Everything you are is 100% genetic

There is a lot of confusion because some people believe that Free Will is denied if you accept everything you are is 100% genetic. That is false. Free Will is a concept for philosophy to struggle with. I am here to show you that the choices you make are all derived from a set of desires all of which are genetic. How well you go through with your choices and how well you peform in various actions trying to get to your goals; all genetic. Your beliefs even are genetic. The brains of humans follow geographical patterns like everything else. The behavior typical of a German is going to be more common in Bavaria than in Peloponnese. Some Nations of people are more impulsive, others are more methodical. Every axis and type of trait is based on genes and is more or less common along with related types of behaviors in specific groups of people. When immigrants come, some can pretend to believe what the natives believe, but as the immigration rate rises, the true beliefs of even the old immigrants become more overt. They do not think like the natives. They do not feel like the natives. They do not dream like the natives. This is because the brain structure and function is genetic. And so many of their genes are different.
How similar are you to the average chimp? (over 98.8% of average human DNA is similar to the average chimp)
How about a mouse? (~92% of average human DNA is similar to a mouse)

You have the senses you have of the world because of your genes; Eyes, ears, etc.
Your genes determine how receptive you are to ideas from other people, or how well you mimick behavior, or whether you are introspective instead of impulsive.
An african brought into Germany will never be a German. If all of Rothschilds money was spent to educate one family of Africans to make them as Germany as possible, their kids would still not be German. So long as they married other Africans, they would not become German, ever.
Whether or not particular thoughts seem more acceptable to you is based on your brain structure and the learned ideas you've accumulated. You've accumulated learned ideas based on your experiences. You could not have visual experiences if you have never seen. You could not have abstract thoughts if you can not understand them. The human brain is complex. An organism without that human brain capacity could not have human thoughts and understandings. Could you imagine a bat or Suncus etruscus to have philosophical theories?

Regulation of Gene expression normally happens in all of an organisms tissues on a continuous basis. This means that the environment is always a factor in how genes are expressed. Why does regulation happen? Because the organism contains mechanisms that sense various parameters. How does an organism regulate the genetic expression? Turning genes on, partially on, or off (simplified). That cells respond to the environment and adjust genetic expression is not proof that something or anything is not 100% genetic. Those mechanisms of sensing, responding, adjusting, and readjusting are genetic as well. A cell can not have a receptor that was not coded in the genome. A tissue can not have a function it lacks the mechanisms to do.

A country that does not represent any particular nation or nation(s) will be in turmoil until it is destroyed or remade. The struggle between groups of people exists even in apparent times of peace.

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Agreed, except for the picture implying the "out of Africa" theory.

The separation of races is clear.

Free will is an illusion created post hoc by our frontal lobes to rationalize the choices our primate brains make.

Yeah, the process for making a choice takes into account so many factors that they are essentially infinite, but if someone was omniscient they could predict every individual's every action based on a complete understanding of the processes involved and he factors in play. So, in terms of human observation, we "have free will", but scientifically our thoughts (and therefore actions) are deterministic.

double dubs confirm.
Not there was much doubt of this to begin with.

I always figured the notion of free will was the natural consequence of a limited perspective. We don't have the ability to process every single thing that we are, and what is happening around/to us, nor can we remember the whole past or any of the future. The uncertainty makes the possibilities seem endless. This is why a retard would jump off a building and flap his arms in an attempt to fly, but a smarter person who can process more information would determine the attempt retarded.

The mass of human concepts, ideas, social behavior, and culture is not genetic. Meaning that it's not inherited genetically - it's something that's passed from generation to generation via "learning" - older generations using force to shape younger generations.

No matter how much you teach some people, they will not learn. What do you think is the cause of that? Could it be they lack the capacity?

You niggers seriously need to read up on the current state of Out of Africa as a working anthropological theory. It's well accepted that Homo erectus was at Dmanisi Cave, Georgia ~1.8mya and that the colonization of the rest of the world happened in waves, rather than the single outburst event 60kya you see in strawman arguments.

Neanderthalensis diverged at least 700kya, and Denisovans in a roughly similar timeframe, if not earlier.

To stay on-topic with the poorly-written OP, of course everything is genetic. Human groups have been living in isolation from one another for millions of years with episodic gene flow. All any 'culture' is is social reinforcement of norms established based on their value to a group.

You all understand this already, I'm sure. It's just important to bring up simple evolutionary reinforcement examples like these when people who ardently defend evolution insist that human evolution hasn't taken place since we stood upright. It's not a mystery that jungle people who've never developed a written language and subsist on the plants and small animals they find within a 5-mile radius are bad at calculus.

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No, they are not.

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Can you explain? That picture is gibberish to me.

It's genetic. Think about it, where did the older generations get it from? At some point it just popped out of the ground…? Or maybe God himself came down and told each nation how to behave? Genetic expression which is pruned and specialised over time results in cultural behaviours. A different group of people spliced into the same environment as another, for an equal amount of time, will produce completely different behaviours.

Wave function. Once you try to observe quantum events, you influence them unwittingly and the result is different than if you hadn't. Our brains follow similar patterns, which is why we can hold seemingly incongruent views on things. I wonder if there's a genetic component to that also, as some people seem predisposed to doublethink.

you are thinking that science is something other than a branch of philosophy. also your migration map is bullshit, the legend even claims that aborigines are humans

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How is that not deterministic?

So women are to blame for feminism and fucking niggers, the jew is innocent and wastes billions on education and propaganda because he doesn't understand that all behavior are already pre-programmed by muh genetics.
Standards for both men and women have fallen rapidly in the space of two generations, obesity, sexual promiscuity and lapsing interest in reality is not the result of kike control of the media, education and government, it's the result of a sudden and inexplicable change in the genetic code of Western men and women which is "forcing" them to eat until they weigh the same as 3 or 4 people of 100 years ago.
Seems legit.
this is what demoralization looks like, Yuri warned us about this OP

if something cannot be observed it cannot be known or predicted. the behavior defies observation and cannot be predicted deterministically.

source, friend? sound interesting

Determinists are hilarious, especially when they become exasperated at those who won't share their views.
Ya see, there are only two explanations for a determinist becoming angry at someone who has no free will to decide to agree with them.
Either they're completely irrational and emotional.
Or they don't actually believe in determinism.

well said, keen observation and spot on analysis

Maybe we're not operating with the same definitions here. By deterministic I mean everything we do is automatically forced by prior events.

I just asked a question.

god forces them. its magic. do those answers satisfy you? you want to know just HOW they were forced so that you can predict establish laws etc. prediction is impossible on a fundamental level, one thing doesnt follow from another in a way which makes any "sense". it is mystifying in such a way that it should steer you away from determinism.

No, I have no idea what you're talking about. Could you start from the top, please? I think our conversational paths have already diverged, so we're talking about different things.

Are Asian or African women susceptible to the same sort of feminism that white women are? If infected by it, do that respond the same way? I'm really only asking for opinion because you can bet there's no empirical study on this 0% kosher field of inquiry (not that I'm aware of at least)

Genes alone leave you with a chicken and egg conundrum. Considering the energy within and the energy without that you can connect to, it is reasonable to presume you are more than just your genes. Your genes can help give you a head start down the path to utilizing the full potential of your brain depending on how they are arranged and what is or isn't missing.
As with autism whites have an inherent ability to tap into the quantum nature of reality to reshape it. With enough practice they can change their "observation" and changing your body (and it's genes) is easier than changing reality for others (which is why memes are useful because it causes more to focus on the reality to manifest it.) Even the bug-eaters figured out at least the basics when it comes to the body and how it can be manipulated through the mind.

It's more nuanced than this, and the academic consensus version of evolution is basically just a fairytale. Just because you found a reason to see differences between races and a reason to be separate, doesn't mean this narrative is true. You can evolve yourself willfully without fancy gene editing techniques, and this is one of the biggest secrets those in charge want to keep hidden to keep us under control. It doesn't mean someone should go around evolving mice (or Africans for that matter) into something more advanced. (What would be the point? They'll do it themselves if they want it bad enough.) What's strange is how willing most accept rapid, directed devolution, but not advancement by any means quicker than what textbook Darwinian natural selection allows.

The ancients knew about evolution, so they used their knowledge of biology to quickly elevate themselves and their civilizations by eating strange diets and substances, using uncommon breeding techniques (different from textbook eugenics), and other miscellaneous practices. Some probably had unnaturally long lives and very fast metabolic rates that helped them create technology that is still mysterious today. It's not clear if a select few managed to escape the cataclysms with advanced technology, but if they did and went somewhere else, why would they bother with us anymore?

Evolution normally takes a long time but only because people and animals become complacent and don't want it bad enough until they just do or something pressures them to do so. The actual evolving is rapid, but the waiting in between is long. There are doors open now, but education won't let most see them. Immortality is possible too, and I reversed some of my own aging already, but everybody seems to have their own ideas about what is killing them It's not what you think. and what is holding them back, so I keep quiet most of the time for now. The answers can be found if you have the time to look. It doesn't require much skill, just a little curiosity.

nice try fucker, read up on the pilot wave

nah man, you guys are waaay funnier, cause when a determinist predicts exactly what you are going to say, you completely shutdown

What is the secret to immortallity then user? Should I eat more veggies?

I'm not sure if this contradicts what you've written. Frankly I didn't read it all. But I can say with some certainty that genes express themselves quite differently depending on environmental factors.

Mind-body dualism is a big problem in the west. People have a tendency to believe that your body is less essential than your mind, when really both are essential for the person.

no, white people evolved to rely on each other and help each other because they needed groups to survive harsh environments - we're intrinsically altruistic thanks to natural selection, so caring for others is a weakness that's exploited by feminism wanting "equality" for everyone. other racial groups didn't evolve that way and are naturally selfish and conceited…

Funny story, Dualism is actually a heresy in the Catholic Church that faithful Catholics are obligated to refute.

That being said, the idea's proposed here are open to hard determinism in the Calvinistic sense and thus, equally heretical.

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Out of Africa has been debunked, peanut brain. Shit, I'm still old enough to remember when Out of Asia was the mainstream theory.
But for the most part, you are right about genetics being almost everything humans and living things in general are. I used to be against this thought when I was a more religious man but reading the Soviet Russian Silver Fox experiment and being a breeder myself for a living I suppose I knew it all along but I didn't want to face it. Maybe it's sad free will is a lie but facing reality is another part of growing up. Don't expect the younger generations to accept this however no matter how much edgy nihilism and atheism they espouse they are just paradoxical cucks in the end. I learned this when seeing how much these edgy atheists who worshipped Dawkins turned against him once he said the same things about Religion of Cuck™ he did on Christianity. Again with feminist women going on about equality then insisting they are weak instead of equal when convenient or banning other women from the media or their circle simply on the basis they are more beautiful than themselves. Modern atheism and feminism are shameless loser ideologies.
But back to genetics, yes. Everything you and anybody else is is genetic and there is no escaping this fact.

Stefan Molyneux did a call in show recently where a well spoken determinist absolutely obliterates Stef's arguments for free will, but when Stef finally has enough of losing, he shifts to asking about objective morality, and ends the conversation when the guy doesn't immediately start believing in free will because of its usefulness in proving Stef's "rational proof of ethics" UPB (universally preferable behavior), and says the guy has an irrational fixation on determinism when there are more important matters to tend to (morality). It was a very sorry performance from Stefan, a guy who proclaims truth as the highest goal (which is true, it is).

Discarding truth because you don't see how it can lead to something you want to believe is pathetic.

gotta love it when science nerds think they can explain the universe via looking through a microscope. adaptation happens ill give ya that but evolution is silly because if you keep following it backwards it ends up at 0, and we all know that 0+0=0. INB4 CHRISTCUCK, Christianity is a stepping stone to accepting communism and was why it was invented and forced upon the most powerful of humans, the germanics. all the old gods worshipped the swastika for a reason as it was one of the only things we could prove, the celestial bodies clearly rotate around us with the center point being the north star. we were created from divinity, for what purpose, who knows i figure the gods were bored but whatever. point is, LAARPING as a philosopher when all you have ever done is read other mens works is first year college biology kid shit. free will exists and you can prove it a thousand different ways. just because you can predict niggas gonna nig doesnt mean free will doesnt exist. people who study philosophy for real dont even take this argument seriously and the only reason I am engaging in this child's play thread is in the hopes that yall intelligent but misguided nerds will put forth your WILL and effort towards fighting the ZOG in the right way. we dont need biology to prove our superiority anons so drop it, in fact by even engaging "them" in "their" game you are actually giving them a leg to stand on. so knock it off for the good of the volk

tl:dr : free will exists, one proof being im sitting here lecturing nerds instead of fucking hot ass 19 year old blondes from my college town like i do when i feel like it. signed : h8chans rich sales douche user who unfairly is also studly in appearance

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Which you would not be doing in the exact way you are had this thread not been here. Remove any one element from the chain of cause and effect, and everything changes.

Nigga, are you seriously going to make a hardcore nature argument without once talking about twin studies? Identical twins raised in the same families will still show differences in attitude and appearance. Explain to me how that fact itself doesn't destroy your entire thesis.

both the determinist and you are faggots. you seem to have been convinced by the determinist's argument, but then if so you both should recognize that stefan had no free will to be convinced by the determinist's argument, you had no free will in deciding that failure to accept "truth" is pathetic, and i can't help but to conclude you're enormous faggots. you're a faggot, that's objective truth, ordained since all time. tip top kek m8.

speculation brah, as tangible as an honest jew

i love this example, as i studied special education in said college town and wrote a lovely paper and used it to destroy the retarded (haha get it?) overwhelmingly liberal professors and cohort classmates. i used to to redpill them on superiority of white folks and it worked great. genetic superiority can quite easily, and does, exist without evolution.

Checked dub dubs
Absolute truth
Funny how life turns out
It's fucking great to be white

I know two sets of twins from my hometown who had one of the the siblings die in a car wreck
Two sets of twins down to two they were all four friends in school
t.small utah mtn town

Twins raised apart in separate families usually end up in similar positions in life, that is their economic status, and choice of partners, and friends tend to align.

Yes, yes, I know any a determinist expresses an opinion ("pathetic") it's fun say "GOTCHA", but the act doesn't prove free will.
This sort of sophistry is typical of people who desperately want something to be true. Stefan wasn't convinced because he wants UPB to be true more than he wants the truth. His whole career as a philosopher is based around what is moral. He's got too much invested to disbelieve in free will. I don't know what sort of gargantuan effort would be required for Stefan to finally admit he can't rationally insert free disconnected choice anywhere into life, but the caller was unable to break through that blockade.

So, you made a conscious decision to make that exact post independent of any outside input, like say this thread even existing? Prove it.

NO. I did not fault you for expressing an "opinion". Your opinion was that of a COCK SUCKER. I fault you because you contradict yourself. You simultaneously maintain a determinist perspective yet you fault Stefan for rejecting that perspective, despite that if your position is true, as consequence of being deterministic he has no choice in rejecting your position. Yet your complaint implies that he has a choice which is a contradiction to your position.

notice the bait and switch

absolutely incorrect and untenable statement

completely banal statement

why are you such a retard? just because there's no free will doesn't mean everyone immediately believes anything you tell them! they could be genetically predisposed to not understanding basic logic, for instance. or maybe the determinist's a shitty communicator… get a grip, dude

The Catholic church is retarded and the most anti-white organization on earth

Yes, I understood clearly. You are right that believing someone animated and not at the same time is a contradiction. However, I can call Stefan pathetic, because we - as finite beings - experience life in uncertainty all the time, thus the illusion of free will is the filter through which we experience reality. The more we learn to be true, the more capable we become in fulfilling innate biological desires, but there is still a duality formed between reality and perspective. A determinist is likely to still go along with the illusion for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is because it's what most other people think is reality (the determinist himself will even himself forget quite often). So from your illusory free will perspective my original statement of "Discarding truth because you don't see how it can lead to something you want to believe is pathetic" ought to be an agreeable statement.

Now prove free will.

stop confusing the kikes that infested it with the men who took us out of the dark ages, assuming they existed

it is built faggot

Since you're so positive, I'm sure you can explain in more detail.

So kikes that infested something that was already a kike infestation?
They existed. They were called the enlightenment thinkers.

Nothing is ever monocausal.

you missed the point pal. see

You clearly didn't understand. It was not the act of expressing an opinion. It was the content of the opinion which implied a contradiction with the lack of belief in free will you espouse.

I never said free will exists, FAGGOT. I pointed out an inconsistency in your position. I also pointed out that you're a huge faggot, and it has been determined from the dawn of time that you would always be a faggot. Don't forget that part :)

Good post.

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So, in short:

haha so the fact that i reacted to external stimulus is proof that i am unable to control my actions whatsoever? this is why no one takes determinism seriously dude. and yes, i did make a conscious decision, just as you are consciously defending a position that, if it were true, you would surely deem a waste of your superior time and non beneficial to the survival of your genetics….

Free will exists, and not everything is genetic. Acquiring more information on a subject clearly makes us change our mind and decisions sometimes. In short, it's genes + memes, with memes guiding the more subtle and abstract parts of the self.

Huge access to food even when "in poverty".
Huge inundation with media of all types.
Lack of scarcity allowing more "freedom".
You haven't really made any arguments except arguing for your own lack of knowledge about "the age of excess".
Access to excess causes excess of consumption, this is true of nearly every organism on earth.

There is no evidence for "quantum changing your reality".

Does not contradict at all. An organism exists in the environment and with it.

Good post.

Because those same studies show identical twins raised apart, in various economic and social circumstances, gravitate to the same professions, same preferences, same tastes as to the best of their circumstances. Their genetic drives make them predisposed to certain things and they then make the best use of their resources they can to achieve their desires.

Anger, Autism, or Atheism?

So much Anger.


Go on.

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Well isn't the Determinist ALSO FORCED to respond?

after being decimated by fellow Zig Forumslacks they have gone predictably (but not set in stone) silent, but thats a breddy gud observation user LOL

Either niggers repulse you or they don't.

When the connections hit. Reeee. This explains, test your DNA goy, those records were burned in (church burning locale, no birth records. Impossible to find records…) Commit a felony, DNA goy, by law. Now people willingly give it.

behavior is more relative to the social enviorment that genetics. you can take an oogabooga from ruanda at birth and make him into a more sophisticated persona than most of the white trash living in america.
his ultimate potential is limited to an extent by genetics, but if exploited and trained can be reached at a better rate than for example a geneticly superior person that lived in a cave all his life

Maybe they're kept dumb for reasons. Think.

White trash is thrown around flippant now that is how they want us to perceive poor white people. Nikola Tesla died penniless and largely unrecognized, til now. People thought he was crazy (driven so by the very fucking greed we see elites have) His technology, stolen, hidden in archives. mysterious.

Everything is genetic.
Free Will is a philosophical question and irrelevant to the separate question of whether or not everything is genetic.

That doesn't follow at all. Behavior being genetic doesn't mean that information doesn't change the outcome. Your genes tell you "do what is normal" (especially for women), so if the information your brain receives says "race mixing is normal" then they do it. If they receive information that says "race mixing will get you killed" then they don't do it. Propaganda matters precisely because of genetics, not despite it.

In any given population there are outliers, those very smart or very dumb, those very fast or very slow.
However, other than those few outliers at the top, you will not take a random from rwanda and make them sophisticated.
You are clearly some kind of nonwhite leftist, no white person will use the term white trash if they have any sense of self respect.

Those differences are tiny, and caused by different environmental exposures. Genes don't say "always have hair that is this exact shade of blond", they say "have hair that is this shade of blond for this amount of sun exposure. Programmed adaptability is still programmed.

Exactly user, this is in line with the op, specifically:
Neural pathways exist in particular conformations because of our genes. We know, very specifically, what over two dozens of genes do that are highly expressed in the brain. There are many restrictions to know more, based on ethics and the sensitivity of the brain organ.

Brain being our Energy, our grid, it fires like current I'd guess, those forming the DNA particle. Am i somewhere in the ballpark? I avoided uni and military so I'm ignorant.

No this is not genetic. Think of your brain like a file system from computers. If a computer has a bad file system, it is going to break and make many mistakes. Your brain creates its own file system as you grow up, a bad childhood will equate to a bad adulthood.

And what made that filesystem in your bad analogy? Your genes.

You are fucking retarded and so is this thread.

Learn to read dude.

He's just a narcissist, it's best to ignore them. If you give them attention, they do not go away.

It is absolutely genetic and science has overwhelmingly proven this. Behaviour is mostly genetic and there is simply no way around this. We already accept such too with the fact we recognise the genetic reality of "mental illnesses" which are literally just genetic behaviours we have deemed unorthodox/harmful, You are what you are the moment you are born, I am sorry.

How is this different than a lardass eating 10,000 calories per day and blaming genetics for being fat?
A thread worthy of sage.

white people didn't come out of africa…

niggers are genetically closer to apes than humans

A white nigger and black nigger are equally fucked wheras an upstanding white or black person will do at least within 80% of each other, much better than the niggers

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I feel obligated to inform you all that this is but one theory of Aryan origins. The accepted term in Academia these days is Indo-European, if you're interested in reading more. But the Steppe/Kurgan hypothesis presented here is one of a handful of competing theories.

i have this problem where i try to elevate normies. it always backfires, i dont get it…

You can't expect to "elevate" anyone.

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The question that remains is what is the different between the two theories?
Are they tracing culture by blood, or by leftover pottery. Can the genetic data from the archaeology be statistically analyzed so we can use the data for future discoveries instead of having to reinterpret the data?

Imagine a dog. this dog is a good dog. And he has a good dog brain, but can his dog brain comprehend calculus? Can his dog brain figure out with math how much fuel and in what proportions and bursts it can be uses to maneuver a space craft into lunar orbit as efficiently as possible? I am suggesting that maybe the dogs brain just is not capable of knowing everything about our universe. Maybe our universe does not conform to what the dog believes, but the dog will never be able to grasp this. Now imagine the dog tells you that everything is deterministic.

If race and species are both social constructs, then why is only one taboo in scientific research? I mean we reclassify species sometimes, and no one cries about it. What is logic behind this? Is it merely censorship?

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7.2-Million-Year-Old Jawbone Indicates Oldest Hominin Lived in Europe, Not Africa



Jesus fuck, what happned to my post?

Yes, obviously.

case for 50% genetics 50% stars. as above so below

To an observer outside of our universe, all events are deterministic.