Brit/pol/ 2754: Popular MEP, Sargon Of Akkad Edition

Internet troll’ who sent ‘rape tweet’ selected as potential Ukip MEP

Male scientist who helped capture the first photograph of a black hole defends Katie Bouman after she was attacked by sexist trolls who say she took the credit for her team

The women who say Julian Assange tricked them into sex without protection within just days of each other

Two-thirds of 30-year-olds now earn LESS than their father as the impact of the 2008 credit crunch continues to be felt a decade on

Whole Earth peanut butter recalled from supermarkets for not displaying 'contains nuts' warning

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For Kim Joy

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For him

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Get totally cucked and wants good boy points for not being problematic about the theft of work

The best ever.

this brexit party shit is so blackpilling


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"Well apparently the grandson of Mussolini is running for EU Parliament as a “far-right” candidate so hopefully that’ll be another Kekistani politician lol"

we need to deal with the Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkadite problem

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the majority of his audience are yanks tbh

It's almost as if he doesn't want his future career ruined over some shit normies wouldn't care about if it wasn't getting shilled.

can you fucking imagine sargoy in parliament, it'd be an absolute fucking trainwreck

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*quotes Starship Troopers in an ill fitting suit*

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He could have some self respect and shut his face ffs. The whole thing was a con job and he's putting the swag into the bag for them

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do you lads ever wonder what it would be like to go back in time just a year ago and tell everyone how ridiculous things are going to get

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I still get a surreal feeling when I look at Parliament, honestly. Some part of me doesn't want to accept that the casual, childish behavioural norm goes all the way to the top of the government.

Nearly got it. Good attempt, lad.

Holy shit that suit kek. I haven't pulled one of those since I was in my teens, it costs nothing to have them altered ffs

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I have to respect Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad's hustle tbh he did a lot with a pretty limited set of skills, rather he got State shekels and bennies than some fucking nonce Tory

I think in Right by Jonathan bOdin there's a part where he says the British working class secretly love a good snob for a leader. In that case, Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad is a shoe-in.
he's basically us tbh

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He's too moderate to be one of us.


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he was in the right place at the right time to make video after video of the same boring shit on sjws and anita sarkeesian during gamergate when it was pure youtube fodder back then, even I made some money off of that on youtube back in the day, that was half a decade ago tho

Think I may have racially abused an older scoobydooish women at work today

Is he actually an MEP?

shill, SA ban this nigga

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I remember bullying him for his game he never brought out kek, pretending I gave a shit about video games was tough going,

Just got in from work you mother

link ur channel lad

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Should I get Sekiro?


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It's mundane Matt tbf

looks good tbh

definitely brit tbh

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disgusting honestly, could never imagine doing something like that, absolutely vile

he's a vile vlogger

If you're looking for a challenge above Dark Souls and Bloodborne then yes.

had some old bint try an blame me for her grand children being unsafe as their parents are glued to their phones

fuck off, just FUCK OFF

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this tbh, it's all the twat has ever fucking done, go after the low-hanging fruit.
>"look at these silly Christians, so silly amirite?"
>"look at these silly SJWs, so silly amirite?"
>"look at these silly feminists, so silly amirite?"
>"look at these silly liberals, so silly amirite?"

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heard it's pissing off games journos, so yes

wtf does any of that even mean, just mindless platitudes


Did you expect sense? The man's a fucking retard.

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can't believe anyone takes him seriously after he got btfo by spencer last year

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he's clearly calling for an gamer uprising in this lifetime

Had a nightmare once where I was being hounded by Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad.

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this is all shit that would come out of my boomer dad's mouth and he's 60. Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad can't be older than 45, he's like the last boomer of the anti spiritual science worshipping age.

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Should had told her to FUCK OFF

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Lad he's way younger than that kek, he's probably not even 33

service guarantees citizenship lad. you have everything to gain by submitting. liberalist means peace.

It's like there's a collective amnesia.

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Yeah think im going to buy it tbh

Is it epic maga brexit?

why the fuck has he started referencing ST tbh

Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad was born in 79

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None of that matters; it doesn't save you from hell, for one thing.

Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad IS LAWRENCE FISHBURNE WHITE

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he would be a failed yuppie in the 80s tbh, a lower middle class middling office worker where he belongs, he adds nothing

it's not rocket science lad.

65% of people didn't vote to remain

the first name of britain's dictator will be carl. wew.

Got Sekiro tbh

i miss bloodsports so much

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loved these meems tbh


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leg still swollen?

Yeah a little, think its because I am working with it, not as bad as the other day though, should go down more tomorrow since Im off

Tbf that middle pic is exactly why Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad will be an MP, if he was actually competent he would be killed.

pop up alert

mark COELETT doing a stream about NA with jf

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vile honestly, type of shit i would have watched when I was 12


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best to leave it on overnight and smell it the next morning to feel disgusted and aroused at the same time tbh smh

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Nigh lads, playing golf in the morning


I will give Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad credit on his political commentary. He's logical and well spoken. Will he actually do what's right for his country? He does not support my cause but Brits could do a lot worse and have done a lot worse historically. People will vote for Carl Benjamin because they have nothing left to loose.

Also I have to admit the Kekistan thing was tier one shitposting and a lot of fun.

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Watching it again lads

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hullo carl

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Night lad

very odd seeing someone call for overthrowing capitalism openly on the BBC.

the panel and the audience is just all for the virtue signalling honestly sickening, they so clearly don't give a shit

Cannibal Primal Fear

Who is that cute blonde lass tbh?