big thanks to user who thought of this
mods really are lazy pieces of shit so lets do this ourselves.
Watch the shill faggots recoil:
attack vectors
-the zionald
-gb 2 reddit
-zog emperor
-chabad lubavitch
-bibi netanyahu
-any meeting with israel politicians which is standard diplomacy
-bump stock ban
-kushner shills
-children are married to jews this somehow implies they control him
-daca (which Don is fucking ending)
-wall not built (which is getting built)
-jerusalem acknowledged (which is causing massive turmoil in the middle east) muslims say they may lose mecca
-amnesty don
-88d chess
-go back to r_thedonald
-you're controlled by jared kushner
-don't vote
-trump has betrayed us
-two parties, doesn't matter who you vote for
-trump is controlled by jews
-over the top calling everyone jews
-alt-right sliding
-trs eceleb shit
-calling everyone trssodomites
-every real movement is CIA/controlled opposition (without any proof)
-character assasination related to former (without any proof)
-character assasination by association (i.e. this person met that person once, therefore they are jews/subverted/untrustworthy
-dicky spencer eceleb shit/slide
-any eceleb aggressive slide

-shareblue/ mediamatters / american bridge21 / David Brock PAC former CTR
-various antifa

These attack vectors demand immediate filtering and mockery. Save this and have it open while you browse. I suggest increasing site presence to 24hrs. Shit mod is clueless and lost as to what their job is
I also encourage everyone to go through the list and add something I might have missed.

Attached: Shillgo (1).png (974x405 44.47 KB, 103.49K)

Kike free first post.

Attached: How To Spot a Shill.png (1834x1366, 312.76K)

wtf i love Zionist presidents now

Much appreciated user

Attached: a7b (1)

It's funny, once you call them out on being Zig Forums discord trannies, they either flip out or stop posting.

They usually run to another thread or move their goal posts.

Thanks for your confirmation I'm spot on

No criticism of Trump of any kind is allowed here on Zig Forums.


I've noticed that once you post the bingo card they usually go full retard and start saying as many things on it as possible.

did you just defend reddit?
he did give them Jerusalem
even Dubya didn't go that far
the religious nuttery of the presidents son-in-law and advisor doesn't matter? even if it affects the opinions he voices and policies he supports?
he did
which he proposed and said is ready to support if congress acts
they openly admitted that Ivanka crying about it was partly why Trump bombed a country for the benefit of her husbands true homeland
judges say otherwise
nothing has been build yet and no funding has passed congress even tho it's controlled by his own party
muslims are cowards and haven't done shit but cry to the UN
reddit and redditors are cancer
he sure is surrounded by them
this is Zig Forums
which is it?
are you defending (((TRS)))?
this can get a bit retarded I have to agree

There's criticism every day, dipshit.

We've been over this, Chaim
is not criticism.

Call me when your "criticism" is something other than thinly-veiled death threats.

You forgot the newest one
Based on an offhand comment.

Yeah, I noticed it.
Systemization of the attack vectors is what we need. Think Tay:
We're Tay. There is incredible amount of intelligence with true Zig Forums Anons. I am humbled by it many times although I'm 156 iq.
Bottomline we need organization to keep us focused in important things insted of giving into chaos various organizations seek to wreak among us. In an ideal world mods would be doing their job. They clearly aren't but that is hardly an obstacle. We are more than capable of rising above this ourselves.
That's the purpose of the thread.
Love you all
no homo:^)

Attached: 68a.jpg (784x991 54.55 KB, 196.89K)

Oh and don't forget Applied Memetics under your list of enemies. They were the one that came up with Trump_merchant.png and also very likely "magapedes".png.
And you also forgot "if you don't hate Trump you must work for muh cah-dray!"

At least TRS is openly shilling for the Zog Emperor now.

Attached: mike enoch cartoon.png (1200x1200, 340.66K)

Saged for shill thread for Trump.

lel, sage negated, roach

You want to know the secret, stop giving them (you)s and if you must, just dimissively deride and mock them but don't over do it. 8ch has a shill feeding problem I don't know that can be solved tho. Tbh halfchan has a better shill filtration system. I think because more anons are on there and can back their shit up with sources and good OC.

go back there then >>>/cuckchan/

The reason of why 4cuck is less shilled, is because it's already beyond shilled. Infested with reddit faggot and dick sucking commie trannies.

I do, all the time. Its where the action is. Also, filtered.

This thread will likely be locked if not outright deleted.


And they're constantly getting shit on or btfo. Such is Zig Forums. This place has the same problem in its own way, hence this thread, so I don't really see your point anyway.

Fuck off nigger. Filtered.

I just don't like libshits who go after my 2nd amendment rights.

back to redditchan with you

The problem is that the moderation in this board is very shit in which the spammers and shitposters took this as an advantage and will act in specific time.

I will start bitching if something has been done, starting with the congress vote, faggot.


That is why you are a cuck.

OP is that IP hopping image spammer, and this his third time making this thread today. The goal's to equate any criticism of controlled opposition with anti-Trump shilling.

And by "met that person once" you mean married to a B'nai B'rith faghag who he brought onto his supposed "WN" podcast multiple times.

Attached: 9d662aa76f5360d55b9ee747a89df067ccec10d397840de959a75695fe7769ca.png (576x433, 242.31K)

Did the republicans voted for DACA that you so hoped? No? Then fuck off.

they did vote but it didn't pass only thanks to dems being retarded not thanks to the republicans

Its been like this for a good while now. Is say it really went south not long after the election. I don't know specifically what it was that brought it on but it was really apparent along with a huge lack in OC being made and board activity in general. I can honestly say I've been banned for some menial bullshit that really turned me off toward 8ch.

This is what I'm talking about though. You just keep feeding them.
They were filtered long ago.

Jewish people pretending to be Nazis on my Zig Forums? Its more likely than you think


It is pretty obvious, but only now is it truly annoying.

Likely that Zig Forums being mad about their board being a waste of sewage that they decide taking everyone down.

Please add:
false equivocation

Had a similar idea quite recently. Glad someone took the initiative. I've been real busy.

Eternal Anglo and Britkikes needs a mention. Shills fall back on blaming whites for what jewish parasites have done in the name of white countries. Example:

> story is something bad happening from (((UK lawmakers))) decisions
> oy vey The Eternal Anglo strikes again

>story is about US military or US foreign policy being especially (((bad)))
> oy vey that's what you'd expect from I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss of the ZOG States of Ziomerica

Both scenarios aren't mutually exclusive. Shills pit brits against americans and basically whatever white country is the subject against another. They usually devolve into WWII disinfo and try to pin all of the blame on either the US or Britain instead of the jews. This type of D&C falls under the "It's not the jews" category.

This should become a regular thing here so you can insta filter.

Attached: 1461783581206.png (800x700, 879.2K)

pic related

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (581x269, 53.52K)

Glad to see "ameri-mutt" is filtered. (((/int/))) posters are zionist stooges that unwittingly foster D&C on behalf of their jewish handlers.

Now that's an ID that truly defines the poster.

Attached: 26341f2a3384967578258abfc68adac19de2303eb96c5579b5513c4b7d312c2e.png (640x360, 165.1K)

you mean those discord faggots who have over 5 times of failed board jumps?


discord tranny detected.

newfag get out ree


How about your suicide note of post-election?

Would you like to explain how this is subversive when categorizing shills has been a part of what makes Zig Forums, Zig Forums for years? Or would you rather fall back on leaving your implications there and hope someone takes your lack of explanation as valid criticism. We've been due for a thread like this for a long time and thanks to the constant shills in the past week, they're the benefactors of this thread, and all past threads, really.

shills gonna shill (and have tranny sex), user.

You can never unfuck that tranny, Zerosugar.

They are useful idiots in a way. Wasting lots of their energy posting here.

Anti shill posters post election campaign do more damage then what they claim shills do:
Divide and conquer by means of baseless affirmation
Undermine board culture by attacking poster validity - undermining the anonymous culture of ideas
Enable newfaggotry by forgoing newfag shaming in exchange for political unity (what little they have) ie immigration voting tactics
They attack each other and derail threads more than any paid antagonist could hope for.
It's useful idiots in action, the epitome of why people have come together against progressives.
This place is a shitshow. I can't believe this shit got stickied.
Extremely impolite sage.

Attached: life.png (967x1400, 241.17K)

Because the kike OP included calling out controlled opposition as a sign that someone is really a shill.

That's the whole point of the thread, after he was banned repeatedly for spamming the thread outlining Eunuch's intelligence ties.

This is the subversion of Zig Forums culture.(>those mental gymnastics)

So two sides of the same coin is bullshit now? Most of these are legitimate. Is this a Trump board? You just got your shit stickied while attacking mods. Hm. The only thing you have right is not freaking out when someone met with someone before.

Mods in full on damage control. Yesterday it was only (((if))). Today trump fully confirms it's ==FACT== that he's coming for your guns and mods have been working overtime to push a narrative and ban and delete countless posts and anons critical of this obvious cucking. Hmmm very organic, no agenda here goy.

You get what you pay for faggot. The mods aren't here to hold your hand.

Oh right, and don't forget

I'm looking for an argument, but I don't see one.

They like to pretend there wasn't a pro-Trump consensus here soon after he announced his plans for the Wall. Other than the occasional Cruzfag, Randfag, or "I'm not voting"fag, it was virtually unanimous.

Are you that fucking stupid? You must be.

Attached: Moonman The Son And Moon EP.mp4 (640x360, 14.9M)

You should ask your boss to provide some new material.

you seem to have left a tweet out there, here let me grab it for you

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (576x566, 55.3K)

Won't lie, I got incredibly heated when this happened.
To blindly follow someone like you're a sheep is foolish.
Likewise, liking everything Trump does is foolish.

sage for off-topic

Attached: 14words.png (398x492, 247.9K)

When someone is "ousted" as a shill, the authenticity of their post is questioned, since they are believed to not be normal people participating in a thread topic.
This is of course a baseless accusation. The little evidence gathered from the investigation threads does not support the contents of the OP.
It's the anti-thesis of this place to jump over the contents of someone post and instead attack them on a personal level. It's why people don't like reddit.
Yes I believe you are from reddit, and that's why I said newfaggotry.(Kike)

Attached: cz-scorpion-922r-parts-kit-sbr.jpg (1000x558, 98.27K)

no, just trying to keep you from being disingenuous. I don't agree with either of those, but he didn't just flat out go full anti-gun like you made it seem, what he has suggested is stupid, I do however highly agree with arming teachers.


Attached: disbelief.png (698x929 155.42 KB, 451.3K)

no the moment you say things like
is when you become a kike, because lets just set this straight, Trump himself is not a kike even if you think he supports jewish agendas. This statement is just retarded, and you seem to be changing your narrative between your posts as if we can't just go back and read what you said previously.

Shareblue, no matter how hard you pray to Moloch, you don't get to set the rules here.

There is no midf there are only jidf shills who call everyone midf for cheering on any leftist or Religion of Cuck™ic group that targets israel.
Midf is a jidf shill term.

pic related only angers kikes

Attached: 787685678.jpg (599x361, 64.65K)

Ahh, this ones a classic… Calling out blatant shilling is NO CRITICISM ALLOWED, MUH MODS, etc.

that does not make you a physical kike whether you want it to work like that or not. He has no family history of being jewish, or do you think its a contagious thing like a retard. Get the fuck off this board already you stupid notmad cianigger.


Attached: d2ed8583052613b98be33732a0cc9a320542155f0592adf89ad80ae62a29307f.jpg (701x431 67.21 KB, 106.16K)

Did the kikes get a funding surge or something? We were more or less fine for a few weeks there and then just the past few days all hell has broken loose.

weird because the last I checked
wasn't really criticism, and I was in the other thread shitting on his stupid gun stance, still not banned, try again on a new IP though.


nowhere in his post did he say ban, he said add your stupid statement to the bullshit you niggers come up with to shill around here.


Attached: 201e1dc6f25c215ba8d8343e6e81ff4ff6b2a70f.png (2346x774, 108.92K)

Its hard to read about anything on Zig Forums with all the shills shitting up the place, I've just learned to ignore it. I know its bad, and this sounds like defeatism but I don't see a future without shills posting posting ever. This board has clearly become the target of multiple organizations considering how radical we are.

Attached: My wallpaper.jpg (2048x1302, 143.15K)

of course, megacuck is part of the shilling. Go back to your shithole and stop coming over here already.


I prefer 'megoonka'.

You're golden user

Attached: 2ffb3a932768c8b378be3de1f23782475f686866c7a908d96c12bf93c8718f2d.gif (500x691 419.38 KB, 100.29K)

Nice trips.

This used to be a National Socialist board. Nowadays newfags, shills, and mods will screech at you for pointing out working with jews is always a losing strategy, no exceptions.

Attached: 96518514531ada62c0f8968fdb77f21ef49f928397934c02f931db5840e60e7c.jpg (741x1112 454 B, 311.9K)

how many IPs you gonna burn in this thread today totallynotmad cianigger?

I don't care, and watch this

I think trump's idea to raise the age of owning rifles to 21, as well as extending background checks to mental illness is reckless and retarded, he needs to pull his head out of his ass and just tell the left to fuck off and stop PRing

report me, I wont get banned, want to know why nigger, because post history and the fact that its a valid criticism. come back when you finally fucking understand why you keep getting caught out.

Probably because he said calling someone a shill was a baseless accusation, while at the same time accusing someone of being from Reddit and calling them a newfag.

It's just as dead as any bunker board, at least this site has a somewhat maintained population. They do have a good thread up called R.I.P. Imageboards.

Unless someone comes up with a new technology for true anonymous internet usage and a new communication technique, imageboards will continue to lose relevancy. Imageboards were a great technology 15 years ago, but just like IRC is no longer relevant because it is an outdated technology the same has happened to imageboards.

um lulwut? The 15 IRCs I'm in right now would beg to differ, image boards are far from dead and neither is IRC.

But they are irrelevant. Imageboards and mainly cuckchan will continue to see usage, but what is the point if all they consist of is shill, bait threads, porn, and infighting. Take a look a cuckchan/b/, literally all it is is porn. Imageboards have almost entirely lost their culture and original purpose. They are barely better than Reddit, but not for long.

You really exposed yourself with that smug "judges" comment. They have no authority to block the executive branch from not re-authorizing a previous executive action. This is a great example of concern trolling, but unfortunately you can't really filter concern trolling- just have to be able to see through the bullshit.

Attached: Now i got her talkin _7b454e33d898fa2a4eb8192f260a9300.png (970x545 113.76 KB, 91.64K)

do you even know what IRC is? Its not just a thing people use to chat, its a protocol that is used in many things.
and they very much are not irrelevant because they wouldn't send hordes of spammers and shills to them if they weren't. cuckchan is an exception, /b/ is absolute cancer, Zig Forums is the only board maybe saving over there, as for here there is very much a culture on this board and its why shills remain unable to fit in.