely rewarding seeing president Trump being so passionate about it as well. He is dedicated to this full on and it is incredible watching him go in full force. Tremendous good news

Black pillers will cry that it is only 400+ out of the millions of mexicans here, but that actually makes a huge difference for the area they are removed from.

Indeed it does! For a comunity of this size this is comparabler to removing an army of occupators

Have this user

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Very end, on the right, some mix raced bitch getting really butthurt made this perfect

But that is just standard law enforcement. He has RECORD LOW numbers of deportations and he was elected on the perceived promisse to deport ALL migrants (illegals).

Sorry mods, but this thread and sticky looks very inorganic. I don't want to get banned, but it feels like Kushner himself directed it.


Trump, on Long Island, Vows an End to Gang Violence

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — Hours after another defeat at the hands of the Republican-held Senate, President Trump launched into a speech about immigrant gang violence on Friday and wound up delivering a de facto campaign rally with a spray of Long Island police officers applauding behind him.

In his second brief appearance in his home state since taking office — this time in a small auditorium at the Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood — Mr. Trump described cities as “bloodstained killing fields” that were overrun with undocumented immigrants before his inauguration in January. He described the perpetrators of violent crimes as “animals” and said his administration seeks to “dismantle, decimate and eradicate” gangs.

He also used his roughly 30-minute speech to bolster the police, urging them to be less “nice” in arresting immigrant criminal suspects or gang members whom he described as enraptured by slow torture of their victims. The gang La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, has been accused of a string of heinous gang murders on Long Island.

As expected, Mr. Trump called on Congress to fund hiring 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to crack down on undocumented immigrants in the United States, including those he said pose a criminal threat

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Maybe 30-40 years ago, but it's not like that anymore. It's a place where most people grind out 90 min commutes to work in the city. These people are miserable. Then most people are "house poor" because they spent every dime they had on a house.

It's funny, I went to Montauk once in my life, most people from LI don't go. It's a nice drive, when you get out east, you drive through all these small fishing villages. But live there? No way. Wine country (south fork mostly) is pretty cool too, duck walk makes some quality wine, but you can visit it all in a day or two.

Don't get trapped on Long Island. There are so many better places where the cost of living is better. I'd be poor AF if I still lived there.


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No you don't.

MS-13 has been linked to child prostitution as well as human trafficking. I would not be surprised if they were delivery guys for certain "pizza" orders.

Can confirm. They are inside all the mobile phone companies in Canada too.

Literally heard this on the radio driving home today.

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