Why are leftists

claim to be free of spooks but then get spooked by esotericism?

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Class is also a spook.

no it isn't

Can you touch class? Didn't think so, spooked faggot.

can you touch hunger or thirst?

Reality is an illusion, you can’t touch anything

I can touch myself

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True I got kicked out of class a lot on hs

Class is a social construct. Abolish classes!

Only dumb fuck nazbols here are into esotericism, which really just further exposes them as fashies in disguise.

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.t butthurt mundane

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When a tankie says you're stuck up your ass, you don't need the x-rays to come out, nazfags.

So Hakim Bey is a nazbol? Not to mention many accelerationists are into occultism, even n1x explicitly follows the Left Hand Path

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Source? I have serious doubts that's true.

She talks about it a lot on twatter

What are you implying

Okay, I was assuming you were talking about n1x the old leftypol namefag, but of course you're a dumb newfag who didn't know anything about what leftypol before you heard about the nazbol memes.

Link to account?

I am talking about that person though, she has a twatter account and she calls herself left hand path on there and talks about the occult on her blogposts. Not sure why that's hard to imagine she's influenced by Nick Land who was also into the occult, not really a nazbol either. The bizzaro nazbol flag is just a shitposting flag. Interestingly I did dabble in national bolshevism way before the memes were a fucking thing back in 2013 so your accusation is rather amusing to say the least, even if getting into it because of Death In June was rather shallow too I suppose.

I think nyxland or something like that? I don't actually use twatter, left twitter would fucking mob me for being anti moderator

Is that a kaiserreich wallpaper?