Nationalist Environmentalism

Who else here is Fascist/NatSoc and cares massively for the environment?
I'm sick of seeing cuckservatives and neoconservatives say that they love their country, but have no problem destroying natural habitats, entire ecosystems and the countryside to get a quick profit.
It's sad that a lot of people think that the only movements who care about the environment are quasi Communist 'green' parties who favour mass immigration.
Anyone who truly cares for the environment will have to face the reality sooner or later that whites tend to generally be the only race who care for nature.
One of my biggest redpills related to race and the environment was finding out that 90% of all water pollution in the entire world comes from just FIVE rivers. Every one of them is from shithole non-white countries. Every 'green' movement and push in the West is in vain, because these third world countries simply don't give a fuck.
It's going to be very hard to build a good future for our descendents, even if we had a 100% white Europe and USA, because the environmental effects of huge third world birthrate and absolute disregard for the environment will wreck the world ecosystem.

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I'd say pretty much all of us probably are

Something overlooked is the potential for environmental/ecological war in the future eg for water, or to force a less destructive path in terms of pollution. In a truly Fascist state, a war with the third world over treatment of the environment would be inevitable.

If you've spent time on this board pre and post campaign you'd know that is a generous statement.

How can you be a National Socialist and not love nature? Hell white people are the only people on earth that actually give a fuck about it. Evey one else is either too low IQ or completely sociopathic and incapable of thinking beyond immediate profit.

The white man has his roots in the soil. The white man recognizes he is both steward and and beneficiary of nature's blessings. We possess empathy, even for abstract concepts like nature. Our empathy is a weakness our enemies exploit as well as the gift that enables us to work together and weather any hardship. Once we stop believing the jewish lie that the lesser races are human and view them as fauna that need to be occasionally culled to maintain harmony with nature we will do much better. We needn't be cruel about it either. Simple clean deaths until their populations are in manageable ranges in their natural habitats will do a world of wonder for mother earth. Can you imagine how much cleaner our water would be without pajeet and pedro dumping billions of gallons of sewage into the oceans? How much cleaner our air would be if chinks were restricted to small farming communities?

Industry must exist in order to push mankind forward for our eventual conquest of the stars. However only the white man is capable of utilizing it with enough restraint to minimize the damage to the environment.

Love the earth
Love the animals
Love your race

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So be it. Street shitting polluters don't deserve respect or dignified treatment. Kill em all.

I'm not saying we shouldn't. I'm just saying I've never seen anyone consider that having an ethnostate and being isolationist isn't going to work where environmental concerns are involved. It can be as pure as you want, but when you've got shitskins polluting your water and air you will need to take action.

It's the strongest argument against mass migration and carries no connotations of possible "racism" and "bigotry". Shill Nye telling everyone that nigerians consume x amount less than average westerners therefore fuck white people and white children when nigeria has the world's most polluted cities and environment. Oh let's import millions of nigerians!!
We're constantly bombarded down under with how the Australian Aboriginal was a custodian of the earth etc etc but all they did was burn unique rain-forest while hunting and changed the landscape to suit their need.
White man is the true custodian of this planet. Keep having the feeling that webm should end at charlottesville. hah!

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Ever wonder why those left wing parties are all environmentalist? It's because whites care about the environment and the Earth we live in. They make it so that you have to support mass immigration and communist policies in order to preserve the environment, which those politicians claim to do but never do anything other than pass laws that attack white farmers, hunters, ect., while allowing shitskins to operate and sack nature with impunity. But whites care enough about the environment that they'll ignore that and keep on voting for the (((people))) who say they'll pass laws to protect nature. Kikes hate nature as much as they hate whites. My biggest redpill in regards to this was a conservative Jew telling me about how we should not only ignore the extinction of flora and fauna, but actively encourage it until we have as little deviation in wildlife and plants as possible. When I reacted in horror to this, he called me a tree hugger.

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Our air, soil, and water have been poisoned for (((profit))).

The founding fathers wanted a WHITE AGRARIAN REPUBLIC.

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Burgers get the same stupid shit in grade school. Isn't it funny, how both of the subhuman races we took over from were eco-conscious do-gooders? What are the odds that hunter-gatherers living at subsistence level on two continents should happen to converge on the same position that really only white people have ever given a shit about?

The solution to every problem is the same, removal.

Why would they want more extinction?


That's what America deserves to be, not this kiked garbage. America deserves better than that.

Pressing the green house gas cartel hypocrisy is a wining point. The rate of return on these NGO green projects is idiotic. Realistic environmentalism instead of theft.

Because Jews hate that which they can not control, and if the species of plants and animals are significantly reduced, then they have less that they have to take in to consideration in terms of regulating nature.

If you love life, you love the environment.
Of course, this is separate from modern "environmentalism" movements where people support carbon taxes / climate change and nuclear deproliferation.

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neoconservatives are not white but communists.

Fishing and hunting orientated non-profit foundations are usually decent in their mission to preserve nature and ethically harvest from it, but to my knowledge all the major (((Green))) orgs are pozzed to hell. I always see Siera Club trying to hand out flyers, I want to like them, but they have openly supported trannyfags and illegal migrants as official stances of their group. If anything, that shit can be argued against the interest of natural preservation.

A tenant is someone who rents property.
A tenet is a core belief you hold as a group.

It's more like they don't care because of the role of the natural world in Abrahamic beliefs. Read the second screencast in the post you're replying to, carefully.

Screenshot, I mean. Fucking autocorrect.

More jefferson

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Have some more based user.

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I've been thinking about buying some land recently and building a house and such, trying to be self sufficient, any ideas where the best place is to buy land in US that has a similar climate to Central Europe?

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I would like to have the same. A quiet life with a large family, free from the sick world.

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I participate in the national wild turkey foundation benefit dinner ever year and am an Eagle Scout. I am a hunter. I use the land. I own a cabin at the top of a beautiful mountain (tabiona)9500'
Live in the foothills year round
Fish farm hunt and hike
White men don't hunt more than is needed and know the true conservationist mindset
Take but leave more to have more to take

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Central Utah
White as fuck
Jobs as far as the eye can see
Lots of guns

east washington state maybe, montana is good too but a little too isolated, which makes things more expensive

I'm checking out some land online atm looks promising thanks user, just wondering how does one even get supplies out to really isolated places? Do they have to drive to the nearest town or is there a delivery service or something?

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I am too, I live in the Northern Midwest and I see this kind of behavior on the daily. Both online and in real life, I hear NeoCons striving to undermine the environment while somehow still dedicating themselves wholly to the state. As if the two aren't mutual. They cry and detest the thought of people who poach the Deer and the Elk, yet pride themselves in poaching wolves and bears. They pride themselves as anglers and upstanding fishermen, yet they pollute the rivers with chemicals and invasive species. They love the bounty of the forest and all the animals who live there. Yet they would rather sit back and watch the beetle kill take over, or worse, start massive destructive wildfires all on the tax payers dime.
It fills me with joy to see that like minded people are on Zig Forums, people who love this world, people who would fight to protect our home.

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Read Savitri Devi. Environmentalism and Protections for Animals have been NatSoc from the beginning. We must respect God's creation, as we are its caretakers, not its conquerors.

I don't think so. If someone is polluting a communal resource, such as the atmosphere, the ocean, etc. then that is a cause for war. War is a source of purification. It gives common purpose and ends class conflict, focusing the whole nation upon an external enemy. Something such as destroying the world which your children will inhabit would absolutely be a worthy cause to fight for, and many would fight for it, especially if they were properly propagandized.

Seriously, what the fuck. This is why we need a caste system. Some people ought not be trusted with the environment.

Few men know the joys of having a horse drink from a mtn stream as you're going up to fish and camp
Excellent pic , thank you

Will be posting more

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The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil
Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?
Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;
And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;
And wears man's smudge and shares man's smell: the soil
Is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod.

And for all this, nature is never spent;
There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;
And though the last lights off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs —
Because the Holy Ghost over the bent
World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.

God's Grandeur Gerard Manley Hopkins

We must remember and understand that nature is the source by which we encounter the sublime, by which we see the majesty of our maker's hand, and by which we encounter the Natural Order, in which we take our place. The Jews hate the Natural Order, for when the Natural Order, the Word, the Logos was made flesh, they denied him, seeking vengeance upon the Romans instead of the Truth which God gave them. Hopkins sees the Christ in nature, and so should we, which is why I included his poem.

Saged for samefaggery.

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I've been meaning to get a horse, it might just be about time to make that investment. I've missed the joys of being around them since childhood. They're such a peaceful and gentle animal.

Thank you for these.

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Nice timestamp too
I broke my leg breaking a horse with my dad like 9 years ago. Pretty good scar/10
It hurts some pretty much ever day but I'm not a pharmajew addicted sucker
I'll deal with the pain like a white man should
I'll post scar pics of the crush wound if y'all won't dox

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we got the same party in australia

source pls.jpg

I swear on my soul
Also if I remember correctly you can upload pictures to file sharing sites like Imgur, then re-download them so that they don't carry an encryption.

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It's good to see that there are still those on this board who adhere to the lesser recognized aspects of NatSoc philosophy. Indeed it is an appreciation and care for the environment that is the easiest way to root out neo-cons and (((crypto))) right wingers. Their careless disregard for the environment is a dead give away to deeper levels of tainted thinking that reflect a destructive semitic mindset.

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Weren't these trees cut down some years ago?

Whether or not there is a God. We can't treat everything as a wildlife preserve or a conservation process. Things that live aren't all to be just units of our profits, we need wilderness to walk through it, but not in it. We need nature to awe us and humble us.
One day we will leave this planet to the stars, shall we reduce it to mined out pits and mounds, or a reflection of our nature?

Heil Truth

Make sure the kid is big enough to do all the loading for you.

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It was actually ten rivers, apologies.
Some more statistics that will make you race aware
Check the 'human-nature relationship' graph on the last one, very telling.

One day in the far future we will be able to have entire planets for dedicated wildlife preserves. The thought fills me with joy.

Kikes own all that is speeding up climate change. Climate change is part of (((their))) plot to kill off Whites by making it too hot for us as well as increasing cancer rates that will effect us the worst. This will allow niggers to have an advantage. We can't let this happen!

We need to reclaim environmentalism. It's always been a concern of the right, really it is the left who appropriated environmentalism from us. National-socialism was strongly connected to Lebensreform movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Racial preservation and improvement goes hand in hand with environmental conservation. It just shows how ethically and politically bankrupt modern day conservatism is that they don't care about the environment at all.

The climate always changes you dumb fuck. Post pollution comes from eastern countries but whites get blamed and taxed for it.

Not falling for your deceptions, yid. Climate change happens naturally but carbon emissions from (((oil))) and (((natural gas)) and (((coal))) accelerate it and push it beyond the natural course.

Love for one's homeland is a core belief common to every branch of fascism. A love for you homeland means that you are willing to take care of it's environment. Fascism is the form of government that best emulates natural order and harmony with the world around you, for this to happen we must protect the environment. So, yes, I think Fascists/NatSoc should care massively for the environment. Historically, this has been true. Germany pioneered some of the first environmental protection laws and managed to be both industrialised and environmentally friendly. Also, OP, where is that source for the water pollution? Would like to use for redpill material.

The thing about non-white destruction of the environment, is that it is inherently self-destructive. India is poisoning the Ganges, which the majority of their population subsist on. Eventually the toxins will reach critical level where it actually starts killing of the Indians. The problem is the huge amount of environmental damage that would occur after this happened. In Australia, our western and northern coastal ecosystems are dying due to toxins from Indonesia and India.

Northern Territory could have doubled the arable land Australia possesses if the Abos didn't burn it to the ground. This tropical rainforest also pushed the Savannas further south, so there's that as well.

Don't worry schlomo, I plan too

I'm not really a fan of war and violence, but this is a pretty good point. Killing people to preserve the world for your children and their children seem like a good reason for foreign intervention.

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I think that any future interstellar human civilisation should work towards de-industrialising Earth to bring it back to a more natural state (early 1800s). Earth would become some sort of cultural centre filled with historical remnants and nature.

Not counting Macedonia, the first time a white city is on that list is 345, for Poland. In 450 most polluted cities, 4 of them are white. Also, the Amur river is in Russia, so it is white. Although, with the way the Chinese have taken over that area, I would not be surprised if this was their fault. Here is a good argument for "muh white countries have more pollution per capita": GDP.
GDP is the value of goods a country produces per year. So, if a nation can produce 1 million dollars of stuff and release 1 ton of CO2, it does better than a nation that produces 1 million dollars of stuff and releases 10 tons of CO2. To find out which countries are the most polluting, we should be using per GDP ratios not per capita. The US, for example, is one of the worst nations for pollution per capita, but they also have a far greater GDP per capita, which means that they are producing more things than another nation, so they should have a higher level of pollution.

This. Maybe we should try to launch a protest against some form of pollution? Try to choose our target without bias, this will show we care about the environment and not just the race of the perpetrator.


It was actually 95% from 10 rivers, but the point still stands in a pretty resolute way

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I seriously hope that everything works out how we want it to and in the future they can follow this philosophy. I fully support the idea of Earth being covered in protected areas, with the few inhabited places being either tourist or small white earth indigenous agrarian towns, and all cities being heavily integrated into nature.
It's nice to imagine but unfortunately there's a lot of things to fix before colonising space becomes a reality.
Cultural Marxists and shitskins would prefer money going to gibs than funding NASA/space exploration.

If you love the environment, do not support mass agriculture. It is the death of nature. Thousand acre fields don't create the biodiversity needed for the insects that feed the small mammalia and upland birds. These creatures then feed the predators.
The herbicides and pesticides run off into the waterways and damage the ecosystems in the small waterways and ponds that would usually host heaps of muskrats which then feed the mink, otter, predatory birds, wild candids and more.

Large scale farmers are welfare whores and nothing but. Prices go down, grow more, meanwhile the government subsidizes them.
Because they grow more than the demand requires due to shit prices we have to figure out what to do with the excess. That's when get soy filled foods, high fructose corn syrup and ethanol. All are literal wastes of the white man's efforts and time.

I've never seen a colored in the woods but have seen plenty of hmong. Them hmoobs lack any sense of conservation.

Damn right, brother.

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Randomly (((putting)) the wrong number of parens ((around))))) words now Schlomo? The climate change myth is specifically created to distract from the actual environmental problems by getting everyone to focus on reducing a beneficial gas that's atmospheric level is dangerously low.

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We need trees, lots of them. Lots of big trees. They not only store carbon but freshwater.

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A question for you Zig Forums, has there ever been a war fought for environmental reasons, at any point in history?
I'd be really surprised if there hasn't been, it's just not something you ever hear about.

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a war against Religion of Cuck™ would be an environmentalist war
preventing the plague from spreading further

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This thread gets a bump.

Does anyone know of any useful software for land planning? I am trying to design a small village for some people who want to live like this, but I don't know anything about this stuff. I tried sketchup but it is too stupid to even be able to show area in acres instead of ft2, much less let me draw a ellipse that is constrained to an area like 100 acres.

Cheers. Also, isn't the Amur in Russia?

I did some research into this a while back. I read a while back on this site that Blacks recieve 400 billion in welfare. For just 10 years of this amount, we could have terraformed Mars. Think about this: the US could have created an entirely new habitable world and secured the existence of humankind if blacks didn't exist. We could have nuclear fusion for just a fraction of this amount. We could already be exploring our solar system if we weren't burdened by gibs.

Sort of? The French Revolution and resulting Napoleonic Wars was caused by a chronic shortage in food that resulted in the dissatisfaction of the peasantry and lead to a revolution. This shortage of food was caused by the "Year Without Summer" which in tern was caused by a volcanic eruption. It's only been recently we learnt about environmental impacts and ecosystems, so if any problem was caused because of another country's destruction of the environment we didn't have the knowledge to blame them.

Not even remotely close. It would take hundreds of years at 400 billion a year. This isn't star trek. You need terawatts of power to heat the core of mars constantly being supplied. How do you plan to do that?

Environmentalism is what drove me to the far right.


I'm glad that this place still has a percentage of users that want to preserve the environment not only for fear of its absence in the near future, but because of its natural and incredible beauty that spreads throughout the world. One of the main tenets of Natsoc/Fascism is preserving your land and nature, Devi expanded more on this on her books. I recommend reading "Impeachment of Man" by Devi, she gives a noble reason on why to preserve the environment. crony capitalist MAGA shills and commieshits will never understand the blessing feeling nature provides to man

By not being a blackpilled nigger like you

You aren't even making an effort Schlomo.

Late but better than never

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Thanks for that user.

infographs could use some work

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The estimated cost to terraform Mars is 3 trillion. This amount will be spent over a time period of a hundred years. As for the core problem, I would assume that nuclear fusion would be enough to reheat the core. You could also place electromagnets on the surface.

I originally was left-wing, partly because I thought they cared for the environment. I got into a lot of arguments with other lefties over things like immigration and environmental policies (here I realised that these people gave no shits about the environment). Eventually I was drawn to the far-right and now I am here.

Every now and then I hear on the local news that plastic is destroying our Great Barrier reef. These careless hordes are poisoning what is quite literally the most biodiverse location on Earth. And mainstream media keeps telling us that it's our fault, when the plastic so obviously came from Asia. They say that "our" plastic is destroying the reef and show a photo of a plastic bag with a label written in Indonesian. It's just as bad on the west coast, their beach ecosystems are being poisoned by toxins from India.

By toxins you mean shit , right?
That's shit man

The funniest thing to do when people mention "toxins" is ask them: "Which ones?"

By who? Just because some kike makes up a number doesn't make it meaningful. Look at the actual problem posed, then look at the proposed solution, and then look at what that would cost. Nobody even gets to step 1, they just jump to making up a random number.

And you are proving my point. "Oh, well I never actually thought about what is involved or why mars has no atmosphere in the first place, I guess we can just use magic power we don't have the ability to produce?". The earth has a molten core because of tidal heating. That is how we got all this CO2, water and nitrogen out of the core and onto the surface. The cost of just getting to mars is estimated at 1.5 trillion on the low end, how the fuck do you think you could get there and then melt the core of the planet for only double that?

Shut it shillstein. You can't increase oxygen if you're putting out too much carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Deforestation needs to be stopped too.

What white man doesn't love trees. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they have so many wonderful uses even if you don't log them.

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Yes, you can increase oxygen and CO2. In fact, unless you actively prevent it by massively exterminating plant life, increasing CO2 levels correspondingly increases O2 levels. If you don't understand the topic you are trying to shill about, stick to your script.

That, but also industrial pollutants and blood. Mainly poo, though. Designated Shitting Ocean and all that.

No way is that the cost of getting to mars. Even high estimates put the number at around 10 billion, a fraction of the cost to terraform the planet. Look, I was just going of what NASA predicted. I don't know why the kikes would want to lie about the terraforming costs, if anything they would exaggerated the costs to make the goyim not want to go to space. If you have an alternative price, I would be happy to hear it.

The worst thing about "high causes" such as environmentalism in our modern commercial clownworld is that they are always ingenuine and half-measured. The solution my council came up with to reduce waste emissions was to force a monthly subscription to a third "green" bin which will be dumped into landfill anyway, the carbon spent in transportation is probably more than that which would be conserved. And yet they are self-congratulating on their high-minded and leading effort to "save the environment". It's the sort of egotistical half-measure that urbanites and demagogues come up with to appeal to lesser egotists. They only serve a political and masturbatory purpose to adopt pretense and beurocratic busywork

If you love your people, naturally you'll fight to protect the wellbeing of their environment.

Yes, it is the estimated cost.

Kikes want you to give them money on bogus "space program" bullshit that goes nowhere and serves no purpose. We can't even keep earth habitable, how the fuck do you think we can make mars habitable? The figure is hundreds of trillions of dollars. You need to permanently generate terrawatts of power. Just generating 1 TW of power here on earth is 780 billion dollars a year. The cost of getting the materials to make such a huge nuclear facility on mars is tens of trillions on its own.

I have no idea where you are getting your figures. 10 billion? Show me anywhere anyone is claiming that. The fucking moon landing cost 25 billion, not accounting for inflation.

All this space fantasy shit does is make people complacent about destroying earth, thinking we can just make a new one. We can't, and we likely never will be able to. We need to spend our resources saving the planet we have, not giving it to kikes to play fantasy spaceman with.

Nice to see you again old YTMND fad/meme.

economics is for gays, that's why we need fascism

Could you be more obvious? Fuck off back to your containment board.

National Socialism is to life what communism, capitalism and their relations are to death. It fosters an understanding of the environment and how we are part of nature, not adjacent or merely having access to it. We share our land and lifetime with an awe inspiring array of animals and plants that aid our survival and increase our prosperity. The sheer magnificence of the planet has been inspiration for much of our civilization's greatest works and technological advances. We are and always will be shaped by both the natural and social environment we inhabit.

For these reasons it is of the utmost importance that we safeguard this for future generations. We have seen what the unchecked hedonism of previous eras and their dominating ideologies have meant for our natural treasures. Animals driven to extinction, landscapes changed beyond recognition; all for the purpose of advancement. As with usury in general, the cost of this consumption has been overwhelming; a debt we cannot afford to repay. It has and will continue to be a noose around our necks. Unless the right action is taken we are destined to feel that noose tighten until it suffocates us.

The ultimate solution is an extension of the social aims which were adopted by Germany and elsewhere, applied to the environment with the same detail and mutually compatible with the latter. The third world and particularly its upstarts, China and India, are an obstacle. We cannot successfully preserve and restore when these beings are relentlessly damaging the planet at an alarming pace. Securing the future of our children means securing their environment and to do that we must eradicate all threats. Genocide and depopulation are not merely an option but a necessity.

It is an immense challenge that requires reassessing our choices day-to-day and long term in regards to how we live, what example we set and the action we take to facilitate our end goal. White and green are the colors of our future prosperity. The Asian Century will only bring suffering, degradation and destruction of our civilization and environment. We must oppose the economic, social and environmental developments which help them and hinder us; and this is not as simple as it may appear, for our eternal foe are as always seeking to tip the scales in their favor.

It is evident that much of the mainstream supposedly 'green' collective are merely reds pretending to be green and using the environment as a front for extortion. What they take from us they give to their pet causes which only accelerate our decline. National Socialist environmentalism is smart environmentalism. We can champion what is genuinely green but also efficient and improves our quality of life; in essence a 'white/green' solution.

Any comments or questions so far?

If anyone wants to discuss topics like living off-grid, farming, generating electricity, raising communities on one board I created /offgrid/ for this purpose. We need more traffic.

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There's like 30 boards for that purpose, all of which have 6 posts in the last 3 years. The way this site is designed is self-defeating, new boards can't find an audience so they never show up so they don't find an audience.

Agreed. Problem is, it's difficult to support so many billions of people without these methods. While I don't necessarily think the Earth is overpopulated, certainly it could support many more if only thanks to technologies mainly from whites, it does seem we have far too many fuckers running around.

The first statement proves that it is. We're artificially propping up a population that we can't sustain. We rely on consuming finite resources to maintain our current population. When those resources run out, billions will die. The longer we drag this process out, the worse the resulting world will be for the people who do survive. Hopefully India's habit of using last resort antibiotics in their livestock and their complete lack of basic hygiene will result in a pandemic that brings population levels down.

I was hoping Ebola would thin Africa, and then spread to the Middle East and India. The level of population growth isn't sustainable and mother nature has a way of balancing things out at least.
Through climate change, apparently there's going to be biblical droughts in Africa and millions will die so here's hoping.

The hivemind is real.

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The kikes shut that shit the fuck down when anons were successfully meming the death of Africa of Ebola, complete fucking blackout. It'd be funny to fuck with them again.